Oscar's BHT Hepatitis Treatment

| Modified on Dec 20, 2020
Posted by alecs (Canada) on 12/13/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Oscar,

I never seen a latest post from you , but i can tell it's true all you have said about BHT, I want to thank you personally for sharing this treatment from my heart ..from positive anti HCV to negative anti HCV ,at first I don't really believe that it can achieve negative anti body as medically inclined I know that's is forever copy in the blood but I was wrong ..following your instruction I was surprised to test 3 times and it was non reactive , so I decided to share it and further study on this amazing supplement..

Posted by Suneri (UK) on 05/26/2019

Hi Oscar,

Last time I was looking at some recommendations for Hep B. There was BHT and other supplements like Sodium Selenite. The suggested Sodium Selenite brand was from Twinlab. Unfortunately, the twinlab one does not exist anymore. Could you let me know which other one is good.

Posted by Nikos (Athens) on 05/21/2019
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Is it good taking BHT with an empty stomach? I mean BHT almost doesn't dissolve at all in water and I tried also in milk which contains fat but it doesn't dissolve either. So will an BHT capsule be absorbed in an empty stomach without being dissolved?

Posted by Riker (Va. Beach. Va) on 12/19/2020

I strongly disagree with "not taking CS." What basis do you have? If you make it correctly, it only kills bad bacteria & doesn't harm anything good in your system.

Posted by Blossom (Pensacola, Fl) on 03/12/2018

Hep C ok I am new but the results are HCV RNA, Quantitative Real time PCR 3850000

also AST 79 Alt 119

I would like to know if anyone has had theirs this high or has it has been higher. I want to start on BHT but now want help please. thanks

Posted by Swfowkes (Cupertino, California) on 02/15/2018 46 posts

Lukey, the BHT appears to be insufficient for you. This is not that unusual (one of ten?). So my question is why? A biohacking approach would be to search for some kind of pervasive pro-viral influence in your life, like (1) estrogen dominance from chronic infection, which you can test, (2) a vegan of vegetarian diet, (3) heavy metal body burden, (4) toxic chemical burden (aspartame, glyphosate, pesticide, fat peroxides, cholesterol oxides, fabric brighteners and anti-wrinkle laundry additives, etc.), and on and on. It is also possible that you have one or more nutritional deficiencies of vitamins A and D, magnesium, selenium, sulfur amino acids, copper, manganese, cobalt (vitamin B12), or vanadium (see the BHT Book for a table of such dietary agents). You might also consider pushing up your BHT levels by using transdermal delivery, which maximizes tissue levels of BHT while minimizing liver metabolism of BHT. This last consideration might also allow you to switch sources for BHT, by buying bulk BHT from a different company. Many natural biological processes are responsible for our innate viral resistance. Metabolic rate, for example, is determined by (1) mitochondrial function, thyroid hormone levels, and thyroid receptor affinity. How are your mitochondria doing? Do you have symptoms of cold hands and feet, low body temperature, low pulse rate? What about your thyroid hormone levels? Are they above average (at or above the half-way point in the "normal" range)? And if they are, do your hypothyroid symptoms decrease in response to low-dose thyroid hormone supplementation? All this may seem daunting, but on some level, lowered biological functioning is the reason why some people have viral susceptibility and others do not. Since biology is complicated, figuring out what part of biology is dysfunctional is equally complicated. One of the best correlations with viral problems is low metabolic rate and hypothyroid symptoms. So assess yourself. Go to the steve page at Project Wellbeing and download the thyroid one-pager and the BHT Book. Put a check mark next to any hypothyroid symptom you show, and two next to any symptom that is blatant. If you have lots of check marks, perhaps a hypothyroid diagnosis has been missed by your doctors? Is your body temperature upon waking more than a degree below normal? Doctors generally do not pay any attention to this, but it is something that is generally associated with chronic viral diseases. And autoimmune diseases. Good luck on your search.

Posted by Swfowkes (Cupertino, California) on 02/15/2018 46 posts

Adebayo, encapsulated products are rarely pure. Sand (silica, silicon dioxide) is added to help powder flow. Anti-caking agents can be added. The capsules are generally lubricated with magnesium stearate to prevent breakage. So if you want pure, buy bulk powdered or granular BHT. And make your own capsules if you cannot stand the taste.

In answering another question, I mentioned several ways to get BHT through national boundaries and customs inspections. One, have it transshipped to a friend in another country, who then repackages it and sends it on to you. Two, have your friend melt the BHT and cast it in a hobby mold into a bird, candle or figurine. Three, put the BHT into a zip-lock plastic bag, squeeze the air out and flatten it as thin as possible. Then, double-bag it and put it inside of a birthday card, book or magazine.

The last possibility is to buy it as a bulk chemical through a laboratory supplier in your country for some artistic, artisan or commercial use. BHT can be used to make candles, clean and store firearms, delay hardening of paint, stabilize gasoline for storage, make leather, preserve foods and herbs, and who knows what else. Laboratory chemicals may be high priced, but they are usually low volume. Commercial chemicals are the other way around: low prices and big quantities. I hope this helps.

Posted by Sti (Flushing, Ny) on 12/03/2017

hi, someone in one of these threads said dont take too much vitamin e, but my multivitamin has 1333% dv vitamin e, I think all multivitamins have vitamin e, so should I go ahead and take this vit e? Does anyone know anything about vit e and hepatitis?


Posted by Fatchabrute (Az) on 11/17/2017
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Know what number designates SVR sustained viral response:

I went to Gastroenterologist almost two years of being on BHT. The Doctor sent me for blood test then when the results came back said I was a perfect candidate for this new treatment which high criteria for admission as it cost $100,000.00 the results of that very first test said :

The quantitative range of the assay is 15 IU/mL to 100 million IU/mL using COBAS(R) TaqMan(R) HCV test, v 2.0. The limit of detection (LOD) and lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) for this assay is 15 IU/mL. Results less than the quantitative range of the assay will be reported as "HCV RNA detected, less than 15 IU/mL".

During the next 12 weeks the Doctor was evasive to the questions I asked about " what is undetectable:?I could never get a straight answer now going through all my other tests I find this on the very first test! :

HCV RT-PCR, Quant (Graph)

Hepatitis C Quantitation 761,240 IU/mL 03

HCV log10 5.882 log10 IU/mL

What that means is the Doctor used me because the very first test showed my viral load was 761,240 IU/mL 03

which actually meant I had no HEPC in the first place. It had already been cured with the BHT. I ultimately found out that under 800,000 IU/ml is UNdetectable.

The moral to my story is know your numbers to what is cured. Many Gastroenterologist Doctors do not know the numbers of SVR ...Don't be fooled

Posted by Lost (Orlando, Fl) on 09/26/2017
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Dear Oscar,

I love your passion in your search for cures just like Ted. I do have a concern. I'm sold on your method to cure Hep C, but you mentioned that one should avoid herbs of any kind for example. My liver is bloated and need to flush. Most Liver/Gallbladder flushes that I see consist of herbs and extracts (eg-Christoper's Original Formulas brand). Also, I see Ted advising Lecithin and ACV w/baking soda + potassium to help break down fat. Is it ok to take vit k (m4) and vit d3 as well or avoid?

What would you recommend in helping my liver out WHILE doing the Hep C cure. Both problems need to be dealt with ASAP. If anyone else wants to chime in then don't hesitate.

Thanks. :D

Posted by Adebayo (Malaysia) on 07/17/2017

Please, I need to know I bought my BHT from Wholesale Nutritions because Amazon doeson't ship to malaysia. And I read from the comment section that's its not pure butylated hydroxytoluene. Please can you clarify this.

Posted by Nadine (Union Grove, Wisconsin) on 04/03/2017 14 posts

Thank you for your in-depth information on your health update. I think I have hep c also and still wondering which test I would take to get the best results of finding out which hep virus I have. I started bht. also and had all the same symptoms as you. Terrible feeling. I am so happy your feeling better, God Bless. Thank you Joe.

Posted by Joe (Ca) on 02/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hello every one,

I just wanted to let you know I have had HEP C for about 20 years now and I think it was getting the better of me tell I found about BHT. Let me tell you I was sick my poo was yellow and so was my pee. My stomach hurt all the time and so did my right side. I could tell that I was not breathing very well.

So the first pill I took of BHT 250 mg I could tell that my breathing was better, After 3 days of taking the BHT 250 mg once in the morning with water only, I see improvements let me tell you about them. First off I see that my poo was the normal brown color and my pee was normal golden yellow. My poo was yellow and I always had the runs.

Sorry if it is to much info. My nausea has almost gone away it was bad. I'm still resting a lot to try and give my body the best chances of killing the hep c from my system. I had a type of rash all around my neck it was red and now it's almost gone. After 7 days of taking the BHT once in the morning I'm feeling better and I'm less depressed. Also I wanted to tell you about my skin it just feels softer, I think it's from all the antioxidant power of the BHT. Today after one week I do

feel a lot better. The nassau I would have to say is gone for the most part. I will keep you all posted on my results. I wanted to tell every one about how much I have improved but I have been so ill and I didn't fee like getting on my computer. Today was the first day I woke up and said to my self I want to tell every one about the BHT treatment. :) I almost feel like I'm going to live now thanks every one for posting your comments about BHT, All the reading helped me a lot and I plan on taking it for two years or more.

