Ulcer Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sammi (Atlanta) on 05/16/2017
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I've got several ulcers and have been taking acv, slippery elm, dgl, marshmallow root, & much other natural stuff for it. Doing fine until this past weekend. All of a sudden I've gotten much worse. Now I've started having diarrhea and the dr says it's due to the acid. What can I do? I don't want to take antacids--beside being drugs, that I try to avoid, they give me side effects of insomnia and terrible leg cramps. I'm at my wits end. It seems chamomile calms the belly, but now the I'm spending too much time in the restroom while I should be working. Not good. The only change over the weekend was that I ran out of my probiotic and had only yogurt (natural, homemade) and a product called 'gut shots'.

Cayenne and Honey
Posted by Jennifer (Lagos) on 01/03/2018

How do I use Cayenne pepper and honey to cure stomach ulcer?

EC: Sounds like Pepper33 used 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne mixed in honey and taken with food each night.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Missal (Al) on 01/06/2017

Thought I was having a heart attack but, after endoscopy, they say I have gastritis & gastric ulcer & stomach polyp & hiatal hernia. The dr put me on protonix, which I am resistant to try but will if I have to. So, I've started 1 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar in juice 3x per day. I also take a dg licorice tablet several times per day. What else should I do? I can reactivate my dairy kefir grains and drink that, sorta got away from it recently.

My main issue is ibs-d and I rarely feel heartburn or reflux, but get spasms where the hernia is. Could the ulcer make my ibsd worse? The Apple Cider Vinegar sure does, so now I'm in a catch 22 position--take the Apple Cider Vinegar and fix the ulcer or don't and control the diarrhea.

Also, I wonder if I just don't recognize the ulcer/hernia pain. I've always just ignored pain and discomfort. But, I'll do what I must to avoid protonix. Thanks.

Lactobacillus Reuteri
Posted by Debrah (Philippines) on 11/05/2016
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Lactobacillus reuteri is the now and new H pylori cure for ulcers. Search and find out about it. Thanks.

Posted by Ria (Nevada) on 07/12/2016
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Kefir for Ulcers:

I have had chronic heartburn for months now, but about a week ago I started to have agonizing pains especially at night under my left ribcage, so bad that I haven't slept for days. My doctor doubled my Zantac from 150 mg once to twice a day, and I had Carafate that I used intermittently, but that didn't do. I also tried cabbage juice, slippery elm, DGL, Siberian Pine Nut Oil, bananas, probiotics, ACV, etc., and nothing helped -- until I tried plain, ordinary kefir.

I drank the first cupful of keir and I could feel relief fairly quickly, so then I repeated it often, as frequently every 2 hours or so, as soon as I felt the slightest discomfort, all day long. Today is my second day and the only reason I was able to sleep during the night was because I kept drinking it as soon as I could feel the burn/pain or before. I don't feel that agonizing pain now, and I don't appear to have the need for drinking it as frequently. Pain is an indicator and as of right now, it has diminished dramatically. I don't think things have healed yet, but it's significant that I feel so much better.

Kefir is a thick liquid full of probiotics, and it coats the tissues in addition providing the bacteria needed - and not quite the same as taking capsules. In addition, it's cheaper than all the other things I've tried that didn't work. I also reduced my food intake to softer, more easily digested foods, such as bananas, oatmeal and to non-abrasive, easily digestible foods just to keep from aggravating things, if only until I get straightened out enough and then just watch what I eat afterwards. I think I will still continue some of my medication to reduce acid, but only for a short time to make sure I continue doing well.

Vitamin C
Posted by Mh (Switzerland) on 08/28/2015
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Vitamin C to cure Ulcers.

Hi, I'm 47, male got a really painful ulcer about 3 months ago. Probably due to being a strong coffee lover and a low carb diet.

After looking at earth clinic, I tried everything;

Raw cabbage juice; did this for 3 days, one cabbage a day, horrible but seemed to work, should have done it for longer, pain came right back after 7 days, did not try again- 'I have a life'

Bananas were good to eat, and helped the pain.

Cayenne pepper; 4 gramms /day great relief but did not cure.

Licorice; from pharmacist, 4 tea.spoons/day; great relief but only for a few hours, worried about male hormone disruption

L-Glutamine (cabbage extract); tried 4 grams/day but, I think too weak compared with the real cabbage, no relief noticed.

