Natural Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

Laser Treatment
Posted by Pat In Seattle (Seattle, Wa) on 07/04/2013
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Daniel: You said you had nothing to lose to try this lasermed treatment in Myrtle Beach. Well I tried a laser med treatment from the Chiropractor, just one, and for only 5 minutes, and have been much worse than before I went.

I am talking to the LaserMed treatment center in Myrtle Beach, and it is about $7000 for flight, treatment and a hotel room for the 3 weeks. A pretty expensive thing, but now I am even more afraid to try Laser treatment, since this one caused me so much more agony.

Do you have any insight to give me. I thought I would be able to wait another year for this expensive treatment, but now I am so much more progressed in pain. It has been about 8 days since I had the 5 minute treatment, only to the pain paths, not on the Trigeminal Nerve itself.