Posted by Davey D (Bc) on 08/27/2016

No cure here, just more pain with peripheral neuropathy which I shall refer to as pn.

I tried my hardest to use the BHT as per Oscar's suggestions but all it did was give me extreme pn a burning sensation just above the knee caps on my thighs. There was a study done about this at pubmed.com and you can go there and search it out.

I finally gave up on the BHT in December of 2015 at 1 350mg. cap per day. My viral load for Hep-C had climbed to over 9 billion and my liver was starting to ache with what ever healthy foods I consumed. So with my aching liver and the pn keeping me awake at night so many times, that the R+ALA I was taking for relief had finally started to fail me as well. After spending a lot of money on natural products that failed all I could think about was the Robin Williams way out with a piece of rope slung over a bridge and a sign saying my government failed me. They wanted my wife to pay for thee 60,000.00 treatment and I wasn't about to saddle her with that. I am not saying she would not have done it but I just could not do that to her.

Anyway after Abvie Pharma care put me on their compassionate care program, I started the treatment with 3 directs acting antiviral pills with breakfast and 1 booster 12 hours later for 12 weeks the job was done. 2 weeks in and I went from over 9 billion particles of hep-c in my blood to just 15. Another 10 weeks at the end of treatment I was undetectable but not considered cured. Then another 3 months went by and a test revealed again (undetected for hep-c virus) of which I received the results on 26/Aug./2016

So now being classed as cured I will not consider taking BHT because my pn no longer gives me trouble, and my liver no longer aches in protest. I just had to post this here so hopefully OSCAR sees it as he shares a special place in my heart for all he done for me.

It is a good day for me in an unbelievable short time.


Davey D!!

Posted by Nadine (Union Grove, Wisconsin) on 08/16/2016 14 posts

Dear Oscar. I have been sick for a very long time. I have scar tissue on my liver and a cyst. I am not sure how to go about testing for hep, A-c? I have had many blood tests done. I have EBV and non non reactive mycoplasma. I had chlaymidia tichmonas and garnerella. in the past. Would you think I could also have hepatitis. I have pain in the liver area. Please, please advice. Who do I see for tests. The normal doc does not find any abnormality.

I would like to try BHT. Thank You for all your kindness to people....

BHT Contraindications
Posted by Concerned (Roseville, Ca) on 07/21/2016

I have a 24 yr. old acquaintance in Ethiopia who has chronic Hepatitis B, and has been prescribed Viread, which he really can't even afford (very poor); he also has/had polio and is only able to walk with a leg brace. His symptoms from the Hep B are so debilitating that he cannot even work, which is an added stressor. What BHT protocol do you recommend for him? Thank you very much for your time.

Posted by Davey D (Bc Canada) on 07/06/2016

Update for BHT.

I had to quit using BHT because it made my Peripheral Neuropathy worse.

I took the Holkira Pac treatment for Hep-C and my viral load was over 9000,000 + and after 2 weeks in it was 15. At the end of 12 weeks it was undetectable. Now I was told that I could not take my supplements R-ALA, BHT, Chanca Piedra, and Kratom for pain because it would reduce the effectiveness of the Hep-C treatment.

I found that the treatment cured my Mellitus Diabetes and took the pain from Peripheral Neuropathy away. It seemed to improve a lot of my ailments and the liver ache every time I ate. The treatment was $60,000 and covered by health care. I have to get two more VL tests three months apart to show a cure.

My fibrosis is 2.75 and has begun to heal. I am sleeping better now and the weird dreams are subsiding. I can now enjoy ice cream and other sweets. My urine is back to normal and my dry skin problem is clearing up. I had red spots all over my face and those are disappearing. It feels very good to be free of Hep-C after 40years.

I feel it very important for any one taking BHT or any Hep-C treatment to be aware that mixing it with any other supplements can cause it to fail. Don't mess with a good thing and wait until the treatment is over before consuming supplements.

I did find that Melatonin a sleep aid also helps to heal the liver, check it out in pubmed.com.

Thanks earthclinic for all your help.

Davey D.

Posted by Marlon (Los Angeles) on 02/21/2016

Hello Oscar,

I can't thank you enough for your experience and generous sharing on BHT treatment for chronic hep B.

Few questions:

- Are you (or anyone in the group) familiar with Viread as a treatment for Hep B? I've been informed that once you begin taking it, you are stuck on it for life!

- Where can I purchase BHT?

- Do you know if BHT has proven effective with treating cirrhosis of the liver?

Thank you again and god bless you Oscar!!!

Posted by Davey D (Bc) on 11/28/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I am taking BHT and have no cure but it has given me back my life which the interfuron took from me and the damage it caused. I am now taking 2 caps of 350mg per day with and without food. It makes me feel good and younger as well.

Thank you Oscar for all your hard work.

Davey D

Posted by Alex (Atlanta) on 11/08/2015

Bht does not have any sides effects. I had bad joint and fatigue and after few months it went away. Just keep on taking BHT but take it strictly without taking any food in the stomach. What you eat determines your pain/fatigue. Avoid fried and processed foods period. that will help your liver ALOT. To me I think based on what I went through, Fatigue and joint pains come from the food you eat since its toxic to your liver. I did not take any other Medicine except Bht, so I don't know if it works with other med. Keep it simple and take it everyday. I am going to doc and will let you know what they said based on my history.

Posted by Monique (Port Moresby, Png) on 11/08/2015

Hello Alex, it seems like you are another success story for BHT use to cure HBV. I am also HBV poistive and just started BHT treatment 1 week ago. I had joint acjes and extreme fatigue before I started on BHT a week ago. I started with 250mg daily. The joint aches have gone but I find the fatigue is still there if not worse on some days and I have also found I am sweating alot. Did you expirience any side effects at all?

Posted by Alex (Atlanta) on 10/29/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Oscar for the good work.

I started taking BHT to help with my hepatitis b on Oct 18, 2014. I had bad fatigue/joint pains/ and very dark urine. I was diagnosed with chronic hep b. I have been taking 500mg of bht that is 250 mg morning and evening everyday and didn't skip a day for exactly one year. Now it's oct 29/15. I did one liver flush to help my liver fight the virus (I avoided processed food). They did ultrasound and found that am healthy. They took my blood each six months, That's dec/14 , july/15 and oct/15. During the previous two tests I had hbv antigen reactive and negative antibodies but my last test this month changed to HBV antibodies reactive and hbv antigen non reactive. I don't have any symptoms that I had earlier like fatigue/joint pain e.t.c.

Does this test show am cured?

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 10/09/2015

Hello everyone

I really think it is very important that people share their experience about BHT treatment with each other.

According to the protocol I conduct regarding my BHT treatment for Hepatitis B, I would like to share with you the results of my blood tests that unfortunaely came not very good this time.

I started taking BHT about a half a year ago. During the first months the viral load dropped thirty percent every six weeks.

Six weeks ago the amount of virus in my blood was:


530 =5.3*10^2

I decided to increase the BHT dose at 250 mg more, and few days ago I did a blood test again but unfortunately the amount of the virus in my blood increased!


860 =8.6*10^2

I was disappointed because I thought that increasing the BHT dose will hasten the disappearance of the virus in my blood..

Now I do not know how to proceed with BHT treatment, or maybe I should stop at all?

I really need advice from Oscar..

Regardless of my case I hope he feels better!


Posted by Lukey (Tennessee) on 10/07/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I tried BHT a few years ago but the dose was too much and I had to stop it. I went back on BHT 3 weeks ago. I am 64, a male. HCV since about 1982. No scarring that I know of.

OK, my viral load was 5.4 million late last fall 2014. I think that's the most my VL ever was. It usually seems to be about 500,000.

3 weeks into Harvoni in Feb 2015 it was 97, then 4 weeks later I was undetectable.
(I wish I had my current VL when I began Harvoni.)

Several weeks post Harvoni, in late April 2015, I had a VL again that was 782,040. I relapsed.

In 9/3/15 my VL had came down by over 33%. I had lost 322,668 points and my VL was down to 459,372. How do I think that may have happened? Maybe because I quit taking 400 IU of Vitamin E.

OK, my VL was tested again last week on 10/1/15 (after being on 175 mg of BHT daily for 2 weeks) and it's even lower now but not as low as I hoped. Its now 420,000. I lost 39,372 points in 4 weeks. I've been using oil of oregano and BHT every day. I take 175 mg of BHT a day, 1st thing in the morning. Was taking BHT by itself but have taken it with coconut oil and oregano oil the last few days. I'm trying to see which way makes it work the best for me.

Is this good news?

A few days after going on BHT on 9/16/15, I felt really good one day. My moods seemed better than they've been in 25 years, but it didn't last. But I have a feeling it may return if I stay the course. My sleep seems better on BHT and I seem more together in some ways. I feel some fatigue, which I thought may have been due to "die off" of virus or some other lipid coated something or other. I felt some light liver stress the first week or so but that has gone away.


