Thrush Remedies

Lemon Juice
Posted by Mel (Gloucester, UK ) on 01/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars

BV and Lemon Juice:

I've suffered with intermittent thrush in my teens and 20's. It would be brought on by:

i) non condom sex with some men. not all.

ii) using soap, bath oils etc.

I switched to pH balanced soap and discoverd that dilute lemon juice poured over my vulva would get rid of any little flare ups. The earlier you catch it (at the first sign of a prickle or an itch) the faster it disappears!

I'm 48 now haven't needed to buy an over the counter remedy for thrush (which I hardly ever get now due to soap avoidance) since I started using dilute lemon juice.

I started HRT about 3 months ago and to my horror my vulva started reeking of fish. Just looked it up and found out about BV.

I'm assuming that this is another "upset pH" problem which causes the wrong type of bacteria to flourish, so I have just started the lemon juice routine to see if it will also deal with BV as well as thrush.

Please try lemon juice (I use Jif diluted with equal water), girls - it might work!

Best wishes...