Natural Cures for Skin Tags

Coconut Oil
Posted by Suzanne (Norman, Ok) on 09/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Rub skin tags with tiny amount coconut oil twice a day. It works slowly but it does get rid of them.

Dry Ice
Posted by Ckeller (Lake Placid) on 09/02/2017

I think you maybe right about the sugar and skin tags. I used to have some and they were itchy. I cut out using any sugar because of cancer and since then the skin tags have all gone away.

Zinc Sulfate
Posted by Cdawson (Sc) on 08/25/2017
5 out of 5 stars

When my son had a wart that wouldn't go away through over the counter meds and then freezing, I went to a dermatologist. She suggested Zinc Sulfate. In two day his wart of 4 years was gone. I began taking the supplement to see if it would boost my immunity, I have Crohns and Arthritis. A surprise! After a few weeks, the several skin tags around my eyes were gone!!! I looked one day, and they were not there!!! I continue to take this supplement because skin tags run rampent in my family. I do have one very tiny one on my eyelids that is not noticable unless you really look and I'm wearing eyeliner. Zinc Sulfate tablets have worked for me!!!

Oregano Essential Oils
Posted by Faye (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada) on 05/14/2017

I would like to ask for info on removing flat skin tags, the ones that can't be tied off. The tag is nearly 1/4" across and almost the shape of a circle. Unfortunately the tag is on a very obvious place on my face. I have oregano oil on hand that I have been applying for two days. I am wondering if it would be more effective to peel back the top layer of skin so that the oregano oil can soak in faster. I'd appreciate some feedback about this. Thank you!

Dry Ice
Posted by Stuman (Oceanside, Ca) on 12/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Dry ice is effective for removal of skin tags. When applied, I crack the larger piece of dry ice to make a pointed piece that I can hold in a towel. I touch the dry ice to the skin tag until it becomes white and frozen - about 3-5 seconds. The skin tags usually fall off within the week.

This technique has risks for freezer burn of the surrounding skin.

Under the thread skin tag theory I found sugar may be the cause. I thought this was important so I'm posting here as well.

It's Dec 29 and I just noticed some new skin tags on my neck. One in particular is large and itchy; it wasn't there last month. The association between sugar and skin tags seems to be true for my body type. During this holiday season, I've been drinking ginger beer which has a lot of sugar.

Skin Tag Theories
Posted by Stuman (Oceanside, Ca) on 12/29/2016

It's Dec 29 and I just noticed some new skin tags on my neck. One in particular is large and itchy; it wasn't there last month. The association between sugar and skin tags seems to be true for my body type. During this holiday season, I've been drinking ginger beer which has a lot of sugar.

On another note, Lugol's iodine does remove the skin tags but it takes over a week of daily application for them to fall off.

Posted by Stuman (Oceanside, Ca) on 12/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Lugol's iodine 5% does remove the skin tags but for me it took over a week of daily application for them to fall off. I put a mini-drop on each skin tag and let it dry to allow the iodine to concentrate on the skin tag. Sometimes the iodine burns but not always.

I believe the skin tags to be caused by a virus because dry ice will remove skin tags. This technique has more risk due to possible freezer burn of the surrounding skin.

Under the thread skin tag theory I found sugar may be the cause. I thought this was important so I'm posting here as well.

It's Dec 29 and I just noticed some new skin tags on my neck. One in particular is large and itchy; it wasn't there last month. The association between sugar and skin tags seems to be true for my body type. During this holiday season, I've been drinking ginger beer soda and eating other foods loaded with sugar.

Posted by Stuman (Oceanside, Ca) on 12/29/2016

When I apply lugols iodine 5% near my eyes, the vapors cause a slight burning sensation. When iodine is applied to an open wound it causes a severe burning sensation.

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 10/25/2016

Here is a photo of my second big skin tag, removed with black salve. The dead cells of the tag have become a scab which have fallen about the 10th day after applycation.

I tried to overdo with the application the second time so I did put much greater quantity of the salve and bondage it for 24 hours instead of 12-14. It wasn't a good idea. The surrounding area got a small surrounding scab too but came of in just a few days. With carefull small application there is much smaller side effects.

Bloodroot is great and kills the bad tissue more easily than hurting the healthy surrounding tissue.

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 09/26/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had a skin tag about the size of a corn's kernel. I used thuja but the tag was too big. Thuja only removed 1/3 of the tag and nothing from its root. After a month I tried again thuja and ACV but the big tag had become immune!

In just 13 hours of applying bloodroot (or better black salve) the huge tag had withered completely and started forming into a scab. I put a small quantity on the tag and also on the cotton above. Then put some pressure also with a bondage above. I also had filed the tag with a nail's file and did 0.5mm dermarolling on the tag in order to make the skin more permeable for the black salve to penetrate.

