Tick Remedies & Tips for Removing Ticks

Pyrethrum Daisy

Posted by Stephanie (Nimbin, Nsw) on 04/21/2013
5 out of 5 stars

In Australia, there is scabies cream Lyclear sold at chemists made out of pyrethrum daisy. Tiny amount just to cover the tick kills small ticks almost instantly. No need to pull them out, they go soft and you can gently scrape them out. I would not recomend it for big ticks as it takes few minutes and in meantime they may inject more poison. For those I find that using my fingers to grab them and pull them out is easier and better than tweezers because if I do not get them out on a first go they get irritated and inject more poison. There is also less possibility that the head snaps off and stays in. Also I can reach areas e.g., back where I cannot see and I could not use tweezers (useful if you happen to be on your own). When I work in infested areas, afterwards I can also check these areas with my hands. I also find that essential oils do not kill big ticks quick enough. Pyrethrum is toxic in bigger amounts, if you get tick bites very frequently you would need to check about toxicity.