Skin Infection Remedies

Charcoal Poultice

Posted by Randy (N. Baltimore, Oh, Usa) on 07/14/2012

Can I use a charcoal poultice on an infected area while taking the antibiotic Cipro?

Replied by Lisa
Jacksonville, Fl

Yes, my daughter and I both used topical applications while taking an antibiotic. It should speed healing. I used turmeric, silver cream, file and iodine also.

Replied by Matt
Somerville, Alabama / USA

Don't take the Cipro. It is a member of the flouroquinolones class of antibiotics. These antibiotics cause significant damage to many systems in your body for a significant percentage of people who take them. The percentage of people harmed is much higher than the few percent reported on the black box warnings. The effects are commonly seen weeks or months later and may require more than one round of treatment before they are seen. My daughter spent nearly 2 years suffering horribly from this drug. There are other much safer more effective antibiotics.

Replied by Jenn
Coborra, Australia

Cipro: I looked up to see if this was the same antibiotic that I am taking and it is Ciprofloxin. I was taking Cleocin for 4 months and it killed off my bug ..initially they all work but then I have a swab done and I have a new pathogen. My latest is the one that causes Gangrene.( pathogen Aeruginosa).and all they can offer me now are daily injections of the following : ceftazadine, timentin, tobramycine or gentamycine.

I hate needles and have in my mind somewhere that colloidal silver kills this pathogen..If this is so, can someone tell me where in Australia I could obtain this without going into bankruptcy ?

Our local health food shops charge over the top premium prices to buy anything and I thought awhile back you could make it yourself ? Can it be done and how ? Thanks.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc


You do need colloidal silver as you surmise. And you will need a lot. See my Video on top of Earth Clinic home page and how to make it is simple. A devise costs less than 100 dollars. Also I wrote an article on CS under the Remedies section here on EC.

Diaper Rash Cream

Posted by Susie (Florida) on 08/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

For years I suffered from skin fold infections which actually led to cellulitis and landed me in the hospital several times for weeks and on antibiotics, which lead yeast to infections and trying all kinds of medications and ointments with no relief from of any kind. It was a roller coaster. Then finally one day I was reading and came across an article on skin fold infections that recommend ed diaper rash ointment and I thought I tried everything else so might as well try this too.

So I did and wow it worked I finally found relief. I would just gently clean the area not to cause weeping to the area. I take a tiny amount of Destin and apply it gently rubbing it into the skin fold The ointment kept it from sweating and after a few days, it was looking good. I continue to rub some in the fold daily to keep it from starting again. I hope it helps someone. God bless.

Echinacea Root

Posted by Kgd (Saint Louis, Mo) on 02/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had skin problems that got gradually worse over a 20 year period during my 20's, 30's & 40's. It manifested in several different ways...

1. acute skin infections mainly on upper legs and butt that would quickly swell up larger than a pimple but smaller than a boil... Topical tea tree oil would dry these out quickly. Otherwise the infections would remain and get larger eventually erupting like a giant pimple

2. a dense cluster of seemingly benign red spots on lower legs and ankles that didn't change very much and itched very little.

3. more recently... extreme sudden itching on the forearms and back of neck with no visible rash that could be relieved only by directly rubbing with freshly cut garlic

I was looking for remedies in a James Duke herbal remedy book and had the insight that this might be a systemic yeast infection manifesting through the skin.

I tested some of his remedies in isolation like high daily doses of garlic added to juice for 3 weeks then high doses of goldenseal for 3 weeks. These worked great, especially goldenseal, but the skin infections came raging back within a week after stopping each herb.

Then I tried echinacea root. I had been effectively using it to stop acute respiratory infections since 1996 by chewing a pinch of dried root for 45 minutes - typically once a day for 1-5 days at a time.

Since some people say it's OK to use it for up to 3 weeks before it loses effectiveness, I got the idea to do exactly that in August 2012. The skin infections stopped - even the spots on my lower legs that had been there for almost 20 years. Then I stopped the echinacea after 3 weeks and there was no rebound effect. Apparently the echinacea killed the microbe populations that were causing 3 different types of skin infections. I had 3 full months of relief. The tea tree oil bottle gathered dust because I didn't need it. During December the symptoms gradually returned so I did another 3-week round of echinacea in January.

