Trichomoniasis Remedies

| Modified on Jan 25, 2023
Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by Zen Flower (Cary, Nc, Usa) on 10/19/2010

I was horrified after discovering that I had contracted trich from my boyfriend (now ex). I was very irritated down there and noticed a strange smell which seemed stronger at different times of the month. I went straight to earth clinic and was disheartened by so many people saying they had tried many remedies to no avail. For many weeks, I tried to ignore the problem hoping my body would eventually fix it.... Of course, that didn't happen. Then I tried douching with H2o2, and it helped with the smell for a few days but then came back. I remembered a friend of mine telling me that people in India use Turmeric for many ailments, as it has powerful anti viral/bacterial properties. Now, I tried several things for about 3-5 days so I'm not sure if it was one thing or the combination that did it for me. But this is what I did:

For 3 days I used a tampon lightly sprayed with H202 and gently press turmeric powder all over the tampon. Insert, and leave in for about 2 hours. (do this once a day). It does burn a bit, so be mentally prepared :-)

I also did a couple of douches with H202 after the 3 days. Furthermore, for about 5 days, I took Golden seal and echinacea tablets, and probiotics. It has been over a month since I have done this and THANK GOD, I no longer feel I have any irritation or smell. Blessings.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Lulu (Nyc, Ny) on 11/05/2009

I was diagnosed with trichomoniasis back in december of 2008, and was extremely fraustrated when was diagnosed with it again earlier this year. my gyn prescribed flagyl the first time, which temperarily cured it, but when he prescribed it the second time i decided to look for a natural remedy because i was afraid that my body would have built an immunity to the flagyl. i reserched and found that tree tea oil was proven to remedy trich. i purchased a twin pack of feminine douche and i filled 1/4 of the bottle with the tree oil and the rest of the bottle with water. i did the douche once and then i waited 5 days and did it again. i waited a week and then i went to my gyn to see if it had worked. my test came back clear, and i asked my bf to use some and i have not had an issue since.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Tea Tree Oil Douche
Posted by Kale (England Uk) on 08/26/2017

I had trichomoniasis twice in the space of 2 years and I cured both my self successfully I used hydrogen peroxide 3% 10 vol (make sure it is this one and not a higher dose) I diluted half or a quarter of the bottle with water and a few drops of tea tree oil. I inserted with a syringe and left in my vagina for about 3 minutes repeat this 2 times a day until symptoms clear.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by T. (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 04/19/2013

Yellow vaginal discharge. Thought b.v. so tried boric acid inserts. Didn't help. Tried coconut oil with eucalyptus oil. Helped with itching but not discharge. So maybe it's trich?

Just started using the tea tree oil with coconut oil as a carrier. I scraped the cold oil into flakes into a small glass bowl, added a several drops of tea tree oil. Let it sit for a while. Used two cotton balls to scoop up the concoction and inserted into my vagina for a few hours.

Will repeat later tonight and again two or three times a day for a few days. Will report results as I go.

Vinegar and Water Douche
Posted by Earthhealer (Sacramento, California) on 10/01/2013

Trich is a parasite that cannot live in an acidic environment. Internal treatment is not enough.

For women, daily douching with 1/4 cup white vinegar in water plus 6-10 drops of tea tree oil does wonders to kill the itch and pain. Douche 2x daily for 1st couple days, 1x daily for next week, every other day second week & 3rd week.

Mix 1 tsp coconut oil with 4 drops tea tree and rub all over surface and especially infected areas. This will burn for a few minutes but relief comes fairly quickly.

For men: soak 2x daily in a strong infusion of pau d'arco (mix 4 Tablespoons of the herb into 1 cup boiling water. Remove from heat and steep with lid on for 15-20 min}.

