Tinea Versicolor Remedies

Oregano Oil, Caprylic Acid

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Posted by Siinvincible (Wales) on 05/01/2016

I recently had a recurrent outbreak of Tinea versicolor, after having 'cured' it last year through 3 months of treatment with milk thistle and Pau d'arco. The fact that it came back suggests to me that it didn't actually go away the first time, which also suggests to me that it is a deeper infection than just what you see on the skin's surface. So I explored alternative reasons for why it is there, and came up with a lot of links to the candida albicans infection, finding that a lot of sites would refer to cures for both infections as if they were the same. So with there being a lot of treatment options for Candida, I followed the most reputable guide I could find, which suggested a number of different things that could be taken. I looked deeply into each option, and decided to take oregano oil (therapeutic grade organic wild oregano essential oil) and caprylic acid.

After just three days of taking 6 drops oregano oil in water twice a day (it's strong stuff, mind... I started on the first day with just three drops in water twice a day), and one 500mg caprylic acid capsule twice a day (before meals), I started noticing a major improvement. Now a week in, I'm feeling much better and the infection is gradually disappearing on my skin.

Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil

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Posted by Lena (San Diego, Ca) on 08/26/2013

I cured my tinea versicolor with a body spray that I made from witch hazel, Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Clove Oil.

I use 3 oz. of witch hazel, 10 drops of pure Oregano Oil, 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil, and ONE DROP (no more) of Clove Oil.

I sprayed it all over the effected area twice a day, immediately after showering, and let air dry before I put any clothing on.

Itching ceased after 3 days, and the rash started shrinking and looking less angry in about a week. 6 weeks later it was gone and it's been gone now for about a year.

I still apply the spray every night before bed, just to prevent re-occurrence.

I tried just Tea Tree oil, Tea Tree oil and Oregano oil, and just Clove Oil... None of them worked. It was the combination of all three oils in the witch hazel that worked for me.

Replied by Siren
(Massachusetts, US)

I made your spray with witch hazel, oil of oregano, clove oil, tea tree oil, and some lavender oil and it totally did the trick!! No more white patches after about 5 or 6 months of daily use. Thank you for posting this!

I also cut out all cane sugar/refined sugar and gluten from my diet. It is absolutely cane sugar or processed sugar that causes my tinea to flare up. I also introduced fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and yogurt into my diet to help fight the yeast in my gut.

The spray gave me immediate itch relief and eliminated the white patches within a few weeks, and my diet change enables me to stay relatively free of flare ups in the long run.

Replied by Theluxury
(British Columbia)


Thanks so much for sharing your Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil mixture. I also am using it, added some grapefruit extract, and it seems to be working very well. I can only see a couple very faded spots now... and my case was pretty severe - all over my core, neck, part of face.

An additional step that helped me tackle my tinnea versicolor (TV) in the first week or two of my latest 'break-out' was this: I bought powdered white clay (at the health food store), and mixed about a cup with a small amount of water to form a paste (like a face mask), then I added maybe one to two drops of tea tree oil to the paste (mixing it in very well). I would spread this paste over the TV, and let it dry, then loofa/scrub it off in the shower. This really lessened the TV, and then with the use of your oil mixture, it's almost gone!

Replied by Yog

I just had all these items delivered to my house today and it is my first time trying this treatment. Upon my first application, I noticed a slight burning sensation of the skin. But the feeling went away shortly after. During the second application, it was not as bad because I sprayed a little less. I added two drops of clove to the solution, since I thought the initial drop was tiny. I have never handled clove oil before, so I do not know how strong it is. Perhaps the extra touch added to the burning sensation. But overall, the burning is very minor and really doesn't bother me. Also I was confused between oz and fl oz. At first I measured the 3 oz of witch hazel using a 1 oz measuring cup. But after checking the same quantity in a container that measured fluid oz, I found that the quantity of fluid was about 1 fl. oz short. My point being, make sure you measure the witch hazel using fluid oz, otherwise you will not be using enough. If you are interested, this is a list of items I bought off of amazon.

I will keep you guys posted with my results in about a month.


Replied by Mona

This worked! Very grateful. Thank you.

Over the Counter, Sanitize

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Posted by Patrick (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 08/02/2012

My name is Patrick. I'm 43 years old and wanted to post a remedy for tinea Versicolor. I got tinea Versicolor approx. 10 years ago. My doctor sent me to a dermatologist at that time. He recommended I use a product called Versel (selenium sulfide lotion 2.5%). I used it as directed, (shower or bathe, dry well. Apply to infected areas and let dry for 15mins, rinse off with water and repeat every day for 7 to 14 days). Well I tried this a few times, entending the time to 25 days the second time only for it to come back).

Well this past year I thought I would try it again. This time after doing some reading saw that this fungus could actually live in your towel, cotton shirts, etc. what I realized was I was using a fresh towel and shirt every time I did it but never used a high heat or anti-bacterial mode still making sure my towel and shirt that I used every day was put through this process. I know it might be a pain but my results were great. It was completely gone and has not returned. When I did have it it was on my stomach, chest, back and arms. I hope this works for you and it is the one thing I was never told. I wish you luck. Let me know your results. Please note that I used it for 20 days.

Replied by Patrick
(Vancouver, Bc)

It's Patrick from Vancouver writing again. Make sure you dry your bedding the same way, on high heat, a few times while going through the process. I did my bedding twice which worked for me.

Replied by Yogesh Gandhi


You said, wash your clothes in hot water. Won't ironing the clothes help in the same way, because I believe, ironing is much more hot than hot water.

Awaiting your response.

Replied by Mama To Many

I think you are right - ironing is probably hotter!

My grandmother used to iron everything - even underwear and sheets! (It helped things to be softer after hanging out on the line.) So I guess there are multiple benefits.

~Mama to Many~

Raw Cranberry Juice

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Posted by Val (Mississippi USA) on 12/11/2022

I've had tinea versicolor for decades, with little help from dandruff shampoos and such. Drs just treat the itching. I wanted it gone. I used betadine iodine for a while. But the burning was intense.

Found out by accident that raw cranberry juice (no sugar or apple juice added ) stops the spread. Every year for almost 10 years, no outbreak. Just shower well, dry off, then apply to skin at bedtime. Let it dry. Put on PJs so you don't stain the sheets. Shower off in the morning. I do this for 2 or 3 nights each winter (when fresh cranberries are available). The raw cranberry concentrate works the quickest. A little pricey. But worth it.

10 years with only a mild flare up. After 35 years of having it. I even get an even tan in summer. No blotches.

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