Natural Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

Colliodal Silver, DMSO

Posted by Tailend (Chennai, India) on 01/01/2013

Myself, aged 76 suffering from TN read an item about treating with colloidal silver and DMSO. Is it possible to get detailed procedure about this from illustrator. God bless.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, SC)

The liquid, composed of colloidal silver and DMSO, is used to soak a white paper towel. Press against the hurting area of face. Use a few tablespoons of colloidal silver and add about twenty drops of DMSO. Hold on surface of hurting area: that, in theory, is where the nerves are infected by the viral infection. If the TN is of long duration, there may be nerve damage but at least the virus will be killed and it should not spread down neck or worse, up into the brain.

Apply the mixture of colloidal silver and DMSO to a white paper towel to the surface of the skin where you are hurting. The silver will kill the virus and the DMSO will carry it to the into the skin. Be careful not to let the liquid in the towel to get into eyes. Apply every third day. If the TN has been present for a long time then the nerves may be damaged but at least the silver solution will kill the virus/fungus and should go no further...down the neck or worse, up to the brain. Apply every third day for at least a month. If you suspect virus has gone to brain, I would apply same poultice of silver solution and DMSO to base of skull... base of neck and again, the DMSO will carry the silver to brain to kill the virus there.

Replied by David Gruesbeck
(Alma, Michigan)

Someone wrote this part wrong! It should NOT be two (2) Tablespoons.

100 drops of Colloidal Silver a minumum of 10 PPM, and 10 drops DMSO.

Put on a toilet tissue, (on tissue folded into a square [folded and the folded again])

DMSO by itself will penetrate any human skin, even including the tongue. Be very careful with the DMSO as it will penetrate many manmade materials as well.

DMSO is used to carry any type of medicines into the skin and can penetrate quite deeply.

Take care, Colloidal Silver 10 PPM will do things to your face, make the skin tawt. Not pliable. I have used C Silver for over a week without any success.

Some recipes call for 6 applications a day for 3 days. Some say 3 times a day for a week. I think it is basically a trial and error deal. What works for one person may not another.

From reading many people's input on TN, it appears that most of you do not know where TN comes from or its origin.

It originates from the 5th Nerve out of the Cranium. That 5th nerve then seperates into 5 Nerves.

Two of them control the right and the left Jaw areas. The other 3 control the rest of our frontal facial area(s).

I have the Right TN (or right Jaw). That Nerve come from behind the ear. It passes through two Salivia and taste glands.

This is the reason why when we put anything in our mouth, the nerve is instantly affected.

What I have found that does help (drug free) is to mash your toungue to the roof of your mouth, you can then at least swallow. Getting Pills down, this can help emensely!

I have used the internet to my advantage, and I use anything that will give me information! From any website, which includes

Amazon as most know has Feedback, some of us just say a few words and thats all while others are very elaborate and that is where I found out about Colloidal Silver in much more detail.

Colloidal Silver, there is many different strengths, the Colloidal Silver that is below 10 ppm is not designed for internal use and most is 2 to 5 is for exterenal use only and is a rust color.

For Internal Use; 10 ppm and above is for internal use, it is clear like water.

For TN you need to use at least 10 to 11 ppm.

Colloidal Sliver also will heal other things, such as Heart Burn. for Heart Burn: 3 teaspoons a day for a week. I learned that on Amazon feedback. The fellow taking it was taking for another reason, he had been ailing with it so badly that his diet was affected and taking drugs didn't even help and had aflicted him most of his life. He all of a sudden noticed that Jalopenia didn't bother anymore, he could eat hot sauce and not be bothered by it. Yea, it cured his Heart Burn.

I talked to the local Natural Foods place in town, he told me, it doesn't matter then name brand, what you need to a minimum of 10ppm or higher. Roger's Foods, he sells natural remedies, Herbs, oils, organic stuff and at a price I cannot buy cheaper elsewhere, even including mail order catalogs. $22.50 for 8 ounces of NOW Silver Col.

Replied by Christine
(Sydney, Australia)

Can u advise how to apply and what dosage and duration for TM Neuralgia.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Christine,

Re TN...

You ask how to use the Colloidal Silver with DMSO. Easy to do....Apply about two tablespoons of each (maybe more of CS because the DMSO will sting a bit if not sufficiently diluted) and soak a white (WHITE) cloth and apply on affected area for at least ten minutes. The idea is if the TN is being caused by a virus the CS (and the DMSO is anti viral too, as well as a carrier) will kill the virus....