Then found out about Vit C that kills helicobacter pylori; 4 grams in the morning, 4 in the evening for one week; Definately works, cured -after one week, now I take about 4 grams/day, when I remember. After much research- I don't believe that Vit C is bad for you in these doses.

Vitamin C
Posted by Ellie (Boston) on 08/31/2015

There isn't anything exists that kills h.pylori. It can be made dormant, inactive, under control by various remedies but not killed. And the role of this bacteria in human bodies is unknown since pretty much 50% of population has it. So focus on it with that in mind. Essential oils is another good remedy. I had vitamin C via IV daily for two weeks along with other herbal treatments, such as goldenseal tincture plus much more. The symptoms were gone, I felt great, my stomach had healed, but the bacteria is still there. I do maintenance courses twice a year with various supplements to keep it under control. And of course diet. 100% sugar free diet is not possible since fruits contain sugar.but had to eliminate grapes and honeydew they always start the trouble. And sweet white wine which I love.

Vitamin C
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 09/01/2015 2083 posts

E: From what I know on the subject, there are 2 or 3 substances that will kill any or every pathogen including H Pylori. MMS aka Chlorine Dioxide is known to kill about 99% pathogens. Ozone (O3) kills 99.9% pathogens. Ozonized Colloidal Silver kills 100% pathogens.

Vitamin C
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 09/01/2015

HI U TIMH, , , , , , , fellow , you just pissed in the wind. You need expound on this subject so we can partake and use what you just said. What you just said is deep and went over my head. Slow down and explain..... because it is needed for a bunch of us with ails.

Love you like a brother. ====ORH======

Vitamin C
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 09/02/2015 2083 posts

-ORH- The numbers part of my estimate are of course subject to a certain degree of error, but generally speaking correct. One must do their own research of course, but for these antibiotics, it's all about application.

MMS must be used in small doses and gradually increased for maximum benefit. Ozone is best given I.V. but that requires money and professional administration. Colloidal Silver and Hydrogen Peroxide are each very good but combined are much more powerful. Ozonated Colloidal Silver, I personally prefer over H2O2/Silver, as it goes down much better orally.

From my personal experience, the use of these natural antibiotics have been, in the last few yrs of my severe condition, invaluable. I simply would not be alive now typing this post without them.

Vitamin C
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 09/02/2015

THANKS TIMH FOR RESPONDING, as I've told you before, I am a reader, but not disciplined. I have all the tools to do almost all of the things you speak.

You mentioned Ozone IV and I go to Atlanta next week and get a shot in the hip and on to St George Island for Vitamin D 3. I can do a ozone sauna or an anal insufflation which Dr. Shallenberger says works just as well as an IV.

I have the silver pulse sorta that will cleanse your blood and also make colloidal silver. I do H2O2 via my nebulizer, but did Bill Munro's thing for several years. The nebulizer just make more sense.

You mentioned ozonated colloidal silver. I do ozonated water so I dang sure can do silver. Explain why please. I also do Transfer Point's Beta 1,3D Glucan to boost my immune system. Some folks have beaten cancer with this product alone.

I really appreciated Mama's contribution to good heath with her latest post. That's about the best I have read. Just hope folks paid attention. She summed it all up in short order. Me, I'd have to tell a dozen stories and go around the watermelon. She was succinct and to the point.

Timh, if you don't mind........ you know my tools. Tell me what you would do if you were in my shoes. Make this a preventive thing and not a solution to my blood cancer, because like I say, my blood work is outstanding. My Occublont and DNA tests say otherwise.

Cancer Tudor is a proponent of MMS also and I made ClO2 for 40 years in the paper industry. It was a bleach that did not destroy the wood fiber like Chlorine or Hypochlorite did.

I thank you for you counsel and I'm sure there are some other old patoots that will also benefit .