In the central US you can just grow a patch of echinacea (purple coneflower) in your yard, then cut, dry, and store one root at a time as needed. It doesn't take very much, and a small amount stored in a sealed jar can last for several years without deteriorating.

French Green Clay

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 04/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter had an infected big toe. It was swollen and very painful to the touch. I mixed equal parts of French green clay and water into a small mug. When the clay was the consistency of mud, I spread some on her toe. I covered that with a piece of paper towel and covered that with plastic. I used cohesive tape to keep it all secure. I used this protocol over night a few nights and for a while during the day for a couple of days. After a few days there was no more pain, heat, or swelling!

French green clay is one of my favorite remedies now! (Thanks Mmsg! )

I love inexpensive, easy, safe and simple remedies!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Yes, MtM, I love to experiment with all these wonderful ideas on EC, but if nothing works for a particular ailment, I tend to go back to the Clay. I've seen it work too many times to ignore for long!

Garlic and Onion Poultice

Posted by Yanny (El Paso, Tx) on 01/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Father had infected blister on ear lobe. Gramother -Native American/Mexican's recipe to clear boils and skin infection as follows. This is a homemade antifungal antibacterial application. Gram said no one ran to a drug store.

Take 1 TBSP of macerated-mashed/crushed whole fresh garlic, combine with 1 Tablespoon for finely mashed onion. Combine along with 1/2 apple cider vinegar, mix together with pinch of neosporin cream to combine. Apply over boil or skin infection-Cover overnight with absorbent pad. Repeat every other night. By Third application- Infection will be drawn out and skin will lift- producing new skin underneath. Carefully use antiseptically clean tweezer-dipped in Alcohol to remove dead skin and Q-tips to remove infected material that will ooze and surface on to material used to cover. Once removed, Combine, neosporin with Orangic Olvera gel to refresh and moisturize area. Dad's dermo was shocked and in disbelief when he saw my dad's new skin on his ear and ear lobe. Manuka honey can also be used to moisturize area after infection has cleared.

Replied by Hol
Eleuthera, Bahamas

Got Uti... Drink Onion juice.. it works!!! Even overnight, I couldn't believe how strong onion juice could be but a friend told me to try it and it works amazingly well! She also told me Garlic is even stronger for fighting infections, I just hate the scent, but I'm gonna try them both for 14 days-a month.

Replied by Jenn
Cobbora, Australia

Hi! ....the cure of your dad's earlobe sounds wonderful but just need to your remedy it states 1/2 Apple Cider, but in what quantity ? 1/2 tablespoon or 1/2 cup? Thanks in advance!!

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Geneaum (San Diego, Ca) on 06/20/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I'm surprised H2O2 doesn't get more attention on EC. Used in conjunction with DMSO (which gets the peroxide into the skin) will quickly nuke a skin infection.

I let the dmso/peroxide stay on the skin for a while. After the bubbling stops I mix colloidal silver gel with calendula gel (remarkable stuff! ) and apply. Cover with a large gauze to keep clothing from rubbing on the area. Has worked many times.

Posted by Michelle (New York, NY) on 09/04/2013

For skin infections and folliculitis: Hydrogen peroxide is very helpful for diminishing the size of skin infections. I also believe it speeds recovery time. It is also a gentler (but not less effective) alternative to rubbing alcohol for those with sensitive skin. Hope this helps!

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx
1 out of 5 stars

My son once scraped his temple area on a picnic table (he fell). I put hydrogen peroxide on it. It got way worse! The ER doctor told me to never use it on the face area.