Posted by A. (Rocky Mount, Nc) on 01/15/2016

I read the article about the supplement taken to relieve you of trich. I know you said you couldn't post the product name on a public website, but could email it to me. I google the ingredients, but the ingredients were too broad and didn't send me to a specific supplement. I want to use EXACTLY what worked for you and as soon as possible. Because(as I'm sure you know) this is a nightmare! Thanks you! :)

General Feedback
Posted by Helpyourself (Houston, Texas) on 02/13/2013

First thing to do is go to , yet, another clinic. If this one says negative on your tests then perhaps your regular doctor is inept or worse. I would surely report the doctor with evidence at hand. I reported a dentist who said I had 15 cavities - this was 30 years ago. I had NONE. These kinds of people need to be reported. Good luck!

General Feedback
Posted by Soaggitated (Pa, US) on 05/18/2014

I went to 3 different Dr.s four times I had not had sex in months and honestly have no desire to have sex at this point. I finally got rid of trich but no thanks to two different prescriptions.. both of which were mentioned above.. I did research and decided to try the natural way.. well one of the many natural cures.. I used tea tree oil.. it burned for about 20 minutes after I used it.. (a fourth of tea tre oil and three fourths water) in douche..was the only method that cured trich for me.. what an annoying std.. mb they need to think of an alternative medicine

Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by N/A (florida) on 01/24/2023

This is my second time getting infected with trichomonas since my partner tested negative but was in fact a false negative.. this must be harder to detect in men which is insane because we are in 2023 ... after struggling to get rid of it with meds the last time, THIS has cleared me UP! I have purchased the horbaach goldenseal & echinacea capsules from amazon like you recommended and also took the spring valley oil of oregano capsules from walmart . I took 2 goldenseal & echinacea blend capsules twice a day and took 2 oregano oil capsules once a day for a whole week (although it recommends just one) along with boric acid suppositories from this website it has calendula extract and neem which helps fight off infections. I am antibiotic resistant and was on metro for a week and then tinidazole for 2 weeks to get rid of it. very expensive treatment and these supplements/suppositories were a fraction of the cost and got rid of the infection in only one week. took me by SHOCK! When I initially got it I had it for months thinking it was reoccurring BV wondering why it wasn't going away so trust me I know the struggle, this solved my issue and I finally can feel like ME again! Hope this helps anybody that is antibiotic resistant like I am, cannot afford treatment, or wants to go the natural route

Best of luck! I know this sh*t SUCKS!

Posted by Tam (Omaha, Ne) on 03/12/2010

Bacterial Vaginosis/Trichomoniasis

Everyone, I just found out that bacterial vaginosis or leuchorrea are often misdiagnoses for a parasitic infection called trichomoniasis.

After being diagnosed with leuchorrea and being told to take a dose of 10 billion probiotics daily (this didn't work, but helped a little) I went to another doctor and was told that I had BV. I was then prescribed an intra-vaginal gel which worked for probably less than a week before symptoms returned. I have been investigating ever since (3 years). I have taken everything I can get my hands on.

Garlic helps. Folic acid helps only slightly (be careful here... Large amounts of folic acid taken daily can be dangerous if you do not take other B vitamins with it!)

I have FINALLY found something that seems to be working. Because I cannot use the product name, I'm going to give you a list of what is in it. If you pull this up on an internet search you should find the product. This is a cleanse, and I found relief from symptoms almost entirely after 6 days. I am on this formula now and will continue until my bottles are gone. I wish you all the best. I know this is horrible. YOU CAN FIND THIS PRODUCT AT MOST HEALTH FOOD STORES and if they do not have it ask them to order it for you. I work in one so I know.

Ingredients in Cleanse:


the good thing about this cleanse, is that coptis (and many other ingredients in it) has been proven to help cure bv, leuchorrea, trichomoniasis and yeast. So no matter what your condition is, you will probably benefit here and it may just cure you.

