Effective Natural Remedies for Trigger Finger Relief

Posted by Kimberly (New Braunfels, TX) on 10/27/2023

Borax for Trigger Finger

I had it in my middle finger for over a year and wearing a splint does nothing. Borax is the winner! I would say it's about 90% gone. The only thing I notice is that when trying to open a tight lid on a jar, sometimes I get a twinge. But no more stiffness, pain or waking up with a bent finger. I take the borax protocol for arthritis (which worked a miracle on my very painful shoulders in less than a week) and fixing the trigger finger was a pleasant side effect. It took longer for the finger to get better than the shoulders. I take 1/4 teaspoon in a litter of water and feel like its more effective for me if I drink 25% at a time, spaced throughout the day. By the way, I am a woman, 5'6 125 lbs but I am very comfortable with the man's dosage because I had a lot of inflammation.

Posted by Pono (Sebastopol CA) on 08/05/2023

Borax protocol for trigger finger

75 mg Boron tablets are available through Hakala company named BOROTAB.

Posted by Deirdre (Asheville) on 07/24/2022

I'm thrilled to report that Ted's borax protocol, 1/8th teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water sipped throughout the day, has been helping my trigger finger which I had been unable to bend since April. It took 3 weeks on the protocol to start seeing results. It happened quickly. All of a sudden, I could bend my thumb again. It's no longer stuck in a straight position and popping when I bend it!

I'd say it's 60% better at this point. If I stop the borax for even just a day, my thumb starts to stiffen up again, so I have NOT been taking any days off (per the protocol).

Amazing results as Trigger Finger supposedly has no "cure." I have tried many supplements over the past 3 years for my thumb. Surgery was my next option as I have already had 2 cortisone shots that wore off. P5P, the recommended supplement for trigger finger, did not help at all.

Update 1/15/2024:

The borax protocol 100% worked on my trigger thumb. It took about 6 months to diminish the inflammation to the point I could easily bend my thumb again. I cut back on the borax protocol at the 6-month point, only doing it a few times a month when my fingers start to feel stiff. Works within a day. This is the BEST fix for a trigger finger. I tried them all!