Notes From Oscar
Posted by Pelumi It Is Well (New York) on 09/29/2015

Oscar, I do wish and pray for you for a speedy and miraculous recovery. Thank you so much for your help. I pray your pain will ease and will actually disappear. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to everyone and explaining just how helpful BHT is.


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 09/10/2015

Dear Jos [ AZ ], I do think the BHT at least kept your hepatitis C infection under control and at long last these new and effective hepatitis C treatments are now available.

I do think you are the person who first informed me that BHT can be a very effective treatment for genital warts. So Larry and Teru can thank you for that information.

Jos, I think it would be very helpful to people including Elle from Chicago for you to discuss BHT as a treatment for genital warts. The dosage you used should be helpful.

Sadly, most people who find helpful information here do not bother to even mention it.

So Elle: Please do discuss your experience with BHT as a treatment for genital warts. Did it work or not ? ...Oscar

Posted by Jos (Az) on 09/08/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Oscar, it makes three cured of the warts, and believe me they were bad, 25 years of bad.. I am one of the four you mentioned, differant e address.

Thank you oscar I agree 100% I was going to do just that. Bht is a great thing.. the reason it didnt totally cure me, may be :I drank coffee, Glucossamine Chondrotin, MSM also Methadone . and tons of sweets, so this may be why Bht cut my VL by 2/3 and couldnt reach non detectable ?? FB

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 09/08/2015

Hello Jos [ AZ ], I have heard nothing but good things about these new hepatitis C drugs including " Harvoni ". Except for the price of course. I strongly recommend NOT using BHT while taking the harvoni.

But I do think restarting the BHT treatment AFTER and only after the harvoni treatment is completed would be an added measure of protection against any possible relapse. Maybe a year or so of one dose of 250mg to 350mg of BHT per day would make sure your liver is truly free of all infected cells.

I still take BHT every other day to protect myself against the many viruses BHT seems to destroy. I used to take BHT every day but cut back somewhat. I never catch colds and such for whatever that is worth.

You did mention the BHT seems to have cured you of genital warts. That makes 4 people in this forum who have reported BHT cured them of genital warts that I am aware of. You, Fatchabrute, Larry, and Teru.

Anyway, thanks for reporting into this forum Jos. Feedback is so very important to this forum. How else can people find out what works or does not work ? This of course goes for all the treatments discussed here. The BHT does NOT work for everyone. But it does seem worth a try for many people if used with care for many viral infections. Take Care, ...Oscar

Posted by Jos (Az) on 09/06/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Oscar, my fault I spelled the name wrong. It is Harvoni, the newest drug for hep c. Its 1.000 a pill taken for 12 weeks medicare approved it because of what they concluded from the 5 viles of blood they took . I have been off the BHT and on the Harvoni for 17 days and I wondered if you thought it would be detramental to take the Harvoni with the BHT...Sorry to bother you..

By the way I do not consider the BHT as not working. It has certainly cut my viral load in 2/3. The Harvoni is the newst drug out for hep c.. I figured by your post you knew nothing of the drug because I slaughtered the spelling.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 09/06/2015

Dear Jos [ AZ ], I consider your response an important one because you also seem to have cured genital warts along with at least some success with BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C.

This genital warts condition is very troubling for all who suffer with it and BHT is the ONLY thing I know of that has actually made the warts go away and not return. There are topical treatments that work as well as they do. But that is NOT at all the same as being free of these warts.

In my opinion based on your feedback and that of others: BHT can in at least some cases destroy the virus that causes these warts.

The same is true for some people who have hepatitis C. For reasons unknown to me the BHT treatment works very well for many but not all people. Keeping the treatment simple is what seems to work best.

Also, I agree with your doctor. Being " undetectable " in a blood test does NOT mean you are cured of hepatitis C or B. It only means the treatment is working by destroying the virons in your bloodstream. It is your liver that is infected with viral hepatitis. But if you can keep your blood free of intact hepatitis virons eventually a true cure can and will be achieved. This is because ALL liver cells are renewed about every 200 days. So if you prevent new liver cells from becoming infected a true cure can be achieved and has been by myself and others.

I have NO opinion on these harmoni pills. I know NOTHING about them.

But like I said: Keeping the BHT treatment simple seems to work best. So if you do NOT need these harmoni pills stop taking them and let us see if there is improvement or not....Oscar

Posted by Jos (Az) on 09/05/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Oscar I am confused, what is the differnce between non dectable and cured and what numbers designate a nondectable rating? if under 8000 is considered a very low vl a Dr Pearlman concludes what designates non detectable. The word certainly does not mean undectable because they still detect antibodies?

As far as the antibodies go, when you get a nondectable reading you still have the antibodies fighting the hep c in your liver and lymphatic system, is that right?. wouldn't a true cure be no antibodies? is it not true that no antibodies would mean there is no hepc for your body to creat antibodies to fight?.

I was told by a Doctor nondectable dose not mean the Lab finds no trace of of hep-c so what is the the designating factor for calling it "non Dectable"

In 2010 I tested 210000 H HCV RNA PCR quant....6.32h

in 2011 using bht as you prescribe my viral load went to 87830

last week I went on harmoni the dr had me tested before starting harmoni it was down to 761240

I had venerial warts very very bad for at least 40 years tried everything, podophlyn, freezing , lazer nothing worked except when I first went on bht after about 3 months they were gone! .

I have taken 13 harmin pills so far and the fatigue is almost gone I say almost but can not really tell because I also take Methadone.

In conclusion BHT has cut my VL load more then in half and the only symptom I have had in 3 years is fatigue.

Oscar do you recomend me taking BHT now along with harmoni, I was taking it up until I started Harmoni but then I stoped I feel like I should be taking it along with the Harmoni what do you think?

I know you are not a believer but I pray for you Oscar., or at least I think I read that somewhere in one of your posts.

Notes From Oscar
Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 08/10/2015

Dear Oscar,

I was very sorry to read that you are in pain and I wish you and hope you feel better soon.

You are a dear and loved by many people here. I have no words to describe your contribution to the health of people like me, without asking for anything in return.

You are a model to me and I'm going to go your way and help others like you helped me. As I told you, my doctor is very interested in BHT treatment.

I have a long way to go in my dealings with the disease, and I'll miss your guidance and your support very much.

But now the most important thing is that you'll take care of yourself and concentrate on improving your physical condition.

You will be in my thoughts and I hope you will return to us soon.

Get Well Soon

estisarah (at) yahoo.com

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/09/2015 2073 posts


BHT, to my knowledge is like a semi-synthetic antioxidant and is therefore relatively free of severe and harmful side effects. I have been using BHT almost daily for 3yrs for chronic active viral hep with all good results and no bad side effects whatsoever to note.

As for the pharm antivirals, there appears to be many bad side effects as you have noted. For more info go here http://www.drugs.com/ribasphere.html

As for memory & concentration, here is a list of natural herbs and nutrients that will help.

  • Gingko Biloba
  • Acetyle L Carnitine
  • Taurine
  • Vinpocitine
  • Choline/Lecithin
  • Omega 3 fatty Acids like Fish, Krill, and Flax Oil
  • Fat Soluble antioxidants Selenium/Vit-E/CoQ10 (all support and protect the Omega 3's)


Posted by Alan (Charleston, South Carolina) on 08/08/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Question for all who are using BHT for as a cure for Hepatitis C.

I have been using BHT for about a year now as a treatment for my HCV. I am taking 750 mg a day on an empty stomach per Oscar's recommendations.

As I stated in previous posts, my viral load has been substantially reduced as a result of the BHT treatment and I am hoping for even better numbers (hoping for zero) when I get my viral load tested again in a couple of months.

HERE is my question to any and all who are using BHT for HVC. Is anyone experiencing problems with short term memory, focus or concentration? Before I found and started the BHT treatment, I had went through a doctor prescribed Interferon and Ribovirin treatment, which acted like poison to my body. It was horrible and I know it caused problems with memory, focus and concentration, but that was about two years ago. I am trying to determine if my current problems are a long term result of the Interferon and Ribovirin OR could be being caused as a side effect of the BHT. Does anyone else feel they may be experiencing these problems as a result of taking the BHT? Thank You.

Notes From Oscar
Posted by Art (California ) on 08/08/2015 1507 posts


Here is a mix you can make yourself and try to help reduce your pain level with minimal side effects. It isn't natural, but seems to be effective for some people. Check with your doctor first to make sure it is okay for you to do.

Take 15 of the cheap aspirin that has no coating and dissolves quickly in water, 15 cheap generic ibuprofen standard 200mg tablets and 15 generic naproxen tablets and toss them all in a blender. Pour in one 16 ounce bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol or the higher strength EverClear that is around 180 or 190 proof and is found in liquor stores. The Everclear is preferable to the isopropyl alcohol. Add 1/2 ounce of sweet orange essential oil and blend this in the blender at highest speed until all ingredients are liquefied. Pour this mix back into the alcohol bottle and relabel the bottle clearly and accurately for safety and to make sure that nobody ever drinks this mix. Get a small clean glass spray bottle and fill it with the mix. Spray this mix on painful areas as needed. This method helps protect your stomach from damage typically caused by these three NSAIDS but allows you some of the pain relief benefits afforded by these three.

