Stroke Recovery and Prevention Remedies

| Modified on Apr 29, 2022

Posted by Bilja (Canada) on 12/19/2015
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20 years ago, my father had stroke when he was 69 y/o. Being heavy smoker, first three weeks in hospital were very difficult, he was blind, not able to move/talk, having crisis on 7th, 14th, 21st day after stroke incident. Days in between, he would be smoking, (Bosnia in the 90s, patient could smoke in the hospital) it was really a battle to get him off.

Things gotten really bad, family thought we lost him. The most amazing thing, friends recommended to take Russian pills Aminalon 2x 250mg with each meal, so 3 times a day. We were told, as much as he recovers in next 18 months will be the best he can ever get. To my amazement, 2 months after the stroke, he was released from hospital, able to move, but having difficulties with orientation. He wouldn't know the way around, not knowing where kitchen or bedroom is. He did stop smoking, but kept taking Aminalon like religious thing. 6 months later, he was able to go to the city downtown by himself, not getting lost, finding way back to the apartment.

I lived with him for the first 1.5 years. After that, he was on his own, and lived for 12 years in great health after the stroke. He was active till the last day, he died in his sleep.

When I looked up Aminalon, I discovered it's called GABA here in the west, but never heard anyone suggesting for stroke patients. Back home, it's been known to help recover brain function and memory. One year after stroke, 50 y/o actor was able to get back to theater, memorizing script better than any young guy, thanks to Aminalon aka GABA.

Wish all the best, hope for Ted's recovery.

Mercury Poisoning and Strokes
Posted by Marsh (Colorado) on 01/02/2022

I had all mine out after some health episodes. My dentist thought I was nuts, saying there's more mercury in a can of tuna fish. They don't want you touching mercury in the school lab, but they fill your mouth with it???

Mercury Poisoning and Strokes
Posted by Louisa (Texas) on 05/12/2021
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A family relative died of a stroke. His wife didn't believe the stroke and had an autopsy. It came back that he died from his mouth full of mercury fillings. I did research and had my fillings taken out.

Posted by Enzo (Miami) on 06/07/2020 5 posts
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I have some great news to share for anyone who has suffered a stroke or knows someone who's suffered a stroke. A drug called ETANERCEPT. Dr Tobernic (not sure of the spelling) at the Institute Of Neurological Recovery, Boca Raton, Florida. Tel; 561-353-9707 Has discovered that Etanercept when injected at the back of the neck can reverse ailments caused by stroke. The drug blocks build up in the brain (TMF). Once the drug is injected, it takes a few minutes to work and an improvement in congnition, motor function and pain rapidly returns to normal. This drug is originally intended for the treatment of chronic arthritis. The treatment without health insurance is around $6,000 plus. (I made the call) Also, this treatment has great effects on Alzheimer's patients.

Here is the link with video of the process and results.

I hope this will help many people who have suffered a stroke. They do say that 1 in 5 patients do not respond to treatment.

Unruptured Brain Aneurysm Remedies
Posted by Lizzy Duck (Smithville TN ) on 03/23/2020
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Colloidal Copper! And Vitamin C with Acerola powder. You take these 5 days per week. 5-6 weeks to strengthen and repair!

Unruptured Brain Aneurysm Remedies
Posted by QUDDIES (Nigeria) on 11/22/2019

Please do you have remedy for unruptured brain anuerysm?

Red Pine Cone Remedy from Russia
Posted by Carolyn W. (United States) on 10/22/2019

Dr Sinatra has written 2 books on cardiovascular disease I recommend:

Reverse Heart Disease Now, and Metabolic Cardiology. Nattokinase is recommended to break up plaque.

Red Pine Cone Remedy from Russia
Posted by Art (California) on 10/18/2019 1287 posts


Some people find benefit for atherosclerosis by using Nattokinase. Here is a study that also suggests as much :


Red Pine Cone Remedy from Russia
Posted by Khaled (Saudi Arabia ) on 10/17/2019
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Hello, I am 37 got a stroke and carotid artery stenosis on both sides, end of october 2918, R +80% , L 15-49 %, the left developed in the last 5 months. I am on 100 mg aspirin. supplementing with L-arginine, l citrulline lately, and 60 ml pomegranate juice. I dont want to do the catheterization and stent.. Is there a category on this page about carotid stenosis or atherosclerosis? I want to try something called tincture of red pine cones on vodka, it's a Russian folk remedy for stroke and heart disease etc. Best, khaled from saudi

Green Smoothies
Posted by Rob (Toronto) on 01/13/2020
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I now add a pinch of Mustard Seed Powder and some Arugula. Mustard Seed powder contains Myrosinase and enzyme to help convert glucoraphanin to sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is showing to have a host of impressive benefits for humans. (found mostly in cruciferous veggies) google it.