Good luck everyone.

ps: wash your underwear, towels and washcloths (anything that touches the area) with bleach/detergent. Trichomoniasis can live outside of the body and will likely spread to others using your towels etc. Also, please have your partner take this cleanse as well, as they are likely infected if your fluids have been mixing during intercourse. No one wants to talk about this condition, but it is essential to your relationship that you let your partner know what is going on. Be honest and open. Drink lots of water.


Pomegranate Peel
Posted by Gina (Bc Canada) on 04/15/2016

Remember everyone to avoid reinfection of any and all parasitic, yeast, or bacterial infections especially after a run of antibiotics! No one tells you but you must replace the natural floura of natural and healthy good bacteria! If you want to keep it gone you must replace the good bacteria, that is found in organic, unflavoured, unsugared yogurt. I don't like yogurt so I take some refrigerated Acidophillius-Bifidus, available at your health food store, only the refrigerated kind works. You will decrease your chances of reinfection Greatly if you take acidophilus or eat organic yogurt daily. Hope this helps!

General Feedback
Posted by Bittagee (Denver, Co, 80203) on 07/11/2011

Re: Trich. Even most OMDs don't know this: Pu-Erh tea is a powerful antibacterial. A test I ran at home showed it to be slightly superior to Clorox. Avoid tea bags. Buy it in bulk at larger Asian groceries. Three swallows of strong tea every 4 hours or as needed. Others that helped: Chinese patent formulas- Long Dan, Gui Pi Wan, Nu Ke Ba Zen Wan. Black walnut hulls, powdered. Digital mhz Zapper using the bacterial STD setting (with stabilized liquid oxygen). Raise pH. Avoid strong acid forming food: meat, sugar, vinegar, tomatoes, potatoes.

Here's a remedy for bacterial infections that I can't recommend because it is illegal: Bacteria need to create moisture in order to propagate. Take no fluid for 4 hours. Smoke marijuana to the point of 'dry mouth'. Take no fluid for 24 more hours. Food is optional but total fasting improves your chances. Repeat as needed.

What didn't help: Echinacea, goldenseal, garlic, turmeric, coptis, Flagyl, Cipro, Zithro, Doxycycline. NACLO is a possibility but can be hard to build up to the 20 drop recommended dosage without causing diarrhea.

I have been tested many times, always with negative results. Trich can be a difficult diagnosis in a man. I read it as trich by process of elimination. I am an ND with 15 years of study in various Chinese pharmacies.

Herbal Treatment
Posted by Victoria (San Diego, Ca) on 12/02/2014

I thought I'd add my proverbial 2-cents... I have been battling trichomoniasis for several months now. It has been misdiagnosed as UTI at first and treated (repeatedly) with Ciprofloxacin which helped for "entire 5 minutes" wrecked havoc with my body. I attributed the itch and discharge that inevitably followed to "antibiotic damage" and would throw Monistat on it, which only helped until the next period. After a few miserable cycles and some internet research I went back to the doctor who, unsurprisingly so, finally diagnosed trichomoniasis. I was adamant not to take any more antibiotics, especially after all I've heard about Flagyl and Tindamax and several hours of research later I Googled this wonderful book, which I highly recommend to all fellow sufferers: "Women's Herbs, Women's Health" by Christopher Hobbs & Kathi Keville. It offers tones of helpful, practical advice on home-made douches and salves/suppositories, herbal tinctures, teas, supplements, diet, etc. for the whole list of complaints involving "trouble down below" and ranging from hormonal imbalances/PMS, through all kinds of STDs, to menopause and osteoporosis.

One thing to mention re: fighting trich is that the right recommended approach is to treat it internally as well as externally (topically), which for me involved a course of Berberine Sulfate tablets (2 x 200mg twice per day) for 2 weeks, followed by a general anti-parasite preparation (I chose Para-Gard) and strict no-sugar/low carb diet with daily probiotics, fresh garlic, oregano oil capsules and cranberry pills. Externally - twice daily douches with goldenseal followed by 2 x day home-made suppository (organic extra virgin coconut oil with tea tree, cinnamon, lavender, thyme and rosemary essential oils) and a garlic clove suppository to boot. It sounds like a lot of work and hassle, but watching the diet was honestly at times harder than all the douches and messy suppositories combined. A month later I am symptom-free. Now waiting to see the good doctor and take the test to confirm.

