Are There Natural Remedies for Gonorrhea?

| Modified on Jul 31, 2020
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Gonorrhea is an easily spread sexually transmitted disease, affecting primarily young people.  It can cause permanent damage and become chronic.  To make matters worse, gonorrhea has become resistant to most antibiotics.  The only remaining class of antimicrobials available for treatment in the U.S. (cephalosporins) is becoming less effective at treating gonorrhea.  Treatment with two drugs is currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Gonorrhea (N. gonorrhoeae) infects an additonal 820,000 people every year in the U.S., making it the second most commonly reported communicable disease.  Men experience symptoms severe enough to cause them to go to the doctor, but women usually either experience no symptoms at all, or very mild symptoms.  The fact that women often do not know that they have gonorrhea is an important factor in its spread.

Are There Any Natural Treatments for Gonorrhea?

Doing all possible to boost the immune system is always very important.  Naturopaths, Ayurvedan or Chinese practitioners may have suggestions.  We found the following recommendations when researching; at this time, we have not heard directly from anyone who has used apple cider vinegar, garlic or aloe vera to treat their gonorrhea, so are simply passing on the information.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This treatment recommendation used a mixture of apple cider vinegar mixed with a few drops of coconut oil.  A bandage was allowed to absorb this mixture and then used to cover infected skin areas.  No information was given as to how long the bandage should be applied.  Apple cider vinegar was also used instead of soap by mixing 5 cups of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.


Garlic was reported to be useful, particularly when eaten raw.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera was said to be useful against gonorrhea.  At the very least, it would be cooling on irritated skin.

If any Earth Clinic readers have tried a natural treatment for gonorrhea, please let us know.  From reading the literature, it sounds as if there are going to be more and more people who develop chronic gonorrhea that is resistant to antibiotics.  Most will be young people.  An effective natural treatment is badly needed.  Please pass on anything you have found useful.  Thank you.

Research on possible future treatment options for gonorrhea

The link above was published by the European AIDs Research Group in 2012.  Most of the article covers possible new antibiotic treatments.  However, it did include the following study of plants as possible future gonorrhea treatments.

They reported that a team of Canadian scientists were studying various plants used by Aboriginal healers for several conditions.  Chemicals extracted from these plants "somewhat impair the growth of gonorrhea-causing bacteria."  There is no dosage information given.

The plants they they investigated as possible natural remedies were:

They tested extracts available in health food stores or pharmacies and analysis showed that varying levels of the active ingredients were in the supplements.  They warned that, "Moreover, relying on herbal extracts that have not been tested in well-designed clinical trials in people is not a wise course of action (for the treatment of drug-resistant gonorrhea or anything else). No one knows if they will be effective in people or how they might interact with commonly used drugs."


Who can get it?  Anyone who is sexually active with someone who is infected can get gonorrhea. It's very common among those 15-24.  Pregnant women can pass it to their baby.

What is it?  Gonorrhea is an infection in the throat, rectum and genitals.

Prevention:  Celibacy

Reduce the Risk: Best: only have sex within a monogamous relationship.  Always: Use condoms every time.

Symptoms:  Men: burning sensation  when urinating or discharge; painful testicles.  Women: no symptoms usually, but can develop tubal scarring that can result in ectopic pregnancies or infertility.

Conventional Treatment:  The microorganisms causing gonorrhea have become resistant to most antibiotics, so conventional treatment now uses a combination of two drugs.

Permanent Damage: Even if cured, gonorrhea can cause permanent damage.

There are many people who have antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea and have been told by their doctors that nothing more can be done for them.  If anyone knows of an effective natural treatment, please let us know.  Thank you!

Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea Remedies

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Posted by Chappie (Tallin) on 08/24/2015

Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea:

Hi guys,

A friend of mine found out he has gonorrhea. He underwent a series of antibiotic treatments with no result. At this stage, his gonorrhea has become chronic. The doctors told him that there really isn't anything they can do. Do you have any advice? Thanks

Replied by Seth
(Salt Lake City, Utah)
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I am responding to your asking for feedback for those attempting to cure themselves of gonorrhea via natural means.

I've had the symptoms for 2 weeks after a condom break during sex.