Green Smoothies
Posted by Rob B. (Canada) on 10/12/2019
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Green smoothie for stroke patients.

My friend in his 80s had a severe stroke which put him in ICU for more than 4 months. Amazingly he pulled out of it, (multiple infections, organ failure etc.) Out of ICU, finally able to take outside food, I started making him this basic green smoothie.

With paralysis on his right side, arm & leg he needs to be in a wheelchair. The general view by the that the progress you make after 6 months is generally what you're stuck with... However he continues to surprise the the therapist & dr's, so much so that on his last visit a group of therapists and doctors formed around him, amazed at his results. They rarely if at all see this sort of improvement in that age group.

He has a great positive will, which is most likely the main factor, however I like to think (no science here) that my smoothies helped. Reading that Apigenin, abundant in Parsley, is good for brain, neuron connections it became one of the main ingredients. A simple recipe, aided in flavor (very important) with a pack of Vega Sport protein powder.. no endorsement, just really like the flavor and keeping the drink vegetarian. The other two greens, Dandelion & Watercress, are known to be the most nutritionally dense greens.. so very simply...

Smoothie Recipe

2 cups water
1 bunch dandelions. (organic preferred)
1 bunch watercress (hard to get organic, but soak in vinegar for few minutes, rinse)
1 bunch of parsley (organic preferred)
A packet of this Vega Sports Protein powder..Vanilla. (google search)
A large dollop (2 tbsp) of Tahini..
Cinnamon... and a banana perhaps for extra flavor.. could even throw in some blueberries.

I blended it all up in my Blendtec blender.. about a minute.. Voila. The protein powder is necessary to make it palatable.. otherwise not great tasting. He loved them and especially good at the start when his swallowing reflex was poor.

A link:

Posted by Jeroen van P. (Amsterdam) on 02/10/2021
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DMSO - one tablespoon in 30cc water every 15 minutes for 2 hours, then one every hour for 2 days. Will fix circulation extremely fast.

Posted by Dana (USA) on 12/18/2020
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Nattokinase and Serrapeptase together form an effective remedy for dissolving blood clots and shuttling the thinned blood away from site of injury.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Deborah (Colorado) on 12/31/2018

Hi Harv, can you share more with us about how your friend healed from his strokes? Thank you so much.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mark (Winlock) on 08/21/2018

How much ACV do you take and with what and how much to reverse a stroke?


Magnesium Oil
Posted by Art (California ) on 04/04/2018 1287 posts


She used home made mag oil made from magnesium chloride flakes. This is approximately a 50/50 mix of magnesium chloride flakes and anyone of the following: filtered water, distilled water, witch hazel or vodka.

The filtered water mix is the most oily feeling of the four. The vodka mix is the least oily feeling of the four and also tends to dry a little faster. When I use msm in a mix like this, I add about 5 grams per ounce of mag oil.

If I was going to be doing this for myself from scratch, I would just buy a very small commercial bottle of magnesium chloride oil like an 8 ounce spray bottle and try it all by itself to see if it has any benefit for whatever I intend to use it for. If it has no benefit, then my experiment is done and I have not wasted a lot of money for nothing. If it has benefit, then I would try adding the other items mentioned to it, one at a time to see if they are additive or not. Why waste money for things that may not be additive. Keep in mind that things like the glycerin and xylitol are only there to help moisturize the skin.

If the 8 ounce spray bottle is beneficial, then I can order a large bag of magnesium chloride flakes on line and make my own mag oil at home very inexpensively as outlined in the popular Earth Clinic video available on this website in the video section for free! Making your own is much cheaper than buying the commercial products.


Magnesium Oil
Posted by Trevor (Australia) on 04/03/2018

Hi Art,

Can you provide quantities of msm, mag oil, glycerin, witch hazel and xylitol? Many thanks

Korean Acupuncture
Posted by Helen (Michigan) on 02/26/2018

Could you please let me know the korean acupuncturist in LA contact information?

