Natural Trigger Finger Remedies

Posted by Fran (North Carolina, US) on 06/29/2014

DMSO mixed with Milk of Magnesia put on tendons of fingers works fast. Mix about 15 drops of dmso and 5 drops MOM in a glass cup. The use cotton ball to apply to area (s), include wrist and back of hand. In less than 5 minutes, the pain was gone. I also drank 2 tbsp of MOM to get magnesium internally. I hope it helps someone else.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 03/25/2014
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Re the finger pain from trigger finger.

I've had two episodes with cyst formation in joint area at base of hand and finger and I diluted DMSO fifty-fifty with purified water (May have used colloidal silver)...and wrapped with white paper towel. Left as a poultice for thirty minutes. Cyst (or whatever it was disappeared). Also have used DMSO (capful) many times over twenty years if hands begin to get "tight" and a bit hard to grip. Works every time.

I do this capful on fingers and joints once every three or four months now just as precaution.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/04/2013

Hello Toourlady89;

Thank you so much for your break down of various magnesiums. You define four of them; the one I take orally is Mag citrate. I have another that is Mag carbonate. Epsom Salts is Mag sulfate. You discuss the last one as a laxative but I use that for Mag/Salts baths too. Is that your understanding? That one is the best to use for baths... Sulfate (Epsom salts) and the Mag Oil (so called) best for topical application is Mag chloride, and you mention chelated Mag Glycinate for oral and say to avoid the one in stores which you say is Mag Oxide.

OK. Now is Mag Oxide Epsom salts? Isn't that Mag Sulfate which is Epsom salts? That's what's in the stores or do you equate Oxide with Sulfate.

And is the kind you orally take .... Glycinate... Is that close to Mag Citrate?

Your break out helped. I do need to get clarified some more... Not your fault... Mine. I need a list; something like:

Mag a .... does x

Mag b .....does y

Mag c .... Does z

Mag d .... What ever you do don't take Mag d, cause it's been known to cause third generation mice to lose their tails!!!!

I've thought that Mag in its various forms are basically the same thing; formulated or compounded differently but with the same chemical effect. And the point is if you take or ingest in any way (baths with Sulfate or swallow in citrate) you're still getting the magnesium.

If someone would disabuse me of the above idea; is that previous paragraph a misconception?

It's just that we see in the discussions of Magnesium particular Mags are mentioned and I'm always wondering if they are actually specialty or are they in essence fungible? (I mean interchangable and really the same for all practical purposes.)

Thanks for helping,


(You know I really should be more careful; inserting bits of humor ... Next thing you know... All over social media and suddenly on the national news: Flash: Magnesium causes tail loss... Take with caution... FDA begins investigation.)

Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 07/09/2013

Try magnesium without calcium for awhile and see if it helps.

Posted by Suzanne (Abbotsford) on 08/05/2020

Trying massaging with magnesium oil. That will not give you diarrhea.

Posted by Hurt In Space (Nicosia, Cyprus) on 11/21/2012
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Bromelain IS THE CURE for trigger finger. I have had considerable pain in my left thumb for over a year, could not bend it at all, and was postponing an opperation, since none of the numerous steroid pills I was given was of any help. I read about Bromelain, and took 3 pills a day, for about one month, almost completely cured my finger, no pain, I can almost bend fully. I will keep taking it.

Fish Oil, Ball Exercise
Posted by Dora (Houston, Texas) on 07/05/2012
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Months ago had Trigger Finger problem in my right thumb. I followed Ted's remedies from Earth Clinic and other remedies from the same website. I really improved when I started taking Fish oil and sometimes Cod liver oil, as well as eating more salmon, fish, fruits, and vegetables, and tried not to do much work with that hand with the injured thumb. Also, the exercises with a small ball that I got at the Academy store did help me. The ball is similar to the ones used to release stress. My thumb is a 90% better since the problem started. Now can move it very well..

