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| Modified: May 24, 2017
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Have you or your pet been bitten by a tick? Anyone walking through woods, fields, or even your own backyard can be bitten by a tick and later find the parasite embedded in your skin. Fortunately, a few natural home remedies can help you to remove the tick without causing a further infection or pain.

CAUTION: With any tick bite, you need to be cautious that the tick was not infected with Lyme Disease. Watch for the characteristic bullseye appearance of the wound site to develop. If it does, seek immediate treatment.

The basic tick removal option is to gently pull the body of the tick out with a pair of tweezers applied as near to the skin as possible. But you need to be careful not to leave the tick's head beneath the skin, as this will increase the risk of infection, and TICKS TRANSMIT A NUMBER OF DISEASES.

Natural Cures: Since the tick breathes out of its backside, coating it in oil may encourage it to back itself out of the skin on its own.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Pris (Nevada) on 08/27/2013
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Apple cider vinegar in water drunk several times a day will repel ticks, and other flying insects. A spray of white vinegar on the bare skin also helps along with the internal dose of ACV. It also works on cats... In their water, and on their coats.... Just a few drops in the water and/or some applied to the hands and rubbed on their sides which they will ingest when washing themselves. Also repels ear mites.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Margaret (Tallahassee, Florida) on 07/10/2008
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Severe Tick Bite which has lasted nearly 6 months. I have tried everything in the world and nothing worked. It itched, I would scratch it open, it was infected, just awful. It drove me nuts. I decided to try a half and half solution of ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide and dabbed this on the area several times a day with a cue tip. Within 4 days this tick bite has finally healed. Love this site and thought I would share this. Believe this would work for any skin infection.

Replied by Laura
Guilford, CT

To Margaret from Tallahassee, FL: You mentioned that you had a tick bite that wouldn't heal for six months...you REALLY should get checked for Lyme Disease. It often tests negative, so if after testing negative you start getting arthritis symptoms, pain in joints, lethargy, mind fog, inability to move, get tested again. It is debilitating to the extent of paralysis and death.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric

Posted by Mama To Many (Middle, Tennessee, Usa) on 06/10/2013
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Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric for Tick Bites: My 5 year old son and I both react badly to tick bites. Last summer, my bites took 4-6 months to heal. It was frustrating and very itchy! The bites on my son swell up and they must think he is delicous as he gets so many bites. (He eats the same as his siblings but they don't get nearly so many bites and don't react so badly either! ) Anyway, I have been treating our bites this spring twice daily with different things with not much relief. Then I started to use raw organic Apple Cider Vinegar topically on the bites, twice a day or more often if the itch returned. Not only does it relieve the itch for hours, it also seems to speed healing. I had my son start on turmeric (about 1/2 t. Per day) and that really ramped up the healing for him. I am taking about 1 t. myself now, too. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, so I guess that is why it is helping. This is a cheap and easy solution to an irritating problem!

Replied by Mikelx1973

I had the same problem with the tick bite that wouldn't heal. I saw a dermatologist and she recommended Cordran Tape, which is prescribed. It's like scotch tape with medicine. My bites healed within a week and have not returned. Hope this helps.


Posted by Sharon (South Hadley, MA) on 06/01/2008
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I just got my June/July issue of Mother Earth News and in their reader-reported tips section, someone wrote in about an old-time remedy for ticks. Apparently if you drink a quart of buttermilk every day the ticks will leave you alone. The change in smell of perspiration repels them. Not sure how anyone would manage a quart of buttermilk a day, but perhaps a lesser amount would work. Maybe this is an effective remedy for the doggies in our lives too. Thought I would mention it for the folks in the Lyme disease areas.

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Art (California ) on 05/24/2017 726 posts
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With the beginning of summer almost here and the increased time people will be spending outdoors, this seems like it may be a good time for this post.

Ticks can cause many health problems for humans and are often times able to bite you without you even realizing it. Their bite is capable of delivering different bacterial and viral pathogens to humans. Lyme disease is a common outcome of tick bites and if it is allowed to spread or go untreated for a period of time, the complications associated with Lyme disease can overwhelm the immune system and create a myriad of health problems that can affect almost any organ or part of the body.