Repeat three times weekly.

I only have direct experience with Bells Palsey which is believed to be a virus running along the side of face; same theory. I killed the BP in fifteen minutes...unlocked a frozen right side of face that quickly. (The RIGHT side of my face was frozen...very embarrassing for a conservative....HA.)

Unless the virus has damaged nerves, results should be rapid. So assuming nerve damage, I'd also take Cal AEP (not just calcium... the key is the AEP) which works to rebuild nerves on cellular level...Google "Nutrition Review, Calcium AEP"... EVERYONE should be on Cal AEP...a miracle nutrient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied by Stan Uy

Dave, I dont want to apply dmso anywhere near my eye. Is there any other area where I can apply it to ease the pain? Thanks

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Stan,

To answer your question, I understand not wanting to use DMSO close to eyes; but to get best effect I need a carrier. So I often use DMSO in cream form. I just use about a teaspoon amount mixed with colloidal silver. That way there will be no dripping of DMSO into eyes. I'd not use above eyebrows and keep an inch away from eyes.

Craniosacral Therapy

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Posted by Angela (Toronto, Ontario) on 11/24/2014

Hi there,

My mother (69) has trigeminal neuralgia and has found some relief with Craniosacral therapy.




Posted by Mw (Atlanta, Ga) on 09/04/2011

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia twenty years ago, with hours and hours of pain with each attack. I was treated successfully with carbamazipam although after read up on the side effects I became concerned about possible liver damage from taking the top dosage daily, since I did a lot of partyng in my younger days. Since the medication is an early one for epilepsy, I lurked on some sites re that disease, and found a growing number of people talking about the k factor diet for epileptic children ( a precisely measured high fat diet ) and even more people talking about "modified Atkins" for adults. Fortunately the Atkins type diet worked for me. As long as I maintain a high level of fat in my diet and very little carbs, and avoid my worse triggers, I have no pain at all. If I am exposed to a trigger, if I move fast enough any pain subsides in minutes. If anyone wants more information, contact me at liberty82645(at) To go from being close to suicide to almost pain-free is a true miracle.

Replied by Jsmom
(Ahoskie, Nc)

My mom has TN. She started out with diabetic neuralgia, got shingles and the neuralgia moved into the trigeminal nerves. She doesn't have excruciating pain any longer, but has almost constant burning in her head and that side of her face. She had to stop the seizure meds as she is 83 and could not handle them. She is still taking Gavapentin, but it doesn't help. Obviously with her being diabetic, a high fat diet is not such a good idea. She already takes fish oil daily. How much B12 should she take. Is there anything else that anyone has found helpful???

Replied by Patti
(Seattle, Wa)

Hi JsMom from NC: you said your mom was diabetic and a high fat diet is not an answer. I have heard that low fat diets help some people with Trigeminal Neuralgia too. They must be under 10 mg of fat a day for it to work, and it takes about a month to tell if it will work for you. Many have received relief from this diet. I am guessing that the fat in your diet may make the blood vessels slip more against the trigeminal nerve.

Well anyway, someone did a complete research study on this and contacted people to try this diet. Not everyone benefitted from it but many did. Worth a try. It least it is good for your heart.


Posted by Jasonmchicago (Chicago, Il ) on 02/05/2012

Has anyone tried the DMSO nasal spray for Trigeminal Neuralgia. I assume this is diluted... If so by how much and by what? distilled water? EC, if you know what the original author meant, pls let us know. Thanks so much.

Replied by David
(Alma, Michigan)

DMSO comes full strength. It is a chemical. Bing or yahoo it.

Replied by Zoe B.

I have posted on earth clinic before. You can read my post from 2011. You can reach the Doctor who helped me at [email protected]. He specializes in chronic facial pain. My TN type pain also started from dental surgery - surgery to my jaw to get to an infected nerve after a root canal didn't work. I am so grateful that a lady from a trigeminal neuralgia support group told me about her success with Dr. Sprinkle using the all natural Omura protocol. I started in 2009 after being almost completely debilitated from the pain. Took about 6 months for me to regain most of my health. You can contact me at [email protected] if you'd like more information. My heartfelt prayers to you. I had no idea this type of pain was possible and I was an endurance athlete before and used to pushing my body through pain. It turned my life upside down. Let me know if you would like more information. I remain pain-free since the end of 2009.

(Tryon nc)

Hi! My mom and sister suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia. My mom had the gamm(?) knife surgery and now suffers from over radiation pain..

