Trichomoniasis Remedies

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Wyo Gal (Cody, Wy Usa) on 07/12/2011

Hi there. I am greatly interested in a natural cure to Trich do to E.R. visits to the hospital from an allergic reactions to Metronitazole. I'm deathly allergic to it after 4 tablets. I have to find a solution to this problem.

I have tried silver solution mixed with pure aloe vera gel and a strong dose of tee tree oil mixed together and used a needleless syringe to half way and insert vaginally. I wear a pad and let it absorb through the night. After 3 months I went back to my gyno and she said it was much smaller and fewer were seen under the microscope.

So I have to continue with this exhausting remedy :( I also eat yogurt and silver solution 3x daily. Silver solution has a 4 hour kill time and does not kill the good bacteria.

P. S. I also put the tee tree oil in my lubricant and I think it helps some for my partner too.

Hope this is also helpful info to you all