Skin Condition Remedies

Steroid Cream
Posted by Diane (Los Angeles, Cal.) on 01/28/2013

I may be suffering from Steroid Cream side effects with eczema now on part of both feet and red skin syndrome on my legs. Does anyone know what to do to get this out of one's system? Would appreciate help. Thanks

Steroid Cream
Posted by Sp (Wb, Nj, USA) on 01/29/2013

Hi Diane, I just found out about itsan. Org, the international topical steroid addiction network through a post at this great site the other day. I have been going through the withdrawl for a year and two months now. Nothing really helps much, sorry. At least no one has made that discovery yet. But you can talk to other people who are dealing with it and find out what they do. Go to the site and you can get information and join their google group to talk to other people going through this and how they cope with the flares. I wish I had known about the site, and the phenomena, when I decided to stop using the steroid cream. I was suffering alone and didn't understand what was happening to me. None of the eczema remedies I tried worked because it's not really eczema, it's your skin/body detoxing the steroids and having terrible withdrawl symptoms. You are reacting to the steroids, not what you had for dinner. You should find a single ingredient moisturizer that works for you, like coconut oil or mineral oil. You can apply sea salt water to your skin after a shower (it stings! ), to help with the itching. Right now I'm using GSE in filtered water sprayed on my skin after my shower and throughout the day. These are things I did that helped me deal with it. Most things I tried had no effect or irritated my sensitive skin worse. Like I said, you can find out how other people are dealing with it at that site and hopefully find something that will work for you and at the very least understand what is happening to you and know that you are not alone. Good luck!

General Feedback
Posted by Missstarlady (Houston, Texas, Us) on 12/22/2012

I just wanted to relay some information that happened to me and my 14 year old Cocker mix. He was diagosed in 2011 with Cuhing, started on Trilostane, in addition I took him off commercial dog food and home cooked for him and he seemed to be doing vey well. About 7-8 months later he devloped an area on his right from lower left in the part that is indented which was raw, cherry red, moist and all the hair disappeared from that area. He began licking it constantly and he was given a topical antibiotic ointment which did not work and it took close to 5 months for it to heal. During this time he began getting raw red spots on which the hair would disappear on his back underneath his hair. I took him regularly to his vet for treatment, which consistd of various antibiotics for every type of bacterial and fungal infection, nothing worked.

On one day I took him back to notify the vet that the latest antibiotic treatment did not work and it was getting worse and worse with every type of red rash, patches, plaques and open lesions now extending to his abdomen and groin area. The vet that was there that day, (a different vet than who he had been seeing) immediately recognized that what he had was not an allergy or any type of infection but what she believed to be lymphosarcoma. She found enlarged popliteal lymph nodes and did an aspirate from a node and it indeed came back from the lab as positive for lymphoma. They told me I would have to see an oncologist. It turned out he had a very rare form of lymphoma called epitheliotropic cutaneous lymphoma. He is now receiving chemotherapy but there is no cure only hopes of achieving remissions which do not last long.

If your dog has any type of skin disorder which does not respond to treatment within a reasonable amount of time and/or continues to worsen get a biopsy, aspirate, skin scraping or some type of testing done and do not waste precious time trying alot of different forms of treatment. You are not only losing what could be very precious time, but also alot of money.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Woundedkarma (East Coast, Usa) on 09/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My mother (aged 56), is on diuretics which causes bumps, brusing and bleeding very easily. It usually takes my mom months to heal from these. I had been researching organic coconut oil for a while and had finally decided to try some on her. I had her rub a thin layer of coconut oil on her arms and hands (this is where her wounds were), three times a day. It surprised both of us when it only took four days to clear her skin up! This was a year ago, but she is still averaging four days in the healing process. This beats months of healing time!

I don't even have to remind her to use it. She's so happy about it that as soon as she bumps her arm/hand, causing a bruise or bump, she goes right for the coconut oil. We absolutely love coconut oil now.

For specifics, the coconut oil is: organic, extra-virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed, non-deodorized, non-bleached, made without pesticides, GMOs, or hexane.

Pachyonychia Congenita
Posted by Janie D (Mattoon, Illinois, Usa) on 09/21/2012

I was wondering if there might be any of you readers here that have ever heard of a very rare disease called Pachyonychia Congenita, pronounced - "Pack-e-o-knee-kia". It is a rare disease that affects the skin and the nails. I am now awaiting a DNA test to confirm what I have pretty much known I had all my life. I just didn't know it had a name until my youngest daughter found it on the internet a few years back. I had also passed PC on to her! If you know of someone who has this, I would love to hear about it. There are only about 1,000 cases in the entire world with this rare skin disease. It is important that we try to get as many people registered with the PC Project so that a cure may be found. Please go to or you can google PC Project to find out what it is. I have followed so many ideas and solutions on this website from you guys, and they have really helped in making living with this disease so much more tolerable.