I am studying ways to help them. Unfortunately, they r not very open to natural treatments but I'm still trying. lol. I have found dmso and think it could be a step in the right direction. Have u used it and did it help? Also any other ideas or thoughts?

thank you!


Replied by Brooksie
(Louisiana, US)

I was recently diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. However, I have only had numbness and a little shock wave here and there for the past 3 months. I am told that it could progress and would like to stop it in its path. Could you please give me more information on the doctor you recommend. And, are you still pain free?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Brooksie,

On Trigeminal issue; if the cause is a virus, I have used DMSO with colloidal silver (50, 50) mix and applied with a white cloth to affected area. DMSO would carry the silver to nerves to kill the specialized virus (think shingles...a specialty virus or polio...a specialty virus). DMSO alone will not kill that virus.

Replied by Judy

DMSO is a carrier in thru the skin to the body, so if there is a healer, like colloidal silver it will push it in or an anti inflammatory etc. My mother is on death's door having had over a year of unrelenting agony, she is praying to die and there isn't a thing that is helping her, but I've tried heaps. Things to try: GABA, epilim, tegretol. Keeping the tongue completely still with lips closed and breath through the nose, drop and relax your shoulders, heat packs may or may not help, valerian or a natural relaxative, neck support. And drink only electrolyte drinks. Just a few things to try.

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I can't speak for anyone else, but if I had Trigeminal Neuralgia, I would try melatonin lotion as one of my first options because it is a simple noninvasive approach. Here is a link about it and how my friends make it :

The following study suggests this potential use of melatonin : this situation, melatonin can, melatonin decreases trigeminal vascular nociception.

Here is a relevant study quote:

In this situation, melatonin can decrease the frequency and intensity of pain syndromes through inherent analgesic mechanisms and circadian rhythm normalization. Melatonin receptors were found in the ganglia and nuclei of the trigeminal nerve, suggesting that melatonin decreases trigeminal vascular nociception.


Bette with a Pebble

Hi Jody,

You may want to look into high dose thiamine in the TTFD form. See Elliot Overton's article


My trigeminal neuralgia was caused by a badly done filling. The tooth was so damaged that I eventually chose to have it pulled. The neuralgia completely cleared up a few months after that.

Ear Infection as Possible Cause

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Posted by Reno (Memphis, Tn) on 01/24/2017

Hello all fellow Trigeminal Neuralgia sufferers,

Several years ago I began suffering a condition which I now believe to be Trigeminal Neuralgia of the right side of my face and head. The pain comes on slowly but continuously until the pain is unbearable starting from my right front upper jaw to the right side of my nose and sinus, under my right eye and up to my right temple and right ear. I don't cry but my right eye tears and makes me want to cry more. I had actually contemplated suicide even before I had heard this condition called the "suicide disease". I have had broken noses, fractured eye socket etc. (not disfiguring) and have blamed the condition on those injuries but was never sure and I have been to many MDs, specialists and Maxillo Facial surgeons who told me that those injuries could no possibly cause headaches and never even diagnosed the headaches as Trigeminal Neuralgia!

However, we all know most of that but I have discovered another possible cause for our condition which may or may not give you relief that I am surprised that no one that I know of has suggested.

All my life I have had a problem with middle and inner ear infections. Some have been excruciatingly painful, and will let you know it's there and demands urgent treatment, which I'm sure some of you have experienced.

The facial nerve center is in very close proximity to the ear. It is possible that the patient can experience a low grade infection of the middle or inner ear which may only itch a little and not become highly inflamed and the patient may neglect the condition. But my friends let me tell you that it can tear your nerve center a NEW ONE!

So if you have this condition try antibiotic ear drops (I use Locacorten -Vioform) Which needs a prescription but is not so expensive. Lie down or turn the head sideways and use a small amount only until you feel the ear close up. Dampen a small amount of cotton and squeeze out water and place in ouside of the ear so the oil will not soak into the cotton. Use especially at night and leave in until morning and more during the day as needed if possible.

Also keep ears completely dry in shower, lake and ocean with ear plugs if necessary. Alcohol after swimming or showering WILL NOT WORK!

Hope some of you will find relief, and won't hurt to try...