I do not recommend surgery, found out that surgery is not the best option. I encourage you to be patient.

I thank God for you all who shared the information on the Trigger finger at Earth Clinic.

General Feedback
Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 10/04/2010

Hi Pam, If I were you I would research Turmeric and Boron. I can't explain why, or how they work, but there are some excellent articles on here re Turmeric, and on the web re Boron. They are both working for me. I used to wake in the morning feeling like someone had slammed my hand in a door... It is truly amazing to awaken to no pain in my hands. I literally lay in bed first thing in the morning just making fists in disbelief - it is still shocking. I take 1/4 tsp of turmeric a day in my tea with VCO (virgin coconut oil) and one 3mg boron (chelated - dont know if that matters or not) a day. I hope you find your answer! Carly

General Feedback
Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 10/05/2010


Have you tried anything from this site's Arthritis section here?:

Not mentioned under that section is Niacinamide, the amide form of Vitamin B3. (I'm assuming it's arthritis you have, since trigger finger is almost never accompanied by many swollen painful knuckle joints! )

Once again, to one of Dr. Pauling's legacy sites:

Click on "Search" in the molecule picture there. Type in "Niacinamide Kaufman arthritis" into the search query box.

This first one looks to be the best info and detail:
The Pioneering Work of William Kaufman: Arthritis and ADHD

From Page 3:
"The (more frequent) 250 mg dose of niacinamide is 40 to 50% more effective in the treatment of arthritis than the (less frequent) 500 mg. Dose. In my 1955 paper (The use of vitamin therapy to reverse certain concomitants of aging. J Amer Geriatric Soc. 3:927-936) I noted that niacinamide (alone or combined with other vitamins) in a thousand patient-years of use has caused no adverse side effects. Please keep in mind niacinamide is a systemic therapeutic agent. It measurably improves joint mobility, muscle strength, decreases fatiguability. It increases maximal muscle working capacity, reduces or completely eliminates arthritic joint pain. Some joints are so injured by the arthritic process that no amount of niacinamide therapy will cause improvement in joint mobility, ...

Interesting tidbit here:

Kaufmann was a very careful observer and showed clearly the significant therapeutic value of niacinamide. But 1949 was not the right year for such reports, for the wonder drug, cortisone, had just been found to rapidly relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Dr. Hench, who had done the basic work, received a Nobel prize and Merck and Company held the patents. There was a tremendous display of publicity about these wonder drugs and they became the standard for all the arthritides. The fact that cortisones do not help very much was discovered later in England when they were compared with aspirin in the first ever double blind experiments. Aspirin proved equally as effective. Also cortisone and ACTH made many patients psychotic. Dr. Kaufman's 1949 published book 'The Common Form of Joint Dysfunction' is even now still available in places on the net.

DOSAGE:Niacinamide is water soluble and has a half-life of 90 minutes I. E. The amount left unmetabolized in the body drops in half every 90 minutes. This explains the divided doses. That daily dosage is divided into equal doses for ingestion every 2-3 waking hours waking.


Usually adequate in moderate joint dysfunction was the continuous ingestion of 150 mg niacinamide administered every 3 hours for 6 daily doses (900 mg/24 hours). In extremely severe and severe grades of joint dysfunction, 100-150 mg niacinamide were prescribed every hour (1500-2250 mg/24 hours), every hour and a half (1110-1650 mg./24 hours), or every two hours (800-1200 mg/24 hours), depending on the severity of the joint dysfunction, the more frequent schedule being used in more severe cases (97) (51). It has been found in the treatment of joint dysfunction that the manner in which the daily dosage of niacinamide is divided has an important bearing on the the therapeutic results achieved; e. G. , 300 mg niacinamide given three times daily (900 mg/24 hours) is inferior in its therapeutic action to 150 mg niacinamide administered every 3 hours for 6 daily doses (900 mg/24 hours).