YOUR BUDDY=======ORH=========

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Maz. (Manchester) on 06/26/2015

Hello, I have been suffering from an ulcer, undiagnosed as I am scared of endscopy procedure. When you have pain why don't you try the cayenne pepper? It relives pain quick. Also the ACV, try without the baking soda and it should help. I have till now tried: manuka honey( did not provide relief, I think I might not be using the right brand :() which brand do you use? Aloe vera which I find quiet a relief for the pain if I keep sipping it here and there throughout the day. Pine nut oil: only had it twice for two days for the bleeding ulcer and I think it helped. Not been regular, quiet expensive for a small bottle. Mastic gum: I was on and off with first bottle apparently you have to take it regularly for a month or two, so I have ordered two new bottles. Dgl: I dont know if its helping but I keep taking it. My fav, cayenne pepper, sounds odd was hesitated to try but wow! Really relives pain and stops bleeding of the ulcer. Chamomile and fenugreek tea: I dont know if its helping but I am on and off. Cabbage juice: I think it made my pain worse so avoiding it for while. Recently looking into an alkaline and meat free diet I am mostly sugar free anyway to see it helps. Also going to add ACV 2x aday to see if it makes any difference. I feel so good most days but not quiet success with healing. But I am praying a lot. Will keep updated.

Posted by Schwabbie (So Cal., US) on 03/23/2015
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Cabbage Juice for Ulcer:

The cabbage juice worked for me in 2 days. Problem is keeping up with it. Its easy to do on the weekends when I am home, but when I am at work it's not so easy. And yes the pain will go away, but you still need to keep taking it otherwise the pain comes back. I am going to try juicing before or after work and using the glutamine powder during the day when I am at work.

Warm Water
Posted by Hpylori (India) on 08/15/2014

I am observing drinking warm water (boiled and cooled) is enhancing my stomach ulcer symptoms. Am I wrong in stating this? Do not know, those who have experienced same may post their comments. The experts may advise me more on this.

Warm Water
Posted by Mmsg (Europe) on 08/15/2014

Hpylori, "enhancing" means what: making the symptoms better or worse?

Warm Water
Posted by Hpylori (India) on 08/17/2014

Enhance means :-My observation of warm water was increases burning sensation of the upper stomach-bottom of ribs. I am not sure is it because of drinking hot water?

Posted by Whisperingsage (Northeastern California) on 04/07/2017 47 posts

I have been plagued with duodenal ulcers since 2009. I have been tested for H pylori by several different methods and always test negative. I was on H2 inhibitor s until my last hospitalization where I needed 5 pints of blood and was still a little anemic from ulcer blood loss. 3.3 cm X 2.2 cm. Had 3 clamps installed. They put me on PPI for two weeks. It's been two years and I can't get off of them. Everytime I try I get nausea/vomiting. The rub is that not only do I need that stomach acid to digest but PPI s also destroy mitochondria, causing chronic fatigue. I can't get back to work like this. I have very little endurance and get out of breath when I have to do my farmwork or housework. Mitochondria are our energy powerhouse. I can't function normally like this. I can't walk any distance. I have severe arthritis. PPI s are doing this. I'm on all nutrients I can think of to help. Green tea has epicatechins as does Chocolate which helps build mitochondria. I'm taking a teaspoon of green tea a day. But I don't know if it can build mitochondria fast enough to counter it's breakdown from PPI s . I saw a study on rats given cysteine and vitamin B6 and it helped prevent alcohol induced ulcers. Since that's it my ulcer source, I don't know if it's helping. I have cut down to half a PPI a day for a few weeks and tried to cut down to 1/4 a pill yesterday and was incapacitated with pain and nausea and exhaustion. I will switch to NAC and see if it works any better. This is one stubborn ulcer, and not being caused by NSAIDs or alcohol or h pylori. Stress is the only thing left. But I can't help being upset over not being able to function.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 04/07/2017 2083 posts

Try Zantac plus green smoothie containing lots of Chlorella and/or DGL Allantoin for the ulcers.

For Mitochondria and energy restoration try PQQ and Quercetin.

Posted by Thalassa (Cyprus) on 04/27/2017

Hello, You can try a baking soda with fresh lemon juice in a glass water.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Peggy (Usa Wv) on 04/17/2014

The baking soda prevents the gas build up and boosting. My FIL used it all the time for indigestion and boosting. I use it occasionally with my H Pylori and ulcer. What helps me most so far has been a tablespoon of organic coconut oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Cristina (Phoenix, Az) on 04/20/2017

Do you have any brand for the Coconut oil?

