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Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Jfm (London, England) on 09/08/2011

Not sure where to start with this one. I don't know if this is relevant to my current problem that I am seeking advice on but ever since childhood whenever I did any physical exertion or got hot my face always went a very deep red colour. I didn't take an awful lot of notice all those years ago but I've still got the same thing happening now. However, this is not really what I'm seeking help with although if anyone does know how to stop looking like a tomato I would be grateful.

Over the last 10 years or so my face has been looking very blotchy with a lot of redness to it (cheeks, nose, chin, forehead). This is permanent and never gets any better. I also have broken capillaries on my face. I have what I would describe as Celtic skin (Irish background). My skin used to be quite pale (apart from when I got hot!) with a few freckles.

I have tried the Linus Pauling protocol (Vitamin C and L-Lysine) to see if that would tone down the redness and clear up the broken capillaries but no luck so far.

I then wondered if I might have the infamous Butterfly Rash associated with Lupus. However, having read about the symptoms of Lupus I have only the redness on my face and no other health problems, thank God. So really not sure whether this would be the cause of it.

I'm at a loss now as to what has caused this. If anyone has any similar problem or knows what I could do to get my pale skin back I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Ozlady (Bonshaw, Nsw Australia) on 02/26/2012

This beut little remedy for skin problems is WELL WORTH trying.

Vegemite and honey mixed.

Spread it on the skin problem, leave until you can't stand it any loger then wash it off.

My skin is pale with freckles, now I am older it was pretty horrific on my Aussie hot sun exposed arms untill I tried this little beauty. I do it pretty often now.

I just guess the mix as it's all good/safe ingredients.

cheers, Ozlady

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Philo (Sydney, Nsw) on 08/08/2012

To Ozlady from Bonshaw: I used to live in Texas (Qld)! What exactly does the Vegemite and honey mix do? Is it okay for the face?

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Carol (California) on 04/07/2015

It sounds like rosacea, so I would look under that category. I was plagued with it for many years. I got ten laser-surgery treatments, which cleared up my cheeks fairly well, but my red nose was still a problem. A few years ago it was getting redder and flakier than ever, and I was getting a lot of pustules, which had not been a problem before.

After looking at the rosacea forum here (and another one), I started trying various things. One of the first was drinking raw cider vinegar 4 or 5 times a week. I think this is what basically cleared it up in a couple of months. Some other things I tried early on were too drying, so I eventually stopped them.

Aside from drinking the vinegar, what I still do now is: Wash my nose and chin with dandruff shampoo every 2 or 3 days; and drink chlorophyll drops (on the recommendation of someone at an herbal shop). My nose still gets pinkish so I always put concealer on it, but otherwise I'm essentially rosacea-free -- except I've still got an issue with pinkish eyes.

Posted by Blue (Baldwin, New York) on 08/31/2011


Cut both hand and toe nails as short as possible cleaning under and around them daily with baking soda.

Apply a paste of baking soda and water to the affected areas, twice a day for three days. Keep paste for 5 minutes, rinse and carefully pat dry paying special attention to dry the area in between the fingers or other possible places moisture may remain. If rash spreads to a new area recommence applying to both old and new areas leaving a large border around effected areas. Continue to clean hands daily with baking soda for a week paying special attention to the areas around and under the nails. Avoid itching as this will cause rash to spread.

Loose disposable gloves can be used to cover the baking soda paste on the hands to help increase absorbtion for faster healing.

Tips for All Skin Problems
Posted by Shell (Ny) on 08/10/2011




Bullous Pemphigoid
Posted by Lmargw (Santa Monica, Ca) on 07/21/2011

I'm hoping Ted can answer this one or someone who knows about this auto-immune skin disease. My father who is 81 was diagnosed with this condition. He as been on the pharma protocol which cleared it up but now it has returned and we don't want to put him back on the prednisone as it makes him very agitated. Are there any natural remedies to knock this thing out of his system?

Thanks for your help!

Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 07/14/2011

Hi, Sarasam; Yesterday, I was looking at some photographs of people with hyperpigmentation from a B12 deficiency. The discolorations were in areas all about their bodies, even the soles of their feet, palms of their hands, and their tongues. Those are the few places that I have not had hyperpigmentation. For many years, I have believed it to be caused by other conditions that I have, but I now am finally beginning to see evidence that B12 supplementation is improving this condition. ( I have alot of nerve damage that B12 is repairing).

Hyperpigmentation is also called melasma, and the terms are distinguished by the diagnosis of the supposed cause. I have searched up remedies for conditions that include skin discolorations, and many include B12 in the protocol. Hypopigmentation, often diagnosed as autoimmune vitiligo, is also treated with B12, Folate, vitamin C, and moderate sun exposure. I recommend a sublingual lozenge of methycobalamin, (active B12), slowly and completely disolved in the mouth. It can be moved around up under the lip so as not to cause irritation. I also recommend a low dose B-complex for skin conditions. It can be divided and taken as smaller amounts 2x or 3x daily if there is irritation. ( I take a food based complex which has low amounts, and I even cut those tablets in half and take them 4-6 times daily. ) The cases of hyperpigmentation that I read about were quickly resolved, 2mnths. I'm in my 5th mnth. and only beginning to see results. That's OK. I take 2500 mcgs. - 500mcgs. daily, but other people may need less if they do not have neurological symptoms. 500 -1000 mcgs. may be fine.

