Tinea Versicolor Remedies

Castor Oil
Posted by Yogesh Gandhi (India) on 11/26/2015

I don't know if the user rating I have selected is matching with the results I got. At one part, it has been almost 95% cured...even the spots are not clearly visible. Skin color is also coming back to normal.

Whereas on the other part it has started expanding. I mean earlier I had it on hips...but now the problem on hips is lessened and probably on the way to cure....but now some part of my back is affected...and it seems that it has started moving upwards..

I am continuing to apply castor oil once or twice a day and coconut oil thrice a day... Will keep you posted if it gets cured...

Also I am planning to see my doctor again...as my the medicine he suggested for ketoconazole for 3 weeks is going to be over...So I need to ask what should I do next.