Thank you Earth Clinic for all your wonderful ideas and to all the wonderful people who offer their suggestions. This site is truly a Godsend.

Posted by Annie (Berkeley, Ca) on 03/11/2013

Hi Tara, I would love to know what you found out. My 8 yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with pilomatrixoma on her eyebrow. Again, the Dr has suggested surgery, but I would like to try a natural remedy before we go down that route. Many thanks

Posted by Kirsten (Vancouver) on 05/24/2016


My daughter also have been diagnose with a pilomatricoma. It is on her forehead. Surgery has also bee the recommend. Did either of you find an alternate way to treat this? I hope both you girls and doing well! Thanks so much for any advise you may have.

Posted by Chai (Terre Haute ) on 11/28/2016

Any luck on natural treatment for pilomatricoma???

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Josey (Tulsa, 0l) on 09/08/2012

I had crust and cracking behind my ears for about a year and could not cure it with anything. Then I began applying ACV and by the next day it was gone, and in a week of applying it, it never returned.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Abhishek (Muzaffarpur, Bihar) on 10/29/2012

How can I reduce my ichtyhosis skin problem?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Josey (Oklahoma) on 03/22/2014
1 out of 5 stars

This remedy of using apple cider vinegar worked for me the first time, but the cracking and oozing behind my ears came back. I tried cortisone cream, and it helped, and I hate using it. Then finally I tried Vaseline, and it cured it.

Posted by Rae (Chicago, Il, United States) on 09/27/2012

My teenage son has itchy armpits and the skin around his armpits is now dark and thick. I live in the U.S. So can my son just apply some liquid dairy kefir onto his armpits over night to try your solution? I do not know what you mean by kefir "grains". Thanks for your assistance!

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/06/2012

Milk thistle makes it less red looking. I have tiny red blood vessels on my nose and cheeks and the milk thistle seems to make my face and hands less red looking. I just take one capsule a day, the bottle says you can take three a day. I have celiac and lupus type symptoms.

Dry Skin
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I used to have dry flaky skin on the backs of my hands, it would crack and bleed, especially in the winter and if I washed my hands a lot. Lotion only fixed it temporarily. Rubbing tea tree oil mixed with olive oil into my hands made it go away, now they are smooth and soft, even the knuckles. I didn't measure, just mixed a little of each. I like to put it on my feet when I wear sandals so they stay fresh. Some people really dislike the smell of tea tree oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ivachka (Goes, Zeeland, Netherlands) on 09/05/2012
1 out of 5 stars

Hello Ted, please help me. I use acv to get rid of a black spot on my lip. The acv has darkened my lip area- it is very black now. please help. Can I use dmso? I have black skin. what should I do? please help

thanks, ivachka.

Rosemary Lotion
Posted by Kathy (Cleveland, Ohio Usa) on 02/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My male friend had white-ish bumps on his forehead and scalp and began rubbing a natural botanical body lotion that has rosemary in it. The bumps went away.

Black Dermographism
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 02/28/2012

I have been wearing my 14k gold wedding ring for 15 years now. I have never had any problems with it before but suddenly it is turning my finger black wear it touches. I have googled this issue and found there is a name for it. Black Dermographism. I also found that there are lots of theories on what causes it but nothing too exact. Does anyone on here have any idea what might be causing this? I haven't really changed any of my supplements lately but I take lots:) They are iodine, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, D3, cod liver oil, Vit c, niacin, meletonin, 5-htp, thymus gland extract, relora, B complex, theonine, siberian ginsing, senna, black strap molasas, coconut oil, and acv/baking soda. I don't know what might have changed other than hormones possibly as I am 37 and possibly perimenopausal but not sure why all of a sudden now. I drink lots of water and coconut water to keep my electrolytes balanced but have recently been unable to buy the coconut waters like usual. I know the potassium has been thought of a possible cause before, so that is a thought. I have also read it might be iron deficiency or hormone changes. Just wanted to see if any of you folks had any experience or wisdom on the topic?

Black Dermographism
Posted by Garrowk (Williamsburg, Virginia, Usa) on 07/10/2012

I have had the same experiences. What I have been told and it seems accurate, is that it is high acid in your system. Whenever I eat a lot of tomatoes ( typically in summer) I have the same issue.

