Ulcer Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Natural4ever (Hudson, Fl) on 09/30/2010

I've been having stomach problems for a while now. Symptoms started with heartburn, acid reflux, and such and then went on to burning in my stomach and bouts of neusea that would come on out of the blue and last for hours. After researching it I deduced that it was an ulcer probably caused by H. Pylori. I started with ACV, 1 Tbs. 2-4 times a day in juice or water and raw honey for a couple of weeks which provided temporary relief and controlled the acid reflux but I was still having stomach pains and neusea.

When I had stomach pain I mixed cayenne pepper in hot water and that would provide me with relief of the pain for a while. Then a friend told me about Aloe Vera juice and how it would kill H. Pylori. I bought the whole leaf version and started drinking 4 oz. with grape juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I sip it until it's gone, I don't guzzle it. I'm amazed that after day one of taking it and now 2 weeks later I have not had one symptom of the ulcer or acid reflux. I have more energy and I'm losing some weight to boot. I did have one day a couple of days after starting the aloe that I felt really crappy, like I was coming down with a bad cold or flu but no one I knew, including my wife and kids, was sick. I think it was the detox effect of the Aloe and ACV. It lasted about 12 hours then went away as quickly as it came on.

To be fair I must say that I was not diagnosed by any doctor and I should list everything I'm taking because it might be different things that are curing me. Every day I take a multi-vitamin, about 400-800 IUs of extra vitamin D, 1000-2000 mg. Flaxseed oil, 1200-2400 mg. Fish oil with omegas 3 and 6, 1200 mg. of red yeast rice and 50 mg. of C0Q10 for high cholesterol, 50 mg. 5-HTP and 500 mg. Acetyl-L Carnitine for anxiety, and I also take, like I said earlier, several Tbs. of ACV. I also drink a yogurt drink for the probiotics. I started taking a couple of Tbs. of local raw honey and then switched to Manuka honey which also kills H. Pylori. I haven't felt this good in years so I must be doing something right. I owe it all to researching everything here on EC. Thank you guys so much for being here and spreading the knowledge of natural remedies.