Being aware of your surroundings and taking precautions to avoid ticks is important for your health, but even if you try to protect yourself from ticks, you can still get bit, because a tick can fall into your hair or clothing from a tree if you are under it or it can be given to you by your pets or deer or a number of other ways.

If you plan to go into an area that is known to have ticks, it might be helpful to take colloidal silver or silver nanoparticles in advance and for the period of time you might be exposed to ticks. There are several good reasons for doing this. One is that CS and silver NP's are proven broad spectrum antibacterial agents and ticks are known to transfer some bad bacterial pathogens to humans and pets. Two is because CS and silver NP's are also broad spectrum antiviral agents and again, ticks are able to transfer viral pathogens to humans.

The third reason is because recent studies have shown that CS and silver NP's are capable of killing ticks and their larvae.

The fourth reason is because topical application of CS and silver NP's can be helpful to apply to a fresh bite while also taking it orally.

This combination of actions by CS and silver NP's would suggest that they might be a good first line or an excellent adjuvant therapy for tick bites to help prevent most pathogens from taking hold in your system.

The link below to a very recent article outlines how CS or silver NP's can kill ticks and their larvae.


If you've done any reading about Lyme disease and the other pathogens that often accompany such an infection, then you are already aware of how bad this disease can become as well as how quickly the symptoms can multiply as well as how ineffective standard medical treatment can be.

Silver NP's have a good safety profile and if they can do anything to stop or ameliorate pathogens from ticks, they may be quite useful.

I wonder if spraying a person, dog or pet with colloidal silver would act as a deterent to ticks? That would be useful information to have because many tick sprays are straight up poisonous to humans and pets. Ticks are bad news and if they are really small, they can be almost impossible to see with anything less than perfect vision.

Lastly, and importantly, anyone considering silver NP's for this purpose should discuss it with their doctor to make sure it will be compatible with prescription meds that they will likely put you on.

One last consideration about silver NP's is that they can be synergistic with certain antibiotics and are proven to help improve the action of certain antibiotics that you may have become resistant to.


Posted by Teresa (New Madrid, MO) on 07/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Tick bite: I was having severe pains shoot through my chest area, thinking I might be coming down with pneumonia, and after two weeks found a small tick embedded in the skin. I removed it with tweezers, and started taking ____ Silver immediately; 3 teaspoons a day for 14 days. The pain began to go away within a couple days and that was about 2 1/2 months ago. No more pain.


Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 09/05/2010
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HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Ticks are bad this summer at our farm even though I have Guineas , which are supposed to rid you of this parasite. We use DMSO for some of our ailments and I had a brain storm. This is one of the most powerful solvents known. When I find a tick, I no longer try to pull it out of my hide. I just cover it with DMSO and it is dead within a few minutes and you can just roll it off. I buy DMSO gel from the Doctor in Oregon who did all the initial research, but you can buy it at any Farm Co-op. If it works on million dollar horses, it will work on you. ATS.

Replied by Kim
Ontario, Ca

So will DMSO kill lice? And can I put it on my head? Is it safe for the hair? I just cannot get rid of these bugs! I am so sick and tired and PARANOID! Please help!!!!

Replied by Colleen
East London, South Africa

Greetings! Have dreadful problem with tiny ticks in the garden and they attack us humans. They are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye unless they have fed on us, then they are a tiny blackish dot, and can only be seen with a magnifing glass! Think they are still at the larvae stage. Have taken note of your remedies - please explain what DMSO stands for. Not heard of it here in South Africa. Greatly appreciate a reply. Many thanks in advance.

Replied by Tracy
San Augustine, Texas, Usa

DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is sold as a solvent. It was originally discovered as an extract of the wood pulp industry. It does come with some safety warnings. It may cause skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes & flush with water immediately if there is contact with any sensitive areas. These days, you can usually find it at farm feed stores as a topical solution for horses & other animals in cases of sore muscles & joints. It is often mixed with aloe vera gel or liquid, which has been found to alleviate & minimize any burning or itching sensations on the skin.