Posted by Dan19 (North, England) on 02/24/2012

Hello, I have some fairly bad discoloration of the skin in the groin area, trying not to be too specific or come across rude.

Can anyone please advise me on remedies / topical treatment that would bring my skin back to its original colour (caucasian). I would be very grateful as it does have an impact on me, as I find it makes the area look unclean and quite ugly which is a knock to my self confidence.

Thankyou, Dan19

Posted by Kay (Destin, Fl) on 03/06/2012

It's probably a fungal infection known as "jock itch" (some people have discoloration but not much itching); it's the same fungus as athletes foot/ring worm. It usually spreads from the feet (or dirty floors/tubs/showers) to the groin when pulling pants/underwear and dragging it up to the groin area where it grows in the warm moisture of the crotch. Or you catch it during intimate/sexual contact from someone who has it; or you touch/scratch your feet then scratch elsewhere and it spreads. It is VERY common, and infects most Gym locker rooms, public showers, and many athletes (and their floors/showers at home); thus you should always wear "shower shoes" in other peoples showers, and always put your socks on before your underwear/pants always sit on your towel etc. Use bleach to clean your own shower/tub/toilet seat and in your laundry to keep from re-infecting yourself! White & cotton socks and underwear help keep it under control (that's why athletes wear whites! )

Besides the embarassment, it is highly contagious and can easily and quickly spread to other area of the body (yours and your partners) so you must treat it ASAP using fungal sprays, spray powders, ointments for Athletes Foot/Jock Itch available at all drug stores; or getting a stronger RX from your doctor, esp if it covers a large area or you have had it awhile. (BEWARE: it is much more problematic for women, so you do not want to give it to a girl! ) It takes daily treatments for awhile to get rid of; the sprays are very convenient and widely available (Walmart carrys "TING" speay/spray powder which is half the price of the name brands and works better! )! Be sure to treat your feet as well as your groin area or you may reinfect yourself. Many people like the spray/powder during the day, and the ointment at night while sleeping. Good Luck!

Here's the link to the Jock itch page:

You may want to Google it and look at photos & descriptions for comparison. Best of Luck

Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 07/04/2012

He's in England so he might not have walmart there. Try the pharmacy area at ASDA or Boots for athletes foot/jock itch (tinea) treatments. Look up tinea cruris online either here or Google. Here's an eHow link . Try not to be embarrassed, it happens, and is more common than you think.

Posted by Kalki (Mumbai, India) on 01/15/2012

I had a severe flare up of facial dermatitis - unbearable itching, rash, swelling - a few weeks back. I feel it may have been caused by the ACV I was taking at a high dose (2tbsp 3 times daily at that time, for an oncoming cold and chest congestion). May have been a healing crisis, as ACV, 2 tsps over the whole day in water, had helped me earlier. I stopped ACV then and haven't had the guts to start again.

My problem now is that even after 2 months, my face and neck skin is quite dry, and sometimes flaky and very many shades darker. There's a line all around my neck at the base, above which up to my hairline, the skin is dark brown and below it is my light earlier skin colour. (This doesn't correspond to the neckline of my blouses, so it's not a case of tanning) Where I had patches of dermatitis previously, it is even more discoloured and rough textured.

During the flare up, I had desperately applied ACV , directly to my face and neck for a few days, without any easing of symptoms. I tried Virgin coconut oil later but it increased the itching, if I perspired even the slightest bit. Aloe vera juice directly from the leaf was what helped me with the itching skin. In 15 minutes or so. (But it dries out my skin even further, which causes great discomfort and consequent itching too). Could any of these be responsible for the difference in skin tone? Is there anything I can do to reverse this?

I apply moistened powdered oats, honey and kasthuri turmeric as face mask occasionally (I can apply only natural things to my skin). It makes my skin softer but doesn't help clear the awkward discolouration.

Would appreciate any suggestions for moisturising skin with my problems and for restoring original skin tone.


Posted by Ananta (Kerala, India) on 02/07/2012

I have almost the same problem as Kalki. An allergic flare up on the skin with all the associated problems, itching, dryness, swelling etc. For me this came from taking ayurvedic medicine. They said it was a healing crisis and to hang on but the crisis just continued and I stopped the medicine after two months of intense physical difficulty, not to mention emotional ones. I now have patches of discolouration on my face and several parts of my body that lightens and darkens but doesn't go away. They itch too. I'm worse off than when I started. It's been 4 months now and I'm getting desperate. I noticed Kalki hasn't got a reply so far. Is there anybody out there who can help with this embarassing discolouration?