The reason for using three different nsaids is because some people are more responsive to one over the other and they do have different activities so there is potential for more benefit from all three combined. The aspirin also has an antiviral action. For me personally, naproxen is the most effective of these three for pain, but I am allergic to it so I can't use it .

You can use other nsaids and certain prescription pain relievers with this method also, but that would have to be prescribed by your doctor and made at a compounding pharmacy. Voltaren Gel would kind of be in that category but even topically, that one can have severe side effects or adverse reactions.

There are other natural herbs and supplements like MSM that you can substitute in a topical mix like this, but this can be a good starting point to see what is most helpful for you and it is very easy and cheap to make. A bottle of this should last quite awhile.

If all it can do for you is "take the edge off" sometimes that is a good thing. Be sure your doctor approves this before trying it and good luck! .


Notes From Oscar
Posted by Lisa (Virginia) on 08/07/2015

Hello Oscar,

I am praying for you in your pain. May the Lord bring healing and relief. I know your many posts have helped so much. Blessings ...

Notes From Oscar
Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 08/07/2015

Take good care, Oscar.

Though the contents of your threads didn't apply to me, seeing familiar names leave the board are like having friends leave.

Like you, I have frequented EC for many, many years and I will miss seeing your name here.

I hope that you will find relief for your pain. You have helped so many, it hurts me that you're suffering. Life just 'aint' fair.

Thank you, too, for your unselfish, intrepid service to our country. I am only sorry that serving it left you in such physical pain.

Wishing you all the best. You will be missed.

Notes From Oscar
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 08/07/2015


Thank you for articulating exactly what I, and probably many others, have been thinking concerning Oscar. What a gift he has been to all of us, and hopefully he will chime in and let us know how he is doing. Our prayers go up for his healing and strength, and thankfulness for all the altruistic, caring, smart and absolute "out of the box" thinking he has shared while always trying to help Anyone who asks. God bless you, Oscar. Take care, heal, strengthen, and know we will be thinking and praying for you. May the love and goodness you have sent out come back to comfort and surround you now. Best wishes always.

Notes From Oscar
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/07/2015 2073 posts


In my severe condition especially in the past 4-5 yrs, I have had considerable pain in my bones & joints and have been near needing prescription pain meds but fortunately found relief with magnet therapy. I got my hands on the strongest magnet I could find and have experienced very positive results which allowed normalcy and sufficient sleep. Magnet bed pads are also very good for pain as they work so well while your sleeping, that's when healing and repair occurs.

Also, have you tried the Epsom Salts baths? They are very good for both pain and nerves.

You must come back here and update us on your condition and don't worry about posting for others for now. You have many friends here and we want you to get better.

Notes From Oscar
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/06/2015

To Oscar and all who have benefited from Oscar's expertise...

This is certainly a sad day for so many who have learned from the great work Oscar has contributed out of his deep heart. His is a heart that loves and cares and asks for nothing in return.

He is one of my heroes.

Oscar I pray that that old injury will be healed and that you once again will join in with your always insightful and precise discussions.

I am in grief over losing you and hope it is only for a time. We all love you dear friend. I do feel that you are a friend. You have the "Earth Clinic Heart" and we love you deeply.

Your student,

Dave from Fountain Inn

Notes From Oscar
Posted by Jay (London, England) on 08/06/2015


I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been one of the many beneficiaries of your invaluable advice. I am sorry that you are in such pain. I hope that in time you are able to live a pain free life. Even though I am in the early stages of my BHT treatment I know that it is helping me. I have my first Gastro specialist appointment next week. I expect it to go well, due in no small part to your selfless help. I hope that others will carry the BHT Hep C treatment torch on from you. I will do my best to offer others my own experience and advice. You have very big shoes to fill!

My very best wishes,


Notes From Oscar
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 08/05/2015

Because I am in so much pain as a result of that old gunshot wound I can not think straight.

I have done my very best to provide helpful answers to the very many questions asked about the BHT treatment for viral infections.

But as the years have gone by I find myself in never ending pain as a result of very severe injuries sustained as a US Marine in the Vietnam war. It has become increasingly hard for me to think clearly about anything.

Because of this increase in pain from these old injuries, I am unable to maintain a reliable ability to answer questions people ask me.

And for that reason: I wish to bow out of this discussion of the BHT treatment NOW.

I have described in detail exactly how and why the BHT treatment works as well as it does for SOME people. Keeping the BHT treatment simple works as well as it does for the reasons discussed by me in my many postings about all this.

I do hope people will continue to post the results they have with the BHT treatment good or bad.

My very best to all, ...Oscar

How to Buy BHT in Bangladesh
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 08/04/2015

Hello Shahed, I do NOT know where or how to buy BHT in Bangladesh. BHT is available on the internet at different websites. LifeLinks is a good one and there are other places also.

You can contact " LifeLink " here:


Now YOU have to work out how to pay them and provide a mailing address and such. And if they do not sell to Bangladesh you will have to find someone who does. I hope that helps....Oscar

How to Buy BHT in Bangladesh
Posted by Shahed (Bangladesh) on 08/04/2015

Dear Mr. Oscar, I'm very glad to know about your BHT treatment for Hep-B treatment. I'm from Bangladesh and would like to know availability of this medicine in Bangladesh. Or how easily get it and how much is cost? My age is 38 and did blood test in Sept 2014. I never did viral count as doctor has said no treatment yes discovered. I'm leading normal life. Only feeling tiredness sometimes. Rest others is ok.

Can you please suggest me to be cure from this dosages.


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 07/25/2015

Dear Femi [ Lagos, Nigeria ], Let me start by saying: Fully one of every three people alive today are infected with hepatitis B. The good news is: Most of those people will never suffer serious health issues because of this infection. But some will.

Of course you wish to NOT be infected with hepatitis B. There is the BHT treatment that seems to work for some people infected with hepatitis B. You asked about " liv 52 ". I can NOT find a link that gives anything other than a very vague or unclear description of what " liv 52 " is. For that reason I have NO opinion on how well it works or if it will work well with the BHT treatment.

Also, because I have NO idea what liv 52 is: I do suggest NOT taking it when or if you ever start the BHT treatment.

The BHT treatment is NO more than 250mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach as a starting dosage. It could be less. You have to try it and find out if you can tolerate the BHT or not. If you weigh less than 125 pounds it very well could be a smaller dosage of BHT. This dosage issue is something only you can determine. I can not do it for you. I can only provide the rough guidelines I have. For people who weigh between 150 pounds and 200 pounds the two doses of 250mg of BHT with water on an empty stomach is what seems to work best = 500mg of BHT per day as a treatment for hepatitis B and C. If any adverse effects occur ALWAYS lower the dosage used or stop using BHT.

I do NOT know of a totally safe treatment for hepatitis B. If you are not suffering any sign of liver failure you might be better off just living with it. There is also the " monolaurin treatment" that is reported to be effective against many viruses. Monolaurin is a component of human mother milk and for that reason might be safer.

In conclusion: The BHT works well for some people. Seems to actually cure the infection with some people if used with care....Oscar

Posted by Femi (Lagos, Nigeria) on 07/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Oscar

It's really crazy here in Nigeria and sometimes you are not properly taken care of when it get to medical issues, am actually on Liv.52 and I bought immance myself trying to be on a more safer side BUT my question is (is liv.52 killing Hep b virus) . I have read so many things about BHT and am interested in getting it as soon as possible. I haven't gone for my viral load test yet but I will like to know if I can take both liv.52 and BHT together. I would love to get rid of this, reading about other people improvement I will like to give it a try... Please advice. Thanks

Posted by Femi (Lagos, Nigeria) on 07/22/2015

Dear Sexymom,

Please where in Nigeria do you get BHT. I have searched everywhere for it. Please I will like to get a bottle of it and try it. Thanks

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 06/26/2015

Dear Sierarrafrica [ Sierra Leone ]: Please know there is NO reason for you to be afraid. One of every three people alive today is infected with hepatitis B. Most of those people will NEVER suffer serious health issues as a result of this infection.

But some will.

1. Continue and complete the treatment your doctor prescribed for you as prescribed.

2. If you choose to give the BHT treatment a try : Do so AFTER and only after you have completed the prescribed treatment as prescribed.

It is NOT good to be mixing the BHT treatment with any other treatment.

If, after completing the treatment your doctor prescribed you choose to try the BHT treatment:

The recommended dosage is 250mg of BHT per day with water only on an empty stomach for people who 125 pounds or less. For those who weigh more than that: Two 250mg capsules of BHT may be required = 500mg of BHT per day. For people who weigh 200 or more pounds some more BHT may be required. These are rough guidelines only. But it does give you something to start with regarding dosage.

