Effective Natural Remedies for Managing PCOS


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Posted by Misn (Ceb) on 03/02/2022

For PCOS, try the supplement inositol. It makes a remarkable difference - helps with period, facial hair and weight


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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 12/28/2011

Hi Lara... Perhaps the easiest way to cure PCOS is to take lugol's iodine orally. Here is a broadcast by Dr Flechas from the Iodine Project which describes the many successful outcomes in people who have had this problem


This is a one hour audio broadcast where Dr Flechas also describes and covers how he has cured hypothyroidism, PCOS, Fibrocystic breast disease, diabetes, varicose veins, obesity etc using lugol's iodine.

And here is another extract from another research article by Dr Flechas on the use of oral lugol's iodine to help cure PCOS:

Iodine deficiency may cause the ovaries to develop cysts , nodules and scar tissue. At its worse this ovarian pathology is very similar to that of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). As of the writing of this article I have five PCOS patients. The patients have successfully been brought under control with the use of 50 mg of iodine per day. Control with these patients meaning cysts are gone, periods every 28 days and type 2 diabetes mellitus under control.

Source: http://www.optimox.com/pics/Iodine/IOD-10/IOD_10.htm

So the dosage of iodine needed per day would be 50 mgs (8 drops of 5% lugols iodine) per day in a glass of water in split doses. According to Dr Flechas, this normally heals the PCOS problem within about 6 months.

Replied by Ashley
(Saint Louis, Mo, Usa)

Hi Bill, I have decided that I am going to start the Lugol's Solution for my PCOS and have done some research and have read on other blogs and sites that supplements should be taken with the iodine. But when I listened to the 2 hour interview the Dr. Didn't say anything about his patients taking both and just want to know if Bill or anyone else has info. If so please post b/c I have been dealing with PCOS since 2007 and am ready to try anything to get rid of it or control it! So if anyone has any helpful info can you please email me or post it. Thanks in advance!!

Replied by Lisa
(Rabat, Morocco)

Ashley, these are the recommended companion nutrients for the iodine protocol:

Vitamin C-2,000-5,000 mg/day
Magnesium-400 mg/day
Selenium-200 mcg/day
Unrefined sea salt-1/2 tsp/day (this salt is either grey or pink)

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Ashley... The reason that the videos you saw didn't mention companion nutrients for iodine is because iodine has such widespread and beneficial effects on the body and is therefore a highly complex biochemical subject in itself. Simply put, the lugols iodine companion nutrients like magnesium, selenium, zinc, B3 etc are all there in the protocol to remove other possible problems arising, which might also cause malabsorption of iodine/iodide in the body -- the much needed companion nutrients act effectively as essential body detoxifiers, immune boosters, powerful antioxidants and are also necessary for the production of body enzymes and coenzymes support involving the thyroid and whole-body iodine storage processes, which necessarily helps to prevent problems like auto-antibody reactions caused by excessive production of free-radicals when thyroid hormone production is suddenly increased in the thyroid gland.

Here are the companion nutrients which, at a minimum, should normally be taken along with lugol's iodine on a daily basis:

50 mg Iodoral or lugol's iodine minimum (may start with 12.5 mg).

Vitamin C - 3,000 mg per day (more may be necessary to detox bromide).

300-600 mg magnesium oxide (Iodine Investigation Project participants prefer magnesium glycinate or magnesium citrate.)

200 mcg selenium. The selenomethionine version is preferred by many.

500 mg niacin (B3) twice a day (NOT niacinamide). Start lower to avoid flush. *See update in left margin on the ATP Cofactors as an alternative.

100 mg Vitamin B2 three times a day. *See update in left margin on the ATP Cofactor as an alternative.

A comprehensive vitamin and nutrition program.

(Feb 2008) Dr. Guy Abraham cautions that "excess calcium supplementation (2,000- 3,000 md/day) has been the most common cause of poor response to iodine supplementation." Vitamin Research News Vol. 22. Number 2.