Magnesium Oil
Posted by Art (California ) on 02/04/2018 1287 posts

I talked to my friend with the post-stroke nerve pain to see how she is doing now that two weeks have passed since she started mag oil and she said, with the once daily use of the mag oil mix I made for her and reactivating with plain water as needed, she is now pain free!

I hope she tells her doctor who told her that he had very little to offer her for the nerve pain she has experienced for over a decade. Perhaps he will share the idea with his other patients who might benefit from it! Every well stocked vitamin store will have mag oil in stock, how easy is that?


Magnesium Oil
Posted by Art (California ) on 02/01/2018 1287 posts

In reply to Jb (Atlanta, Ga),

Yes, xylitol is definitely bad for dogs, so if there is a chance that your dog might lick it off of your body, leave it out. The xylitol was only there to help moisturize the skin along with the glycerin because they have synergy together and together they have anti inflammatory properties. The glycerin will have moisturizing qualities by itself.

I am not certain that long term application of mag oil will be drying to the skin, it was only a precautionary measure and I would remain more concerned about trying to alleviate post-stroke nerve related pain.I can always use almost any lotion to do the same and not have to be concerned about whether my dog might lick it off of me.


Magnesium Oil
Posted by Jb (Atlanta, Ga) on 01/31/2018

This sounds promising as I have nerve damage from infections & an amputation.

The only concern I have is the use of xylitol. Though I do use it as a sweetener I am careful to insure my dogs do not come in contact with it. Xylitol is toxic to canines, causing kidney failure. I would not want the dog to lick it off my hand or leg.

Magnesium Oil
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/25/2018 1287 posts

In reply to Eva (Nv),

It doesn't sound like you have post-stroke nerve pain as my friend did, but many people on EC and around the web seem to find that topical magnesium chloride oil is useful for relaxing stiff muscles and joints.

As far as dosing, since you have never used magnesium oil before, you will probably be best served to go to your local vitamin store and buy a ready made 8 ounce spray bottle of magnesium chloride oil. Just follow the directions on the bottle. This will be a cheap way to find out if it will be helpful for your particular situation. If it is helpful for you, you can then follow the instructions on the brand new magnesium chloride oil video that Earth Clinic just released on its YouTube channel. Here is a link to that video:

By making your magnesium oil as outlined in that video, you will be able to make a quality product for a very reasonable price!


Magnesium Oil
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/25/2018 1287 posts


Yes, it is sad when greed is such a deciding factor in our health care. There are many studies on magnesium and its health benefits, but it seems like the very best studies never see the light of day! How hard can it be to test topical mag oil on post-stroke nerve pain?

Thankfully, we have, Deirdre Layne, who started Earth Clinic and gave us a great place to share all of these health ideas with the world!


Magnesium Oil
Posted by Eva (Nv) on 01/24/2018 22 posts

Oh thank Heaven!, I have 9 vertabraes, all degenerated and inoperable plus since having a heart attack in 2014 I cannot have any general anesthetics again, Scoliosis. I'm in pain 24/7.

Would you please send me the exact amount in ounces or teaspoons on the final dosage you made for your friend. I've not used Mag nor have I heard of the oil before. I also have hypertension so can't tolerate epidurals either. I', m 5 Ft tall, 108 lbs, 90 yrs old if that helps in the dosage. I can imagine how your friend is praising and blessing you for your help. How wonderful!

EC: This video will also give additional instructions and information!

Magnesium Oil
Posted by Jen (Australia) on 01/24/2018

What a good friend you are :)

I also have/ had severe nerve pain through a lot of my body. After a couple of years of western medical pain docs, I realised that all they do is try to cover up the pain with toxic life long meds, or a nerve block that made it worse. So I sacked them, and being a medical researcher I researched! By research, opiates are actually the best thing for nerve pain...