Good luck to you, do read the book, I would recommend it any woman whether symptomatic or not.

General Feedback
Posted by Jessica (Illinois, US) on 12/08/2014

If you have trich, you are not supposed to have sex at all until you are completely finished with your meds.

Pomegranate Peel
Posted by Oregano (North York, On, Canada) on 07/06/2013

What my wife found best for trichomoniasis is pomegrante peel. She took it with water in a powder form. Please share all your remedies so we can help each other. God bless this site.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by Kehealanibrit (Lompoc, California) on 10/05/2014

I have a question with these trich remedies -- how do you apply them with men? what are the directions for men to use to rememdies?

Turmeric and Kefir
Posted by Tariq (Ukraine ) on 07/25/2015

For Trich, I made a mixture of 100 ml water, quarter teaspoon turmeric and one teaspoon kefir. It was pretty easy for my girlfriend to douche and dip and tampon in the mix and keep inside for the night.

Wasn't that simple for me. I installed a thicker front to a syringe kept it on the tip of my penis and forced the liquid inside. Loaded 4 syringes, kept it inside for 2 hours. We did our routine 7 days in a row. Been one month. Both are symptom free so far.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Abimbola (Jos City, Plateau, Nigeria) on 02/09/2015

I need you to help me. Please explain how people use the tree tea oil cause I found where to get it... I had this trich for almost a year now and all antibiotics are not working on me, I need your help.

EC: You will find information here:

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Wyo Gal (Cody, Wy Usa) on 07/12/2011

Hi there. I am greatly interested in a natural cure to Trich do to E.R. visits to the hospital from an allergic reactions to Metronitazole. I'm deathly allergic to it after 4 tablets. I have to find a solution to this problem.

I have tried silver solution mixed with pure aloe vera gel and a strong dose of tee tree oil mixed together and used a needleless syringe to half way and insert vaginally. I wear a pad and let it absorb through the night. After 3 months I went back to my gyno and she said it was much smaller and fewer were seen under the microscope.

So I have to continue with this exhausting remedy :( I also eat yogurt and silver solution 3x daily. Silver solution has a 4 hour kill time and does not kill the good bacteria.

P. S. I also put the tee tree oil in my lubricant and I think it helps some for my partner too.

Hope this is also helpful info to you all

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Pahlee (Phila, Pa.) on 07/12/2012

What is silver solution?

EC: It sounds like the writer is talking about colloidal silver.

General Feedback
Posted by Frustrated (Dillon, SC) on 04/21/2009

I can really relate to what Bobbie had to say about Trichomoniasis. I have been diagnosed with this several times and receive the same treatment (Flagyl). It doesn't work and my partner was treated too. I want to know if the medication is suppose to kill the parasite or just relieve the symptoms. I want to know a treatment to get this parasite out of my body, permanently!!!

General Feedback
Posted by Wanda (Chicago, Il) on 04/11/2011

I was diagnosed with Trich for the first time probably 10 years ago and for 3 years my pap kept coming back with Trich. I was treated each time with Flagyl however when I stopped eating white bread, lots of sweets and carbs I was not diagnosed again until recently. I have not been eating like I should. I believe that our bodies have a hard time processing certain foods and there are certain parasites in some bad carbs that are very harmful to our bodies. I am now looking for a holistic remedy to cure this.

General Feedback
Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 04/12/2011

Hi Wanda,

I'm a pharmacologist and I made a web site dedicated to prozoan infections as they are responsible for many chronic diseases like IBS, Crohns disease as well as other mental issues like Depression...etc

All what I know about Trich is that it requires a 2 G of Flagyl once a day. But in your case it seems that you are carying a resistant strain to Flagyl so You can try Tinidazole 2g.