Ichthyosis Vulgaris
Posted by Katia (South Bend, In) on 11/04/2011

I am looking for a remedy for ichthyosis vulgaris, please post one.

Ichthyosis Vulgaris
Posted by Raffi (Boston, Ma Usa) on 01/08/2013

A Japan company has milky lotion that contains urea that is very good to this genetic skin condition. The urea attracts moisture on the skin to keep skin moist, and old skin peels off and no bad looking skin any more. It is not a cure but as long as you apply the lotion, your skin looks normal. If you know of people visiting Japan one can buy some for you in regular drug stores. They may not carry too many, so may take visit more drug store for the good supply.

I also find taking 1/4 cup per day of pure Aloe Vera juice (gallon size) that I can buy from Walgreen, CVS drug stores can help the dry skin auto float off from regular skin. What need is rubbing in shower to have the dead skin come off easy, instead it sticks to your body.

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Jfm (London, England) on 09/08/2011

Not sure where to start with this one. I don't know if this is relevant to my current problem that I am seeking advice on but ever since childhood whenever I did any physical exertion or got hot my face always went a very deep red colour. I didn't take an awful lot of notice all those years ago but I've still got the same thing happening now. However, this is not really what I'm seeking help with although if anyone does know how to stop looking like a tomato I would be grateful.

Over the last 10 years or so my face has been looking very blotchy with a lot of redness to it (cheeks, nose, chin, forehead). This is permanent and never gets any better. I also have broken capillaries on my face. I have what I would describe as Celtic skin (Irish background). My skin used to be quite pale (apart from when I got hot!) with a few freckles.

I have tried the Linus Pauling protocol (Vitamin C and L-Lysine) to see if that would tone down the redness and clear up the broken capillaries but no luck so far.

I then wondered if I might have the infamous Butterfly Rash associated with Lupus. However, having read about the symptoms of Lupus I have only the redness on my face and no other health problems, thank God. So really not sure whether this would be the cause of it.

I'm at a loss now as to what has caused this. If anyone has any similar problem or knows what I could do to get my pale skin back I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Ozlady (Bonshaw, Nsw Australia) on 02/26/2012

This beut little remedy for skin problems is WELL WORTH trying.

Vegemite and honey mixed.

Spread it on the skin problem, leave until you can't stand it any loger then wash it off.

My skin is pale with freckles, now I am older it was pretty horrific on my Aussie hot sun exposed arms untill I tried this little beauty. I do it pretty often now.

I just guess the mix as it's all good/safe ingredients.

cheers, Ozlady

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Philo (Sydney, Nsw) on 08/08/2012

To Ozlady from Bonshaw: I used to live in Texas (Qld)! What exactly does the Vegemite and honey mix do? Is it okay for the face?

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Carol (California) on 04/07/2015

It sounds like rosacea, so I would look under that category. I was plagued with it for many years. I got ten laser-surgery treatments, which cleared up my cheeks fairly well, but my red nose was still a problem. A few years ago it was getting redder and flakier than ever, and I was getting a lot of pustules, which had not been a problem before.

After looking at the rosacea forum here (and another one), I started trying various things. One of the first was drinking raw cider vinegar 4 or 5 times a week. I think this is what basically cleared it up in a couple of months. Some other things I tried early on were too drying, so I eventually stopped them.

Aside from drinking the vinegar, what I still do now is: Wash my nose and chin with dandruff shampoo every 2 or 3 days; and drink chlorophyll drops (on the recommendation of someone at an herbal shop). My nose still gets pinkish so I always put concealer on it, but otherwise I'm essentially rosacea-free -- except I've still got an issue with pinkish eyes.

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Tim (Tennessee) on 08/30/2015 21 posts

I use zinc oxide paste, aka diaper rash creme for babies, 17 pct plus zinc , left it on over nite, works great, note, take a picture of your face, and notice the difference after a week, it works.

Posted by Blue (Baldwin, New York) on 08/31/2011
5 out of 5 stars


Cut both hand and toe nails as short as possible cleaning under and around them daily with baking soda.

Apply a paste of baking soda and water to the affected areas, twice a day for three days. Keep paste for 5 minutes, rinse and carefully pat dry paying special attention to dry the area in between the fingers or other possible places moisture may remain. If rash spreads to a new area recommence applying to both old and new areas leaving a large border around effected areas. Continue to clean hands daily with baking soda for a week paying special attention to the areas around and under the nails. Avoid itching as this will cause rash to spread.

Loose disposable gloves can be used to cover the baking soda paste on the hands to help increase absorbtion for faster healing.

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