The ONLY supplements I think are OK to take with the BHT treatment are: one standard multi-vitamin and mineral supplement per day and up 1,000mg of vitamin C per day.

That is it. Please do NOT ask me how this that or some other supplement will effect the BHT treatment because I truly do NOT know.

But again: Please do not be frightened. Chances are VERY good you will NOT suffer serious health issues because of hepatitis B. And recent reports along with some of the older ones do indicate that BHT is an effective treatment for hepatitis B if taken as I have discussed....Oscar

Posted by Sierraafric (Sierra Leone) on 06/26/2015

Hello Oscar, please advice me I'm hepatitis B positive almost three years now. I want Know if BHT can help me. Because I have made a purchase of 500 capsules which I'm expecting to receiving at any time from now, although I'm currently taking Adefovir which was prescribed for my by my doctor he told me to take it for just two month. So I' m thinking BHT as my second drugs if I'm to continue any medications and also me tell other supporting supplements. thank you very much for your human support.

EC: Dear Sierraafric,

Please check the BHT section on our Hepatitis B page for feedback from Oscar and others who have tried this treatment.

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 06/26/2015

Dear Oscar,

Thank you for your response.

I think to continue my treatment as it is for a further six weeks, and if my viral load continues to fall in about 30% like before, than I will continue this way for another six weeks hoping the virus will go away from my bloodstream.

If after six weeks following there will be no reduction in viral load, or the reduction will be less than in the last three months, I'll definitely try an additional 250mg of BHT per day.

Of course I'll share here when I have my test results.

Could you please let me know how the virus behaved in patients with hepatitis C and in your case, after you started consuming BHT?

How long it took until it was indicated that the virus disappears from your blood stream? (I understand from you that in my case there is a slow progress have I understood you correctly?)

I have started taking vitamin C. Is it true that the consumption of vitamin C does NOT affect the efficacy of BHT?

I believe that the more people share their experiences so we can learn more from each other, as I have learned from you about BHT treatment.

Thank you again, I really appreciate your help very much!

Best regards, Sarah

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 06/24/2015

Dear Sarah, [ Israel]: You are doing ground breaking research about the use of BHT as a treatment for hepatitis B. Your detailed postings and updates are so very important.

As far as I know: There is NO other drug or compound that can actually cure the hepatitis B infection.

Things look good so far. The pattern seems to be somewhat different than the use of BHT to treat a hepatitis C infection. A more gradual reduction in that viral load count.

This is the same as the use of BHT to treat the different herpes viruses infections. A gradual improvement as opposed to a dramatic decrease in those viral loads.

You may wish to try an additional 250mg of BHT per day in hopes of getting that viral load count down to UNDETECTABLE more rapidly. You can ALWAYS go back to the 500mg of BHT per day if any problems occur at this higher dosage of BHT.

This focus on BHT as a treatment for hepatitis B is NEW to me. The focus used to be on BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C. But the drug companies did come up with some VERY EFFECTIVE treatments for hepatitis C recently. Those treatments are quite expensive and do NOT seem to work for hepatitis B. So this is important research.

You are my hero in all this. You care enough to update this forum with your progress. Thank you Sarah, ...Oscar

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 06/23/2015

Dear Oscar,

How are you?

I have some good news - My viral load continues to fall. In 3 month of using BHT my viral load decreased in 55.8%

Below are details of my blood tests and the results.

I got sick on February 2014.



viral load: 8.0*10^2




viral load:1.0*10^3




viral load: 1.2*10^3



I started taking BHT 500 mg per day



viral load: 8.6*10^2


28.3% percent decrease in viral load





38.3% percent decrease in viral load

55.8% A cumulative decline in three months

Thank you for everything!


Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 06/10/2015

Dear Oscar

Thank you for replying.

My doctor is a very special and open minded person and I really hope that she will inform the medical community about BHT, in addition to her enthusiasm due to my test results.

My doctor ordered me periodic blood tests in order to check progress on my load reduction. I intend to take the blood tests in a week or so, and I will soon post the results of my tests. After being tested, I'm going to talk to my doctor about my test results and about my BHT treatment specifically, if my viral load continues to fall.

I'll let you know about her response, and what we agreed on the continuation of my BHT treatment.

As for myself I surely intend to continue to take BHT as much as necessary to reach a true cure.

Oscar, I am sorry you were accused of all sorts of false accusations. I totally believe you!

Thank god I found your posts in this forum and I can't thank you enough for the life-saving information you have shared with me and with others.

I would love to share along with medical documents the course of my disease and my healing process, if progress is made in reducing my viral load by BHT treatment.

Unfortunately my English is not so good and it takes me a long time to write any post..

Best regards, Sarah

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 05/21/2015

Dear Oscar

Thank you for your post.I read itwith great interest, and appreciate very much your sharing of your knowledge and experience with me and other people as well!

I'm so glad you're healed from both Hepatitis C and B by BHT treatment! It's really amazing, since there is no known cure for hepatitis B (as much as I know they recently found cure for Hepatitis C).

Reading your responses made me realizethat viral diseaseis a journey that one should never have to take alone.

Yes, my doctor is very interested in BHT treatment! She said that she had more patients with HepatitisB, and she was really curious to know whether my viral load continues to reduce.

I am not sure yet if my doctor will agree that her name will be mentioned in public as BHT treatment supporter, but she said that she'd be happy for me if I'll cure my Hepatitis B by consuming BHT, and she said she'll cooperate with me in every way. My doctor is very intelligent and open-minded person.

I wish you health and wellness, and I hope that you'llcontinueto accompany mein my healing process by BHT.

Best regards

Sarah estisarah (at) yahoo (dot) com

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/19/2015

Dear Sarah Israel, Your understanding of viral hepatitis is the same as mine as regards treatments currently available to Medical Doctors: There are very effective treatments now available for hepatitis C but NOT hepatitis B.

Look, I very much understand your MD`s reluctance to put her name on the promotion of the use of BHT as a treatment for ANYTHING really. MD`s have to be very careful about such things, for all the obvious reasons. I was hoping: That if you successfully get to NO VIRUS DETECTED in that viral load count test [ not a sure thing and you are not there yet ] that she would consider filing a report of your case history as an anonymous patient with one of the medical journals as an interesting and noteworthy event. But we are there yet like I said. Of course I very much hope that is only a matter of time.

Also, getting to NO VIRUS DETECTED is NOT the same as being truly CURED as I have discussed a number of times in this forum and other forums.

It takes years of continued BHT treatment to reach a TRUE CURE. This is because: It is the liver cells that are infected with hepatitis B and C and the other forms of viral hepatitis. Those viral load count tests are a BLOOD test. When a person gets to NO VIRUS DETECTED it means the BHT treatment is working effectively by destroying the different hepatitis virons in the bloodstream and thereby preventing uninfected liver cells from becoming infected. And liver cells live about 200 days and it does follow: That if you can prevent any uninfected liver cells from becoming infected with the use of BHT eventually a TRUE CURE will occur. There will eventually be NO infected liver cells. For me this took at least 2 years and very likely more than 2 years.

But eventually I did and still do test NEGATIVE with those hepatitis B and C antibodies tests. I know this because I was accused of lying about ever being infected by one of my so called VA health care providers. She told me: Once infected you will ALWAYS test POSITIVE. But the VA keeps records of EVERYTHING. And I told her to check back to 1997 and the records will be there. I had been tested and retested and was POSITIVE for both back then. Sure enough those records were there. She told me: I must have made a " SPONTANIOUS RECOVERY " for both of those infections. But even she admitted to being confused about it all.

So to wind up this discussion: It would be NOTEWORTHY and of interest to the medical community if you could do the same with a well documented case history with the use of BHT to treat hepatitis B. That is a big if at this time....Oscar

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 05/16/2015

Dear Oscar

Thank you for your post. I read it with great interest, and I appreciate very much your sharing of your knowledge and experience with me and other people as well!

I'm so glad you're healed from both Hepatitis C and B by BHT treatment! It's really amazing, since there is no known cure for hepatitis B (as much as I know they recently found cure for Hepatitis C).

Reading your responses made me realize that viral disease is a journey that one should never have to take alone.

Yes my doctor is very interested in BHT treatment! She said that she had more patients with Hepatitis B, and she was really curious to know whether my viral load continues to reduce.

I am not sure yet if my doctor will agree that her name will be mentioned in public as BHT treatment supporter, but she said that she'd be happy for me if I'll cure my Hepatitis B by consuming BHT, and she said she'll cooperate with me in every way. My doctor is very intelligent and open-minded person.

I wish you health and wellness, and I hope that you'll continue to accompany me in my healing process by BHT.

Best regards,


estisarah (at) yahoo.com

How to Buy BHT in Ghana
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/11/2015

Dear Natin [ Ghana ], You can try this link:

If that link does NOT work: do a search for: Wholesale Nutrition + BHT.

Also: Try NOT to get overly concerned about a hepatitis B infection. One of every three people alive today are infected with hepatitis B. A large majority of these people will never suffer from this infection. But some will get sick.

