Effective Natural Remedies for Thrush: Safe & Easy Solutions

Dettol (Chloroxylenol)
Posted by Brittany (Arizona) on 08/03/2021

I had oral thrush for a while without realizing it. I had been wondering why my tongue was so white and furry looking for months. After I realized that it was thrush, I first tried brushing my tongue with peroxide for a few days and didn't notice too much of a difference. Then, I thought of when I had ringworm all over my entire body. I had used dettol to kill it quickly. I looked up online to see if I could find anyone who had used dettol for oral thrush. I saw a post where someone had asked if they could use it in their mouth and EVERYONE had responded saying no, fearing it would be swallowed. That did not stop me. I knew for a fact that Dettol is what I needed.

This is what I did every day for a week: Every morning and every night, I would brush my teeth by putting peroxide on my toothbrush. Then I would brush my tongue with peroxide. After that, I used the cap for the dettol bottle and put a small amount of dettol in the cap diluted by half with water (the ratio was 1:1). I poured it on my toothbrush and scrubbed my tongue vigorously for at least 30 seconds.

Doing the back of the tongue is the most difficult as dettol doesn't taste good. When I was finished with that step, I used the empty dettol cap again, and poured a small amount of tea tree oil in it diluted with water. The tea tree oil made up about 20% of the solution once diluted with water. I swished this solution in my mouth for 30 seconds and gargled for about 20 seconds with my tongue sticking out as far as I could, while gargling, so the solution could reach the back of my tongue. After a day, I noticed my tongue looking much better. After a week, it was completely cured.