I finish a treatment of two antibiotics for H Pylori, but I'm having a lot of pain nausea and dizziness, I think I have ulcers please let me know more about Coconut oil please.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ed2010 (Canada) on 09/18/2013

Mix 1 tsp of ACV with 1/2 tsp of Baking Soda then add a glass of water. This is called Ted's Alkalizing formula. Drink 20 mins after meal or in empty stomach. This is the way to take ACV. To heal Take Carrot Juice and Milk Kefir. Good Health

Stomach Ulcer Remedies
Posted by Rajbir (Hartlepool, England) on 07/30/2013

How to get rid of stomach ulcers quickly and permanently?

Posted by Carmel (Clacton On Sea, England) on 07/16/2013
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I was feeling quite well until I had two cloves of raw garlic crushed up. It made my stomach feel awful and it never felt right since. I have been taking a lot of ibuprofen, steroids and antibiotics for a different problem for years so presume that has damaged my stomach and caused ulcer. I am now drinking cabbage juice and taking glutamine and have done for just over a week but so far still the same and today felt worse pain there.

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, USA) on 07/17/2013 2083 posts

Carmel: DGL and the herb Comfrey are very good for healing the gut. Some digestive enzymes and probiotics would also help. Kefir, Kraut, and Yogurt are beneficial. Acid reducing medications can help but I wouldn't advise anything over 1 or maybe 2 months.

Bitter Melon
Posted by Khan (Phoenix, Arizona) on 03/24/2014

Sir did you eat bitter melon raw or cooked?

Bitter Melon
Posted by Jane (Tellico Plains, Tennessee) on 10/12/2014

What is bitter melon and where do you find it? I have ulcers bad, medicine not helping.

Bitter Melon
Posted by Lady Mars (Lithia, Florida) on 10/12/2014

Hi, bitter melon can be found in any Asian market. Just ask the clerk. It can be cooked or prepared as a tea. My husband makes a tea, freezes it in an ice cube tray and adds it to water or iced tea. I have heard it is more effective eaten raw, but is really VERY bitter.

Aloe juice might also be helpful and may be in the same Asian market. Pure, unflavored juice would probably be better.

Bitter Melon
Posted by Anny (Nigerian) on 05/19/2018

Where can I get bitter Mellon in Nigeria I am also a suffered from it sir..

Bitter Melon
Posted by Chiomy0 (Lagos, Nigeria) on 07/23/2018

You can get it Ikorodu road. From Anthony bus stop (under bridge), take a bike or ask anyone of India market it's at the back of Mutual Benefits building. Its a very popular place and it's very easy to locate.

Makabuhay Stem Juice
Posted by Josh (Brooks, Ab Canada) on 03/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I'm Justin from the Philippines. I had an ulcer back in my younger years and couldnt afford going to the doctor, so my mother made me drink a cup of warm water with "makabuhay stems" herbal medicine. (3 to 5 pcs 2 inches each) you need to beat the stems with anything hard to make the juice easily combine with the water. usually beat or press them with a glass bottom. The stems could be used for 2x more just add hot water let it cool a bit, just make sure you used fresh new stems each day. I drank it 3 times a day before a meal and in just my first glass for the 1st day I felt normal. The excruciating pain was gone. I did this routine for a week and the ulcer did not came back since. It taste bitter but worth a try. I ate soft foods in a week while on treatment mostly oat meals and broiled fish.

P. S. Do not drink this if you are pregnant or planning to conceive as it will encourage miscarriage. This drink will also start menstruation if you are having problem with your monthly period. Please try this if ever you are in the Philippines then post back with your experience. here is the link on how it looks http://www.stuartxchange.com/Makabuhay.html

Makabuhay Stem Juice
Posted by Yumi (Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines) on 05/11/2013

Hi, I'm also from Philippines, I'm suffering some symptoms of ulcer such as extreme stomach pain, vommiting, loss of appettite, pain everytime I eat. My parents said that its ulcer, I hate hospitals which made me wanna try this herbal med but I can't find any makabuhay stem. :(

Posted by Burt12 (Eureka, Il) on 01/02/2013

What is MMS?