I have downed garlic, bulbs and bulbs of raw, minced garlic with lime juice, and it did little or nothing. Then I busted out and added to that Dr. Christophers INF powder. A table spoon of the stuff. Little help

I did ozone water. Then drank water with food grade hydrogen peroxide added (25 drops in an 8 oz glass). All of this seemed to do nothing. Things worsened, my prostate began to get inflamed, waking at night with horridly painful erections attempting, but pain would take those away.

I started downing Olive Leaf Extract, Colloidal silver, oil of oregano. I think this halted the advance, but a retreat was not too good. I bought a pass to tan, to get some Vitamin D production (as it's december and snowing where I'm at).

I then thought of cayenne pepper as something left to try, and mixed it in lemonade as per the recipe from The Master Cleanse. I felt that was the biggest thing to reverse the painful night issues when I'd wake finding my painful erectile issues.

But, I still have not been cured, though 4 days I'm into the Master Cleanse, though taking these other supplements, though I've run out of the Olive Leaf Extract. Should I buy more? I don't know yet.

I then read of heat from hydrotherapy, but not high details. I soaked my groin in a very hot bath, as I had read that temps over 106 degrees kills this bacteria. I believe that now, two hours later after that first bath, I might have had some reduction of intensity, but still have some penile discharge.

The cayenne pepper seemed to maybe be the biggest one thing that kicked this back down a notch, but this is not something lightly to be played with. I'm deeply upset at the duration of this infection and that all these amazing natural substances haven't gotten rid of it, but I'll keep at the most effective ones. Oh, and in the last two days I have also added drinking down some apple cider vinegar dumped into my lemonade.

Replied by Asis

Hi Chappie (Tallin)

Have you been cured of the disease. I have a guy in my village that treats gonorrhea using bush roots & herbs. His family has been doing so for generations.

Replied by Peter

Hello Asis, I'm interested to learn more about the herbs or even better purchase a whole bunch and learn how to use them. Is there a way to ship them to The Netherlands?

Replied by Zak
(United States)

Hi Asis. Does the person still make the cure?

Replied by Lydia

i was given injections and arythromyacin twice. Did not work so I went to Mexico and received Injection and ceflex? (Can't remember how to spell it) but it was another antibiotic none of the antibiotics worked!! Then I started trying natural therapy after I developed PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) like Hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade, tea tree oil, colloidal silver, coconut vinegar mixed with turmeric powder and ginger juice, it worked to stop the symptoms, but once I stopped taking one of them, the symptoms started all over again. For example, with colloidal silver (used the meso colloidal silver going to make my own using colloidal that is clear as it has smaller ion particles that can get through), the symptoms stopped once I started taking colloidal silver but once I stopped or finished my colloidal silver, the symptoms started again. Painful cramping near ovaries and lower back. My stomach was painfully bloated and I would have a smelly green looking discharge. I am going to try colloidal silver IV in Tijuana Mexico was also going to try ozone therapy over there but there are a series of these therapies you have to do. I heard the bacteria from gonorreah gets into the blood stream. I am currently drinking the hydrogen peroxide 35% to keep symptoms at bay. It made me feel really sleepy and tired at first, but it does work to keep symptoms from occurring. I read with the hydrogen peroxide-is killing bad bacteria and Infection in your body goes through the awful symptoms as the bacteria is trying to stay alive in your body and the dead bacteria is floating around thus the tired feeling.

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

This is a good case of going nowhere treating symptoms. Bacterial, viral, and/or fungal infections struggle or thrive depending on the environment in which they live. As time goes by, the human body gets more & more toxic, thus creating the perfect environment for parasites & pathogens to live & thrive. So, in the case of chronic & severe infections, one must do detox remedies first, then killing the infections is easy pie.

Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Green Black Walnut Hulls

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/29/2020
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Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, green black walnut hull for gonorrhea

I filled a gel cap with half tea tree oil and half peppermint oil and inserted it vaginally. Douched first. I would get abdominal pain but no discharge, odor, vaginal irritation.

Fresh green Black walnut hulls also worked, just shoved a nut up there. The store-bought capsule full of black powder just made things itchy. The nuts seem to keep just fine in the freezer.

Replied by Barbb
(Id, Usa)
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PLEASE don't put essential oils in your own or anyone's vagina! Both TeaTree and Peppermint are extremely strong oils!!! Not to be used on membranes!