Stroke Recovery and Prevention Remedies

Green Smoothies
Posted by Rob (Toronto) on 01/13/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I now add a pinch of Mustard Seed Powder and some Arugula. Mustard Seed powder contains Myrosinase and enzyme to help convert glucoraphanin to sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is showing to have a host of impressive benefits for humans. (found mostly in cruciferous veggies) google it.

Green Smoothies
Posted by Rob B. (Canada) on 10/12/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Green smoothie for stroke patients.

My friend in his 80s had a severe stroke which put him in ICU for more than 4 months. Amazingly he pulled out of it, (multiple infections, organ failure etc.) Out of ICU, finally able to take outside food, I started making him this basic green smoothie.

With paralysis on his right side, arm & leg he needs to be in a wheelchair. The general view by the that the progress you make after 6 months is generally what you're stuck with... However he continues to surprise the the therapist & dr's, so much so that on his last visit a group of therapists and doctors formed around him, amazed at his results. They rarely if at all see this sort of improvement in that age group.

He has a great positive will, which is most likely the main factor, however I like to think (no science here) that my smoothies helped. Reading that Apigenin, abundant in Parsley, is good for brain, neuron connections it became one of the main ingredients. A simple recipe, aided in flavor (very important) with a pack of Vega Sport protein powder.. no endorsement, just really like the flavor and keeping the drink vegetarian. The other two greens, Dandelion & Watercress, are known to be the most nutritionally dense greens.. so very simply...

Smoothie Recipe

2 cups water
1 bunch dandelions. (organic preferred)
1 bunch watercress (hard to get organic, but soak in vinegar for few minutes, rinse)
1 bunch of parsley (organic preferred)
A packet of this Vega Sports Protein powder..Vanilla. (google search)
A large dollop (2 tbsp) of Tahini..
Cinnamon... and a banana perhaps for extra flavor.. could even throw in some blueberries.

I blended it all up in my Blendtec blender.. about a minute.. Voila. The protein powder is necessary to make it palatable.. otherwise not great tasting. He loved them and especially good at the start when his swallowing reflex was poor.

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