The best things have been Mg Oil, and moreso DMSO (I can't believe this is so little known, thanks to the FDA suppressing it for decades - see youtube Dr Stanley Jacobs DMSO 60 minutes). You do need to research how to use and buy quality stuff, probably in glass bottles only. I take it orally and topically, I would IV it if I could, but Australia has sold out to FDA/ BigPharma and now you can't even get DMSO without a script (and since docs don't know about it or have sold out to BigPharma, that can be difficult). It can take many months for overall effect, although some it helps straight away. I took oral MSM initially (the other form of DMSO), but no help after one year for nerve pain, but it does help some people. Mixing DMSO and Mg Oil together would be interesting although could irritate skin without necessary dilution, but it might help improve penetration in the body. I found also need to keep up sunshine and B12, walking in the sun if I could. My pain is now about 3/4 reduced after 18 months (the docs told me it would never go away or reduce). I recently read that when most people start supplementing Mg Oil they don't take enough, need to start on at least 1 oz per day all over body. Best of luck!

Magnesium Oil
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/24/2018 1287 posts

Hi M to M,

My friend is so happy, she has been calling her friends to share her good news with them!

I'll check in with her after awhile to see how it goes and then update here if there is anything to add. I like stories with happy endings!


Magnesium Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 01/24/2018

Wow, Art, this is wonderful. Thanks for taking time to share the details and this very happy story.

~Mama to Many~

Magnesium Oil
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/23/2018 1287 posts
5 out of 5 stars

A friend who I have known since high school, had a stroke over 12 1/2 years ago that left her with poor movement on her left side and nerve pain that is mostly severe and affects the whole left side of her body. Her left side movement has improved slightly over time, but the nerve pain has remained the same. Her doctor told her that there isn't much they can do for this type of nerve pain/damage because there just hasn't been much research into it. He told her that all he could offer her for the 24/7 pain is an antidepressant that has some pain relieving qualities. She said that it hasn't done much as far as relieving her pain.

Here is how she described her pain to me. She said that just a very slight breeze against her skin on the left side of her body can cause unbearable pain and her clothes rubbing against her skin can do the same. She can not rest her left arm on anything, including the table when eating. She can not walk on wood, tile or cement floors with her bare feet because the pain will make her cry. Laying down, she mostly has to lay on her right side and try to avoid any part of her left side touching anything. Watching her move, you can tell she is very guarded in how she moves in order to prevent her left side from coming in contact with anything. She is a very social person, but this condition has pretty much caused her to become a hermit who pretty much stays in her home because when she is around friends, it causes excruciating pain if anyone tries to hug her or touch her left side in anyway.

Last week she came out to visit me and her pain level was obvious. On a previous visit, I had made a quart of topical ibuprofen spray to see if it would help with the nerve pain. I was not very hopeful about the ibuprofen because I know it is not usually helpful for nerve related pain or damage. She said she would try it and since she was going to be staying a week, I figured I would be able to see if it helped her or not. I estimated that the quart of spray would last her about a month with everyday use. Two days later, I asked her if the spray was helping her at all and she said that it barely took the edge off of the pain, but that it was the only relief she has known so she was glad to have it. I told her the quart should probably last her about a month and then I would make her some more. She said she didn't think the quart of spray was going to last that long and I asked her why she thought that and she said because the quart was down to about two ounces left! I was shocked and asked her if she was drinking it? She said no and that she was just reapplying it whenever the pain started to break through. I told her that I could not make any more for her because even with topical application, she was getting to high of a systemic dose at the rate she was using the spray. She was saddened by this and so was I because I was hoping the spray could make life more tolerable for her.

Well that was quite awhile ago and she decided to come out for another one week visit. On Saturday, I told her to try a mag oil mix I had made up that also had MSM in it. I told her to only apply it to her left arm from the elbow to the tip of her fingers. Within just a few minutes she said she could feel something happening. She started touching her left arm where she had applied the mag oil and she told me that it hurt much less than just a few minutes before. About a minute later she started touching the part of her left arm that would normally rest on the table when eating and she said it didn't seem to hurt much, but she kept touching that area over and over again because I think she just didn't believe what was happening as far as the sudden pain reduction. To demonstrate just how much it was relieving her pain, she placed her arm on the granite counter top and just let it sit there and she said it didn't hurt much at all! Previously, it was very painful to try and rest that arm on a wood table, but just about impossible to rest it on stone, concrete or tile. This all seemed to good to be true! I told her to let me know when the pain was starting to come back.