Source: http://www.breastcancerchoices.org/iprotocol.html

My own further advice and recommendations, which are optional, are as follows:

Avoid multivitamin tablets like the plague. For all the reasons, see the Vitamin C article that I wrote in a past EC Newsletter -- near the end of the article.

Use Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Oil -- Mag Oil can easily be used transdermally and is the best magnesium form to take. For more info see Mark Sircus's book called Transdermal Magnesium Therapy.

Avoid Calcium in your diet - so avoid dairy. Excess calcium inhibits iodine absorption in the body.

Take L-Tyrosine -- 500 mgs per day. Tyrosine is needed to assist conversion of iodide to iodine for storage in the thyroid and other iodine storage sites in the body.

Take Chanca Piedra herb as a tea or as capsules(1000 mgs 3 times a day at meals). CP helps to protect and assist the liver and is also hypolipidemic, hypotensive, hypoglycemic and is a mild, cleansing diuretic for the blood. CP also acts as a calcium channel blocker.

Include zinc in you protocol.

Using Ted's alkalizing protocols will also beneifit you and help cure any malabsorption or pH issues.

Replied by Ashley
(St. Louis, Mo)

Thanks Lisa and Bill for this great info! I will be on the hunt for these supplements so that when my Lugol's Solution arrive I will have everything needed to start my curing process for PCOS finally! When update soon for my earth clinic users to let you all know how things turn out!

Replied by Ashley
(St. Louis, Mo)

Bill and Lisa I have one last question before I start with the Lugol's Solution and the supplements... Am I suppose to take everything together or should I take Iodine first then the supplements hours later? Not really sure but just want to be sure so that I don't having any reactions from everything being mixed together. And is it best to Lugol's in juice or water?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Ashley... In answer to you questions:

Am I suppose to take everything together or should I take Iodine first then the supplements hours later?

Take the lugol's iodine drops alone in a glass of water outside mealtimes. Start small and go slow with the dosage.

5% Lugols Iodine contains 6.25 mgs per drop

2% Lugols Iodine contains 2.50 mgs per drop

So to reach a 50 mgs daily dose with 5% Lugols Iodine will take 8 drops (8 X 6.25) and will take 20 drops with a 2% lugols solution(20 X 2.5).

Split the lugols dosage into four smaller dosages per day -- early morning, late morning, early afternoon and late afternoon. Avoid taking the lugols in the evening -- it tends to energize the body so you might have difficulty sleeping if you take it at night.

Use the magnesium(Mag Oil) transdermally whenever you like. You can also use and supplement the Mag Oil in a glass of water -- ten drops a day.

Alkalize outside mealtimes.

Take Vitamin C as Sodium Ascorbate(avoid calcium ascorbate) on its own or at mealtimes.

Take the zinc, magnesium(as a pill supplement), selenium, niacin, B Vitamins and Chanca Piedra at mealtimes.

Replied by Ashley
(Saint Louis, Mo)

Thanks Bill for your response! Really appreciate all your info and advice! Now that I have the info needed I will start my journey to curing my PCOS or at least getting it under control finally so I can start having babies!

Replied by Linda
(New Haven, Ct, United States)

Bill: Reading your excellent response has me wondering if I am doing something wrong regarding my Lugol's. When I was initially taking it at 8 drops of 5% Lugol's I took the supplements you suggested for the 3 months I was using Lugol's at this higher dose. After that 3 months period I slowly reduced my Lugol's intake to just my present 2 drops per day as my maintenance dose.

I thought the supplements were only necessary during the heavier detox period when I was taking 8 drops daily. I never experienced any detox side effects so assumed I was one of the lucky ones during those months or perhaps the supplements were responsible for the easy 3 months I experienced.

Either way, once I was down to the 2 drops daily maintenance dose, I stopped all the supplements. Was I supposed to continue taking these supplements for the rest of my life while taking Lugol's 5% ?