For 13 years I had this big annoying tag and now I removed it only in few days with black salve! I didn't pull the scub. Somehow the immune system removes the tag slowly after the application. Not much scarring and burning as some people in youtube make people afraid of bloodroot. Just scarring on the tag. My hair protected the surrounding tissue also from becoming red. No pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mo (Valencia) on 09/01/2016
3 out of 5 stars

I have two skin tags near my anus, after using Apple Cider Vinegar for 5 days, one has turned to gray but other one has become twice as big as before I applied acv,

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bummedout (Ca) on 08/23/2016

Did you ever get an answer? Do anal skin tags turn grey/white before they turn blackish and fall off?

Posted by Nancy (Buena Vista, Co) on 06/26/2016 1 posts

Suffering from skin tags over my life, I thought I would add what I think on the subject. They are caused by the herpes virus in your body, which is in 98 percent of the population. Always use Vaseline to protect your good skin underneath. Once I tried to remove a lump of skin that was in my mouth, pressurized there from wearing braces, detached the corner of my mouth which has been very disfiguring and impossible to fix so far. I try to plump that area with glycerin and exercise. Viruses travel in one direction in the body and you will notice that oftentimes skin tags lean also in one common direction.

I think that applying iodine to skin tags is a great way to introduce iodine into the bloodstream thereby reaching the virus which lives at the base of your spine, manifesting itself as chicken pox, mononucleosis.shingles and in two percent of the population throat cancer.

Be careful with overdosing we all have a "full tank " capacity when it comes to muradic. acid/ iodine. God bless you! 😇.

P.s. T he thyroid regulates the level of iodine to cleanse the blood and calcium to provide energy to the body through the blood so get enough calcium or your blood will leach your teeth and bones to get enough.

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Cristy (Wisconsin) on 05/18/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I am having a hard time getting rid of a skin tag that is on my eye lid. It is directly on top of my lower eye lashes. I do not want to go to the eye doctor and have them cut it out, (which is what they want to do). I have been using rubbing alcohol on it for a couple days and it has shrunk. I am fearful of freezing it and cutting it just because it's so close to my eye. Any other suggestions on what I can do?

In the picture, it appears that one is already turning black, the other one is slowly getting there.

Lavender or Garlic Oil
Posted by Eva (Chicago) on 04/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For skin tags, use Lavender 100% essential oil or 100% garlic oil. The skin tags have roots, feeding off of your capillary blood. These oils kill the roots. Garlic is stronger then Lavender both they both work. Google : what essentials oils remove skin tags?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jaja (Chicago) on 03/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had a cluster of skin tags in my armpit where the skin becomes irritated from my bra. The largest one was about the size a 2 grains of rice. I tried tea tree oil and it was 100% successful.

Because I'm impatient, I went with undiluted tea tree oil. I put some on a cotton ball and then taped the cotton ball to the armpit and wore it all day. (At first I used a band-aid, but the tea tree oil literally dissolved the band-aid. Then I switched to a cotton ball secured with the white medical tape.)

Two drawbacks in doing it this way - it irritates your skin badly and you smell strongly of tea tree oil. Under the cottonball, the skin area became red and scaly and raw, and of course so did the skin tags. After 4-7 days of this, they all basically dissolved. However it was a little painful due to the irritation, especially the skin tags themselves were painful during treatment as the outer layers of skin just basically peeled away. Months later, they are starting to come back, so to manage them I will now use a q-tip and apply the tea tree oil just to the skin tag each night before bed. This way I avoid smelling too much like tea tree oil during the day and it is not as painful as the extreme cotton ball method.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cassie (Houston) on 12/08/2015

Have a dog that has one, it has gotten very large in the last few years and now worried she will snag it. Wondering if this method worked for you on your dog? Thanks!

Oregano Essential Oils
Posted by Specialkincha (Chattanooga, Tn) on 10/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Essential Oils can remove skin tags in no time. Best results I have had are with undiluted organic essential Oregano Oil, dab on tag only trying not to get on healthy tissue twice a day. Tags will turn black and fall off within a week to 10 days. Some people's bodies do not react well to Oregano oil, then I suggest Lemon Oil but it takes 5 weeks sometimes for the skin tags to fall off.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Andrew (Cambridge) on 09/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

For a fast and easy solution, pick up some apple cider vinegar from your local supermarket. You should have no trouble finding it, because it is a common cooking ingredient. In fact, if you Google the words apple cider vinegar, you will find that there are thousands of results relating to home remedies of all shapes and sizes apple cider vinegar is extremely versatile.

It works for getting rid of skin tags because it is so acidic. However, this does mean that it should never be used to eradicate skin tags on or around the eyes. For effective removal, all you have to do is carefully clean the area in question just do this as you usually would, with a mix of mild soap and water.

Once completely dry, dab a cotton ball in a small bowl of apple cider vinegar. Use your fingertips to squeeze out the excess liquid and then hold the cotton ball firm against the skin tag. You need to keep it there for approximately 10-15 minutes, so it could be useful to stick it to the skin with a bandage or plaster and then get on with another task.

To start getting rid of skin tags on your body, you need to do this three times every day for a 1-2 weeks (or until you can see the bit of skin start to darken in color, shrivel, and then fall off. There should be no pain involved with this home remedy, but if you do have any small cuts or scratches around the area which you are treating, you might find that the apple cider vinegar stings a little.