Have you had any liver function tests done? Is there any indication of liver failure? Poor liver function tests results?

Also: In it's initial phase: malaria can produce temporary liver malfunction. This usually clears up.

Now: BHT is sold as a " food preservative ". So if anyone asks why you want to buy BHT: Tell them you wish to buy it to help keep your food fresh.

There are many other companies that sell BHT. You are going to have to find one you can buy from in Ghana....Oscar

How to Buy BHT in Ghana
Posted by Natin (Ghana) on 05/10/2015

Hello Oscar, I have recently been diagnosed of hep b when I went for a blood donation exercise. Till then I have never fell sick before. I went for further lab test and the doctor said I was inactive carrier and that I just have to live healthy life that it might go away. I had lost hope when I learnt that there was no cure. But now thanks to this site I believe I can be cured. But my problem is I don't have access to the bht. The only thing I take now is green tea because I learnt it could help. I am also trying to see if i can get chanca piedra here in Ghana.

Another thing is that I have been experiencing some right abdominal pain which I believe is the virus cause. Please can you help me get access to the bht I dont want to die from this virus.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/09/2015

Dear " Mama to Many ". Thank you so very much for your very kind remarks. I have followed your postings and share your concern for others. You take on MANY issues and treatments with the required concern. My focus is on viral hepatitis and BHT as the treatment. You take on so much more.

That is a LOT to do. My love to you. MAMA MIA!!! ...Oscar

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/07/2015

Dear Oscar,

I too appreciate your efforts to help others, even when you are in pain and suffering yourself. It is exasperating that you work hard and help so many and the cure is not recognized. I have loved ones that have been told there is "No cure" for this or that and the doctors just give them more drugs. And for these same conditions, I read on Earth Clinic of people curing these very conditions. I share your exasperation that often simple and inexpensive supplements, herbs, etc. will help or cure a serious condition and it is not recognized. (And people keep on suffering! )

So, perhaps the world will not know the cure you know. But, for the one person at a time that feels better because you helped them, it is still worth it. So, I too thank you for caring!



Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/06/2015

Dear Deirdre and the staff of EARTH CLINIC: Your thanks is the best honor of my efforts I could ever have. I burst out in tears when I read your posting.

Many people may not be aware of the courage and fortitude maintaining this website requires. The misery Ted and others have endured to provide the help available here.

Thank you for your kind remarks. Sincerely, ...Oscar

Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 05/06/2015

Dear Oscar,

The staff at Earth Clinic and I want to thank you for all the years you have devoted to helping people heal themselves of Hepatitis. We are enormously grateful that you have been patiently answering questions from people around the world on Earth Clinic for almost a decade now. Without a doubt, you have helped thousands of people with your BHT cure.

I was researching the viability of BHT for the Epstein Barr Virus on the web a few weeks ago and came across some of your BHT posts on other sites dating back to 2007, so I know you have been at this a long time.

Please know that you are greatly loved and appreciated here at Earth Clinic.


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/06/2015

Dear Sarah from Israel, I so very much value your responses. You have a doctor interested in this BHT treatment. As far as I know, and I did do a web search: There is NO known CURE for hepatitis B. There is at least one treatment discussed that seems to help many people, but NO true cure is mentioned.

As I have discussed previously: The BHT did CURE me of both hepatitis C and B. The people at the VA told me I now test negative with the ANTIBODIES tests for both of those viral liver infections.

In fact, I was accused of lying about ever being infected. But the records from the BOSTON VAMC clearly indicated I tested positive the numerous the times I was tested for hepatitis B and C. Also I was diagnosed with liver failure as a result of a hepatitis C infection.

Also: I paid to have myself tested about 16 months later by a private [ non-government doctor ]. I still tested POSITIVE for both infections at that time with the antibodies tests. I was hoping for a NEGATIVE tests results but did not get one. This was well into 1998. I was hoping for a true cure at that time.

Keep in mind: I WAS taking BHT on a DAILY basis for those 16 months.

It was in 2006 that I tested NEGATIVE with said hepatitis C and B antibodies tests for the first time.

I was tested again in or about 2001 when I was tested once again for both infections. I had moved and was now being seen by the VAMC Syracuse, New York and again tested Negative for both infections and was accused of lying. But I guided my VA health provider back to the Boston VA medical records.

I guess they were concerned I would file a false disability claim. I never ever did. The BHT cured me of both infections and I never ever filed a disability claim as to any form of hepatitis. I had received 24 blood transfusions as part of my treatment for a really bad gunshot wound to and through my abdomen and back. Most of my liver and all of my right kidney are gone and half of my large intestine also. Part of a rib and more. Said blood transfusions were a very common source of hepatitis C and B infections back in 1968.

What is important is: There is NO known cure for hepatitis B from all I have read. But I do say: BHT is that CURE. And it is not ONLY hepatitis B but hepatitis C also along with the many herpes viruses and possibly AIDS and other lipid coated viruses.

If I can get even one Medical Doctor to pay attention it would help a LOT. I need an MD`s help with this endeavor.

From what you said: You have an MD paying attention. I no longer even desire any recognition for my efforts. If an MD can get BHT recognized officially as the effective treatment it is: My goal will be achieved.

Back to you:

The progress your HBV viral load counts indicate using BHT as a treatment for hepatitis B are significant. We do not really know what that viral load count was at the time you first began the BHT treatment. Only that said viral load count was increasing. And that it went down by 30% in 5 weeks. In my opinion: You have turned the corner and this infection is not only under control, but well on it`s to NO VIRUS DETECTED. But it takes years of this BHT treatment to get to a true CURE.

I am tired Sarah. I will end this posting at this time and for that reason. I am not only old, but live in a very damaged, pain filled body. I can NOT keep this effort up FOREVER.

Stay in touch. There is a LOT more I know about this treatment such as the different WHO reports and on and on. Those WHO reports discuss in detail how BHT is metabolized and such. Things like that....Oscar

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 05/06/2015

Dear Oscar,

Thank you for replying. I will not take any dietary supplement in the near future.

This forum has actually gave me hope, after a long time I had no hope. Please keep this forum alive for the sake of people who are looking for a cure. My doctor was very interested in my BHT treatment, and she said that she hoped I'll be able to reduce the amount of virus in my blood by using BHT.

She prescribed me more tests which I'll take in six weeks from now. I'll let you know about my test results.

Thank you. Best regards, Sarah

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/04/2015

Dear Sarah from Israel, It seems to me the BHT treatment is working fairly well. I like to see those viral load counts go down even faster, but a 30% drop in said viral load count in 5 weeks is not bad. And your liver function tests are in the NORMAL or HEALTHY ranges. This is all GOOD news.

Also: Continue taking any required doctor proscribed treatments you need. But I have no way of knowing how the other supplements you are taking might be effecting the treatment.

And for a 54kg =120 pound person: The 250mg of BHT twice a day=500mg of BHT per day should be plenty enough of the BHT.

In conclusion: Try and stop taking any and all supplements you do not need to take. The standard multi-vitamin and mineral supplements along with vitamin C do NOT degrade the BHT treatment. Many other supplements do. You are showing significant improvement so there is no reason to get discouraged. Keeping the BHT treatment as simple as possible is consistently what works best.

Thank you very much for your update for your use of BHT to treat hepatitis B. This feedback is vitally important to this forum. I wish more people would provide said feedback....Oscar

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 05/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Oscar,

I couldn't thank you enough for your research on BHT and for providing people, including me, with very useful information.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Hep B in February 2014.

My PCR test (viral load) result last February (2014) was 800 but on February 2015, after one year, the amount of the virus in my blood was up to 1,200.

I consumed one 250mg of BHT for one month and one week, with water on an empty stomach, twice a day which is 500 mg of BHT per day.

My viral load with BHT after one month and one week was 860 according to my test results from yesterday. That's 30 percent less than it was in my previous blood test two months ago.

I really hope that BHT treatment is working for me! I certainly intend to maintain BHT treatment with periodic blood tests.

I started with 250 mg per day for 3 days and then I raised the amount to 500 mg of BHT per day.

I weight 54 kg.

My liver function levels are all normal.

While consuming BHT I haven't experienced any side effects at all.

When I started my BHT treatment I stopped taking Milk Thistle, Colloidal silver, Turmeric, vitamin D3, Licorice root, Pukka - Vitalise, reishi shiitake maitake mushroom extract, probiotics, and Phyllanthus.

I am still taking Armour Thyroid 60 mg due to a low thyroid hormone levels.

Since Pukka - Vitalise helped me to feel better, do you think that I can consume this product with BHT? What about probiotics?

Does it matter from what company the BHT product is purchased? I ordered my BHT from Amazon - Wholesale Nutrition LLC.

Thank you again for everything you've done to help me and many others who are desperate to find a treatment for our disease.

(sorry for my English mistakes)


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/16/2015

Dear Alan from Charleston, I am NOT an MD or anything remotely equal to a medical doctor. From what you have stated you have a real need for the medication your doctor prescribed for you called " Prilosec ". I did look into the alternative medications you listed. They are all as large or larger than prilosec as a molecule.

