Natural Skin Tag Removal: 7 Home Remedies for Skin Tags


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Posted by Chuck (London, Uk) on 12/06/2012

I developed skin tags in my armpits some 20 years ago (gawd) and they have always been a source of embarrassment for me. I would say 10-15 on each side; not big and they didn't bother me at all. Actually, I had (hee hee) one big one on each side - big as in 1cm long and thin.

Also, I have (sorry, had :)) one medium one and about 4-6 small ones on my neck.

Anyway, as you might imagine I hated them. I am just remembering now that when I was 29 I went to the GP (Family Doctor) and he pulled a face and said that there were "too many" to do anything with (he should be struck-off - he really failed me; I wonder how many other people he has really failed also. All while taking a big fat salary and pension). If I was embarressed before, I was now mortified... I have been meaning to do something... But what. I have been so busy and they weren't bugging me (until my sister... SISTERS! ... Said on holiday once, in a very loud voice "Ughhhhh... what are those").

Over the years I have tried all sorts - alcohol, Tee Tree Oil, lots. Anyway last week I came across this site (magic! ) and I decided to try the iodine - I had some in the cupboard (I put it on the kids for any scrape / cut). Two days of hiding in my bedroom slathered in iodine... Go on, it is funny (the family were off seeing relatives). They did look a bit bothered, but not anywhere near bothered enough for my liking. Iodine on my shirt, on the floor, pyjamas and the towel... ughhh.

Now, I don't have heaps of time to spend on this. I want them gone, but I can't sit around for hours slathered in this and that; I have kids and a job and a wife etc etc. So, I spied those scissors in a pot in the bathroom... Hmmmmm... These little fellers have bothered me too long. I decided to cut off one of the big boys (1cm, not really big) and see about the pain / blood. I rubbed iodine into the scissors (I am sure that there are better ways - boiling / alcohol, but I was on a roll and there was to be no stopping me) and into/around the skin tag.

'Snip', almost no pain ( not even a pinch's worth) and almost no blood. I put a plaster on it and the.... The mad glint in my eye... this was good, really good (should have done it years ago - silly me).

I snipped all the ones on my neck off (fabidoodah). Yes, a little bit of blood - much less than a cut finger. Probably all amounted to 2 drops. Slapped plasters on. There was one that was half mole and half skin tag... you got it, that came off too (not the mole bit).

Actually, I should have gotten better scissors - I do have some, it's a question of finding them. I had to 'trim' a couple of them back a couple of times to get the whole tag off. And one was a bit tough and needed to be snipped by the sharper bit of the scissor blade. Afterwards I trimmed a bit of my hair... I only mention this (as I had evidently gone mad - joking) as it became about the same level of 'intervention', if you like.

This all happened 10 minutes ago and I am now sitting here with about 10 plasters on and happy, happy, happy.

This is phase 1. The underarmers (phase 2) will go either with scissors (which I am really happy with) or with string (which I am intrigued by).

The big thing is though, I am back in control. And it feels good.

Thank you Earth Clinic - I clearly needed some encouragement.

One last bit of advice - I am an expert now, remember. It would be easier if you could get someone else to do the snipping... I didn't as I am too embarrassed about them and the moment of their demise came and I had to do it then!

Anyway, don't wait - Go for it NOW and in 10 minutes you will be sitting there with a few plasters on and the hugest smile.

Replied by Patglad
(West Chicago, Il)

what is in the plaster that you applied to the area? thanks, pat

Replied by Dan

Had a tag on my groin for years. Recently became tender and annoying from friction. Looked on here and thought sod it I'm cutting it off. Couple of minutes ice, pulled it and snipped it off. Applied antiseptic. Bleeding stopped with a minute and there is no visible trace of the tag bar an extremely small red cut. Absolutely painless and not all all messy. Dont hesitate, wish I had done this years ago.

Posted by Monica (Houston, Texas) on 09/23/2012

I had one that grew very near the inner corner of my right eye. It became increasingly bothersome, not to mention the embarrassment of having people try to tell me I had an eye-booger and then I would have to explain that it was a skin tag, not eye-crust!?! Super embarrassing! I finally got desperate and decided I would just cut it off myself.... I numbed it with ice and snipped it off with sterilized nail clippers. I didn't feel a thing and it hardly bled at all. My mom was super impressed and grossed out all at the same time! I'll never live with a bothersome skin tag again! I'll just cut the darn thing off!