I purchase the pure 99.9% DMSO (70% DMSO/30% Distilled Water) for use. It absorbs into the skin & below the epidermis which makes it useful for transdermal use as a carrier for other substances. For instance, white willow bark extract, a natural analgesic can be combined with DMSO & rubbed into sore & arthrithic joints to help alleviate pain. DMSO is claimed to do this on its own due to its sulfur properties. MSM, a currently popular supplement used alone & in conjunction with other joint supplements, is a chemical cousin of DMSO. DMSO can stain or mar clothing, being a solvent. But you could use it alone or combined with certain herbal extracts as a spray deterent to insects by spraying it on pants' legs or shirt sleeves. Make sure to keep DMSO in a cool, dark place & be careful about contaminating it with other substances. I use a sterilized glass dropper to extract what I need from the glass bottle it comes in. Keep pure DMSO in a dark glass bottle (no plastic).

Replied by Lewis
South Eastern, Oklahoma, USA

for lice: our successful experience at ridding our adopted 2 yr old with extremely thick hair; infested, & seriously infested, with lice. when we got him, the chemicals had already been used on him twice w/ no success & we didn't want him to be exposed to them again.

once a day, completely smothered hair and scalp with strong and slippery conditioner (we used the common horse conditioner), let set 5-10 minutes, then combed extensivley with fine comb & wiped comb in paper towel (& burned:) repeated for a few days until no knits (eggs) or bugs were seen.

this works by 2 different ways that we know of: 1)suffocates the insect & 2)inhibits the knit & insect from being able to attach/hold on to hair or scalp.


Mayonaise is said to work the same way.

Replied by David
Fountain Inn, Sc

Tracy writing above about DMSO is right. I use it as a solvent/carrier usually with colloidal silver. I use the CS 5 to 1... CS to DMSO. Just a little DMSO will carry the silver topically into the skin to kill virus/fungal and bacterial infections. Eg. Bells Palsey. Using a white paper towel soaked with the CS/DMSO apply to cheek and press for fifteen minutes. Do this three or four times in a week.

On the tick issue, the DMSO could be added with anything (Epsom salts; Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cedarcide) to carry into the scalp and kill eggs. By the way, you can find cedarcide on the internet. It's made from the cedar tree and is instant death for flea infestation for instance.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn.

HI U DAVE, , , , , , , , , , Anyways , even with the cold winter the ticks are all out in force and we get them with each trip to the farm. The Lyme thing in now in Tn and has me concerned. I don't need any more medical challenges at my age. Do you think by first applying Colloidal Silver to a tick area followed by DMSO would kill the Lyme bacteria if it were present? That procedure seems logical provided Colloidal Silver will do the trick. Seems that if it will kill Staph, then it has a shot at Lymes.

You 'bout half smart and I'd appreciate your and others input. By the way, your tips on lymphedma helped but I still have a ways to go. Should be out of my back brace in a few weeks and the meds say, that and the injury is the cause for my swelling.

===========OLE ROBERT HENRY==================

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hey Robert Henry;

Re: Your question about Lyme.

YES, the combo of DMSO and Colloidal Silver will work to kill the pathogens if applied topically. (If caught early in the infection.) But in my experience, I'd take the CS orally for SIX months in addition to repeated topical applications if a Lyme infection is suspected. Two tablespoons of CS taken orally three times a day, six days a week on empty stomach. (Take separate from mineral supplements.)

Glad to hear you are a bit better in the problem you discussed weeks ago. Yes, I got it that the swelling was due to the fall, in the opinion of the medics. But the degree of inflammation might have been the result of additional factors. That was my guess at least.

And as for your kind remark about me: "You 'bout half smart." I was perplexed but my wife quickly agreed. Always supportive, she was equally but enigmatically complimentary when, a few days back, I fed her my newest invention, "Wasabi Papaya Ice Cream."

She called me by a phrase something like what you said to describe my mental acuity. So between you and her, I "think" I'm feeling pretty good.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

HI U DAVE, , , , , , , , just wanted to follow up on this because I just got a call from a friend that crushed a vertebre by coughing several months ago. She is now out of a brace but is still in constant pain and contacted me as to what I'd do. I told her to do DMSO and gave her Dr Jacobs web site where to buy the gel.

