Effective Natural Remedies for Trigger Finger Relief

Comfrey Ointment
Posted by SJHersh (Fleischmanns, NY) on 02/03/2021

I had experienced severe TF locking in both hands when waking in the morning and frequent 'locks' during the day. I had been trying natural treatments but none ever worked as decisively and definitely as a comfrey poultice. My TF became significantly reduced overnight, both in frequency and intensity. I began making comfrey ointments for the direct purpose of treating TF symptoms.

I went to an orthopedic surgeon several years ago who told me to come back when it got worse. I've never been back and continue to apply a comfrey-based ointment regularly (3-4x weekly) to manage my symptoms. Pulling a cork from a wine bottle will cause one finger on my left hand to fire/lock.

Using a comfrey-based topical ointment often offers fast response as there is little body mass in the hand to fully diffuse the benefit of, methinks, the mucilage that comfrey carries with it. Comfrey is also a natural source of allantoin which encourages cell-growth. Although a direct poultice seems to offer the most benefit, this fresh type of treatment is not possible for most folks.

A comfrey-based topical ointment is an excellent substitute.