Replied by Reno
(Memphis Tn)

Hi again TN sufferers,

Would like to mention another condition to watch for,

DUST MITES. Make sure your living areas are as clean and free of dust as possible. Dust mite excrement is HIGHLY allergenic. Dust mites are especially prevalent around pillows, bedclothes, couches etc. because dust mites (microscopic insects) eat human skin that is constantly flaking off our bodies. Since pillows, matresses, couches etc. expel air from inside when lain or sat on, dust mites and excrement (gross huh?) are blown right into your nose and mouth to breathe. Since your nose, mouth and ears are the gateway to your brain and nerves, dust mite excrement can cause Urticaria (hives) and other disorders that can cause you serious problems that many people don't realize (i.e. mysterious pain that appears suddenly and then goes away to appear again later such as hives and TN). I carry Prednisone in case of hive attack which can blow up my face and scalp like a balloon. So don't dismiss this as cause of a cluster headache.

One more thing also, when you feel your TN coming on, if you are able, remember what you did, breathed and ate for the last hour before the seizure started and write it down including using and breathing chemicals, being in dusty areas and vacuuming, especially, and what you ate or drank during that hour, or some action that you have performed before that may cause the attack. You may discover something very interesting.

PS ALWAYS wear a dust mask or wet bandana over your nose and mouth when vacuuming as the machine expels exhaust air into the area and still may contain microscopic matter.

So Dear Fellow TN sufferers,

I am going now to insert my antibiotic ear drops (not cream, won't go down where it needs to go that the doctor may not be able to see), flush my nose and use nasal spray and take a Paracetamol. I let TN slip up on me again but doing this I haven't had an attack lately....

Replied by Reno
(Memphis, Tn)

PS to Ear Infection as Possible Cause:

This is one of the best homeopathic home remedies ever:

If you have or suspect an ear infection and can't get antibiotic drops for any reason, take a small cup of fresh warm urine, turn the affected ear sideways or lie down with the affected ear up, fill the ear with urine and pop a cotton ball gently into the ear. Try to keep the ear upright for at least an hour and keep the cotton in overnight if possible, changing the urine daily until infection is cured.

Relief will be felt soon and this really works almost or as well as antibiotics...

And, the remedy is free and you don't have to worry about running out!

Also great for use on blisters and sunburn (application method known)

medical ingredient (contains Uric Acid)

Replied by Reno
(Memphis Tn)

P.S. this remedy also may facilitate the healing of pimples, pustules, and between the toes fungus or any external fungus. For pimples and pustules gently wash the area with water and a little body wash or gentle hand soap, rinse and pat and air dry well. Soak a cloth with urine and press it down on the affected area making sure the affected area is wet. Leave on at least an hour. Apply as often as possible until area is clear. Do not use cologne or perfume on area, and if on face turn your back to the shower when you shampoo and let the used shampoo run down your back when you rinse then scrub back with a back brush. Many pimple problems are caused by hair and scalp oil remaining on the face after shampoo. (I wish I had known that when I was 15 or 16)...

For between the toe fungus soak toes in urine for 1 hour a couple times a day if possible until fungus goes away...

Replied by Reno
(Memphis Tn)

Hi again fellow TN sufferers,

Everything I have posted to you I have done and haven't had an attack for 3 weeks. Until Tonight. Being Saturday night, the eve of Super Bowl 51, and after a lot of hard work, I thought I could reward myself a couple of shots of rum. WRONG! Within an hour I had an attack.

I knew this was my so called "period" for attacks and I should have known better.

So I am advising that you give up alcohol forever. I know it's like your best friend but actually it's your worst enemy. I have known this for years but from time to time I revert to the belief that there is something in the bottom of that bottle when there is nothing but heartache.

So if you have an attack and have had a drink in the last hour this could be your "trigger", or one of them....

Replied by Reno
(Memphis, Tn)

Hello again fellow TN sufferers,

Here is another TN "Trigger" in case you have it. If you get chronic blocked up nasal passages and sinus blockage, especially at night while lying down or sleeping you must put a stop to this before it happens. I have found that nasal and sinus blockage evidently puts pressure on a nerve that causes TN. Also I have found (and I am not advertising) a nasal spray that works very well called Nasonex that is a prescription spray especially formulated for nasal and sinus problems. I use it in the morning and at bedtime, and another non-prescription spray during the day (Fred's nasal spray works very well, is not very expensive, lasts for months, and may work without the Nasonex). Whether it helps or not, try not to sleep on the affected side of the face as it will put pressure on the facial nerves...