She called me yesterday nervous and wanting me to guarantee her relief. Dang, she got me all shook up. I just read. I'm not a doctor.

Well, she was calm as a cucumber today as her pain has gone away. I went from an ass to a hero.

What we all need to understand is that our ancestors had to rely on nature (LORD) for all their medical relief and we have dang near lost that knowledge. The Native Americans had their doctors but no Big Pharma. They knew to soak in mineral springs etc. Did you know that you can chew on a tender poison ivy leaf and no longer will poison ivy affect you?

We are losing this knowledge with time and that is sad.


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello again, Robert Henry.

I've wanted to try the poison ivy "never get poisoned again" remedy...chewing on the Poison Ivy leaf. Just too scared. Some experimenter I am. Some "Cherokee" I am. I'm just imagining a break out of PI in the mouth! Then you'd say that I was "half smart."

Have YOU tried it?

Replied by Susan
Westport, Ct

I have also heard about chewing young leaves of poison ivy to build up immunity against it. However, there are also some warnings about it on the internet, so people should really research it before chewing on some leaves! Would be curious to hear if anyone's tried it though!!

Replied by Bj

I can tell you this, I am extremely allergic to poision ivy and poison oak and my Dr. told me that you can not get it on mucose tissue, like in eyes, mouth, nose ect. he changed his mind when I proved him wrong. When I get it I get it everywhere. My grandma was the same, she has had it so bad she had to be hospitalized, they said at the time that she had it internally. I don't know how accurate that was or if just a guess but, I know she was very sick with it. It was not just an external rash they considered it life threatening. Because of this and my extreme reaction to it they kept me pretty well protected from it but I can catch it from the pollin in the air it seems. If my mom burned leaves I had to stay in doors because the smoke would give me poison. Again medicine was not as advanced as today when my grandma was hospitalized with it so I don't know how much was diagnosis and how much was a guess. I am just saying be careful with it if you are as allergic as I am because it does have the potential to make you very sick.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

HI U BJ, , , , , , , , , , , yep burning poison ivy will cause you grief like you've never known. I have never eaten the young ivy leaves as a Chelation couple suggested that had cured themselves of their problem. I think this is a homeopathic solution it's what these folks do. I'm kinda like my buddy Dave and chicken. So let me put this challenge out to the Earth Clinic folks. I will chew a tender leaf of poison ivy if I get 10 folks that will follow me. You either believe in natural cures or you don't. I do, so let's see how many sign up. Don't do it, just commit and I'll go first. Can you imagine how many medical heads this will mess up if it works? Our farm is consumed with poison ivy. Sign up and see OLE ROBERT HENRY suffer........... or not. I want names. Need this tonight because we go to the farm tomorrow. Got our own double blind thing going.

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY===============

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear BJ from Ohio,

My son has had severe reactions to poison ivy, too. He used to get it often and had to go on steroids for it several times during his childhood. One time it went "systemic" as someone once called it. He had it on his tongue. His tongue got white and crispy on the edge. It was horrid. He was about 9 years old at the time.

At some point he developed asthma. He had to have inhalers and steroids (inhaled) a time or two for that, too. We tried different natural things for treatment for him and were blessed that his solution did not take too long to find. He started to take Nettles and Quercetin daily. He did this for a year or two. If he got a little wheezy or sneezy, he would take a little extra, but once he started on those two things, he never needed another inhaler. Eventually, he no longer needed the Nettles and Quercetin at all to remain asthma free.

He is almost 18. Oddly, he no longer gets poison ivy badly any more. He will get a little patch on his hand now and then. He used to get it often and it would get bad. It would cover his face and legs and he would be so miserable. And he was so careful. And I was the poison ivy police, because it was so awful when he got it. (Now I am the tick police, but that is another story.)

I have a theory that the Nettles did something to help his system deal better with the poison ivy. He does a lot of work outdoors and one time last summer he was clearing brush that had poison ivy a couple of times and did not get it. I was shocked. Now, he is still careful and he will wash his hands and clothes and such when he has been exposed, but that didn't use to be enough. I used to say he just just look at it and get it; I am sure you understand.