I had this problem in the past and I want to share some of my experiences.

All the best, Andrew

The Fingernail Clipper Snipping Method
Posted by Rose-marie (North Island, Nz) on 09/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

The nail clipper method is easy and simple (and fun! ). I make sure the clippers are sterilized, just one snip and its done. No worse than a pin-prick really!

I always swab it with iodine afterwards.

Yes, it does bleed, but thats a good thing too. A tiny scab forms where the deed has been done.

Posted by Gokhals (Ca) on 09/17/2015 36 posts

You are very likely allergic to egg "white", not egg yolk. Try separating and eating just the yolks. They are extremely nutritious - its sad that people who are allergic to egg white, feel they cannot eat egg yolk either. Throw out the egg white or give it to a family member who can eat whites.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Liz (Alberta) on 05/27/2015
1 out of 5 stars

I was very hopeful about trying ACV to treat my anal skin tag, which has been around since my daughter was born over 10 years ago. I just wanted things to get back to normal on by bottom. Probably one last grasp to retain my youthful state of being.

Well, after 6 days I had to stop. Not only did my skin tag not fade away, turn black and fall off or any of the other exciting things people said happened, the ACV seemed to have irritated the area so much that my hemorrhoids came back in full force, which is funny because other forums report ACV helping treat hemorrhoids.

My bottom is raw and inflamed with hemorrhoids - I thought the skin tag was interfering with my sex life!

Possibly if I kept going maybe something would have happened, but it seems counter productive to be trying to fix one problem and bring on a few more. Not to mention, the pain seemed awfully punishing (possibly for stupidity) and I have an extremely high tolerance for pain.

Maybe it has worked for some but for others like me - wish I would have just stuck with the ugly skin tag. At least I wouldn't have to be having 3 sitz baths a day and using aloe vera, witch hazel, Destin, and whatever other products 5 times a day to try to fix this mess before I go away for the weekend.

Vanity will get you in the butt every time.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lala (Illinois ) on 05/26/2015

Help please! I used to get constipated a lot a few years ago and now I have horrible anal tags around my anus. I want to get rid of them so much, but I don't have money for surgery, and I'm too scared to cut them off. Does Apple Cidar Vinagar work? what are the steps I should follow to make it work?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Phoebe (Manchester) on 05/01/2015
0 out of 5 stars

UPDATE so, I applied the apple cider vinegar pads again, for the THIRD time yesterday and it burnt like CRAZY. I read that when it was burning it was working, so I sat uncomfortably for another 2 hours which were agony.

Day 2: I had a look at me behind and noticed a complete disaster. my tag wasn't white, black, shrunk or anything like I'd been expecting it to be - just bright red, swollen and very angry. all the skin around my anus has been BURNT by the apple cider vinegar which is complete pain, its scabby and dry. surprisingly the the tag itself doesn't hurt so much when I touch it, it's soft fleshy skin, not burnt.

I'm slightly confused? I am giving it a rest for today and will have a bath to soften the dried out and sore skin the ACV seems to have given a chemical burn to. I have a feeling I'm going to abandon this remedy and opt for another that I have seen on a different forum: Silicone Scar Gel.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Phoebe (Manchester) on 04/30/2015

I've had what I can only assume to be an anal skin tag/sentinel tag for a few years now. it started off small, but gradually got bigger and I'm certain it's due to struggling to pass stool, so the skin stretched and never stretched back, leaving a hanging skin tag at the top of my anus.

Its not painful at all, has never been sore but it bothers me what it looks like down there!

I would never consider surgery and I'm far too scared to try anything like cutting it off or tying it off with thread or floss just in case it complicates and becomes worse, so I'm trying the apple cider vinegar method.

Day 1: I got a cotton wool pad and soaked in apple cider vinegar. I squeeze out excess and folded in half, small enough to fit over my anal tag.

I got a second clean, dry cotton wool pad and secured it over the top of the first. I then stuck it on with medical tape and kept it there for 1 hour.

I removed the apple cider pads every time I went to the toilet and re applied them. After 3-4 hours it started to sting a little which is when I took it off.

Results: I have not yet noticed any results but I am planning on repeating this process (maybe prolonging the tags exposure to the vinegar) everyday until I get results.

I will keep you updated! Wish me luck.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Glori (Uk) on 01/23/2015

Embarressed Girl LA ..Any update?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sewak (Uk) on 12/28/2014

Hi, I have a skin tag that is about 6mm, will apple cider remedy or the cotton thread methods work on tag this large. The tag is just above the groin area. Appreciate any advice - thanks.


The Tweezer Method
Posted by Art (California) on 09/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I recently noticed two small skin tags on my neck. I cleaned the area and my pointed tweezers with hydrogen peroxide and then tweezed them as close as I could to the normal skin by squeezing the tweezers hard and pulling at the same time. Both skin tags came off easilly and then I cleaned up the tiny amount of blood with a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide and that was it.

That was about two weeks ago and you can't tell where those skin tags used to be. Art

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