Unfortunately, about 15 to 20 minutes later the pain started coming back and she reached for the bottle of mag oil to spray some more onto her arm and I told her not to do it. I told her to just spray plain water on the area where she had previously applied the mag oil to "reactivate" the magnesium chloride that was sitting on her skin and had not been absorbed yet. She did spray a little water on the area and then rubbed it in a little. In a few minutes, the pain went way down again. I told her whenever the pain started coming back to just reactivate the area with water and she did that for the rest of the day and her arm pretty much remained at a very low pain level in the area where she had applied the mag oil. She did not apply any more mag oil to her arm that day, just water to reactivate the magnesium chloride.

That night she decided to try the mag oil on the rest of her left side that she was able to reach. In line with the previous results to her arm, her nerve pain where she applied the mag oil was dramatically reduced! This was pain relief she had not had in over a decade! I told her that if 10 was the worst her nerve pain had been, where did she think it was now and she said possibly a 3 or possibly even less!

I talked to her the next morning and she told me that her leg and foot had remained almost pain free all night and that when she went to get out of bed in the morning, it was so much easier and much less painful, with no tears! I asked her how her arm was doing and she said she did not time it, but she could tell that she was having to reactivate the arm with water much less often than the original 15 minutes from the very first application.

I was not previously aware that mag oil could be reactivated by just applying water on top of the original mag oil application, so this part is very interesting to me and I am glad I suggested it to her because for people who are using mag oil long term everyday, I think it will make application easier, easier to adhere to an application schedule as well as be a little easier on the skin. The water reactivation should also help to further diminish the tacky feeling of mag oil!

Today, I could see she was smiling and moving faster and more freely. She said it seems like, as she absorbs more magnesium, she needs to reactivate less and less often. She said after a mag oil application she may only have to reactivate it once during the day and not every area of her left side.

I ended up making her a gallon of 50% mag oil with MSM, xylitol and glycerin for her to take home with her and at her current burn rate, that gallon could easily last her over a year using the water reactivation step. The magnesium can help her body heal some of the damage from the stroke and MSM provides sulphur that the body can use as part of the healing process and can have pain relieving qualities for some people as well as helping to reduce the tacky feeling that is typical of mag oil solutions. The downside to MSM is that some people do not tolerate it well or have almost allergic like reactions to it. The xylitol and glycerine are mainly to help keep the skin moisturized because I was afraid that long term daily application of mag oil might have a drying effect on the skin, but together they also have anti irritation effects and anti inflammatory effects so they seemed like they would go well with this mag oil mix.

It should be noted that the first bottle of mag oil I had her try was made with vodka in place of water or witch hazel to help minimize the "tacky feel" that is typical of mag oil. I used a 50% mix and I also used MSM, but I did not use glycerin and xylitol, so those two ingredients are not needed for her to get the pain relief, they are just there to hopefully make her mag oil batch more user friendly. Unfortunately I do not know how much if anything, the MSM contributes to this nerve pain relieving effect, but I would try mag oil without it just to see. She just left for home, so I can't try a mag oil only mix to find out, but I do think the MSM may have longer term benefits for her in particular and that is why I put it in the mag oil mix I made for her.

It is hard to believe that she suffered for over 12 1/2 years with this nerve pain/damage and mag oil is helping to greatly reduce the pain and is giving her a life again! She calls it her "little miracle solution"! She was the happiest I have seen her in a very long while!

I have no idea if this will be effective for others with nerve pain, but I do know that if I ever have nerve pain, I will certainly try mag oil, considering what my options are!


Posted by Marilyn (Milpitas, California) on 01/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Use of natto or nattokinase for a stroke or to prevent one. I got a brand that is 100mg and 90caps. it is an extract. You just take 1 a day. It is 2000 FU.

Raw Potato
Posted by Adjoa (Accra, Ghana) on 07/01/2017

Thanks very much for your wonderful education on many ailments. Please my question is, which type of potato? the reddish, or yellowish skin type? the very big ones, or the smallish round ones?

Raw Potato
Posted by Mandandi (Gaborone) on 05/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was hit by a minor stroke 3 weeks ago while nappng at lunchtime. When I woke up and realised my left hand was cold and unresponsive (folded fingers could not straighten, lost control of using the hand) I immediately started doing some frog jumps, stretches etc. After 30 minutes, my had started feeling warm. I carried on exercising for another 20 minutes till I could hold a phone in my left hand and press the key pads.

