Trichomoniasis Remedies

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Lulu (Nyc, Ny) on 11/05/2009

I was diagnosed with trichomoniasis back in december of 2008, and was extremely fraustrated when was diagnosed with it again earlier this year. my gyn prescribed flagyl the first time, which temperarily cured it, but when he prescribed it the second time i decided to look for a natural remedy because i was afraid that my body would have built an immunity to the flagyl. i reserched and found that tree tea oil was proven to remedy trich. i purchased a twin pack of feminine douche and i filled 1/4 of the bottle with the tree oil and the rest of the bottle with water. i did the douche once and then i waited 5 days and did it again. i waited a week and then i went to my gyn to see if it had worked. my test came back clear, and i asked my bf to use some and i have not had an issue since.

Replied by M
(Ny, Ny)

Exactly how did you boyfriend use the tea tree oil solution? Thanks!

Replied by Lulu
(Nyc, Ny)

My boyfriend would rub approx. a tablespoon of the tea tree oil on his penis in the morning and again at night before he went to sleep. He did mention that it did hurt but it stung a little, but only for the first two days. He used it for 7 days.

Replied by Carry
(Dallas, Tx)

There are tea tree oil suppositories in health food stores now and I'm trying it..

Replied by Ibeth

Hi I was wondering how a male would use tea tree oil for trich?

Replied by Marsa
(United States)

How should men use it since they can't douche?

Replied by Jenna
(Jeffersonville Ky)

How did you use the tea tree oil on boyfriend, I have this problem too. Do you think we could soak a little tea tree oil on a tampon and leave in for about two hours. Please help me.

Replied by Ali

I have been suffering with this for a very long time also. Every time I get cured, but when I have sex with wife she gives it back to me. I follow the treatment the admin recommended. It's harder to cure it in women and you have to follow different things.

Turmeric and Kefir

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Posted by Tariq (Ukraine ) on 07/25/2015

For Trich, I made a mixture of 100 ml water, quarter teaspoon turmeric and one teaspoon kefir. It was pretty easy for my girlfriend to douche and dip and tampon in the mix and keep inside for the night.

Wasn't that simple for me. I installed a thicker front to a syringe kept it on the tip of my penis and forced the liquid inside. Loaded 4 syringes, kept it inside for 2 hours. We did our routine 7 days in a row. Been one month. Both are symptom free so far.

Vinegar and Water Douche

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Posted by Earthhealer (Sacramento, California) on 10/01/2013

Trich is a parasite that cannot live in an acidic environment. Internal treatment is not enough.

For women, daily douching with 1/4 cup white vinegar in water plus 6-10 drops of tea tree oil does wonders to kill the itch and pain. Douche 2x daily for 1st couple days, 1x daily for next week, every other day second week & 3rd week.

Mix 1 tsp coconut oil with 4 drops tea tree and rub all over surface and especially infected areas. This will burn for a few minutes but relief comes fairly quickly.

For men: soak 2x daily in a strong infusion of pau d'arco (mix 4 Tablespoons of the herb into 1 cup boiling water. Remove from heat and steep with lid on for 15-20 min}.

Replied by Seahorse
(Portland, Or)

Diagnosis is tough since I have intense, external only symptoms. Initially hoped I had a yeast infection following introduction of a new sexual partner after 15 yrs of just 1 partner (STD in back of mind). Used witchhazel for topical itch, consumed ACV 3 tbsp, 3x daily plus lots of water and yogurt; No sugar, low carb diet in place. No relief, steady not worse. Tried 1-day monostat with some relief but still experienced external swelling and mild itch. Mensus cycle began with some relief, however within 5 days increased labia swelling and itch symptoms. No discharge or smell (from reading seems to eliminate BV). Leaning to STD. Witchhazel no relief. Exploring this site seems most report discharge for BV, yeast and trich which I do not have--just a terrible external swelling and itch. Thank you Earthhealer from Sacramento! Tried coconut oil with tea tree application and after initial increased itch, 30 min later feel cooling relief. *sigh* Keeping yogurt, ACV, healthy diet. Will apply coco/tea tree 2-3 times daily and share updates here. Hoping the suspected trich does not migrate internally. Making appt for full set of STD tests.

Replied by Seahorse
(Portland, Or)

Update: 1st 24 hrs the topical cocooil/tea tree application 2-3 times per day did reduce swelling, reduce itch; 2nd eve tho was awakened from sleep with significant increase in itch, so much needed to apply the salve in middle of night to rest; Will see how day progresses. Waiting for dr appt and then lab results. Concern increased.

Replied by Needtoknow
(Illinois, US)

Hello Seahorse from Portland. Did you get better from Trichomoniasis?

Replied by Jason

The instructions for men are vague. Is this a tea or are you supposed to soak your genitals in the solution once the tempurature is not very hot. How many times a day and for how many days?

Replied by Winnie
(Dahlonega, Ga)

I am writing to you about using the pau d'arco for men for trichimoniasis. When using this treatment do you just soak the head of the penis and if so for how long and for how many days? Also do you use powdered pau d'arco or the dried herb of it? Thank you.

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