There is so many information gathered about protozoan infection. My goal is to help people including myself to find a cure for IBS caused by protozoan infection as the medical community are not providing us with any real help except the same song that it's a delusional thoughts ect.

Best health.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Tea Tree Oil Douche
Posted by Kala (St.Louis, Missouri ) on 01/16/2023

I have a question about your message. So when you insert it and leave it in for 3 minutes do you have to pee it out? Or how do you get it out?

Vinegar and Water Douche
Posted by Seahorse (Portland, Or) on 11/06/2013

Diagnosis is tough since I have intense, external only symptoms. Initially hoped I had a yeast infection following introduction of a new sexual partner after 15 yrs of just 1 partner (STD in back of mind). Used witchhazel for topical itch, consumed ACV 3 tbsp, 3x daily plus lots of water and yogurt; No sugar, low carb diet in place. No relief, steady not worse. Tried 1-day monostat with some relief but still experienced external swelling and mild itch. Mensus cycle began with some relief, however within 5 days increased labia swelling and itch symptoms. No discharge or smell (from reading seems to eliminate BV). Leaning to STD. Witchhazel no relief. Exploring this site seems most report discharge for BV, yeast and trich which I do not have--just a terrible external swelling and itch. Thank you Earthhealer from Sacramento! Tried coconut oil with tea tree application and after initial increased itch, 30 min later feel cooling relief. *sigh* Keeping yogurt, ACV, healthy diet. Will apply coco/tea tree 2-3 times daily and share updates here. Hoping the suspected trich does not migrate internally. Making appt for full set of STD tests.

Vinegar and Water Douche
Posted by Seahorse (Portland, Or) on 11/08/2013

Update: 1st 24 hrs the topical cocooil/tea tree application 2-3 times per day did reduce swelling, reduce itch; 2nd eve tho was awakened from sleep with significant increase in itch, so much needed to apply the salve in middle of night to rest; Will see how day progresses. Waiting for dr appt and then lab results. Concern increased.

Vinegar and Water Douche
Posted by Needtoknow (Illinois, US) on 07/26/2014

Hello Seahorse from Portland. Did you get better from Trichomoniasis?

Vinegar and Water Douche
Posted by Jason (Ontario) on 10/25/2016

The instructions for men are vague. Is this a tea or are you supposed to soak your genitals in the solution once the tempurature is not very hot. How many times a day and for how many days?

Vinegar and Water Douche
Posted by Winnie (Dahlonega, Ga) on 06/25/2018

I am writing to you about using the pau d'arco for men for trichimoniasis. When using this treatment do you just soak the head of the penis and if so for how long and for how many days? Also do you use powdered pau d'arco or the dried herb of it? Thank you.

General Feedback
Posted by Chelsea (Charlotte Nc) on 07/22/2013

Metronidazole Vaginal Gel: I had sex for two days while taking it but I only used it for a day, the metronidazole. Can I start it back soon to clear an std I have called trichomonas and I also have gardnerella.

Pomegranate Peel
Posted by Janice (Rayville, US) on 06/27/2014

Re: Pomegranate Peel Treatment: Did you just mix it with water? Where can I purchase this powder? Hot or cold water? How did it taste? I've tried all the other remedies, I need HELP!! Would it work for my husband too?

Pomegranate Peel
Posted by Anon (Lakeland Florida) on 08/02/2017

Did this work? How is it applied? Orally, vaginally?

Pomegranate Peel
Posted by Vanessa (Chicago) on 12/09/2017

How was pomegranate peel used? Vaginaly or oraly? Can someone describe how to use it please.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by T (Charlotte, Nc) on 05/07/2013

Went to county health dept and yes, it is trich (and b.v.). Had to stop self-treating before visit so as not to get wrong diagnosis. Was also tested for Chlamydia, syphillis, gonorrhea too.