Anyway, while at the clinic a while later, one woman shared that she had had a stroke so massive 6 months earlier that she spent over a month in the hospital. When she was discharged, her face was still twisted and she still paralyzed. Her aunt then suggested that she eat one raw potato each day, with the skin. She says the raw potato reversed all effects of stroke.

I have been eating one raw potato every day too, and taking at least 2000mg Vit C, apple cider vinegar, juicing vegetables too. I am getting there slowly.

The same regime is doing wonders for my aunt who had a stroke 5 years ago but recovered sufficiently to function normally. Lately, she has been complaining of pain in the heart which has lessened since she started the above regime this week. Early days, but results are promising so far.

Please note that potato is acidifying effect in the body, so its best to take more green juices if you must use/eat more than one potato per day. If I juice more than one potato then I use a whole bunch of kale/spinach, cucumber etc to offset the acidifying effect of the potato in the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chris F. (Usa) on 05/09/2017

Also, using Arnica Montana 30c right away as long as the person is conscious and blood has stopped flowing if blood is present. Arnica Montana is one's first defense against swelling, bruising, bumps from accidents. It is important to still get to an emergency room fast! Directions are on the little cylinder container. Don't touch the pills with your hands as the oils in your fingers may cause the remedy not to work well. Arnica helps to heal faster. I gave to a friend who had a ladder accident. He said the doctor thought he healed way faster than expected and the friend noticed the difference of faster healing too. I keep it in my purse always.

Chinese Blood-Letting
Posted by Shazmin (Oxfordshire) on 12/03/2016

Stroke victims are banned from donating blood because of the danger such activities would place them under (UK).

This practice seems similar.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Theivandran (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 11/12/2016

Very informative, thank you.

Colloidal Copper, Zinc, Butcher's Broom
Posted by Bill (Luzon, Philippines) on 10/29/2016

Hi Mary...

My sincerest thanks to you and I'm so happy that you no longer have the anuerysm problem. To tell the truth, most of what I recommended for you was all based on Ted's advice or teachings on this website. So please give some thought and thanks(and prayers) for him too.

I was quite amused by your description of the reaction of the doctors et al when they discovered that you no longer had your aneurysm problem. This never happens with an anuerysm -- it always gets worse or so the doctors say. Doctors are never wrong and this is the way that they are taught at Med school. Unfortunately, as I have found out over long years, doctors aren't really interested in cures anymore. They, as well as their teachers -- the drugs companies -- much prefer that you manage your symptoms with drugs for the rest of your life. This approach will never cure you of anything. But it does tend to fill the deep pockets of the drugs companies. It's such a pity that doctors have no sense of curiosity or even compassion anymore for their patients.

Well done!!

Bill :)

Colloidal Copper, Zinc, Butcher's Broom
Posted by Teresa (Chandler, Az) on 10/29/2016

AMEN!! So happy for you Mary, I pray you age well with blessings of health and happiness: )

Colloidal Copper, Zinc, Butcher's Broom
Posted by Mary (Arcadia, California) on 10/28/2016 50 posts

Hello dear C:

This is how I took it. I would take 1 ounce of Colloidal Copper (liquid form) with a little water waited then would take my butchers broom (940 MG)in a vitamin form (capsules) with zinc 15 mg. Waited 30 mins then I would eat my breakfast.

I only took the dosage once a day in the morning. I really hope this helps you.

Blessings, Mary

Colloidal Copper, Zinc, Butcher's Broom
Posted by C. (Usa) on 10/27/2016


Could you please give more specific instruccions on how to take the cooper and zinc and the butchers broom (is this in tincture form?), how often and how much?

Thank you very much.

Colloidal Copper, Zinc, Butcher's Broom
Posted by Mary (Arcadia, California) on 10/21/2016 50 posts
5 out of 5 stars

My brain aneurysm was cured

First of all I would like to thank Bill Thompson with all my heart for his fabulous help. He helped me in such a bad time in my life. I was hopeless at the time I asked for help and Bill really gave me great instruction. I still can't believe it is gone. I took an ounce of Colloidal Copper and 15 mg of zinc. To stop toxicity. I also took Butchers Broom. I did this for 6 months. My doctor sent me have a brain scan done with dye in it.