On the upside: Your latest viral load count is much better than before. Close to half of the previous test results. Your latest test results put you close to what is generally accepted as in the LOW range of 1,000,000 or less on or in said viral load tests for hepatitis C.

So, in conclusion: Continue the BHT treatment just like you have been and take the doctor prescribed " Prilosec " as needed. You may wish to try and cut back on the prilosec somewhat. But if problems occur go back to the dosage as prescribed.

Are your liver function tests within the NORMAL ranges or not ? Because if they are you seem to be doing OK as is and making some very real progress as to that viral load count. The hepatitis C infection is not only in check, but very real progress is indicated.

I used to have a " BHT CURES GROUP ". And people such as you with other conditions being treated often did take longer for the BHT treatment to work for whatever that is worth.

And if needs be the new treatments as expensive as they are, are NOW available. I sincerely hope you can and are beating this hepatitis C infection with the BHT treatment....Oscar

Posted by Alan (Charleston, Sc) on 04/15/2015

Thanks Oscar for the encouragement and the concern regarding the Prilosec (omeprazole, 20mg). Do you know if one of the other acid reducers appears to be less of a compatibility problem with the BHT? Because I also have acid reflux and need something to help that. The Prilosec was doctor recommended. The Prilosec is categorized as a proton pump inhibitor. Another proton pump inhibitor is Prevacid, (Lansoprazole). I also might be able to get by with an H2 blocker such as Zantac (Ranitidine) or Pepcid (Famotidine). Any comments on these? Thanks again for your continued assistance. Alan

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/15/2015

Dear Alan from Charleston SC, Well, it does seem some very real progress is occurring at long last with your BHT treatment.

Please save all your medical records in a file somewhere. I use those manila type folders and file them in chronological order keeping the latest reports in front. Sadly I lost my records at some point in time after many moves under duress. I think I have them somewhere with me but can no longer find them. Anyway these records are valuable to you and should be saved.

I am not sure what to make of your case history so to speak. It appears to me: That the BHT brought your infection under control at first, but without a substantial lowering of that viral load count. The infection was not getting worse and showed some small improvement. At the very least the infection was NOT raging out of control.

And that now, at long last, some very real improvement is occurring. Perhaps your body has finally healed itself from the damaging effects of that earlier treatment you discussed and is now able to make some very real improvement with the use of BHT. I surely do hope so.

Please do stop taking " Prilosec " if you can get by without it. I do think the prilosec was degrading the BHT treatment.

Anyway, this is very encouraging news. Also, as another responder reported the organization " The Life Extension Foundation " does offer blood tests at reduced prices if available in your area.

Take Care My Friend, ...Oscar

Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 04/14/2015

Hi Alan,

I order my own blood tests through this site:


No prescription needed.

There is a sale going on right now, but the regular prices still are better than the costs of my doctor and hospital. I also like the freedom to order what I want to see. I don't know if the tests you require are available, but I have had good luck with this for several years. The blood is drawn at a local Lab Corp, and they both email and mail me the results. I then forward that to my doctor and I am always prepared before I go in for my appointment. If you click on a specific test, it will tell you exactly what it will show. There is a membership fee, but it is still less than what I would pay for the tests otherwise. I've found it's best to call them and ask for the best price for membership, which is often lower than advertised. I hope you find this as useful as I have.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/13/2015

Dear Mr. Ree, Thank you so very much for taking the time to post your very kind to me response. I do try very hard to make this treatment work for those interested in trying it.

I know I let some people down. I fail to pick up on what they are taking that is screwing the treatment up. That is why insist on keeping the treatment as simple as possible. I am not an encyclopedia of organic compounds. There are thousands of them.

I follow your postings with interest and know you try hard to help people. Take Care My Friend, ...Oscar

Posted by Alan From Charleston (Sc, US) on 04/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Oscar, I feel that I can speak for many others on this forum when I say "Thank You for all that You Do" helping offer options to those of us who are battling this nasty virus.

And, I got pretty good news today. I have continued with the BHT treatment that I described in my earlier post. Last check for viral load count was 2,028,000 middle of last December, 2014. I was just rechecked two weeks ago. My viral load is now 1,202,000. About 40% lower in 4 months!

I feel that we are making progress. I certainly intend to maintain this treatment with periodic blood tests to check progress on load reduction. Probably about every 6 months, because the tests are ridiculously expensive when I have my family doctor order them. And unfortunately my insurance company leaves a lot to be desired. Do you know of any less expensive sources for this test procedure?

Oscar, Thanks Again

Alan from Charleston, SC

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/13/2015

Dear Alan from Charleston, SC : One thing you are taking that might be screwing up the BHT treatment is " Prilosec " also know as " Omeprazole ". This drug or compound is known to interact with certain medications. So if you wish to keep working the BHT treatment STOP taking " Priosec " and let`s see if we can get the sort of results required to CURE hepatitis C.

There was some small improvement using BHT, but to achieve a cure that viral load count needs to come down rapidly.

I took a look at a model of the PRILOSEC molecule and it has three rings one of which hangs out there a good bit. This molecule may very well combine with the metabolites of BHT and the combined structure would be TOO large to penetrate those viral lipid coatings. This would make all such combined structures TOO LARGE to penetrate those viral lipid coatings.

So if possible stop taking " PRILOSEC " and let's see if we can get the BHT treatment working the way it is supposed to work....Oscar

Posted by Mr. Ree (Usa) on 04/13/2015

Oscar, Don't shortchange yourself...There are many people through the ages that have accomplished many scientific achievements without a formal education...You chose to do deep research on BHT and it appears you have been successful...How many universities in the world teach about healing with BHT? Or even know about healing with BHT? Or would recommend it before drugs?

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/13/2015

Hello Jparkin48, The people who first discovered that BHT deactivates lipid coated viruses are: Snipes, Person, Keith, and Cupp. Their ground breaking research was first published in the journal Science volume 188, pages 64-66 in 1975. Titled " Butylated Hydroxytoluene Inactivates Lipid-containing Viruses ".

I read about their research in Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw`s book: "The Life Extension Companion ". Pearson and Shaw discuss the use of BHT to treat the different herpes viruses in that book. But they do advise people with liver disease to NOT use BHT.

But back in 1997 there was only the first of the interferon drugs available for treating hepatitis C. The results were poor at best as was explained to me by the VA doctor I was seeing.

So, after learning that hepatitis C was very much a lipid coated virus I figured: What have I got to lose given interferon`s poor tract record along with it`s many severe adverse effects ?

So I bought some BHT and began using it with amazingly good results....Oscar

Posted by Jparkin48 (North Carolina, US) on 04/12/2015

Thanks for the communication, not intersested in degrees, just results.. how did you come to try bht? did you know someone else who had used it? did it take a lot of trial and error to get it right? I am familiar with bht, but only as a preservative thanks for your help jparkin

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/12/2015

Dear Jparkin48 from NC, Ok, I will answer your questions as best I can.

1. Yes, for you weighing 180 pounds, 250mg of BHT taken twice a day is the recommended dosage with water on an empty stomach. Do start with the one dose of 250mg of BHT for the first 3 days. If no adverse reactions are experience go to the 2 doses of 250mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach.

2. I never had any adverse effects using BHT at the dosages discussed.

3. I started feeling better in about one week. After being diagnosed with a failing liver from hepatitis C, ALL of my liver panel test results were NORMAL in one month except one that was close to normal.

4. I have discussed my background as a user of BHT to treat hepatitis C and B extensively here at the EARTH CLINIC. As far as I know I am the first person to try the BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C and B.

If you meant or mean: What educational degrees do I have ? I have a high school GED certificate. I am sorry if that disappoints you. I have studied chemistry, organic chemistry, molecular biology, and biology on my own with colledge level textbooks which is NOT at all the same or equal to having a formal education in those subjects....Oscar

Posted by Jparkin48 (North Carolina) on 04/11/2015

Oscar, Thanks for your rapid response. I see my gastroenteologist one 4-30-15. If they don't have any other new meds available, I intend to try bht. I am 59 and weigh 180lbs. I assume 250mg twice a day would be the correct dose for me. I read the BHT information by Steve Fowkes, very informative. It states that thinning of the blood is a early side effect of bht and is brief in duration. Did you personally experience any side-effects? You stated that you have been cured of hep c. How long did it take you to start feeling better? I am exhausted frequently. If you don't mind is there any place I could read about your background and experience with bht? Thank you. jparkin----ps I will keep you posted regarding my case.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/11/2015

Thank you Sarah for responding. This forum needs to hear about your test results good or bad. Of course I WANT to you to get well and fast. But the actual results of your tests is what matters. Please do post said test results....Oscar

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 04/11/2015

Dear Oscar,

I take BHT treatment for few weeks and I'll soon be tested for the virus level in my blood. I will definitely let the forum know about my blood tests results.

