Natural Remedies for a Skin Infection

Posted by Larry (Missoula, Mt. Usa) on 02/22/2011
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The comments on using calcium to reduce the acidity, and thus make the body less a host for the invading organism, is right on. I found, quite by accident, some years ago, that eating hot peppers, such as in spicy mexican food, at the sign of a cold or flu would quickly eliminate all symptoms. The peppers are alkaline, and thus return the body's natural acid/base balance.

On the net a while back, I found a natural "detox" solution that I now keep on hand to treat any type of infections. It is made up of hot peppers, garlic, myrrh gum powder, 100 proof vodka, and ionic silver water. I'm not a doctor, and not advising this for anyone else, or for treatment of any specific ailment. It is only MY observations, based upon what has worked for me.

Posted by Scott (Pen Argyl, PA) on 05/14/2007
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Calcium can cure certain infections. I learned about this from an infomercial on coral calcium which I initially ignored. I'd cut myself grooming my dog and the cut became slightly infected. I remember the commercial so I decided to try calcium in a 2-1 ration with magnesium with vitamin D, 2 tablets every 4-6 hours. It took 2 days for the infection to go away. I tried this again when I'd gotten bitten breaking up a fight when my dog was attacked by another. This happens occasionally since my dog is for stud and is thus unneutered. I'd gone to the emergency room each time and had antibiotics prescribed which didn't always work and would take between 2 to 4 weeks to cure the infections. I've been developing a resistance to antibiotics.

On this occasion I knew the emergency room would only prescribe expensive antibiotics again. I started taking the calcium but these have been nasty infections so I made an appointment to see a doctor in her office rather than paying the exorbitant emergency room costs.

The doctor confirmed the infection and was surprised it wasn't worse. I explained how I was treating myself with calcium. She declined to prescribe any antibiotics but told me if the infection didn't get any better to call her and she'd call in a prescription to my local pharmacy. I didn't make that call. After 3 days of treatment the infection was completely gone.

The theory behind why calcium works on infections is that bacteria and viruses may need an more acidic environment in which to survive. Lowering the acidity sufficiently makes the body and inhospitable environment for bacteria and viruses and kills them off.

There are two important risks to consider. This may not be true of all infections so if it is a serious infection it is wise to consult a doctor.

The other important risk is with cardiovascular diseases. Calcium might add to plaque in the arteries. This could kill you. Consult with a doctor before you try calcium if you even think you might have cardiovascular problems.