A few hours later the Tech who gave me the brain scan called me at home. He said, "What was your reason for coming here?", I said "because I have a brain Aneurysm", He said, "Who told you that" I said, "When I was in the hospital in Dec 2015 the doctors gave me an MRI."

He said, "and you saw it?"

I said, "Yes I did."

He stood quite for a little while and then said, "I think you better talk to your doctor."

Instead I went and picked up my x-rays of the brain scan and the report that came with it. It said, "Everything looks normal no evidence of a brain Aneurysm! " I was in shock and happy after having a party to say goodbye to all my friends. Everyone I new was praying for me. The worst were doctors from all over wanted to open up my head again I really did not want this. I am so thankful to God and Bill for his help.

Many blessings Bill and Earthclinic for all your help.

With Love,

Mary Martinez

Korean Acupuncture
Posted by Victor (Los Angeles ) on 07/04/2016 2 posts

Thru reading Ted's posts thru the years here on earthclinic, he's helped me so much!

I also wanted to recommend that he consider a special type of acupuncture for stroke recovery.

There is a traditional Korean style of acupuncture specifically geared towards treating stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Bell's palsy, epilepsy, and paralysis. There's a few acupuncturists in the world who practice this very old and specialized style of acupuncture. They are in Korea and I know of one here in Los Angeles.

I wish him a speedy recovery!

EC: Thank you, Victor! We will send your post to his sister Nok.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Harv S (Alberta Canada) on 06/19/2016

Have a friend who had 5 strokes in one month.

The doctors told "your feet feet will never see the floor again"

Today he has no evidence of ever had a stroke.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 03/04/2016 2080 posts

Thanks for the input Ben.

If I am not mistaken, Ted was assaulted by someone in league against his medical practice for public rather than corporate interest. The head injury eventually caused the stroke.

As in the case of any head injury, the best survivors are those with the highest antioxidant status. Antioxidant nutrients protects, & strengthens the body at the cellular level. That Ted survived the initial impact is a good sign of some degree of antioxidant protection. Can't remember her name at the moment, but a notable mid-age woman fell and banged her head on the ski slopes, got up a little dizzy and quickly developed a severe headache, left the slope and tried relaxing and simple measure to relieve the pain but within hrs taken to ER, diagnosed with a hemorrhage, eventually got the best of medical attention but alas it was too late and she passed. Few yrs back, a pre-adolescent girl was hit in the head by a hockey puck during a game, and was given standard medical attention, went back home for r&r and soon passed despite further medical attention. Again, these two cases seem to me the result of low antioxidant status.

In my time in the trenches, I have found Magnet Therapy the #1 go to for any injury, pain, or inflammation. Apply a magnet immediately fallowing injury and the results are really remarkable, or even days, weeks, months, or yrs fallowing. Bad positive energy stays at the site of injury or infection oftentimes for many yrs depending on the individual. As relates to oxygen, Magnets remove the positive energy, acidosis conditions typical in disease states. Once the bad energy, inflammation, and acidosis is removed, the much needed oxygen is delivered and does the necessary repairs. Same principle for the Hyperbaric treatment. I would recommend whole body hot mineral baths prior to each H treatment for maximum effect.

Brain nutrition like Acetyle L Carnitine, Phosphatidyleserine, NADH, Taurine, and herbs like Hydergine, Vinpocitine, Skullcap, and of course all antioxidants are recommended. Gingko Biloba is a powerful brain antioxidant and improves blood flow to that organ but can induce hemorrhage in high amounts and would only be advised in moderation in prevention of disease.

Recent research by noted biochemist & neurologist into the effects of powerful brain chemistry molecules like Psilocybine / Psilocine (derivatives of Tryptamine) found most notably in "Magic Mushrooms" are indicating stimulating neural "rewiring" and healing of damaged areas. Psilicin acts like an homoginzer of the separate brain regions by stimulating activation and otherwise lacky sites. Melatonin & 5HTP supplementation would thus be advised. If Ted could be directed to professionals in this area of research, I see tremendous potential from what little I am aware of what's current. Traditionally the belief is that psychoactive medicines like LSD, Mescaline, and Psilocybin "activate" regions of the brain that are inaccessible to the waking consciousness. In the same vein, Hypnotherapy could provide some benefits, but I don't see any potential at the molecular level compared to medication.