Nettles is a blood purifier, among other things. Perhaps it helped him. I share all this because maybe it would help you, too. Anyway, if anyone in our house were to get poison ivy again, I would have them taking tons of nettles.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

Hi Robt. Henry,

I see that even with your bad back and swollen legs, you are still a rascal! Since you are close to kicking the vertebrae problems, I think you should hold off on the poison ivy chewing at least until you kick that back brace off and give yourself a few weeks to get back on your feet. I believe in natural cures, too, but that doesn't mean you have to try things that sound like they could put you in the hospital. Heck, we all depend on your advice too much here to want to see you put yourself out of commission longer. That poison ivy will still be there all summer and you can always chew a leaf later on, or not! Take care, you ole rascal!

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Robert Henry;

Poison Ivy "experiment"...

Just trying to exactly recall the cure I heard about in my youth...from "Toby"... a near full blood Cherokee who was at RA camp in NC one summer. He was the cabin monitor/supervisor...whatever and became a hero fast.

Well, I'm trying to remember the formula he gave...and in my mind it was NOT to take live leaf and chew...No. It was to take DRIED leaf and then boil and dilute the "tea". The dried tea version was what one sipped. The DRIED form of the poison created the cure...not the live version.

But can I be sure that even THAT was the formula? No... Too many years ago. I think if you take the leaf in its live state, that is not the way. And maybe dire consequences.

Your old bud Dave.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Robert Henry,

When my husband got home from work I asked him about the eating poison ivy thing. I thought a friend of ours had tried it and couldn't remember the story. A friend of ours was in the army a couple of decades ago and one of his buddies ate a poison ivy leaf to prove he never got poison ivy. He got super-duper sick over it and ended up hospitalized. The army court martialed him over it.

Even if this is rare, I wouldn't want it to happen to you or anyone. I admire your courage and hope you will reserve it for a different experiment. :)

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mountaingirl

I know we are on the subject of poison ivy, but I am pregnant and just got bit by a tick. Not sure how long it was on me before I got it off. I washed it thoroughly, disinfected the area and as I don't want to use any kind of antibiotic, I opened one of my probiotic capsules and made a little paste, put it over the area and covered it with a band-aid. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be safe for me to use CS and DMSO while pregnant. Thanks.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Mountaingirl,

I have not used Colloidal Silver or DMSO in pregnancy and am not sure one way or another about them in pregnancy.

Shondra Parker, an herbalist and midwife has a number of herbs she recommends for various illnesses in pregnancy. (In other words, she considers them safe in pregnancy.)

Echinacea - either 2 ml of tincture or 500-1000mg in capsule form, three times a day for 2 weeks. (If needed, take a few days break and then take again for 2 more weeks.) I am not sure I would go for the second round unless you were having symptoms.

Vitamin C - 1000 mg every two hours. (Not an herb, but great if infection is present.) Take less if you get loose stools.

Garlic - 4 cloves three times a day. (Wow, that would be a lot.)

Astragalus Root- 2 capsules three times a day. This is a food and quite safe. You could do this for a month or even all summer. I used it last summer for my 4 year old who had tons of tick bites all summer, to prevent Lyme.

If the site of the bite is itchy or bothersome, raw apple cider vinegar can be applied topically as often as needed. Two - three times a day works wonders for it, we find.

This are not herbs she has suggested for Lyme's Disease, they are just herbs that she recommends for different things and things that I would consider if I were in your shoes. I am not a doctor, or an herbalist, though.

I would not take that much garlic unless you became symptomatic for Lyme Disease. I would also take it with caution if you are 36 weeks or more. It can thin the blood.

I hope that helps. Let us know how it goes...

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Mountaingirl from Cal:

About the CS and DMSO application if you are pregnant.

You ask about safety if you use this after a tick bite...well if the tick HAPPENED to have Lyme, the Lyme pathogens might be more harmful than a CS / DMSO remedy. Was there any sign of bacterial infection...redness/ or the ring like look that is sometimes given? If my wife had this happen to her and if I were fairly certain that the bite carried an infection, I'd not hesitate to use CS topically. The DMSO is a carrier and would move the CS throughout the body.