EC: Find out about MMS right here!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Ty (Los Angeles, Ca) on 07/04/2012

I noted that you mentioned about tropical fruit I would like to know what kind specifically, since I am eating alot of fruits and vegetables and I also suffer from ulcers and gastritis.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Kathy (Fort Worth, Texas) on 05/02/2013

Where did you buy the Aloe Vera and what percent was it. My grandmother was a firm believer of this years ago. Now I can't find any person who sells the purist Aloe Vera. Please help me help my mom. Thanks, Kathy

Aloe Vera
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere In Europe) on 05/05/2013

Kathy, get a plant.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Jayf (Seattle, Wa) on 05/06/2016 1 posts

Trader Joe's sells it by the gallon jug. Aloe Botanicals

Aloe Vera
Posted by Cristina (Phoenix, Az) on 04/20/2017

Aloe Vera works only if the ulcer are not caused from H Pylori?

I was diagnosed with H Pylori, already took a treatment of two antibiotics but now I have pain and must symptoms of ulcers, I do not want to go back to the Doctor, you think Aloe Vera will help? Do you have any brand that you prefer?

Please answer, Thank you!

Milk and Slippery Elm Drink
Posted by Folashade (Nigeria) on 03/30/2014

I have read about the ulcer remedy and am much interested in Skim milk banana mix. Pls what is the Slippery Elm powder? Thank u

Milk and Slippery Elm Drink
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 03/30/2014

Dear Folashade,

Slippery Elm powder is a powder made from the bark of a Slippery Elm tree. It is very nutritious and healing to the digestive tract. It is native to North America, so I am not sure how you would get it in Nigeria. I am afraid the milk and banana without the slippery elm powder would not be effective. Slippery Elm Bark powder is a little expensive but a little goes a long way. I have found it to be wonderful for issues in the digestive system.

~Mama to Many~

Milk and Slippery Elm Drink
Posted by Charlotte (London) on 11/18/2016

Does anyone know how long this takes to work? I'm in so much pain.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Marie (Dublin, Ireland) on 10/12/2011

I've been suffering from sporadic but agonising stomach ulcers for over a year and recently came across manuka honey as a natural remedy. Look for honey that is labelled active +10, +13, etc. I take it first thing in the morning and any time during the day when I feel that familiar old burning, gnawing pain. I've found that the best way to take it is on an empty stomach, with a teaspoonful dolloped on a small piece of bread. That way it goes straight into the stomach and should serve to coat the lining of the stomach, kill the pain and promote healing. I've had very good results with active manuka honey and understand it to be effective on any kind of ulcerated skin, wounds, etc.

Colloidal Silver, Aloe Vera, Dgl
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 09/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have used a three part formula for years to heal my own "start up" stomach ulcers; always successful and have recommended the same at least twenty times with universal success. The latest success was a friend who happens to be a physician. She often makes fun of my "remedies" and attributes my various concoctions to my distant Cherokee heritage rather than good science. But the theory behind each element is real.

Assume for a moment that the ulcer's generation is often due to irritation caused by a virus or bacteria.

Then if that is so, we must have a virucide and so I use colloidal silver as the first ingredient. Therefore, take on an empty stomach about a quarter of a cup of colloidal silver in the morning and at night. Silver, of course, kills both virus and bacteria as well as fungi.

Second, we need a burn healer, because the ulcer is effectively an unhealed burn, and so use liquid aloe vera. Use a strong form. Take a quarter of a cup on an empty stomach ten minutes after you have taken the silver.

This formula worked for many years but one of my gurus told me to add DGL which is a derivative of licorice. It often comes in chewable form which I recommend. The DGL apparently also acts to heal the wound. This comes last. Take two morning and evening before bed after the silver and aloe.

This three part formula should be used for a month. When you feel that the ulcer is no longer hurting you, you can cut the formula in half for an additional month. This is to just make sure the ulcer is completely healed.

As far as diet goes, you must get completely off of all coffee (even de-caff because it too is acidic), elimination of acidic foods, like peppers and tomatos... for at least a month.

Your ulcer may not have originated from a virus or bacteria, but since you do not know, we must assume that at the heart of the irritation is a "bug."

You could also add natural vitamin E as a wound healer... Not synthetic E. Natural E will say on the labeling, "d-alpha tocopherol" while synthetic will say, "dl-alpha tocopherol"... the extra "l" after the "d" is all the difference! Almost every health food store will only sell the natural.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Karene (Phoenix, Arizona, Usa) on 09/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

When I was only 16, I was in hte hospital with 3 bleeding ulcers. I learned I have to much acid in my system. My husband on the other hand did not have enough.