Posted by Debbie (Portland, Me) on 08/25/2011

Skin Tag Removal

Had skin tags for many years in armpit area. After other remedies not working I got up the nerve to take a sharp mini-scissor and snip off one small skin tag to see how painful it would be. To my surprise, I felt nothing. Larger ones felt a tiny bit of discomfort for a fraction of a second. Tiny bit of bleeding. Within 2 days could not even see where they were. Use clean scissors and blot with hydrogen peroxide. Go ahead be brave - a flea bite is worse!!!

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Debbie from Portland, once a doctor told me to just pull them out. I didn't have the courage but that goes to show that it is possible to just get rid of them!

Replied by Cyb34r
(Seattle, Washington)

How low do you cut the skin tag? Pull it out a bit and cut it at the line where the tag appears to join with the regular skin?

Posted by Tammy (Oxford, CT) on 12/05/2008

Just cut the thing off!!! I struggled in the bathroom for hours yesterday with nail clippers in my hand...squirming at the thought of cutting my skin tag off my neck. Every time I would try, it would hurt so much that I would chicken out...BUT....After coming across this web site, it seemed that the best method over all was I as all set to go to the store and buy some. But then I came across someones post saying that she held ice on it for 10 minutes and then just cut the darn thing off! I can't believe I didnt think of something so simple! After all, people numb up earlobes to peirce ears...why not numb up your skin to cut off skin tags! Sure enough...I DIDN"T FEEL A THING!!!! Trust me!!! Don't dab iodine on it for weeks, wait for it to turn black and fall off! Just numb it and cut it!!!

P.S. Make sure you first dis-infect your clippers with alcohal...and after its all done...just put some neosporin and a bandaid just in case.

Replied by Ruffnreddy
(Oakland, Ca)

ICE! I've been struggling with the removal decision for years but, after having been married for 13 years and now dating... I just HAD to get rid of this thing on my neck! I hate it! It's unsightly and I'm convinced it's a turn off.

I sterilized my nail clippers and decided to read up on others methods and experiences... And ICE, totally forgot that I could numb it. Wow, so simple.

Here's goes nuthin'! (snip! )

Thank you!

Replied by Nomoretags!
(Washington DC)

holy. Crap. I have had one of these in a..... delicate area since I was a kid and as I got older it was always so embarassing in intimate situations. I was too embarassed to go get anything done about it (and to be honest didn't even really know what it was.... I thought it was just some kind of weird mole) and once I found this website within ten minutes it was gone! Ice. Sterlized nail scissors. Neosporin and a bandage. Done. THANK YOU!

Posted by Julie (Chicago, IL) on 07/23/2008

After I finished cutting off two skin tags from my thigh, I had to laugh at the remark Anne from Cleveland made -- "just cut the thing off!", because that's what I ended up doing and it was no big deal at all, but I thought it would be until I cut off the first one and the second tag was easy as well. First, cleanse the area thoroughly and let dry. Make sure you have sanitized the scissors you will be using (straight scissors are preferred). I used a small scissors that had never been used before. Also, take ice and numb the tag right before and cut off quickly. Easy! The results were great. A little bleeding which stopped with minimal compression with a cotton ball, cleanse and bandage. Both areas are healing fine (day after) and no problems.

I tried the string method with no luck for a while and grew tired of waiting.

Scissor method is quick and easy with instant results. I an very happy with results.

Replied by Kathleen
(Merced, Ca)

I had a fairly large skin tag right below my eye that had been there for years and years that I did not like at all. Reading these posts I was trying the apple cider vinegar, also tea tree oil for a week or so, and not seeing any results. I also caught the glint of my finger nail clippers and decided I would do it, though I was scared, so I asked my husband do it. I felt almost nothing, and it was gone!! There was a dot of a scab for a few days. It left no mark! I couldn't believe it could be that simple! I've waited a month to write this but my skin is absolutely fine and it shows no sign of returning. Thank you Earth Clinic and everybody who shared their experiences.