Posted by Khalisa (Memphis, Tennessee) on 10/04/2007
5 out of 5 stars

After using Nair hair remover on my bikini area, I developed a HUGE disgusting "razor" bump in a very embarrassing place. I immediately went online to find out how to get rid of it and all sites said "leave it alone" That the ingrown hair will eventually force it's way out. So I did. And 2 days later it was even bigger and I could see that it was infected (was like big puss bubble. Yes - GROSS). So since I use Peroxide on everything else that ails me i said why not. I soaked a cotton ball in H2O2 and used a band aid to secure it in that spot overnight. By morning, that bump had shrunk to at least 3/4 of its original size and all that infection was out of it. Now all I have to do is fish the hair out, but the peroxide worked GREAT. I LOVE H2O2. I have also used it as a mouthwash for years. About 10 yrs ago my dentist prescibed an expensive mouth wash for me (Periodox) and seeing that H202 was the main ingredient, I started rinsing with Wal-Mart grade and saved myself $38.02 a month. My mouth is in excellent health and my dentist STILL doesn't know I dumped his expensive prescription years ago.

Replied by Carlos
Dallas, Tx

I had a pretty big pus ball as well. I used this hydrogen peroxide method and left it there with a bandaid overnight. I took a normal shower in the morning and with minimal poking the pus and blood came out on its own. It is still a bit swollen, and I still cannot see the hair. But I will continue using this method until, I can see the hair. Thanks so much for the help!

Oregano Oil

Posted by Jeff (Oak Ridge, Tn - Tennessee) on 09/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I recently fell 30 feet off a ladder shattering both my feet and severely breaking my left ankle. After two surgeries to fix my left ankle, I started to get an infection in the hole my bone popped through. My doctor gave me some antibiotics to take for 5 days. Shortly after taking all the meds, the infection got worse and spread to the surgical incision. A friend recommended using oil of oregano to battle the infection. I started taking 3 drops 4 times a day under my tongue. Within 2 weeks my infection was gone and the wound itself was reduces by more than half. Needless to say this has won me over to natural remedies.

Replied by Joi
Hastings, Mn
1 out of 5 stars


Poster stated he put oil of oregano under his tongue. Do NOT EVER take it this way. Taking straight oregano oil without diluting will burn you and it is not necessary to take it subligual to achieve results. This is a very powerful herb.

Replied by Mesem
Riez, France

So I thought I'd try oregano and increase garlic uptake. So what do you do with the oregano oil then, how is it best to take this? The guy who recommended taking it under his toungue seems to have done fine! I only took antibiotics for a week.

Replied by Mitch
Comox, British Columbia

@Joi from MN, the best way to take Oil of Oregano is under the tongue, full strength. Although it is VERY strong, and yes it can "bite" you. There are many sites that state taking it under the tongue for maximum results. Extra strength & Ultra Strength Oil of Oregano should be diluted if you are using as a topical application (rubbing it into skin). But internally it doesn't have to be diluted.

Replied by Njboesman
Westwood , Nj

I would have to disagree with the "full strength" comment when taking OO sublingually...I have tried this method and even 2 drops is beyond anyones tolerance. I found it best to dilute in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) at a ratio of 5:1.

Sublingual adminstration is best as it bypasses the GI tract and is therefore better absorbed. OO is serious stuff and needs to be respected as such. My advice would be to experiment with a one drop mixed with 2 drops of EVO. Try it that way and you will see why it needs to be @ a 5:1 ratio. I made the mistake of 2 drops straight and I was in pain beyond belief, and I LOVE hot spicy food but this was unbearable. Start slowly and see what your tolerence is....

Replied by Joi

Under the tongue.... Dilute, dilute, dilute with olive oil or coconut oil. Just because you can't see the burn, you are burning. Ridiculous arguement as it works diluted also. Spare yourself the pain!

Replied by Oregano Capsule User
Cabarrus County, Nc
5 out of 5 stars

Oregano capsules work well for me when I'm fighting bacterial or viral infections without the strong taste, burn, or smell! Available in health food stores near oregano oil.

Replied by Faith

If you use "Oil of Oregano/Oreganol P 73" you do not have to dilute the oil because its proprietary blend is already diluted with extra virgin olive oil!!!