Replied by Reno
(Memphis, Tn)

Hello again TN or Cluster Headache sufferers


When my TN problem first appeared about 4 years ago I was taking Melatonin every night as a sleep aid. The cluster headaches usually would wake me up in the night, but sometimes would appear during the day.

About 2 years ago I ran out of Melatonin and didn't use any for a while and the headaches went away for about a year and a half. I thought the problem was gone but about 2 months ago I found a bottle of Melatonin and started using it again as I suffer from insomnia at times. Soon after I started the Melatonin again the headaches reappeared again and more frequently and stronger than before. I started all my regimens as before when I had the headaches (you can see them on my posts here), with some results but not complete.

Before, I never considered Melatonin as a possible cause but this time when I stopped it the headaches went away after about a week while decreasing in frequency and strength, and now I have been completely free of this curse for 2 months. I can now even sleep on the right side of my face.

I have waited this long to post to make sure the relief is not a coincidence.

I am in no way stating that Melatonin is a bad drug, only that it may not be for everybody.

So, I am suggesting that all of you who suffer with Trigimenal Neuralgia, cluster headaches or migranes and are using Melatonin, to lay off it for a while (at least 2 weeks) and see if that may be or exacerbate the condition.

General Feedback

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Posted by Anita (Fayetteville, Arkansas) on 06/10/2014

Trigeminal Pain: I get the icy cheeks, pain in head... But does anyone get the very sore head - scalp where I can't even find a good spot to sleep because of the soreness on my scalp? Is this TN also?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Anita from Fayetteville;

Trigeminal Neuralgia issue...

In studying TN, the problem you are having and ask about are very likely an extension of the TN.

Anita, if you read any of my recent posts I talk a lot about my theory that virus is behind a lot of mystery diseases.

I use colloidal silver mixed fifty/fifty with DMSO (google "youtube Dr. Jacob DMSO 60 minutes). If I had TN (like Bells Palsy) I take a white cloth and apply the mix to the affected area. I might use a greater amount of the water based CS, because the DMSO can sting. The idea of such a series of applications is that CS (and anti inflammatory too) can kill virus. Thus, IF the TN is viral based, then perhaps it could be arrested by apps of poultices with such a mix.

That's my theory on TN. That is what I'd do if I had TN.

Replied by Kathy
(Macomb, Il)

It could be. I have found that sleeping with head elevated keeps flare ups down. The blood vessels in head are blood engorged and increases pressure on nerves, causing them to fire off. Try it

The coconut oil and cell salts are so far reducing flares.


Coconut oil by mouth or locally applied?

General Feedback
Posted by Sonia (Green Brook, Nj) on 01/06/2011

I have constant pain on on my teeth where an dental implant was removed due to severe pain since removal pain is constant on my right upper jaw with radiating to cheek bone, constant pain and burning. Is this trigeminal neuralgia because I never felt shocking or numbness or tingling? I have taken Lyric , carbamazipine and afraid to do anymore dental work , I use a topical anesthetic compounded by my dentist which helps pain. I WANT CURE. PLEASE HELP I AM WILLING TO TRY ANYTHING AND WILLING TO SHARE RESULTS. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SYMPTOMS, PROPER THERAPY SO I CAN FOLLOW. WHAT IS TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA HOW DID I DEVELOP AFTER DENTAL PROCEDURE AND HOW CAN I WARN OTHERS? THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)


It looks like no one has replied to you, and since you're in dire straits I'll try to give you some information which unfortunately is not from first-hand experience until hopefully someone else replies.

First , to your question, here's a good medical description of true TN:

Physical damage to the nerve caused by dental or surgical procedures, injury to the face or infections.

Here's the trigeminal (aka semilunar) ganglia, splitting to each side:

More images of same: NERVE&go=&form=QBLH&scope=images&filt=all

I assume you are in too much pain to try things like oil-pulling, or even swishing some colloidal silver around orally?

It is very likely that you have nerve trauma, not an infection, and that the pain should decrease slowly as the nerves heal and rejoin. To that end, and I realize you may not be able to eat much if at all, you want to speed up the nerves healing with a few nutrients:

Can you afford, or do you even have access to, a naturo who can give you Vitamin B12 injections by needle? This is used by people with nerve problems, like MS patients and people with TN. If not available or too expensive, can you get a bottle of B12 sublingual 1000 ug or even 5000 ug tablets?

Do you have a basic lecithin supplement handy, in any form like granules, capsules, or bulk container? It has a small percent of sphingolipids in it, which are important in forming the nerve myelin (outer insulation sheath).