Posted by Diane (Iowa, Iowa, Usa) on 03/21/2012

The description of your symptoms, especially the dermatitis and the ring around the neck, is almost a textbook cascade of symptoms for PELLAGRA, a niacin, vitamin B3 deficiency. Try buying niacin and taking it in conjunction with a good co-enzymated B-complex. Google pellagra, there will be sites with pictures and better descriptions of the condition. Best wishes.

Posted by Sarasam (Kent, United States) on 07/13/2011

I would like to know is there anything that someone has done to have even skin tone? Area that are black: under arm, butt, knee, feet, behind knee, bikini area, ear, mouth, under eye, nose, neck, and elbow. And then everywhere else discoloration color is light brown to brown. When I was little you could say that I had fair dark brown skin tone but this all change when I hit the age of 10. Breast became to grow, pubic hair came with acne. And no I am not fat. I have a good figure that most women want. Long leg, full lip, nice eye, and nice hourglass shape. I am not saying this to make myself feel good this is what many men and women have told me. It too hard to look in the mirrow anymore. I have try all the product that people has told me to use and none of them has work but made skin worse, you see I have sensitive skin. I am hoping to someone here may have to answer to my question. I have done: lemon juice, baking soda, exfoliate, bleach, peel and honey which has not help. And yes I know there a post on here titled "Hyperpigmentation Remedies" by Ana from Singapore and the main ingredients turmeric make skin yellow. Like I said I have dark brown skin. Will come back with picture if I can. So if there any body out there please help!

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 07/14/2011

Hi, I have a different problem, white spots on my skin. So far I haven't found anything to even the skin tone. Lemon juice is supposed to help but it hasn't worked for me! Good luck...

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kevin (Perak, Malaysia) on 06/08/2011

I've been using Virgin Coconut Oil lately.. Not long ago.. Before starting Virgin Coconut Oil my face has patches of rash which subsided but the build up of dead skin cells were too much! It is because I stop using cleansers a month ago I use only water and moisturise with vco.. Guys can anyone help me?? am I going through the purging state? where all my toxins are purging out?? does Virgin Coconut Oil actually removes dead skin cells?

Sodium Hydroxide
Posted by Chad (Anchorage, Alaska) on 02/22/2011

I am not sure of where to post this, if at all, because it seems that most people panic at the mention of Lye/NaOH. but I always keep a bottle containing 30cc H2O mixed with 5cc NaOH (volume of granular Lye beads).

Dabbing this solution on any closed skin condition is almost sure to kill/fix it in 1 day without injury, including pimples/boils/etc, possibly warts or other skin growths/conditions, rough skin and infected follicles on elbows/knees, etc, merely by dabbing a bit on a Q-Tip, and rubbing it in for 5-10 seconds, and then leaving it to dry. I have also eliminated varicose veins and little scars by allowing the solution to soak on a wet paper towel cut to the size of the area required, but this will result in blistering and very slight scarring which will take a few weeks to heal. it is certainly not something to use on large areas, but is excellent on areas 1cm or less. I find it important to share because it works on almost any condition without failure (I have never seen it fail on any closed skin condition), and works when nothing else in the world works (conditions where 50 other remedies were tried).

There is several modes of possible action: a) it dramatically changes the pH of the tissue environment, which healthy body cells can more easily deal with than other types of cells, b) it turns oils/fats into soap, which may critically interfere with the function of infective agents, c) it creates protein hydroxyls and many other chemistries that greatly disturb the environment of many pathogenic conditions, leaving the body free to clean-up and re-create a healthy environment.

It would be dangerous if put into an eye or used internally, and I would not use it on an open wound. And it is important to wash hands after using it.

EC: More about Sodium Hydroxide:

Infared, 125 Watt Clear Lightbulb
Posted by Bev (Elroy, WI) on 09/05/2007

To respond to the woman with the terrible boils. I suffer from horrific cystic acne. I discovered that if I eliminate all forms of hidden MSG [do an internet search to find all that it is in] that my skin is perfectly clear. I am so sensitive that I cannot even touch anything with citric acid or natural flavor which is a form of hidden MSG and is in most shampoos, liquid hand soap, prepared foods, pop etc. I convinced my husband to eliminate all hidden MSG and his headaches, ezcema and skin rash went away. Now when he has any exposure the itchy, weepy skin rash comes back and today it is back with a vengence.He had mustard on Sunday and it flared. By Monday evening it was drying up and he licked the spoon of the ice cream he served our children and during the night it erupted so bad he could hardly sleep.

A good rememdy for all these skin things is a 125 watt clear infrared bulb. Not only will this clear up the skin but is great for any aches and it healed my son of acute asthma. Asthma requires a one hour treatment 1-2 times daily or more. The more you use it the quicker it heals. The only draw back is having to stay stationary so long. My husband hasn't had time to sit under it the past two days so he is still in bad shape. He started on the vinegar and honey last night to see if a change in body pH will help.

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