If so, I will start but I need an answer to this first. Thank you.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Linda... What you did in your iodine protocol was the correct thing to do. As regards needing to take the companion nutrients continuously, you should only continue taking the nutrients that you are lacking in your diet. So, if you are worried about this, then just get a hair analysis done to show you what minerals are lacking in your own body and you will find out what's missing in your diet or you can supplement accordingly.

So my view is that if you are sufficient in a nutrient like selenium in your body -- then there is no real reason to take it as a supplement.

Generally, it is also mostly true that nutrients like iodine, magnesium, selenium, Vit c, B vits etc are the biggest culprits missing from our diets. I thnk that many of the iodine companion nutrients are advised simply because most are actually the favourites missing from our western diets on a daily basis (thereby causing other problems). Of course this lack of food nutrients can vary from region to region because of differences in soil health too.

The main reason, when you start supplementing higher dose lugol's iodine, why you must take the iodine companion nutrients is to assure that there are no other reasons which contribute to iodine malabsorption or other problems in the body.

You are pretty lucky not to have had a Herx die-off or a detox effect while supplementing higher dose lugols iodine. In America, the food is grown on poor soils which are greatly lacking in essential nutrients and this problem is further compounded because of all the food additives -- heavy metals, bad halides, pesticides, fungicides and GMO that are eaten every day. 10, 000 years ago humans moved from being hunter-gatherers to having an agricultural diet existence. Then, from the 1800s onwards, with the birth of the Industrial Revolution were born the modern farming methods and drugs that we use today. Later, chemically processed foods were touted as the cheaper and healthier alternative for an overpopulated world. Trouble is that our bodies adjust very slowly to major diet changes -- and it is a fact that our bodies still haven't really adjusted yet to our original move to an agriculturally based diet 10,000 years ago. Meanwhile the FDA and USDA continues to tell Americans what is good for them to eat. And we just get sicker and sicker as a result, while the agricultural and drugs cartels get richer and richer. You don't really need a double blind placebo trial costing millions of dollars to know that this is so obviously true...

Replied by Linda
(New Haven, Ct, United States)

Thank you Bill for putting my mind at rest. I was beginning to think I was in error when I stopped the additional supplements once my maintaence dose of 5% Lugols began. I was only taking a multivitamin along with some Vitamin C (1000 mg) and Vitamin D (4000 IU) each day. I have just recently read your thoughts about multivitamins so am currently reevaluating my options. There is so much info here on Earth Clinic it can get a bit overwhelming at time. The suggestion for a hair analysis is an excellant one. Now I just need to find a good lab!

Maca Powder

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Posted by Jdixon (Surrey, England. ) on 09/23/2014

I recently bought Maca Powder from one of the supermarkets as I have been suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome since I was 15 years old. I am 22 years old now, and I hadn't had a natural period in over 5 years. I have been trying every remedy that has been researched for reliving PCOS. Apple cider vinegar being one of them, yet that seems to have no real impact.

However, I used maca powder in my smoothies for 2 weeks. And voila!. my first period! I haven't been so delighted! It may taste absolutely foul and smell revolting, but it seems to be the miracle for me. I have it in my smoothies every morning.

Try it and see what the benefits are for you. Many say it does nothing for them, but you may well be the lucky one.

Good luck :)

Replied by Jass

Were you using the raw or gelantized maca? I am so confused on which to take?

Replied by Steve

They will both work but gelatinized maca is much easier on the GI tract and is what the Peruvians actually use for these types of issues.


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Posted by Jen (Queensland, Australia) on 12/03/2016

I would like to know why NAC (N-acetylcysteine - an amino acid) is not mentioned under PCOS as a treatment. My daughter is just awaiting blood results to confirm she has PCOS (difficulty losing weight, hirsutism, acne etc) and I have been researching it.