Angry that the nurse practitioner FORCED me to take the 1 gram dose (she stood there and watched me then made sure I drank a full cup of water to wash the two tabs down) of the antibiotic for chlamydia BEFORE the test results are back (not until next week! ) while telling me I should start the Flagyl for the B.V. and trich the same night.


Is this how we become resistant to antibiotics, by taking them without merit? I understand it is her job to make sure the "public" is safe by "treating" me for a definite STD in case I didn't return to the clinic upon a positive result.

BUT why not treat me in clinic for what was already known? (Trich and b.v.?)

If I test positive for gonorrhea and don't return, then what?

So any way, I've been taking the oil of oregano to help build my immune system and I read here on EC that it helps with B.V. as well.

I am NOT taking the additional poison (Flagyl) and will go back to inserting the tea tree oil which I am adding lavendar to (after reading about using it with tea tree oil for trich, on a "wise woman" healing site) and carrying both with organic unrefined coconut oil.

If this doesn't work, I will be trying an usnea tincture which is a tree lichen and shown to work against trich in european research (

Will report more as I go along.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Lady (Manila, Philippines) on 05/11/2013

Hi there, how are you doing now? I would like to know if the remedies are effective. Hope to hear from you soon.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by T (Charlotte) on 06/06/2013

Well, it seems inserting the tea tree oil (mixed with a little coconut oil) is not doing much. (But maybe I'm not using enough or often enough.). I am also taking oregano oil but switched to goldenseal tincture (both orally) for a few weeks to strengthen my immune system.

Goldenseal can only be taken for a short period. I did 30 drops, three times a day, for one week.

So far, better but not gone. I'm thinking I'm gonna switch to tea tree and lavendar with sesame oil as the carrier, for insertion during the day.

I also read that changing the pH of the vagina (acidifying it with boric acid) can help.

A study was conducted by Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Toronto, Toronto ON. Results were published in the January 2008 edition of JOGC (Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada).

See here:

So boric acid appears to be another option. And one that will be easier for me as I already have the powder and capsules.

I'm going to start this at night. I also located more information about trich and how it can ABSOLUTELY be self-induced by wiping the wrong way.

Ladies, take note!

More info here:

I hope this helps someone. I will report back on my own condition soon.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Nis (Homes Fl) on 07/25/2013

I started my cycle and toward the end of my period I kept spotting but it became relevant it was not period anymore, thought yeast, treated with monistat 1 day and the topical cream tht ones with it, still having discharge that was brownish, realized BV was a curing, treated with boric acid capsules am and pm for 4-5 days, thought it was over, well BV was but yeast itch and vulva itch occured and started boric acid again 1x a day, then abdominal pressure started, was a bite of constipation and uti pain occured and itching was worsening, added tea tree oil/vitamin e oil capsule 1x a day after boric acid application, stopped the itching and also added two tablets of uristat for the uti pain, drinking lots of water, peeing like crazy, also am taking Metamucil and vitamins a, b, c, d, e, probiotics with acidifilus, selenium, prenatals and fish oils. Am considering adding the garlic insert and take some orally. Going to have the hubby treat with a cream like monistat just in case. This is a roller coaster ride, sucks!

I've treated with boric in the past and it does work for me!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by T. (Charlotte, Nc) on 08/04/2013

Still dealing with the trich. Finally seems to be be showing some real improvement (discharge not as much and not as smelly).

Last week I decided to try a garlic insert as I read it can help.

I chopped one clove of garlic (fresh, raw, organic) and bundled/wrapped it into a strip of unbleached cotton gauze. I placed the bundle in a small glass bowl (the really small ones from the Dollar Tree that come in a group of 3 or 4).