The easiest test is the Apple Cider Vinegar. Thru much research & reading we found that he had great releif with this, as for my it made me much sicker. Hope you find your answer & it helps you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lori (Glendale, Az) on 09/29/2011
1 out of 5 stars

Yes the apple cider vinegar is killing my stomach and seems to make my heartburn worse... Sad... lots of people seem to have good luck with it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Janice (Ebony, Virginia) on 07/27/2012

I have recently developed a bleeding ulcer characterized by burning pain after eating and black stools. I also have had a problem for several years with food sometimes feeling like it was stuck in my esophagus, a sign of acid reflux, which I ignored until this week when the black stools showed up. The pain was horrific during these episodes, but eating a dab of pure butter would help lubricate the food and let it go down. The black stools were scary, and I knew that I couldn't ignore this problem any longer. I began to research natural remedies and found this website.

I would have never believed that apple cider vinegar could possibly help, but today is my second day of this simple treatment. I mixed 1 tablespoon of ACV with 2 cups of cold water and sipped it. For the second dose, I added a packet of stevia and a packet of orange-flavored Emergen-C. I couldn't taste the vinegar.

On Day 1, I could feel relief after the first dose. I have combined this treatment with 2 500-mg capsules of L-Glutamine which I already had on hand. I did both remedies twice yesterday. I had started Zantac yesterday, also, (all bases covered), but had not felt relief until I started the ACV. Today (Day 2), I am feeling fine and am very energetic. I still had a black stool this morning, but it was not as dark as it has been. Also, my bloating and gas are both completely gone. I have ordered several other products from VitaminShoppe. Com: PB8 (friendly bacteria--14 million per capsule), _____'s organic ACV, and Lily of the Desert aloe vera juice, all of which I will start using next week when my order comes. I want these ulcers gone!

This morning, I also juiced carrots and cabbage because I read years ago in Prevention magazine that cabbage juice would heal an ulcer. To make it tastier, as it tastes quite bad by itself, I added 4 oz. of canned pineapple juice. Over ice, the combination of carrot, cabbage, and pineapple juices made a very refreshing drink.

I can't say enough "THANK YOUs" to this wonderful website and to all of the contributors who take the time to share what works for them.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Raemarie (Leland, Nc) on 02/01/2014

To Janice of Ebony, be careful of the Lilly of the Desert aloe vera, it has carrageen in it which is toxic to some folks, like me.


General Feedback
Posted by Yvonne (Atwater, Ca. Us) on 06/04/2011

thank you much for your response- it helps me a lot.

Posted by Kasra (Tehran) on 12/31/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I always had a sensitive stomach, food intolerances, diarrhea after meal times and never could eat that much so I was always underweight.

Just for awhile I tried some of the remedies recomended by people here in earth clinic and I got so much better and I'm actually gaining weight but along with it one of the things I experienced myself and was really helpful specially with my upset stomach and many other gastrointestinal issues was " yogurt ".

I'm not really tolerated with dairy products but yogurt makes me feel good about my whole intestinal tracts.

I add some spoons of fresh and sweet yogurt to a glass and mix it with water and stir it ( better not to be too diluted ) , add a little salt to it to make it tasty and take it 2/3 times daily, it works both on empty stomach or when I'm full , hope it helps somebody.


Posted by Ross (Tracy, Ca) on 04/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Ok guys. I had a weak immune system for over a year now. Back in January I ate some little ceasers pizza and noticed that I couldn't have normal bowel movements. Around Febuary I started feeling bloated and couldn't use the rest room properly. I didn't eat for 3 days and became dehydrated and ended up in the hospital.

They rehydrated me and told me my ct scans, blood test, urine test came out all normal. They said I probably have a stomach virus or a ulcer.

They prescribed me nexium (omeprazole) and belladonna alkaloids (never took it cause of the serious side effects). Started treatment the first day of march with omeprazole over the counter. 14 day treatment and durning those 2 weeks I was able to eat normally. After the treatment I went cold turkey and felt like I was dying.

Thus lead me to this site and I tired eating garlic raw. Less than 2hrs later the pain and nausea went away. I kept eating garlic for over a month also drinking aloe vera mango flavor.