All the best, Sarah

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/10/2015

Dear Jparkin48 [ North Carolina ]. I know of NO reason for you NOT to give the BHT treatment a try. I have often discussed why achieving a NO VIRUS DETECTED result in those viral load count tests does NOT mean a cure has been achieved. Those are blood tests that do indicate the treatment being used is destroying the viral structures IN THE BLOODSTREAM ONLY. Said treatments including the BHT treatment do NOT uninfect a living infected liver cell. Said treatments, when working the way they are supposed to do keep the bloodstream free of said intact virons but have NO effect on infected liver cells.

But: Because EVERY liver cell is a NEW CELL every 300 days or so: If you can keep the blood free of intact virons NO NEW LIVER CELLS BECOME INFECTED. And a true cure is possible.

I always thought : The BHT treatment would be and is a great follow up treatment for the conventional treatments ALONG with being the PRIMARY treatment all by itself.

This usually takes at least 2 years of said BHT treatment: 250mg to 500mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach. Possibly more BHT if you weigh more than 200 pounds. If adverse effects are experienced LOWER THE DOSAGE of BHT used.

Thin and very lean people are those most likely to experience said adverse effects using BHT.

It is the ANTIBODIES TESTS that determines when a TRUE CURE has been achieved. When you test NEGATIVE with said antibodies test for the type of viral hepatitis you are infected with that means YOU ARE CURED.

As stated before by me: Many doctors seem unaware of this truly simple concept. If you still have hepatitis C and or B antibodies: You are still infected and likely to relapse....Oscar

Posted by Jparkin48 (North Carolina) on 04/09/2015

Oscar, I completed the solvaldi/ribavirin protocol in Dec 2014. at that point I was free of hep c virus. This wk I had my 12 wk after treatment blood work and the hep c has returned. I am considering the bht treatment. I have hep c genotype 2 I have early stage cirrhosis, and elevated liver enzymes. is there any reason for me not to try the bht treatment? thanks, jparkin48

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/04/2015

Dear Sarah from Israel, You state : You wish to share your experience with the use of BHT to treat hepatitis B and BHT`s effect on your viral load. But you do NOT do that. So PLEASE DO share that information with this forum.

Did the BHT work or not ? ...Oscar

Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 04/03/2015

Dear Oscar,

My name is Sarah and I live in Israel. I was diagnosed with hepatitis B in February 2014. My pcr test result last February was 800 but after one year the amount of the virus in my blood was up to 1200.

I started to use BHT 2.5 weeks ago on an empty stomach (250 mg in the morning and 250 mg in the evening) and I'd love to share with the forum the effect of BHT on the virus load in my case.

Thank you! Sarah

Posted by Kim (Seattle, Washington) on 03/18/2015

Greatly appreciate your sharing knowledge for these healing protocols Oscar. My question:
Would Iodine/Lugols interfere with BHT if taken hours apart from BHT?


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, Ny) on 01/01/2015

Dear Alan from Charleston, SC: I am not sure if I responded to you previously or not.

The BHT treatment as discussed by me HAS worked wonders for SOME but not ALL people. That treatment is: one or two 250mg capsules of BHT per day with a gulp of water on an empty stomach.

Also: Yes the " old interferon+ribaviron+whatever " treatments did NOT work well for many including you and can be very harmful also.

BUT there are these new drugs that just recently became available for hepatitis C. From what I have read they both work well and are fairly safe. So if you CAN get them I know of NO reason NOT to use them as prescribed by an MD.

They are expensive. The BHT treatment HAS worked wonders for myself and many others as discussed in this here forum. But not everyone as also discussed in this forum.

So there is always the BHT treatment available at a very low cost. Give it a try if you wish to. If the BHT treatment is working the way it is supposed to you should see dramatic improvement in no more than 2 or 3 months. For rapid responders the BHT treatment works in a month or less. Keep the treatment simple for best results. Avoid ALL supplements other than a standard multivitamin and mineral supplement and possibly some vitamin C at no more than 500mg of vitamin C per day....Oscar

Posted by Alan (Charleston, Sc) on 12/31/2014

In all fairness, just so I am clear about this. It was the Interferon/Ribovirin treatment that made me feel that bad. My liver was normal and I hadn't experienced any physical problems prior to diagnosis. I have an appointment with a new doctor through MUSC in Feb. 2015. I am continuing to take the BHT in the interim. I have new insurance and I don't know what they will cover at this time. I guess I will find out. Thanks for any and all support.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 12/20/2014

Dear Alan from Charleston: From what you have stated, the BHT has at best got this hepatitis infection in check or not getting worse for now. I know from speaking with many the OLD interferon+ribaviron+whatever treatments did NOT work. BUT, the NEW treatments your doctor is discussing with you have a VERY impressive track record.

I am glad you are holding your own with the BHT and feeling better. But that could change for the worse. The NEW drugs are much more safe and effective than the old treatments.

I agree with your doctor. It is time to try the new drugs NOW available. As expensive as they are, they do have very impressive results. Can you get some help from Medicare or whatever as to paying for said treatments? As sick as you are I do hope so. You gave the BHT a sincere try with less than the desired results.

In my opinion it is time to give the NEW drugs a try. Your very life is at stake here. You would seem a good candidate for said NEW treatments. Your doctor should be aware of any and all assistance available as far as paying for said new treatments....Oscar

Posted by Alan (Charleston, Sc) on 12/18/2014
4 out of 5 stars

Oscar, please comment.

I took the Interferon, Ribovirin and Incevek (sp?)treatment in 2013 through my local gastro- specialist. It was the most horrible time of my life. I am 64 years old. I could barely eat anything or even drink water. I felt so bad I truly wanted to die. I only lasted about 10 weeks before I had to stop the treatment based on my low blood levels. I found the Earth-clinic website by chance and I read your posts about your experiences with BHT. I started my own BHT program back in July of this year (2014). I have been taking 250 mg. BHT three times a day. I weigh about 220 lbs. I take one capsule in the morning when I wake up on an empty stomach, skip breakfast, eat lunch, take another about 3:30 in the afternoon and the last one when I go to bed. I am having no bad side effects. The only other things I have been taking are naproxen sodium (Aleve), vitamin D3, and a Prilosec OTC. I take these separately from any BHT. My viral load back in 2013 was 4 million. In May of 2014 after the Interferon treatment, it was 2,262,000. After 5 months of BHT, my viral load is reduced to 2,028,000. So it has came DOWN 10 percent in 5 months. I feel good physically and I have a good energy level. My doctor is wanting me to check out some of the new very expensive treatments early in 2015. But I am hesitant to start a new "Big Pharma" program if I can beat this thing over the long haul with the BHT. In your understanding of how BHT works, is it reasonable to expect a continuing reduction in viral load if I keep up the treatment as I am taking it now? Thanks for any and all response.

Posted by Devo (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/15/2014

Thanks Oscar!

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 11/13/2014

Dear Devo from LA, Always take BHT by itself with a gulp of water only on an empty stomach for best results. Play it safe and wait at least one hour before taking any other medication or supplement.

This is a very good recommendation for taking most if not all medications and or supplements. Totally unpredictable chemical reactions can and will occur in the fairly acidic environment of the stomach [ PH value = about 1 ] in said stomach.

So the answer is: Do NOT take BHT at the same time as blood pressure medications....Oscar

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 11/13/2014

Ola from Nigeria, A quick follow up: You state you are positive for hepatitis B but show NO signs of liver damage. One of every three people alive today are infected with hepatitis B. Most of those people will NEVER experience liver problems.

I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT prescribing BHT for you or anyone else`s liver infections or anything else. I discussed BHT with you. It is up to you whether or not you decide to use it. From everything you said there is NO compelling reason for you to take BHT....Oscar

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 11/13/2014

Dear Ola from Nigeria, You are the second Nigerian today I am responding to. As far as taking BHT goes: My recommendation is: one 250mg of BHT per day with water only for people who weigh 130 pounds or less. Those who weigh more than 130 pounds may do better with a second dose of 250mg of BHT per day = 500mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach as a treatment for hepatitis C and or hepatitis B.

I do NOT know how Nigerians can obtain BHT. BHT is sold as a food preservative. It is NOT a controlled substance. Why Nigerians have a hard time buying BHT is a mystery to me. What is the problem ? Do you know ? ...Oscar

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 11/13/2014

Dear Ocean from Lagos, Nigeria: I am sincerely sorry I do NOT know how you or anyone else can obtain BHT in Nigeria. You may wish to contact a member of " Doctors Without Borders " in Lagos if they have a contact center there. Just tell them you want to buy or get BHT [ a USA approved food preservative ] through them or with their help. BHT is NOT a controlled substance. This obtaining BHT in Nigeria is an issue you Nigerians have to find an answer to. I do not live in Nigeria. I do NOT know what the problem is....Oscar

Posted by Ocean (Lagos, Nigeria) on 11/13/2014

Pls Oscar, I couldn't get the BHT in Nigeria can u pls tell Sexymom to give us the link. I was tested for HBV for d past 2years so please I need this BHT is important to me. Please and or if their is any way to buy Amazon dont send such thing to Nigeria according to their shipping political. Pls I need help on how I could get it. Thanks.

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