Replied by Killaxheart

5 drops of Oregano Oil topped off with a carrier oil (I use EVOL or Coconut oil) in a vegetable capsule 3x a day will murder whatever nasty infection is creeping around in your body. I swear by it!! I can feel the change in my body after the first dose. Everyone needs it in their medicine cabinet, right next to the Tea Tree & Peppermint 👌🏻

Raw Potato

Posted by Beverly (Elkhart, In) on 03/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My grandson had a huge boil on his butt, I took a raw potato and grated it, put this into a big gauze and taped around the outside edges of the gauze with the potato to his skin, being sure I didn`t tape over the middle of the gauze because the gauze has to be able to breathe to let the air help pull the boil out, the raw potato was wrapped inside the gauze then taped to his skin, that nite he felt it hurt, then the next morning I took off the gauze with the raw potato off of his skin, the potato had turned black, which is what it was suppose to do, this meant it was working,

I cleaned the yucky mess from where the potato had pulled out the core with hydrogen peroxide, he healed up in one week completely, and if you feel you want to do another raw potato, this would be safe if only you feel it needs it again.I even did this to my husbands 4 toes on his one foot, he had infection on all 4 toes, he had something at work drop on his toes, I took a large gauze big enough to cover all 4 toes with the raw grated potatoes and lots of it, with tape and a sock to help hold it on, next morning his toes were pus looking and yucky from where the infection was pulled out, I cleaned his toes up with hydrogen peroxide every day and covered them in a plain gauze to keep them clean, no more potatoes though because the potatoes had pulled out the infection that one nite, he healed up within one week.

And then I myself had a splinter in the bottom of my foot from last summer for a whole year, it kept hurting and going deeper into my foot, I finally could not walk for the pain, I took a raw potato for 4 nites in a row, grated the potato and put this into a gauze just big enough of a little square to cover the tiny area, I split open my foot where I wanted the potato to pull out the splinter, just a very tiny slit to get the juice from the raw potato to get into under my skin, the potato turned black every nite after each time I did this and it would hurt but it would hurt less each time, finally I pulled off the potato gauze for the fourth day in the morning and found I tiny piece of dried up skin which had a very tiny piece of a wood splinter I had gotten from last summer, I took this off and I no longer hurt at all, I only had to do this at night, not during the day, I did this all because of a tiny piece of splinter you would think would not hurt anyone.

Replied by Lee Ann

Thank you for this information. I had forgotten that my mom put raw potato on my skinned knees. Now I will try this behind my ear and see if it works. Thanks again.

Posted by Lisa C (Louisiana) on 02/06/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hey ya'll. Fastest cure for drawing out an infection? Potato.

I have been dealing with an infection on my hand for over a week and nothing was improving. In fact, it was swelling so much and spread so deep it was making my bones and joints hurt. I was trying everything since the swelling and pain was making me miserable, soaks with acv, tumeric, garlic, baking soda...basically just about every remedy that's listed here. Finally, I got sick of how painful it was and asked a family friend to help me lance the worst area. Well, we couldn't get deep enough even with the sharpest lancet. Ugh.

As I was wrapping my hand in gauze, thinking 'crap, now I will have to go see the doctor', friend said: Put a slice of potato on the spot and wrap it in place overnight.

Well, when I got home, took the smallest russet potato I could find, cut off a quarter size slice from the end, so that the skin part is still on there. Scored hatch marks on the pulp of the potato, placed over the worst of the infection and wrapped it all in place with self sticking gauze, and went to bed. By the way, I wrapped the remaining potato and stuck it in the fridge.

This morning, the potato slice was black and holy moley...the infection is just sitting at the top of this boil like 'Hey, I'm ready to leave'. A gentle squeezing push of this nasty stuff under lukewarm running water...and it's so much better already. I still have some more infection lower down (I can feel it), so I sliced off another quarter size off the other end of the potato and covered the area with the potato and a bandage and wrapped again. As soon as most of the swelling and pain is gone, I will continue treating the area with antibiotic ointment and other open wound remedies. Hopefully this helps someone else with boils/skin infections. Remember to disinfect and keep all deep wounds clean and covered until full dermal healing. Peace.

Posted by Newallalyn (Newalla, Oklahoma) on 01/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I am very new to this site. I'm going to enjoy reading it though. My remedy might be old news here. I was in my 20's and nursing a baby boy. I took a round of anti-biotics to cure my mastitis infection. Several months later I had another breast infection. This time the infection was much worse.

