Stroke Recovery and Prevention Remedies

Posted by Enzo (Miami) on 06/07/2020 5 posts


I have some great news to share for anyone who has suffered a stroke or knows someone who's suffered a stroke. A drug called ETANERCEPT. Dr Tobernic (not sure of the spelling) at the Institute Of Neurological Recovery, Boca Raton, Florida. Tel; 561-353-9707 Has discovered that Etanercept when injected at the back of the neck can reverse ailments caused by stroke. The drug blocks build up in the brain (TMF). Once the drug is injected, it takes a few minutes to work and an improvement in congnition, motor function and pain rapidly returns to normal. This drug is originally intended for the treatment of chronic arthritis. The treatment without health insurance is around $6,000 plus. (I made the call) Also, this treatment has great effects on Alzheimer's patients.

Here is the link with video of the process and results.

I hope this will help many people who have suffered a stroke. They do say that 1 in 5 patients do not respond to treatment.