The above 2 will require NO chewing action, very important.

Hopefully it needs only time and nutrition to heal, since any oral surgeon doing additional work cannot guarantee that you won't be worse off than when you went in.

It would be good if someone with first-hand knowledge could reply to you while you're healing.

Replied by Susu
(Sacramento, Ca)

I'm not a doctor but in my opinion, even though you aren't having all of the symptoms, you still may have it. I had it after some dental work with what felt like electrical shocks but the pain without the shocks was also unbearable. All of my teeth hurt and it felt like my gums were going into spasms. I couldn't sleep because of the pain, I could barely drive a car and I was still working full time. I found a doctor who would give me vicodin and I was able to keep working and driving, etc. I tried acupunture, and a few other therapies that didn't work but finally went to a homeopath who adjusted my neck. I think he said it was the C4 vertebrae.

Replied by Zoe
(Harrison, Ar)

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia / atypical facial pain in 2009 after dental surgery to my jawbone. Sonia your description sounds very much like mine. I am so sorry. People who haven't experienced this pain, have no idea how horrible it is. It turned my life 180 degrees upside down. Thank goodness for the internet and the facial pain association and god's grace (I think it was formerly known as the trigeminal neuralgia association). Through their support groups I got in contact with a person near Dallas, Texas - who also had trigeminal type pain after dental surgery. I believe her name was Shelley Wilson and she had a benign tumor removed from her jawbone which led to her pain starting. She was on increasingly high doses of neurontin and painkillers for 5 years. I was so fortunate to have found her within 6 months of my pain starting. She led me to Dr. Allen Sprinkle - a dentist in Arlington Texas who specializes in chronic facial pain. He diagnosed the virus that had infected my trigeminal nerves and put me on the all natural Omura protocol (no more anti-seizure meds and painkillers)... It took about 6 months to regain my strength and health but now 2 years later I am pain free. Here is his contact information: Allen Sprinkle DDS 1106 W. Randoll Mill Road Suite 100 Arlington, TX 76012 (817) 461-9998. If you want more information from me you can contact me at batz(at)

He also has a website if you google Dr. Allen Sprinkle in Arlington, TX. He's a very kind man and if you e-mail or call for him he's usually very quick in responding.

Don't be discouraged that he's not in your area. He may be able to refer you to someone closer as there are other practitioners of the Omura Protocol around the country. I pray for you that you are well on your way to healing and like I said I am glad to answer any e-mails or questions you may have.

Replied by Diane
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Dear Sonia,

I found a fantastic website that explains what Trigeminal Neuralgia is, what the cause is, symptoms and treatment. There is laser treatment for TN that is almost 100% successful. It is non-invasive and completely safe with no side effects. I hope this helps you. Diane

Replied by Maria
(Sydney, Nsw)

To Diana, from Las Vegas, Nedada" could you please disclose the website and the laser treatment for trigeminal neuralgia?" Thanks.. Maria from Sydney.

Replied by Zoe
(Harrison, Ar)

I just wanted to update my previous post on 7/3/2011 that I am still pain free from using the Omura protocol (an all-natural treatment) prescribed by Dr. Allen Sprinkle in Arlington, Texas. I used the Omura protocol for about 6 months continuously and now just take a fish oil capsule maybe 10 times a year if I'm under a lot of stress. (see previous post for Dr. Sprinkle's contact information) In my previous post I described how my pain started after a dental surgery to my jawbone. I can still be reached at batz(at) and I can also be reached at zoetrail(at) I have received several inquiries from this post on earth clinic and sincerely hope that anyone who suffers from this pain will find help here. I am so grateful that Shelley Wilson of a TNA support group in Dallas Texas told me of her successful treatment by Dr. Sprinkle and led me to him. Dr. Sprinkle was able to determine (where other western medical doctors couldn't) that my trigeminal nerves were infected with the chickenpox virus and prescribed a specific fish oil, cilantro tincture, and an acupuncture roller. If you have ever had the chickenpox as a child it will lie dormant on the nerve root and may come back in adulthood as shingles when triggered by stress, etc.