Replied by Mmb
(Geneva, Il)

DID IT!! Read all the posts re: just cutting the darn thing off. Cleaned sharp hair scissors & tweezers w/ alcohol... Husband gripped and pulled tag away from skin w/ tweezers, and he snipped it off w/ the scissors. I used ice on it for about 10 SECONDS before he did this. I am not kidding you, it did not hurt at all... As a matter of fact, I didn't even know he had cut it off.... A little bleeding, but i'm 'neosporined/bandaded' up! I cannot believe I went this long w/ tags.... Don't hesitate trying this method!

Replied by Vanessa

I had a skintag in my arm pit that had been bothering me for a while. I read posts above and decided to try.

I just iced the area for three minutes with an ice cube and sterilized a regular pair of scissors. The skintag was kind of wide at the base so I decided to twist it. Everyone was right! Very little pain and small amount of bleeding!! Yay!!

Posted by Anne (Cleveland, OH) on 04/03/2008

I had several small skin tags on my neck and a larger one on my breast. Since I am impatient I snipped the ones on my neck with sterilized cuticle cutters. I do not recommend nail clippers as they are all curved and you need something straight. I suppose nail scissors would work but I prefer something that you just compress and it is done. I decided that since the one on my breast was larger and in a more sensitive area I would try a combination of methods. I tried the iodine method along with tying. Within days it did turn dark purple but within a week it started oozing blood. I decided enough was enough. I put ice on it for 10 minutes and then snipped it right off. I didn't feel a thing. I wasn't even sure that I had gotten it until I moved the cutters and found the tag on the cutters. That would be my suggestion . . . just cut the darn things off!

Replied by Ruffnreddy
(Oakland, Ca)

Anne-- I used nail clippers with phenomenal success!

I sounded just awful, that little meaty snip but, it's GONE! And only took a split second (plus the hours of nervous deliberation). Relatively painless, a little neosporin, a band-aid and voila!

But, I did it! I cut the darn thing off!

Thanks for the words of "can do! " to everyone!

Replied by Claire
(Williamsburg, Virginia)

I had skin tags about three years ago on my inner thigh about three inches away from my private area. Went to the dermatologist and she numbed the area and snipped them off. Got another skin tag around the same area about a year ago. It was getting a little bigger so I knew it was time for it to go. After reading the posts here, I just decided snipping it was the quickest method. I just cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol, pulled the tag away from the skin with twizzers, and cut it off with nail scissors. It did not hurt at all. I dabbed some peroxide on it and applied pressure on the bleeding, then rubbed on some neosporin and put a round band aid on it. Would never hesitate to use this method again-just sorry I waited so long to do it.

Scissors, Nail Clippers or String

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Posted by Gwen (New York) on 06/17/2013

For years I have had about 9 skin tags on various parts of my body, and they have always driven me nuts. Four of them are large-ish (about 1cm), 3 are small, and 2 are tiny. Two of them are "down there, " around my pubic hair, and one is right in the middle of my cleavage, so I am particularly self-conscious of those ugly ones. Well, I should say "were", not "are" because some are already gone, thanks to the posts here which inspired me!

Since I found the experiences of others so helpful and inspirational, I'll share mine in detail as well in the hope that it can help someone else.

I really wanted them gone but could not afford to have a doctor do it since it's not covered by insurance. So I came to earthclinic. I first tried tea tree oil, as recommended here, because I had some in the house and I do not mind the smell at all. I applied twice a day to all 9 skin tags and covered with a band-aid for 3 days. I didn't notice any change whatsoever. No drying, no discoloration. Nothing.

I was next going to try to get some ACV and try that, but I was emboldened by what others wrote here and so I figured I would try the scissors. Believe me, I figured I was the LAST person who could do something like that--I get extremely squeamish about cutting and bleeding and stuff. But I wanted them gone SO badly and other posts here were very reassuring and said it really was no big deal.

I decided to first try the one in my cleavage and the one on my VERY upper thigh/pubic area, for two reasons: (1) they were both on the largish side and I REALLY hated them, and (2) although the tags were large, they both narrowed dramatically near the skin and were actually attached to my body by a rather tiny flap of skin. So I figured they were a good place to start.