Crawling Therapy
Posted by Kathy (Usa) on 03/04/2016

For Ted,

One of the best things that helps a baby's brain to develop is crawling on the floor. The cross over action from left-right, right-left of the arms and legs, helps the brain develop.

This concept can also be used when an adult has a brain injury. Someone can help the patient by gently touching the left arm of the patient to the right arm of the patient, gently return the left arm to the left side and then assist the right arm of the patient to touch the patient's left arm. This can also be gently done to the legs in the same fashion. Later on, if possible, allow the patient to watch these exercises on himself by having someone hold a mirror.

When the patient is stronger, learning to crawl on a floor, with assistance of a health care professional, can be added to the patient's therapy. The patient must be supervised at all times during therapy to prevent injury.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Washington ) on 03/04/2016

Stroke is a serious problem that really needs close attention from well trained doctors in addition to nutritional healing measures. A stroke can occur from blood clots or from a tiny rupture in a blood vessel called an aneurism. To treat it a doctor must first determine which type you have. It's a great idea to combine talents of conventional neurologists plus an experienced naturopath both on your team. Everybody needs to be on the same page.

Ok the aneurism route first. If a blood vessel ruptures chances are the person is way vitamin deficient of the c complex and very likely deficient in copper. A molecule called elastin is needed by the vascular system to maintain integrity of veins and arteries. When a copper deficency exists the body has trouble making elastin. The result is blood vessels that are kinda rigid and not flexible like they should be. This makes them tear easily and blow out during minor blood pressure spikes. See dr joel wallach about copper deficency / aneurism

The second kind of stroke is caused by a small blood clot entering the brain and getting stuck there. Nattokinase a systemic enzyme works quickly and very effective for this type stroke. Bear in mind nattokinase is a blood thinner which can increase bleeding. So be certain which type stroke you are dealing with!

Aside from the benefical clot busting effects of nattokinase, the next issue is to help get oxygen flow to the damaged area. Cayenne pepper can help with that. Another thing that works terrific for stroke recovery is dmso. Dr Stanley Jacobs at Oregon State University says dmso carries oxygen deep into parts of the brain, even those areas with poor blood circulation near the area of brain damage.

One of the biggest aids to stroke recovery is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The brain needs high amounts of oxygen even under normal conditions. Did you know that the brain uses about 50 percent of the oxygen in your body? When an injury like stroke occurs poor oxygen perfusion slows healing time way down and high oxygen perfusion speeds it up. To heal in the fastest time possible, a stroke victim needs to spend as much time as possible in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Thinking of you brother Ted.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Natalie (Hiddenite, Nc) on 03/03/2016

How much ACV are you supposed to take daily?

Posted by Victoria B. (Sorrento, La) on 02/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there, magnesium will make your bowels move. Some people can only take one magnesium pill. I have to take two. I have constipation if I do not take it. You need to look up the importance of magnesium in the body. Very important supliment. Did you know that when a person is having a stroke. If the dr will give the patient a magnesium drip all symptoms will go away. I am living proof of this.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Karen (Mi) on 01/23/2016

DO NOT pour and leave vinegar on your head or hair!!!! It will destroy it and you will be bald. Have you not soaked a showerhead and wake to find all the hard scum removed? This will remove and dissolve your hair! My sister knows of someone who did this.

Amaranth Seed Oil
Posted by Hannah (Nairobi, Kenya) on 01/17/2016

I have been greatly blessed and helped by all the information given freely by all the contributors. I am saddened to learn about Ted's stroke. I have heard from a friend here in Kenya that amaranth seed oil greatly helped his Father and Brother in law who had both suffered mild strokes. May be it could also help Ted.

EC: Thank you so much, Hannah! We will forward this information on to Ted's sister, Nok.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 11/27/2015 48 posts

Patricia, forgive me, this is a late response to your question about your husband and ACV dosages. Dosage wise, whatever he can tolerate. At least once in AM and once before bedtime, 1T in 4 or more ounces of water, you don't want it too weak or strong/sour. And pay attention to how the person being administered the ACV feels! Other folks may have some other observances they may want to share here too!

Book Recommendations
Posted by Patricia (Hadley, Ma.) on 10/13/2015

I have the book by Norman Doidge, GREAT book!! Everyone should read it...

EC: Yes, we loved this book!

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