In my case the surgery to my jawbone activated this virus and it travelled internally (I didn't have any external shingle sores) deep into my jawbone and ear. The pain was beyond anything I had ever experienced. Again, I am more than willing to answer any questions and I hope for anyone suffering with this disease that you find relief here. God Bless :)

(Yakutat, Alaska)

HI Zoe,

I am interested in your experience with the Omura protocol, my wife has been suffering with what the doctors call atypical trigeminal neurlagia. She had the microvascular decompression done in 2011, which didnt work. She had chicken pox as an older teenager and I am beginning to wonder if it wasn't activated during a root canal procedure done in 2003. If you wouldn't mind sharing more of the specifics of the omura protocol I would appreciate it. My wife is at her wits end and we have tried many of the ideas mentioned on the website but, nothing has been sustainable. I do believe it could be a virus because she says the pain seems to move to different parts of her face. Once again, thank God for this website and anything you could share with us on the specifics of the omura protocol would much appreciated, we live in a small isolated community in Alaska and it is very expensive to travel out to schedule some of these consultations only to not have them work.

Replied by Marie
(Woodinville, Wa)

Re: Pain Free From Trigeminal Neuralgia. Sonia, your symptoms are very similar to mine. I've been suffering for a year and half - I'm curious if you have found a cure, or anything to help ease your symptoms??

Thank you for anything you can share!

Replied by Daryl
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

LLLT laazer therapy can be replicated in the home with a ten dollar red laser pointer. 5 minutes twice/day on facial nerve ganglia and cervical spine. This works 90% time- no more stabbing pains; also have a chiro check vetebrae for misalignments; add fish oil and black cumin sedd oil. All work.

General Feedback
Posted by Shawanna (Chapel Hill, North Carolina Orange) on 12/19/2009

Hello, i just wanted to let you know these post have been very helpful. My mother who is 40, is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. It saddens me to see her depressed everyday! She is scared to have any surgeries done, but i hope some of these home remedies help. Again, thanks!

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Shawanna from Chapel Hill, I have a very dear friend that suffers from this same problem and has found no relief. Could you let us know what remedies your mother tries and what does and doesn't work for her. I wish her luck with this very painful, life altering condition. Thanks for sharing with us.


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Posted by P From Tacoma (Tacoma, Wa) on 04/10/2012

Dear T. Smalls, I have been on the herbs for about 2 weeks. Pain has gotten worse with pain meds --up to over 1200 mg of Trileptal and sometimes still get really bad pain attacks. Small shocks during the day. How long do I have to wait until the homeopathic pellets work? How long did it take for yours to work? do the herbs they have help it?

Replied by Ljbows
(Albany Ohio)

I have been suffering from TN post dental implant since May. It worsened in November when the weather turned colder. As most sufferers will tell you, cold is an enemy of this superficial facial nerve. Although it appears I am one of the few who experiences it in the Ophthalmic branch of the Trigeminal, I still have a portion of my upper lip and cheek involved and have had difficulty eating/ chewing/ brushing teeth/ flossing at times. I have not found the Biogetica products specially formulated for Tn to work for me and resorted to Gabapentin. I was good for about 6 weeks and began to get back into life and have had a week of setbacks recently. Has anyone had any experience with the Laser Med Clinic in Myrtle Beach ?

Replied by DACIAN
(Outside US)

Aconitum 9Ch, Arsenicum album 30CH and Hypericum 30CH, 3-5 times a day will help.

Posted by P (Tacoma, Wa) on 03/21/2012

Hi. Yes I have just started again, with the homeopathy for Trigeminal Neuralgia (OM 13 and Trigeminal Neuralgia CM the Ayruvedic herb combination) The herbs are something new for me. Maybe they make the homeopathic pellets work faster. I am also on 900 mg of Trileptal right now for pain until the Homeopathy kicks in. My question is how long did it take for the pellets to start working for you? This is the first time the trileptal at this dose really doesn't relieve the shocks so I need someone to tell me how long I need to wait. Thank you.

Also I found that B12 injections, took me about 2 months before they started to work to reduce pain. It allowed me to reduce Trileptal to 225 mg instead of 900 mg. (but couldn't get off the pain meds without more symptoms but only tried B12 for 2 1/2 months) I found the injections hard to continue- (cost and inconvenience) so I am transitioning from that to homeopathy now-unless I can't wait and the pain gets too bad.