I first tried the cleavage one with a nail clippers cleaned with rubbing alcohol. I thought the nail clippers would make it easier and feel sort of more "removed" from the process. But the curve of the clippers was totally wrong for the job and completely mismatched the curve of my body, and it actually mangled the job a bit. Nothing that won't heal, just more drama than necessary--the clippers scraped the skin to the left and right of the tag, creating an even bigger place to heal. BUT... They did do the job, and quickly. That one is GONE! There are lots of people here who said there was practically no blood, but I did not have the same experience. There was blood. Not a lot, but not a little either. I pressed a cotton ball soaked with alcohol on it for a few minutes, then applied neosporin and a band-aid.

Next up--the one on my thigh. This time I decided to pass on the clippers and go with scissors. I used nail scissors that were pretty sharp. This one was a piece of cake. One quick snip and that hated thing was GONE TOO! This one bled about the same, but again an alcohol soaked cotton ball and a band-aid did the trick.

Those were 4 days ago. Both spots are almost completely healed--the thigh one even more so than the breast one because of the extra damage done by the nail clippers. I can not believe I don't have those skin tags any more. I have been looking at them and hating them for years. I am SO happy.

So then, I wanted to tackle the largest one, which is (was) just at the top of my pubic area. I REALLY wanted this one gone, but did not think I could deal with cutting it because the base of it--where it attached to my body--was not narrow but wide. So for this one I decided to try the string method.

I used dental floss and it was slightly uncomfortable, but I could deal. I added new floss each day, making it a bit tighter each time, for three days, but saw very little change. There was no discoloration as others had reported. Perhaps if I had had more patience and kept going, it would have worked. But I was so happy having the others gone, that I wanted quick results with this one too.

It did seem like the tying had narrowed the base a bit, so I decided to go for the cutting, this time using a scalpel-like tool I have for working with leather. I sterilized the scalpel with rubbing alcohol and this time, because of the size, I iced the area for about 10 minutes and gave a little spritz of numbing spray. The tag was still tied off so I just grabbed it firmly in one hand, held my breath, and sliced quickly with the other.

It didn't hurt a bit, and in a flash it was gone. Now, this one DID bleed, more than a little. Comparable to a bad cut. But I pressed the alcohol-soaked cotton ball on it for a few minutes, then dressed it with a gauze bandage covered in neosporin and taped down with surgical tape.

That was about 3 hours ago. The numbing stuff wore off at least 2 hours ago and while it is VERY slightly sore, I really barely feel anything. I'll change the dressing in the morning--this one left a small hole, about the size of a lentil, so it's going to actually take some healing. But that horrible thing is GONE GONE GONE!!! I am beyond thrilled. The whole enterprise was entirely worth it and I am so glad I did it.

I just have one more on my back that I really want to get rid of. I *think* I can reach it with my scalpel or scissors and it is not too wide at the base so it should be pretty easy. I also took off the very tiny ones which were actually harder to do because they were so small, but virtually painless. Then there are just the three on my side, by my ribs, which will be the last to go. But go they will--I now know there is absolutely no reason to live with these things. If you can stand the tiniest pinch and a little bit of blood, all of which is over in an instant, then you can do it too. Just be sure to keep everything super sterilized.

Good luck!

Skin Tag Theories

Posted by Uncle Albert (Outland, Mn, USA) on 09/23/2012

They occur where the skin has been stretched too thin somehow. This is why they are most common in areas which also have stretch marks. I have use ice, dry ice and cryo-wart freeze products to numb them and prevent bleeding, but I would not use a nail clippers. They may crush the tissue more than cut.

Replied by Dianamarie
(Tampa, Florida)

im so scared to do it I had a skin tag for 4 years and every summer im embarrassed I cant cut it.... too afraid please can someone tell me what to do after cutting it .??

Skin Tag Theories
Posted by Becky (Cottonwood, Az) on 09/06/2011

Skin tags are caused by too much sugar. Diabetics get a lot of skin tags and if you are hypoglycemic or hypothyroid you will see them appear when you over do the sugar. I don't know(or can't remember)why but my husband will get them when he is on an ice cream/sweet run; eating something sweet every night for a couple of months until he can break the habit and then tags will go away. I too have experienced this - usually around Christmas when more sweets are around. Most hypothyroidism leads to diabetis and heart disease. Check out Dr. Mark Starr's excellent book, Hypothyroidism type 2, The Epidemic.