BETTER for a bite is Echinacea however. Apply topically and keep repeating eight or ten times over two days. Using Echinacea you wouldn't have to use the DMSO because Echinacea seems to penetrate skin better than CS.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

HI U DAVE AND OTHERS, , , , , , , , , , , , , , I truly think that we are on to something important. If C.S. can kill Lymes bacteria and DMSO can take it to the bite site, then some medical group needs to take this on for the sake of their fellow man. One thing is for certain , Big Pharma will fight this endeavor tooth and nail.

My problem is that I am not as well versed in CS as you and others. CS is confusing at best. I buy some from Utah that is 600 mg/L and some from my chelation doctor which is 10 ppm. Between inhaling 1 1/2 % H2O2 and the 10 ppm CS, my sinus' stay 100 % open and before I had to breath through my mouth at night.

I subscribe to 3 different Integrative Doctor's medical letters. Maybe I can get them interested in this quest.

Boys and girls , let's all put our nose to the grindstone and see if us common folks can make a dent in this tragic situation. Let's take this on as a cause. The problem is only getting worse. A few years ago it was a Lyme , Cn. thing. Now it affects us all.

Got our garden in today, broke back and all . Hell to be pore and have to live off the land. =============OLE ROBERT HENRY==================

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To: Robert Henry (Ten Mile)

Re: Your post on CS and H202 clearing you sinus

Hi there ol' friend. Did you combine them and use in a nebulizer? Or did you use one at a time in a nebulizer? Or did you use some other method to get these two into your sinuses?

Your pal,


Oh, so glad to hear you are UP!!!! And how about the kidney condition? Has the MD retested to see if any change? I'm guessing it will take 6 months on the Natural E to see a difference visible on an MRI.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Robert Henry, lots of people envy you working on the land and all, instead of being glued to a computer screen 8 hours every workday!! (And then they go paying big money at the gym when you get it daily for free!! )

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI U Mmsg, , , , , , , , , , , Look here, I can't bend down to pick up nothing. My bride of 54 years now has to do that for me. She's my tractor driver at 73. Today , I went to PT and learned that I am allergic to the latex in my support knee socks. This only happened when the weather got hot and I started sweating. I know... the Hollywood folks perspire, but us Rednecks just plain ole sweat.

Today we planted Flowers that Phyllis decorates our little ole county church with during the summer. Our Preacher keeps telling us that you can't get to heaven with deeds. It's a faith thing. I hope so because I am a sinner and so are we all.

I am sad to learn of Bill Munro's demise. When I had my Lymphoma cancer a few years ago , I e-mailed him and he called me and we talked for almost an hour. Friends and neighbors, Bill was a thinker. He has helped lots of folks with his logic. There are lots of smart folks on this site, we just need to pull together. My present campaign is for us to have some group to address the Lyme situation with a simple solution. The next bugger is have all GMO products labeled. They should be outlawed, but just get them labeled so we can avoid them.

Did not intend to get into a rant but you know how I am.

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY===================

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

HI U DAVE, , , , , , , , , , ,

Been doing the 3% inhaling of H2O2 for years as I have followed Bill Munro for many years. Learned that you can't do 3% in your nose so I came up with 1 1/2% . I think I got the CS idea from you. In the winter I do the nebulizer using 1 1/2 % H202, and CS and a compounded Glutathione. I also do a compounded Glutathione drops for my eyes hoping to get rid of cataracts. Got that from Dr Robert Rowen's medical letter. All my stuff I steal from outlaws like you or other smart folks. I am so smart that I listen to folks smartern me. Made a good living in the paper industry doing that.

YO BUDDY =======OLE ROBERT HENRY=============

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

In reply to Robert Henry,

Thank you for your reply to my question of exactly how you are combining the hydrogen peroxide and the colloidal silver. I thought it must be nebulizer. The use of glutathione is something I don't do so will research. And I have heard of that being used as eye drops. So far so good on vision...I'm nearly 65 years old and still don't need glasses. To keep my vision clear I use an eye muscle exercise. The trick is to get the "dominant" eye (which will always be the stigmatized eye) to release the muscle to match the non dominant eye. That is done with eye exercises which take about a minute a week to do.