Avoid Citrus
Posted by Oyakra (Mays Landing, Nj) on 01/14/2012

I also had carpal tunnel release 3 mos. ago and I have developed trigger finger in multiple fingers on both hands. The problem seems to be predominately in my thumbs and varies in severity in my ring and pointer fingers. This is the worst in the morning upon waking, to the point of very limited use of my hands. I had lived with carpal tunnel for 18 years before getting the surgery which helped with the major nerve burning and vascular restriction. It's frustrating to now have a new problem arise. I'm going to try Ted's recommendations and follow up soon. Thanks, it helps to know I'm not alone.

Posted by battle1320 (Los Angeles, CA) on 07/09/2009
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I just came across this website and I am glad to read that there are people out there exploring other options than injections and surgery. I just got TF about a week ago from playing golf. My doctor thinks that playing golf (strong grip/hand position) might have triggered the TF but I believe it was years of typing on the laptop's keyboard.

It is definitely annoying feeling the clicking in my pinky everytime i grab something with any pressure. Nonetheless, I completed one session of acupuncture and the pain has subsided quite a bit. The clicking is still there but with less pain.

So far, its been about a week w/o any golf and looking forward to another acupuncture treatment. I will keep you all posted.

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by Patricia (Elmont, New York) on 01/27/2009 8 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Ted, I am so thrilled on the response for lecithin. I have been taking two T of lecithin each morning and evining mixed in eight ounces of water. The results for trigger finger have been impressive. I had this affliction for over a year now and no matter what I tried it was anathema. Since I began the lecithin the snapping on my ring finger is 95 percent healed. I am positive that it must have been the tap water and eating food cooked in aluminum ware. I had to eat at restaurants for a couple of months since my house was in the proccess of renovations. I have now cleaned up my act and I do all the cooking at home. I also bring my brown bag of salads and casseroles to work. I also began adding ground up chia seeds to all my foods on Jan 24 2009 and I have seen a tremendous change in my overall health.

I am grateful to earthclinic and you for all the wonderful remedies we are sharing. This is sharing agape (love).

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Nancy (Mc Kenzie Bridge, Or) on 05/18/2011
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I agree with Gayle's bandaid method. I wore a splint on my finger for a long time to keep it from bending and it has cured my trigger finger in the past. When I have not been able to wear it though because it got in the way, I noticed a significant increase in the swelling and pain when my finger was able to bend. Gayle's idea of a bandaid is much better than a splint because it is a lot less cumbersome and can virtually be worn at all times.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Katie (San Clemente, California) on 09/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been doing this for about 1 week and my finger feel much better. I have been using 2 inch blue tape and only change it a few times a day due to water.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Lisa (New York Ny) on 03/24/2014

Well here we go again. I found my 2012 post about trigger of the thumb I did finally go for the cortisone shot and it worked like a dream no new problems except now it is in the third finger from too much mouse and tool gripping (floral design) lots of pain more afraid of a shot there..trying the tape method.. dehydration probably causes all of these problems.. I am trying B-6, taping with blue tape splint at night, more water. I am grateful for all the posts here because each one is helpful thank you Earth Clinic anything to avoid surgery and shots but the cortisone shot at the base of the thumb really did the trick.. this is so common and painful my diet is even better than ever but something caused this..wonder if it's too much calcium? By the way the very best magnesium imo is Derma-Mag a topical liquid form that is absorbed thru the skin Highly recommended..These fish oils have vitamin E (soybean oil) as a preservative and very very allergic and dont want hormone disrupters which soy is

Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate (P5P)
Posted by Niecie (Covina, CA) on 05/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Trigger finger seems to be a vitamin B6 deficiency. My mom had a severe case for years. She could not bend her finger and had pain. I began giving her vitamin B6 in P-5-P (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) form. 50 mg 3x/day. Within a few weeks all pain was gone and she had full movement. I then reduced her dose to 50mg twice a day and still no symptoms. Truly a miracle! This remedy is also good for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate (P5P)
Posted by Mimi (San Diego ) on 06/10/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hello. I had trigger finger really bad a year ago. Tried everything on this site. Did not work. I did more research and Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate (P5P) WORKS....gone gone! I took 3 a day for 7 months and GONE. I still take 1 a day and I have absolutely no stiffness. Get it at a health food store. May help arthritus.