I poured a tablespoon of sesame oil on the bundle and let sit for about an hour. I wrapped the bundle into another long strip of gauze then inserted. Pushed it all the way up to my cervix and left in for 12 hours.

Each time I used the bathroom I made sure to insert my finger and push the bundle up against my cervix again if needed.

Initial insertion was uncomfortable. Maybe because my vaginal walls were tender? The garlic pieces felt sharp. :-(

Did for 3 days then decided to switch to a mixture of organic sesame oil and oil of oregano (the GNC brand; NOT oregano essential oil).

- 1 tablespoon of sesame oil

- . 50mL oil of oregano

Put both in small clean glass bowl and swished it around to mix the oils. Let sit for a minute or so.

Add gauze and let it sit for another minute. Once gauze soaks up all the oil, get a second piece of gauze (to soak up any oil that might drip when I picked up the first piece and to act as a plug).

I used the second piece of gauze to pick up the first piece. I inserted the gauze into my vagina making sure the second piece of gauze went in last.

Like with the garlic insert, I pushed the gauze all the way to my cervix and left it there for 12 hours.

My period came so I stopped but I will resume in a few days.

The organic raw garlic is now part of my daily diet as well. I just chop a clove right before I eat, take a few bites of my food, chew, pop in a slice of garlic and swallow it down with my food.

Will report more details at beginning of next month. Thanks everyone for taking this long journey with me.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Oregano (On, Canada) on 08/12/2013

Dear Madame, trich can be nasty and has been found in many case resistant to Flagyl. The best thing is to buy Caprylic acid. Caprylic acid is used in lab to stop Trichomonias growing. If you have a resistant strain to flagyl, then an efflux pump inhibitor might do the tip. My remedy is taking pomegrante peel powder, Neem extract and fresh garlic.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by T. (Charlotte, NC) on 01/06/2015


Sad to say that the odor got to be too much and I finally gave in and took the Rx. I hated it but I'm happy to say it went away and has not returned.

In the time that has passed, I've also found that while trich can be sexually transmitted, it's not necessarily from a straying partner.

Just as it can be gotten from a woman wiping the wrong way (back to front instead of front to back), I also believe it can come from not cleaning well when going from anal to vaginal sex. (Which will make sense since it lives naturally in the intestinal system.)

So be sure to use condoms, change them in between, and wash in between sessions too. It might be hard in the "heat of the moment" when all feels good but you'll be sorry later if trich comes your way.

Here is a link that tells how it can be transmitted without having sex:

General Feedback
Posted by Shena1 (St. Louis, Mo) on 02/12/2013

I had been raped in November and then at the end of the month I got tested at my Obgyn. The results came back that I tested positive for chlamydia and trich so she gave me more than one prescription to take all at once with food the prescriptions were metronidazole 500 and azythromicin so a couple weeks later I went back for a follow up and I tested positive for trich again but the other std was gone so she prescribed me tinidazole and I decided to go to the std clinic five weeks afterwards and when I went they told me I had no stds or infections then the day after I went there I had my follow up appointment at the Obgyn, so she calls me today and tells me that im still testing positive for trich, but somebody help me out here, how is it that I tested negative at the VD clinic and now she just prescribed me a high dose of tindamax, I need somebody's opinion, I don't know what to do or who to believe can anyone relate, I have been single and abstinence for 3 months.

General Feedback
Posted by Unknown (Canada) on 03/24/2014

Wow I am experiencing the exactly same thing same story same scenario except they had told me I had Bacterial Vaginosis and chlamydia the first time I got tested again all the other std's are gone and now they said its trich and they wanna prescribe the same thing they already prescribed me for the bv like wtf! They just gave me that don't they understand it doesn't work!

General Feedback
Posted by Case (Cali) on 02/17/2022

How long did you have to use tea tree for as days or weeks and was it once a day or two or three times a day? I had a bad allergic reaction to the above meds and it's left me with this bad infection for a few years now. I tried a few things and yet I keep coming up positive.