Felt alot better but I still have a sharp lower right pain on my abdominal. So Im going to try the DGL and L Glutamine. I read after hours of research online that people with ulcers have low levels of L glutamine and since I haven't been eating right for the past year It wont hurt to try.

So after weeks of eating garlic I dont have any burning sensation like before I can tell now when I'm hungry. I occasionally have sharp ab pain when ever I feel my lower right ab. I don't do ab workouts not until my L glutamine capsules arrive to help the healing and reduce soreness.

Try to workout daily at least get 15mins of excerise preferably powerwalking. Thats what I do every day when ever I feel bloated to help my digestive system. Don't forget to stretch those muscles!

Things I eat daily (All organic)

1-3 Garlic Cloves through out the day
Flax plus pumpkin flax granola (flaxseed)
Activia yogurt
Extra lean meats/ 1 large brown egg every other day
Brown Rice and Whole grain bread.
Vegetables. pasta. Spinach.
bottled water from springs not purified. Purified water is mostly acidic to the human body. Spring water is usually neutral at a ph level 7. example Arrowhead, crystal geyser or evian is best but a bit expensive.
2 to 3 apples and bananas a day. 1 kiwi
Juice 7 long Carrots with one whole orange
take a multivitamin pill
take a extra vitamin d 134 IU and Calcium 334mg pill

Going to increase my fiber intake with water so I have normal bulky stools. Flaxseed is helping me out alot with bowel movements. Will post update once my L Glutamine arrives and once I start taking DGL. Might try cayenne powder.

General Feedback
Posted by Yvonne (Atwater, Ca, Us) on 06/03/2011

I had a colonoscopy done because when I had my fisical they did a stool guiaiac test and blood was found (in my stool). The colonoscopy revealed that I have an ulcer in the small intestine. I don't have any symptoms and I have not seen any blood in my stool with the naked eye. Since I now know that I have an ulcer, I want to heal it naturally but my question is: how am I going to know when the ucler has healed if I have no symptoms?

General Feedback
Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 06/03/2011

If its a bleeding ulcer.. Your stools will be black fom the digeted blood. When its healed stools wont be black. For bleeding in the colon the stools will be red. Take blackstrap mollases, everday.. Then stop, for a couple of days and inspect the stools for color. If they are normal looking it should have healed.

General Feedback
Posted by 5 Months With Ulcer No Relief (Marshalltown, Iowa) on 09/08/2011

Im so confused on the cayenne pepper because if I eat anything spicy my stomach ulcer burns soo bad for days so doesnt the cayenne burn??? im so scared to try it in case it burns beyond relief.

General Feedback
Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 09/08/2011

Most ulcers seem to be caused by a bacteria, that can live in the extreme acidicy of the Gut. An Aussie doctor identified them a few years back. Cayenne seems to do most throat Bacteria in, id say its well worth a try.

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Closter, Nj) on 12/07/2011

Your gut is NOT producing enough hydrochloric acid. Thats why you have reflux. You need more good flora in there, simply provided from Apple Cider Vinegar enzymes. Perhaps other enzymes would also help- but most certainly would a really gr8 probiotic as well.

Cabbage Juice
Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 06/02/2011

What is the recipe that you used for the cabbage juice? Thanks.

Cabbage Juice
Posted by Theceladon (Burlingame, Ca) on 06/02/2011

One whole cabbage chopped and blended with water, then through a strainer (this part is a little time consuming). Fill 2 big glasses and drink 1/2 glass 4 times a day. 1st 1/2 glass before breakfast, last 1/2 glass a couple hours after dinner. Also, I roll around on the living room floor to get the juice to swish around.

Cabbage Juice
Posted by Nancy (Samoa) on 10/28/2011

I just tried the cabbage juice, what happens if I drink it two hours before dinner... I added 1 cup of water as directed and drank that whole cup for the whole evening... Will something bad happen if I only consume it twice a day?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Layla (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/24/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

This regiment worked tremendously well for a week then it stopped completely. I don't have a clue as to what happened. Very frustrating...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nnj925 (Quantico, Va, Usa) on 08/23/2011

That really stinks that it stopped working for you... I am trying it today for the first time... Have you tried anything else?

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