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Colloidal Silver

Posted by Art (California ) on 05/24/2017 833 posts
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With the beginning of summer almost here and the increased time people will be spending outdoors, this seems like it may be a good time for this post.

Ticks can cause many health problems for humans and are often times able to bite you without you even realizing it. Their bite is capable of delivering different bacterial and viral pathogens to humans. Lyme disease is a common outcome of tick bites and if it is allowed to spread or go untreated for a period of time, the complications associated with Lyme disease can overwhelm the immune system and create a myriad of health problems that can affect almost any organ or part of the body.

Being aware of your surroundings and taking precautions to avoid ticks is important for your health, but even if you try to protect yourself from ticks, you can still get bit, because a tick can fall into your hair or clothing from a tree if you are under it or it can be given to you by your pets or deer or a number of other ways.

If you plan to go into an area that is known to have ticks, it might be helpful to take colloidal silver or silver nanoparticles in advance and for the period of time you might be exposed to ticks. There are several good reasons for doing this. One is that CS and silver NP's are proven broad spectrum antibacterial agents and ticks are known to transfer some bad bacterial pathogens to humans and pets. Two is because CS and silver NP's are also broad spectrum antiviral agents and again, ticks are able to transfer viral pathogens to humans.

The third reason is because recent studies have shown that CS and silver NP's are capable of killing ticks and their larvae.

The fourth reason is because topical application of CS and silver NP's can be helpful to apply to a fresh bite while also taking it orally.

This combination of actions by CS and silver NP's would suggest that they might be a good first line or an excellent adjuvant therapy for tick bites to help prevent most pathogens from taking hold in your system.

The link below to a very recent article outlines how CS or silver NP's can kill ticks and their larvae.


If you've done any reading about Lyme disease and the other pathogens that often accompany such an infection, then you are already aware of how bad this disease can become as well as how quickly the symptoms can multiply as well as how ineffective standard medical treatment can be.

Silver NP's have a good safety profile and if they can do anything to stop or ameliorate pathogens from ticks, they may be quite useful.

I wonder if spraying a person, dog or pet with colloidal silver would act as a deterent to ticks? That would be useful information to have because many tick sprays are straight up poisonous to humans and pets. Ticks are bad news and if they are really small, they can be almost impossible to see with anything less than perfect vision.

Lastly, and importantly, anyone considering silver NP's for this purpose should discuss it with their doctor to make sure it will be compatible with prescription meds that they will likely put you on.

One last consideration about silver NP's is that they can be synergistic with certain antibiotics and are proven to help improve the action of certain antibiotics that you may have become resistant to.


Colloidal Silver
Posted by Teresa (New Madrid, MO) on 07/22/2009
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Tick bite: I was having severe pains shoot through my chest area, thinking I might be coming down with pneumonia, and after two weeks found a small tick embedded in the skin. I removed it with tweezers, and started taking ____ Silver immediately; 3 teaspoons a day for 14 days. The pain began to go away within a couple days and that was about 2 1/2 months ago. No more pain.