Replied by Grandmajia
(Wellman, Iowa, Usa)

I am diabetic and eat absolutely no sugar at all. This is how I control my diabetes. I have never eaten sugar because it makes me sick. However, I DO have skin tags. So how does that fit? Also, my mother-in-law was diabetic and lived on sugar but had no skin tags. Are we just weird?

Replied by Stuman
(Oceanside, Ca)

It's Dec 29 and I just noticed some new skin tags on my neck. One in particular is large and itchy; it wasn't there last month. The association between sugar and skin tags seems to be true for my body type. During this holiday season, I've been drinking ginger beer which has a lot of sugar.

On another note, Lugol's iodine does remove the skin tags but it takes over a week of daily application for them to fall off.

Skin Tag Theories
Posted by John (Russellville, Arkansas ) on 08/27/2011

Dr. Jonathan Wright noticed several years ago that skin tags increasing on the body can possible indicate that diabetes will develop within several years. Make sure that your blood sugar is stable and your diet is good if skin tags suddenly start to pop up.

Skin Tag Theories
Posted by Lola (Fairfax, VA) on 02/22/2009

There's been some studies that show skin tags being associated with the body not being able process insulin correctly. I have PCOS, a condition that causes insulin resistance among many other symptoms. Many women that I know with this condition have skin tags, and so do many other people who are pre diabetic or have syndrome x which is also related to the body not being able to process sugar and insulin correctly. Having large amount of heavy metals in the body may also cause it, but I have been using natural deodorants for years and still get them.

Skin Tag Vs Basal Cell Carcinoma

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Posted by Wisdom Ace (Port Huron, Michigan) on 12/26/2012

I had a skin tag removed from my eyelid. It was in between eyelashes. After the Dr. removed it with lazer, he sent it away to be tested and it came back as basal cell carcinoma and they did the surgery again to remove more tissue to get back to non-cancerous normal tissue. As a result, I have no eyelashes in that area. So approximately 1/8 inch of my eyelid is bald now but no return of the skin tag. the skin tag was approximately 1/8 in inch long before it was removed. Very small.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Angie (Georgia) on 05/07/2020

Tea Tree Oil worked for me.

I had a skin tag under my eye for a few years and it suddenly started growing. That's when I decided I had to try to get rid of it. I used a cotton swab with a drop of tea tree oil and dabbed only the skin tag because I knew from a past experience the tea tree oil could redden the surrounding skin. In just a couple of days it scabbed over and I just scratched the dry skin off. It was small after that so I continued dabbing and a couple days later the rest scratched right off.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jaja (Chicago) on 03/20/2016

I had a cluster of skin tags in my armpit where the skin becomes irritated from my bra. The largest one was about the size a 2 grains of rice. I tried tea tree oil and it was 100% successful.

Because I'm impatient, I went with undiluted tea tree oil. I put some on a cotton ball and then taped the cotton ball to the armpit and wore it all day. (At first I used a band-aid, but the tea tree oil literally dissolved the band-aid. Then I switched to a cotton ball secured with the white medical tape.)

Two drawbacks in doing it this way - it irritates your skin badly and you smell strongly of tea tree oil. Under the cottonball, the skin area became red and scaly and raw, and of course so did the skin tags. After 4-7 days of this, they all basically dissolved. However it was a little painful due to the irritation, especially the skin tags themselves were painful during treatment as the outer layers of skin just basically peeled away. Months later, they are starting to come back, so to manage them I will now use a q-tip and apply the tea tree oil just to the skin tag each night before bed. This way I avoid smelling too much like tea tree oil during the day and it is not as painful as the extreme cotton ball method.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Crazymama73 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 02/27/2012

I just wanted to say thank you soon much for this website. I can't tell you how often I am on here finding answers on ways to help my family out with one ailment or another. I just recently tried tee tree oil on a skin tag and it fell off in 1 1/2 days!

My sister had a red irritated eye and I suggested the steeped green tea remedy and she called me the following day to let me know it worked.

Thank you again for this site, it is very resourceful and allows us to empower ourselves with useful knowledge!

Replied by Kitty
(Rancho Cordova, Ca, Usa)

Tea Tree Oil did NOT work for me! I happened to have some on hand and tried it for over 2 weeks. It was a waste of time. (It stinks, in more than one way... It didn't work for me! )

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