Replied by Tn_will_cure

Did the homeopathy remedy help anybody here in this? I am on Tegratol 600 to 800 and now 1200 mg and it is increasing.. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by T.smalls (New Haven, Ct) on 02/20/2012

Hello, I owe it to God and everyone who suffers from TN to share my story. I started suffering from TN in a very mild was about two years ago. I would notice a small zap periodically when I brushed my teeth. Three dentist all said there was nothing wrong with my teeth and because it would go away quickly, I didn't look further into the pain. However, 1 year later as I was going through a nasty seperation and divorce, the electric shocking pain became a whole lot worst radiating from my L jaw to my ear. It went from jabs to 3-4 minutes of high voltage shock. I would shake for 30-40 minutes after an episode. I finally went to the ER and was given gatapatin, and perks to no relief. I then saw a Neurologist who put me on a high dose of Tegratol, to little relief, and many side effect (mood swings, depression, loss of memory) I then had surgery to sever the nerve ending which was bumping an artery. The pain went away.... For 2 months and came back 100 times worst. I woke up screaming in the middle of the night as my face was being electricuted from within. I was then places on a high dose of Trileptal, to little relief. Then I became pregnant and my Neurologist basically said I can't do anything for you stop the Trileptal due to the pregnancy...

This is when I found Biogetica through an angel on an Online TN support group site. I immediately ordered the TN relief kit and have now been pain free for 2 months straight and counting. I am so thankful for Biogetica. These homeopathic herbs work wonders. I would suggest you look into it and give it a try.

Replied by Tony
(Spokane, WA)

How long were you on the homeopathic remedy before you noticed the pain was gone? did you ever go back on the Trileptal?

How to Shave with TN

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Posted by Arete (Rancho Dominguez, Ca) on 11/04/2018

Men- I finally found a way to shave when you have TN. You can go over the shock area very lightly and slowly, both in a moving motion or you can press slowly the electric razor into your check area and the remove it and slowly do the same motion to another area. It takes some time, but it can be done w/o a shock.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Dick (Usa) on 01/10/2018

I am 74 have lots of head pain at times, I use hygrogen proxide 35% food grade from the health store with about 6 eye dropper drops in juice of about 8oz glass 1 to 2 times per day and it cleared my head pain back to normal, it felt like a bad tooth, but dentist says it is not your tooth, it is your sinus. The medical doctor called it tri-geminal - neuralgia. But this has cleared my problem up. Thank the Lord I feel I have found the answer. Baking soda may do the same though. my homopathic doctor taught us that disease cannot live in a high oxygen inverment. That is what is is.


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Posted by Natural Remedy Queen (Sarasota, Fl) on 06/24/2015

I suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia on and off for about 15 years. I spent thousands of dollars going to Holistic Healers and trying natural remedies. The cause of the condition is Herpes. FINALLY, I found Hannah Kroeger's remedy for Herpes -- Interferon.

When you feel a bout of Trigeminal Neuralgia coming on -- do these 3 things:

1) Eat Interferon 3 meals a day until it goes away. The recipe for Interferon is: 1 cup cottage cheese mixed thoroughly with either 2 tbsp of walnut or almond oil.

2) At bedtime, take a double dose of an over the counter non-chewable antacid (Cimetidine). I use Tagamet.

3) Do not talk about the condition to anyone. Keep it to yourself.

Using these 3 steps, I have not suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia in three years. Whenever I feel a tinge....a warning that it might be coming on, I follow these steps, and it backs off. Sometimes I need to do this for a few days. Luckily, I enjoy cottage cheese!

Replied by Heidi

When you eat Interferon for treating Trigeminal Neuralgia, where do you get it? Can it be bought over the counter? What is it?

Thank You! Heidi

Replied by LP
(New York)

I am following this 2015 recipe for Interferon for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Are the three cottage cheese meals with Almond Oil or Walnut Oil the only meals that I should be eating during the day? Are these three interferon meals the only meals you should be eating during this time? Or can you eat other things?

For instance, if I wanted to have celery and peanut butter as a snack will that mess up the outcome?

Please advise.

Thank you,



Posted by P (Bothell, Wa) on 11/28/2011

Dear Stella:

Do you continue still with the iodine? What led you to discover this? (in other words, is it doctor prescribed?) Are you able to skip a day or more not doing the iodine and does the pain still stay away? How long have you been supplementing with the iodine? I have heard of this treatment for other ailments but never for TN, but obviously naturopathic treatments are just starting to become more public with the internet.

I am not sure if there are any side effects to iodine overdose or not. I will definitely ask my doctor about this. I am glad that you found something to help you.

Methyl-B12 orally or injections have been known to help with Trigeminal Neuralgia for a long time. Naturopathic doctors and some traditional MDs know about this treatment which does not have any side effects of overdose. The good thing about B vitamins is that your body excretes any excess it doesn't use.

Thanks for your tip about the iodine.


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