Posted by Marsh57 (United States) on 03/29/2019
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Yesterday after a nap my right 3rd finger was stuck closed. Helped it open with my other hand; it hurt like crazy, even when rubbing it. Came to EC, read about the bromelain. Took 1 capsule and an hour later, I realized the symptoms were gone. This is the 3rd time this has happened in about 3 months. I applied castor oil with frankincense which helped a bit – the pain and stiffness lasted about 3 days – but the bromelain was amazing!

Posted by Cheryl (Philadelphia ) on 11/20/2016
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For trigger finger, try holding ice on it to relieve the inflammation, that worked for me.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Houston (Chicago Il) on 05/16/2016
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I put a large band aid around my finger at night as a splint and my finger seems to be healing. I sleep with it on all night to prevent my finger from being stuck in the morning thanks for the tip.

Oregano Oil, Sesame Oil
Posted by Joyce (South Carolina) on 02/07/2016

I wanted to respond to this because I was the one that used the oregano oil and sesame oil. Since the recovery of the trigger finger, I try to keep an alkalinizing diet too and it is not uncommon for me to take MSM. rheumatoid arthritis runs in the family and I start feeling my joints start to hurt. When I direct my diet towards alkalinizing and take good oils and MSM...the joint pain goes away.

Sea Salt and Rice Wine Poultice
Posted by Wendi Patterson (Oklahoma, City) on 10/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Trigger Finger:

Get sea salt that you buy for aquariums. Not just regular sea salt. Go to an Asian store and buy rice wine. Take a pan and heat the salt and then pour the rice wine into the pan. Make a poultice and wrap the affected area with the poultice in gauze. I place surgical gloves on my hands and wear it over nite for about two nites

Check it out and see the results.

Juice Cleanse
Posted by Charlene (Tx) on 09/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I had trigger finger for a year. I went on a juice cleanse and it disappeared. Prior to the juice fast, I did a colon cleanse, then a kidney gal-bladder cleanse, I used organic fresh squeezed OJ for the juice cleanse, also taking a detox tincture. So it was about 5 weeks of cleansing....I feel totally great. My other arthritis symptoms have also disappeared. I lost 13 pounds during juice cleanse.

Aloe Vera and MSM
Posted by Helen (Sanitago De Compostela) on 09/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have had trigger finger in the fourth finger on left hand for well over a year now. I have had one injection for it which worked for about 4 months and now it has come back.

I am now drinking aloe vera and also massaging aloe vera with MSM gel into my hands. This is definitely helping my thumb joint which has recently become very painful, and I think it is having a positive effect on the trigger finger.

I shall continue with these for 3 months as I think it takes that long for things in the body to really change.

Posted by Dan (Scottsdale, Arizona) on 08/20/2015
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My advice is DO NOT GET SURGERY. This was the biggest mistake of my life as my left hand is my only usable hand. They don't tell you of the possible serious ramifications afterwards. It's been almost 3 months now and although the trigger finger I believe has subsided, the pain has increased and now I have different pain issue's and swelling that hampers it's use. I was better off with the trigger finger. Now my other finger on the opposite hand is beginning the same symptoms. But I can tell you for sure, no more trigger finger surgeries for me. My advice folks, do your research before committing to surgery.

Posted by Medsec (Cincinnati) on 01/21/2015
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I've had quite good success with magnesium oil for both the carpal tunnel and trigger finger, not immediate, but after several weeks. Still have numbness in the trigger finger (thumb).

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