General Feedback
Posted by Tom (Portland, US) on 10/13/2014

my story was reverse, , , I knew I had trick and 2 different clinics told me I didn't , , 3rd one agreed gave me flagyl and my symptoms were gone in a week , ,

Tea Tree and Coconut Oils
Posted by Mrs Andrews (London, Uk) on 12/28/2012

I have been diagnosed with trich 5 months ago and I took one dose metrozadiole, which took the feeling of trich away immediately, however since then my vag has never felt normal after sex. Either my partner still has it or the antibiotics didnt treat the problem completely. I've just applied a home made balm that I made from organic virgin coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil, be careful with how much you put of the tee tree though, as it can burn, put small amount first, see how it feels. I put half a teaspoon of coconut oil with 2 drops of tea tree oil, I've applied this on the labia which feels swollen and just a bit on the inside, but not all the way up. I'm feeling a lot better already actually. I'm eating live yogurt as well, as garlic tablets, echinacea, and I want to try taking some apple cider vinegar as well. But this tea tree balm is helping a lot so far, fingers crossed I can get rid of this trich for good. Bless x

Tea Tree and Coconut Oils
Posted by Nis (Homes, Fl) on 07/25/2013

Use vitamin E oil to dilute the tree tree oil, put it in a gelatin capsule, use the bigger half for the vitamin E & the smaller half for the tea tree oil or you can use boric acid capsules to treat as well as taking something like uristat or orzo for the UTI pain that is accompanied with this infection.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Courtney (Wheat Ridge, Co) on 09/01/2012

So, I recently tried the advice of Lulu on here to treat the trich with tea tree oil and diluting it in a douche. Oh lord am I in pain. It is burning horribly... Is this normal?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 09/01/2012

The best thing I would recommend is getting some plain yogurt or kefir and applying it there, and leaving it for sometime for the burning sensation to lessen.

Plus the probiotics of the yogurt or kefir and good for you to absorb.

Good luck, T

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Catherine (Tuscaloosa, Al) on 09/14/2012

Hi, I don't know if I am replying to the same thing or not. But I want to reply to the side effects or maybe someone can help me. The lady said she tried someone advice of using tea tree oil with a douce and she started to burn horribly. Well I tried using a syringe and I experienced the same thing. Well it wasn't burning that bad but it started to itch incredibly! Then my vagina has this hanging feeling like its pushing outward or something. I was doing this to treat Trich. I know I have trich bc I been diagnosed many times but the medicine they give me doesn't work. Hearing from so many people how tea tree oil works, I was desperate enough to try it. If this continues I don't think I'll try it again. I'm thinking maybe I pushed the syringe in too far or maybe I used too much and I did dialated it with water. Can someone help please??

Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by Kimberly (Dallas, Tx) on 02/01/2011

Hi Zen Flower im very frustrated with my gyno I have taken flagyl twice in 3 months and this trich isnt going away I guess I just wanted to know if this actually really works peroxide, turmeric, golden seal, and echinacea long term help im at my witts end.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by Sofia (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/28/2012

I Tryed this last night and my vagina is still experiencing a burnin sensation. Is this normal? When will the burning sensation go away?

Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by Madeline (Manila Philippines) on 10/19/2013

hi, , just wanna know if your remedies is safe?? and does the infection did not come back?? and also what is H202... I'm loosing hope to cure this thing.. Same as you I got it from my ex ='(.. Thank you in advance

Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by Lina (Philippines) on 12/14/2015

Is it safe to use douches with h202 and turmeric when you're pregnant?

Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by Karizma (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ) on 04/23/2016

Hello! Great advice. I just wanted to know if you think wormwood would work in place of the turmeric?

Hydrogen Peroxide, Turmeric, Goldenseal, Echinacea
Posted by Jamie (Houston, Tx) on 07/19/2016

How long did it take for the Trichomoniasis to go away? Or does it stay?

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