Tinea Versicolor Remedies

Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Yogesh Gandhi (India) on 12/01/2015
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I consulted 4 doctors and each one of them diagnozed it to be a different disease. I tried to match the appearance of the affected area with the pics available on google. Unfortunately they look so similar that I was convinced that it was Tinea.

Here are the list of diseases that my doctors diagnosed.

1) Allegric dermatitis

2) Intertrigo?

3) Tinea

4) Irritant dermatitis.

While I was seeing improvement with coconut oil, but the speed was slow and I couldn't tolerate the problem. The last doctor told me that its not tinea because tinea never goes to your genitals.

And he prescribed me steroids for a week. I was hesitant in taking steroids along with anti-allergic medicines, but took a single dose of it to see its effects. I just took 5 hours for me to feel much better. I decided to take 4 more doses and then gradually reduce the steroids.

My skin is back to normal with no inflammation, but itching is still there.

Make sure your disease is properly diagnosed, what else can I suggest.