Stroke Recovery and Prevention Remedies


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Posted by Ella (London) on 02/06/2024

A phlebotomist recently exclaimed: 'My goodness! Are you taking blood-thinning medication?', to which I replied, 'No', but that I was taking 'natural blood thinners' instead. She looked at me with a confused stare. This is the NHS and conventional medicine for you. To protect against ischemic stroke I've incorporated into my daily life - One cup of green tea with a sprinkle of turmeric and black pepper Ginger incorporated into cooking Cinnamon incorporated into cooking Turmeric powder incorporated into cooking (large amounts aren't necessary) Nattokinase Dark chocolate (at least 70%, preferably 85%). At least a few pieces daily Vitamin K2 Raw garlic. A few cloves, peeled and chopped into tablet-sized pieces taken with water before a meal Stretching and being mindful of posture is important too. Emotional stress can manifest as reduced blood flow to the brain, so neck massage and exercise are important. I try to lay down flat on my bed every now and then without a pillow. Some people have their heads slouched forwards - this is a recipe for disaster. A final note - oral health is important. Gum disease can stiffen artery walls. Lemongrass essential oil works for gum disease (see scientific literature). Nature has the answer already but big pharma doesn't want you to know.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Dely (Ashburn, Virginia) on 05/16/2011

Please, explain how to take these 23 items for a stroke patient. My brother had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping that these remedies will help him recover. Thank you for any assistance you can extend us.

EC: Please read the posts in Ted's archive site by starting here:

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Litsa (Tarpon Springs Florida) on 11/02/2013

My mother suffered a minor stroke a week ago and even though she was able to move her left arm and leg at the time she became progressively worse. I would appreciate a protocol inspired by Ted's work. She is 92 and the only other issue is sciatica in the other leg. Please help. Thank you. Litsa

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Litsa,

Concerning your mother's stroke and continued worsening condition:

The stroke is likely a tiny clot which broke from the veins or arteries and was small enough to go through the heart and into the brain where it lodged. Most folks who are subject to strokes are equally subject to the same thing in repeated form...the small clots. So it could be that the mini strokes have continued.

First, attack the underlying cause. I've just written two posts you can find on the cholesterol issue on this very subject. Using Vitamin E (natural) and CoQ10 and Dr. Mercola highly suggests the derivative of CoQ10, ubiquinol to stave off clotting issues.

Second, the E will also give your mother strength because it assists in oxygen delivery.

Third, I'd be on four caps of Cal AEP daily to overcome the damage done by the brain blockage. See a great article on AEP: Google, "Calcium AEP nutrition review"...

Fourth, I'd be on two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a large glass of water daily.

Fifth, for more oxygen delivery I'd consider Hydrogen Peroxide. Look in the EC directory at "remedies" and findd HP to see how to take it.

Those are the key things I'd do if this were me. I treated my own parents for similar problems. Neither died from cardio issues.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

I'd wish Ted would just drive a stake through the entire cholesterol issue and put the issue to rest as it regards heart disease. Cholesterol is an irrelevant problem but still people want to find a solution for it.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

In regards to "Take it with a Krill oil supplement". I'd take something like vitamin E or Astaxanthin with any fish oil oxidation which is viewed by many people as damaging to the brain. Krill oil has an advantage over other omega 3 supplements because it absorbs better. I'd just be careful about the over oxidation. It has been found over long term to even cause rodents to die an earlier death.

Replied by Rw
(Southwestern Virginia)

Hi. I was a little confused by your comment. What causes over oxidation, the fish oil, or the other things you mentioned?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok) on 11/08/2009

Since I don't receive any questions from earthclinic on strokes, I have decided to make a brief summary on this condition, in case someone is interested.

This is the remedy for a stroke victim, where there is a blood clot in the brain and was unable to improve for at least half the year. The medication I have looked into didn't make sense. The iron supplements had to be discontinued, this causes the blood clot. The medication that dissolves blood clot didn't make sense since if the iron were discontinued, the anti blood clot medication doesn't need it either. Besides, my approach to increasing iron has never been to take iron anyway. A daily 2000 mg dose of piracetam were counter-productive, since it's taken everyday, that causes a cascade of neurodegeneration, when there is not temporary discontinuance of the medicine.

It was changed from taken everyday, to taken once every two to three days. This the body can handle. The dinner was discontinued, the objective was to get three bowel movements a day.

Initially the bowel movement was once every ten days. When I first had a glimpse, the bowel movement appears to be about once every three days to once a day, which was unacceptable. The stroke was bought on by daily meals of steak which leads to constipation and the blood became toxic, leading to clotting, which leads to stroke. Hence steak was discontinued, only salads are eaten for dinner.


Stroke victim: entire half of the body is paralyzed, partial feeling only in the right foot. The rest no feeling. Cannot talk, not possible to use right part of body.

In the first day of remedy, feeling restored for the entire leg, on the third day was able to take bath, unassisted, On the second week, is regularly talking to his son over the cellular and able to go on exercise bicycle by herself. Although not a perfect remedy, always need improvement. This is just only my archive and the woman's doing fine since last reported about a week ago.

Constipation, Blood clot, low rate of healing, digestive enzyme deficiency, anemic, low stomach acid, recovery slow, wounds don't heal, brain damage from stroke, blood clot, flatulence, possible electrolyte imbalance, in particular potassium, metabolic acidosis, inability to communicate.

Needs three month's supply of:

1. Digestive enzyme
2. tetra EDTA
3. Magnesium Chloride
4. Potassium Citrate
5. Sodium Citrate
6. Baking soda
7. Potassium Carbonate
8. Humic acid to help digestion
9. White tea to lower blood sugar
10. Granulated Lecithin
11. Chlorophyll Drops
12. Hydergine
13. Piracetam (Nootropil)
14. Zeolite Azomite
15. Iodine and potassium iodide
16. Vitamin C
17. DMSO
18. B50 Bottle
19. Amino acid
20. Vitamin C
21. HCl
22. Borax,
23. Glycine

I expected the recovery time to be three months, apparently it went much faster than expected, after only 2 or 3 weeks.

The recovery is about 80-90% back to normalcy.

My only concern is the supplements may need to be discontinued or reduced much faster then expected.


January 1, 2010

As for the update for the stroke victim, she continues to improve. However, it is my feeling that women generally recover from strokes faster then men because women have higher progesterone levels.

Hence in a stroke victim, I have modified the remedy to use progesterone cream apply near the neck area, on the side of the neck, as this area has the least fat that reduces absorption. This allows people, and especially men, to recover from strokes faster. In fact a progesterone that is very low in men may also be what's causing the stroke and prostate enlargement.

Men generally need a lot less progesterone than women, but they still need it.

The dose for a progesterone cream applied is around 1/8 teaspoon once a day for women for 4 days out of a week. For men the dose maybe 1/2 of that to be applied for only 2-3 days to out of a week, at only 1/16 teaspoon. This allows the brain to recover from stroke faster and repair the damaged myelin sheath also.

I am also expected to attend a wedding of the stroke victim (who is a mother to the son who's getting married) this February in Hong Kong.. Obviously she's strong enough to go and her speech has returned (after the paralyzing stroke she couldn't speak) and now she regularly calls her son by cellular phone.


Unruptured Brain Aneurysm Remedies

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Posted by QUDDIES (Nigeria) on 11/22/2019

Please do you have remedy for unruptured brain anuerysm?

Replied by Lizzy Duck
(Smithville TN)

Colloidal Copper! And Vitamin C with Acerola powder. You take these 5 days per week. 5-6 weeks to strengthen and repair!

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