My husband talked to a Native American woman at work who gave some great advice for infections. I visited my Dr.again and again she gave me antibiotics. But before I took them I thought I would give the alternative way a try. The information this woman gave my husband worked!! I took a clean potato and cut a nice slice from the middle and put it on my breast infection. I think the slice was about a quarter to a half inch thick. I put the slice directly on my infected breast and held it in place with my nursing bra. I woke up the next morning and ALL the infection was gone. I did not use the antibiotics for mastitis again. I hope this helps!


Posted by Dean (Phuket, Thailand) on 11/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a hard year with a wandering itchy rash and many changing symptoms and plan to visit your clinic. While in a villiage near Tasala in NSTammerat a lady saw my weeping sores on my feet and went off and got me a bright yellow powder and mixed it with coconut oil and applied a thick paste on the feet.

Wthin a few days the sores had dried, but the itch still means I scratch them ( not hard) in deep sleep, and they open up very quickly again.

The powders name she called "supan'', said as in Supan Buri. She said the supan was a type of tree. She pulverizes and dries its inner bark to a powder.

Old sanskrit defines 'Suphan' as gold. I can find no other reference to it except this colour. Its a very effective skin drying agent, and so cheap she gave me a pack.

EC: Hi Dean,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback!

As an FYI, Earth Clinic does not own or operate any clinics in Thailand or elsewhere in the world. It is solely a web site based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Please do let us know if someone is using the Earth Clinic name to operate some kind of a clinic.

Sinus Flooding

Posted by Sugar Krisp (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 12/12/2010

I found the most amazing cure for my sinus infection on Cure Zone and think that it should be posted here has well. (I know I haven't been posting long enough to post URL's, but I'm hoping the earth clinic staff can find a way to get this information to the EC community) I have been suffering from a disabling sinus infection for 6 months (including the dizziness and fogginess that makes living a normal life nearly impossible. I have tried all remedies that are posted for sinus infection here, all with moderate relief but no cure. Upside down Sinus Flooding has cured me after only 2 days!! The Sinus Flooding process:

In an empty and clean nasal spray bottle:

3% Hydrogen peroxide (regular pharmacy):
Baking soda: One or two pinches. Kosher salt or sea salt: One pinch. OR I use the pre-mixed saline package you buy for the neti pot. Add about 40 parts of saline sol't to one part H2O2 (in my 3oz nasal spray bottle this is about one cap full)

I place a towel and a tissue nearby and then stand over my sink and point my forehead down into my sink. I forcefully spray the mixture into each nostril to force the antiseptic mixture around any swollen turbinates or polyps. After my Nasal Passages fill up, additional spraying may cause the mixture to come out the other nostril. I make sure that the container tip is firmly implanted in my nose so that it's difficult for the liquid to come back out of that nostril. If it stings, I wait for the stinging to subside and then repeat the forceful spraying, into each nostril, until the sprayer is empty. I keep my head down for a few minutes to let the mixture seep into all areas. A lot of the mixture can foam out of my nostrils, down my forehead, and into the sink. A little messy. I keep my eyes closed so that it doesn't drain into my eyes. I lift and tilt my head upwards, while it's over the sink, and let my nose drain. The discharge can look pretty bloody, foamy and nasty.

Since my nasal membranes have healed, there is much less foam and NO blood. I then stand up and use the tissue to clean my forehead of foam and discharge. I don't blow my nose for a few minutes. This allows the mixture a little longer to do its job with my head in an upright position. For full details I would search upside down sinus flushing. I just looked on Google and the same very helpful article shows 3 times on different websites. A few cautions can be noted for those worried about getting the solution into your tubes. Definitely worth a read if you're getting as desperate as I was.

Replied by Tanya
Hailey, Id, Usa

Have you looked into oil pulling? The threads here are amazing. I have my own amazing story on it from the past two weeks, but the first thing I noticed was that my gloopy morning nose has dried up and I've not had to "blow" my nose ONCE in the past 2 weeks. I'm serious. I don't have the coughy, spitty, snooty nose and chest I have to fight every day. I'm truly impressed. If you read that thread, look up sesame oil. I like it and can go for 15 minutes very first thing every day, followed by a warm water rinse and brush with baking soda.

