Stroke Recovery and Prevention Remedies

Copper or Nattokinase
Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Washington ) on 03/04/2016

Stroke is a serious problem that really needs close attention from well trained doctors in addition to nutritional healing measures. A stroke can occur from blood clots or from a tiny rupture in a blood vessel called an aneurism. To treat it a doctor must first determine which type you have. It's a great idea to combine talents of conventional neurologists plus an experienced naturopath both on your team. Everybody needs to be on the same page.

Ok the aneurism route first. If a blood vessel ruptures chances are the person is way vitamin deficient of the c complex and very likely deficient in copper. A molecule called elastin is needed by the vascular system to maintain integrity of veins and arteries. When a copper deficency exists the body has trouble making elastin. The result is blood vessels that are kinda rigid and not flexible like they should be. This makes them tear easily and blow out during minor blood pressure spikes. See dr joel wallach about copper deficency / aneurism

The second kind of stroke is caused by a small blood clot entering the brain and getting stuck there. Nattokinase a systemic enzyme works quickly and very effective for this type stroke. Bear in mind nattokinase is a blood thinner which can increase bleeding. So be certain which type stroke you are dealing with!

Aside from the benefical clot busting effects of nattokinase, the next issue is to help get oxygen flow to the damaged area. Cayenne pepper can help with that. Another thing that works terrific for stroke recovery is dmso. Dr Stanley Jacobs at Oregon State University says dmso carries oxygen deep into parts of the brain, even those areas with poor blood circulation near the area of brain damage.

One of the biggest aids to stroke recovery is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The brain needs high amounts of oxygen even under normal conditions. Did you know that the brain uses about 50 percent of the oxygen in your body? When an injury like stroke occurs poor oxygen perfusion slows healing time way down and high oxygen perfusion speeds it up. To heal in the fastest time possible, a stroke victim needs to spend as much time as possible in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Thinking of you brother Ted.