Stroke Recovery and Prevention Remedies

Chinese Blood-Letting
Posted by Steven777 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 09/29/2015

Hi Ted,

I truly hope you have a speedy recovery. I have been following your ailment solution and find them interesting. Lately I am trying out your suggestion on viral infection. Will let you know the outcome once I complete the regiment you suggested.

The main purposed I want to share with you is a Chinese traditional therapy which maybe helpful for your condition. The therapy is called blood-letting, which is even earlier than acupuncture.

Last year I came to know a lady in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who practises this therapy. I noticed many of her patients comes from as far as Singapore to get treatment from her and many of them are stroke victims to regained back part of their mobility. I did not meet any of the recovered patients to confirmed its authenticity, but by the fact that her clinic is always full due to referral does speak volume.

About Sept2014, my sister suffered Bell Patsy. She was hospitalized after 48 hours, outside the window for good recovery. Only in Mid November 2014, I finally managed to get an appointment with this lady for my sister first treatment. After about 6 months and 6 treatment. She face returned to normal without western medication. In fact in the first two session, already there was noticeable improvement in her facial features. If it done earlier the improvement will be faster with lesser session. Attached below her result.

As I understand there are number of blood-letting therapist. Find a good one that do it right.