Good to hear from you again. Keep your fans "up" on your medical progress.

Your pal,


Replied by Lisa
Maple Grove, Mn

Hi Dave, can you share your eye exercises?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Ole Robert Henry: I was helping a 93 year old lady learn to use her upper leg muscles (forgot what they're called) so she would learn to crouch to pick things up, instead of bending over.... I wonder if you can do that.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hi Lisa;

You ask for the eye exercise...

Here it is (learned it from a book by an ophthalmologist);

Everyone has a dominant eye, like a dominant hand and we even have a dominant leg. (I am right eyed, right handed and left legged.)

The dominant eye will over time become strained and that strain will blur the vision. That phenomenon is called a stigmatism. So the dominant eye will almost Always be the stigmatized eye. The eye exercise is effective in retraining the strained dominant eye to be more relaxed. To accomplish this, we use the non dominant eye (usually the left eye) to "reset" the muscles in the dominant eye (usually the right eye). I'll explain how you know which is which below. But first, the exercise.

Here is the exercise; After determining which eye is the dominant eye, take the palm of your hand and without completely covering the dominant eye (let light in), focus the non dominant eye at a distant object...I like doing this outside looking at a far tree or the top of a tree. Focus for five seconds and then switch eyes, now covering the other eye (the non dominant eye) and focus with the dominant eye. Repeat twice. Then without covering either eye...focus with both eyes.

Now repeat again the whole process twice.

You'll notice that the focusing ability of the dominant eye is much better. Repeat this exercise a few times a month.

I started doing this eye exercise when I was about 25 years old (40 years ago! Wow) after noticing my vision was really going down fast. I am now 20/20. Another important eye method for helping focus. If I use a computer much, even ten minutes, I always look up and focus at a distant object for ten seconds or so.

In determining the dominant eye: Look at a distant object (inside or out) and point to it. Without moving the pointing hand or the object pointed to, close your left eye. Did the object "jump"? Likely not. You are right eyed. Now close the right eye so you'd be staring with the left eye and you'll likely see the object "moves" ... meaning your focus was with the right eye. If it is the other way around, you are left eyed. Which ever eye was your focusing eye...that is your dominant eye and so to do the eye exercise described above, the dominant eye is the eye you will cover first so that the non dominant eye, which is less strained, will be used to retrain the dominant eye to "relax".

Quite a trick. Wish I could say this was my invention but it was an MD. God bless him. He wrote a book and included an eye chart as the focusing object. But I've found using a distant object outside works very well, and I can practice anytime I find my vision slipping. He also pointed out in his book that often children are over prescribed for glasses because upon being tested the first time, the vision will be strained more than normal. He always threw out the first test result.

If you wear glasses, he pointed out that you'd have to "regress" in previous glasses using the eye exercise to come back to square one...no glasses.

Question for the astute reader...HOW might one determine if one is right or left legged?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Dave, are you talking about Dr. Bates?

Trying to be "the astute reader" here: to determine leg dominence, one can notice the prefered leg one uses for the first step when bounding down a flight of stairs!

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Mmsg:

I don't think it was Bates that I read nearly 40 years ago on the eye exercise I described. I looked again at Bates a few years ago and it didn't sound the same as what I've used over the years. Tell me what you think...do they sound the same?

As for my little "fun" question (didn't think anyone would get to the end of my long post)...the way to test is to stand preparing to put a pair of slacks on...not sitting...standing...and the foot you use first...that is the dominate leg. You'll find that you just can't be comfortable using the other leg to put on a pair of pants...not that you can't do it...just doesn't feel comfortable. Really amusing.

Replied by Mama To Many

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for sharing this fascinating information and the eye exercises!