Replied by Fighting Grandma
Holiday, Florida
5 out of 5 stars

Another oil that works fabulous is organic Coconut Oil in oil pulls. I've noticed that you get incredible results in just 5 minutes instead of 15-20.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

For 19 years I have used colloidal silver to kill infections of all kinds. It is very effective when applied into the sinus, sore throat and even infected ears or eyes. I give bottles away to friends. You can buy it, usually at highly inflated prices, at your local health food stores. I make my own with a little "generator"... 27 volts of battery power using pure silver "rods" (about the thickness of paper clips) into warm water, two cups of purified water and eight minutes later, you have a cloud of silver in the glass cup. I dilute again with another eight cups of purified water. At that point you cannot see the silver or taste the silver.

You will be amazed at how it will knock out a sore throat. I gargle twice 30 minutes apart. That kills 90 percent of all throat problems. To get into the sinus most effectively I use an ear syrenge and gently squirt into both sinus passages. The dominately infected side will sting. But the second time you reapply (best after 20 minutes or so) there will be no stinging. Again that kills most sinus infections. Over the years I know that I might have to keep at the infection for 4 or 5 applications. Remember viruses sometimes come with a protective coating. Those kind must get doused with silver more than the non coated kind. If I use a "dropper" to drip into the sinus, that method does not really get the silver all through the sinus passages. Best to put 20 drops in palm of hand and sniff deeply to get "way back" into the sinus area. Again, the ear syrenge is best. One light squirt as I sniff deeply will pull the liquid deeply into the sinus area. I lean my head back and let the silver drain back into the throat and swallow. This has been my preferred method for 16 years in dealing with sinus infections. I used to get four really bad colds a year with one or two of them getting into the lungs. I have only had perhaps five infections in the past 10 years that were "fierce" and even then the silver has really helped keep them under some managable control. Three of them were treated for three weeks. Only two got to the respiratory.

If the infection has gotten to the upper respiratory, I use a mist producting machine and of course I put silver solution into the "pan" and I breath the warm mist deeply into the lungs. That normally takes 5 applications daily for 3 or four days.

For infections that have gone "systemic" or body wide, I would take about a quarter of a cup of silver solution on an empty stomach twice daily. Ending a system wide infection may take six months to kill throughout the body. One systemic infection I came across was very dramatic in demonstrating silver's effectiveness. Patient had a bite on his back (not sure what bit him) and within 3 days swelling and pain had migrated five inches into the shoulder and neck. Months it stayed there and patient lost all energy. He could not work. 4 expert MDs later and after five months the condition had only worsened. Appled silver solution with DMSO to affected neck. Only one treatment. He took silver internally twice a day for six months. In only one week he could tell that his energy was returning. He went back to work in about 2 weeks and no symptoms in a month.

I do not take silver daily. I take it only if I suspect an infection. If I have an eye infection I only use silver for two applications in a day and only for two days. Skip a week. Then I reapply.

Silver can kill virus, bacteria and fungus.

To get to an infection under the skin, I like to use silver solution mixed with an equal amount of DMSO, an effective solvent used universally by Vets. (We are animals too.)

No, my skin has not turned blue.

Skin Infection Remedies

Posted by Kay (Jax, USA) on 03/22/2014

Went to Dermatologist to have a strange mole looked at. I was removed for a biopsy (negative). However, now the area is infected. Went back to doc after one week prescribed Cipro and an ointment. I had been cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and the doc told me this was a BIG mistake. "stick to antibacterial soap and water). Well been on Cipro and ointment for two days and not gone yet. Doc says it may take 10 days because near the bottom of a leg is a hard place to heal. Any suggestions from you all?

Replied by Kathleen
San Antonio, Texas

First thing I would do is get off the Cipro. It can cause some very nasty side effects. Some of them permanent. I know two people, one partially disabled from it, who had severe reactions. I would only take it if I had something that wouldn't respond to any other antibiotic. I personally would use clay and colloidal silver topically You can use the silver for all or part of your liquid to hydrate the clay. I would also take traumeel (homeopathic, either drops or tablets) to promote faster healing, especially if you tend to heal slowly.