Funny, my 13 year old son, just this week was explaining the dominant eye thing to me and helped me figure out my dominant eye. (Turns out it is my left eye. I am left handed and apparently left-legged, too.) I am excited about trying the eye exercises. Did this help you not to need reading glasses? That is what I am hoping. Carrots and Bilberry have not helped here. (Carrots I have been inconsistent with, though. Bilberry I tried for several months and it didn't seem to make a difference.)

Thanks again!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Mama to Many;

Re Eye Exercise...

Your question, did the exercise work to not have to wear reading glasses. Yes.

But I also do the same exercise but looking at a piece of paper while I cover the dominant eye and draw with a fine pen lines parallel to each other, then cover the non dominate eye as I continue to draw the tight lines and then uncover both eyes and focus with both eyes. Repeat twice.

Just like the distance exercise except I'm focusing on tight lines and not distant objects...so the eyes are being trained to do close focus. And that exercise helps with reading without glasses.

As long as I have good light I can still read without glasses SO LONG as I haven't over used the computer! Too much computer use will weaken the eyes unless you systematically look away every ten minutes and refocus on distant objects.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Dave,

Thanks a bunch! That is helpful. I will do this and see if I can get out of reading glasses, which I have been wearing for a few years.

~Mama to Many~

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East Coast, US

Momma To Many - Read your article about nettles and it reminded me that I once bought a horse who had severe sinus headaches. Went to the herb store and they told me to make a tea out of nettle and yerba santa. Ok - that was a 1 gallon tea at one time. Fact is, it worked. When I first got the mix I held some in my hand and he actually licked it up. Then I made the tea and he loved it. The warm water probably felt good to him too. Had to do it for two fall/winter seasons for the change of weather, but it did cure him. Am guessing that it would also work for other critters and humans. Worth a try.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Willowemt,

Thanks for sharing that story! I love hearing that nettle works for animals, too!

~Mama to Many~

Epsom Salts

Posted by Robin (North Fl, Fl) on 06/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

for Tick bites here in north FL we put a paste of epsom salts mixed w/ water on the bite. It helps w/ the itching and reduces the redness. Apply as frequently as you like. it drys the skin but will bleach clothing.

Multiple Oils

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 06/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My two year old had two tick bites that really got irritated looking. They did not get bulls eye rashes, but the redness was surrounding the bite larger than a silver dollar, a little swollen and red and hot. I wanted to do something for the immediate irritation and itchiness they were causing him. I love to use peppermint essential oil for "hot" bites and stings, but I was afraid he would scratch the bites and then inadvertently touch his eyes and that would burn. So I put a larger drop of castor oil in my hand (because you can't get a small drop of castor oil! ) and added 1 drop of peppermint essential oil and 1 drop of tea tree essential oil. This did seem to offer relief. I repeated the process every few hours for a couple of days and the bites looked better each time and now are barely noticeable. I would have liked to have put charcoal poultices on those bites, but they were in awkward places to accomplish that.

I like to spray apple cider vinegar on bites and find that helps a lot with the itch, but my little ones don't like it because it stings. The castor oil and essential oils were close by and I decided to try them out. Oh, I also put some colloidal silver on the bites a few times.

He has other tick bites but none that looked like this. Because of the risk of tick-borne disease I will likely keep him on some vitamin C and colloidal silver internally the rest of the summer.

~Mama to Many~

Pyrethrum Daisy

Posted by Stephanie (Nimbin, Nsw) on 04/21/2013
5 out of 5 stars

In Australia, there is scabies cream Lyclear sold at chemists made out of pyrethrum daisy. Tiny amount just to cover the tick kills small ticks almost instantly. No need to pull them out, they go soft and you can gently scrape them out. I would not recomend it for big ticks as it takes few minutes and in meantime they may inject more poison. For those I find that using my fingers to grab them and pull them out is easier and better than tweezers because if I do not get them out on a first go they get irritated and inject more poison. There is also less possibility that the head snaps off and stays in. Also I can reach areas e.g., back where I cannot see and I could not use tweezers (useful if you happen to be on your own). When I work in infested areas, afterwards I can also check these areas with my hands. I also find that essential oils do not kill big ticks quick enough. Pyrethrum is toxic in bigger amounts, if you get tick bites very frequently you would need to check about toxicity.