I ordered NAC for other reasons and was amazed to see how many other benefits it has including treatment of PCOS. I ordered her some as well and she is going to take it to her Dr and tell him she wants to try this rather than prescription drugs (ie Metformin - same results, but no side effects). According to scientific studies there was a trial of NAC and women taking 1.6g a day apparently had decreased BMI, hair loss, acne etc..

If anyone else has tried this I would like to know their experience with it and I will also report down the track on results for my daughter.

Oil Pulling, ACV, Blackstrap Molasses, No Gluten

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Posted by Jamie (Chico, CA) on 06/23/2008

I have suffered with PSOS since i was in my teens and have stopped my monthly flow .. i am only 32 and had not had a period in 2 years.. after only two weeks of Oil Pulling, acv, removing Gluten and Blackstrap Molasses, i now am having a flow ...I am in some heavy pain but my hopes are high I dont know why. its so hard to find info on healthy alternative to Westen meds. and on top of this im loosing weight and my skin looks better than it has in years also dark rings around my eyes have nearly dissapeared. Bright Blessings to those who have shared.

PCOS Thinning Hair Remedies

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Posted by Pam (Texas) on 01/22/2016

Thinning hair in women with PCOS is not due to hypothyroidism. It's due to excess androgens, hence the male-patterned baldness. I've had numerous tests done on my thyroid even after telling doctors that I have pCos. many doctors still don't understand the condition. The only thing that helped regrow my hair was eliminating all sugar and following an insulin resistant diet BUT also avoiding wheat and dairy. This stabilized my insulin levels and simultaneously my androgen levels as well. Insulin drives the release of free testosterone. so much so that its expelled through the scalp. That's why women with too much free testosterone will have greasy hair, falling hair, a deeper voice, excess hair on the chin, upper lip and even Lower abdomen. Once hormones are balanced noticeable changes occur. Trust me I'm a victim and witness of this unfortunate disorder. I was able to control my symptoms enough to have two Healthy babies! Now after my second I haven't been able to loose the weight and the symptoms are all back.

Raw Vegan Diet, Kale Juice

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Posted by Holly (Manchester, Uk) on 06/18/2013

Hello, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at 17. I am now 22. I refused the help my doctor gave as all he said he could do was put me on the contraceptive pill. Synthetic hormones which would lead to more inbalance in my body, no thank you.

For around 6 months I did the paleo diet. Which is more or less veg and meat. Very clean way of eating.

With this I did research and read that kale juice is apparently very good, so I bought a juicer and juiced kale as often as I could.

I lost 40 pounds in about 5 months. Had 3 periods in this time which I thought was amazing as I am usually lucky to get one a year.

Now 2 years on I am fully raw vegan, it's not for everyone I know. However the effects are too great to ignore. I have completely regulated my periods, I'm a healthy weight, and I feel amazing.

I had a scan on my ovaries a few months back and my doctor was astounded he said I was more or less cured and my ovaries looked like an average pair lol.

Please please please research the raw vegan way, read the amazing stories from people who have overcome illnesses.

Oh and kale kale kale, amazing!

Replied by Tanica Sayers
(Atantic City New Jersey United States)

Hello my name is Tanica I have been struggling with pcos since I was 18 yrs old I have been on many diet that have not work maybe a pound here and there but nothing to be too happy about. I have been really hard hard about becoming a vegetarian I heard that is a good way to health with pcos.. What I would like to know is how do you add protein into this lifestyle change it I only do veggies? So one help me with this please.

Replied by Alya

A lot of kale, broccoli, basically veggies from the Brassica family can interfere with thyroid hormone production, so be wary of that, everything in moderation :)

Saw Palmetto

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Posted by Latinavaquerita (La Grande, Or) on 11/19/2011

Hi, regarding the hair loss from PCOS, I am on Metformin, Spirinolactone & Yaz for insulin control and androgen blockers. This probably helped a bit in my hair loss around my face, but I added Saw Palmetto Capsules 450mg, 2 in the morning, and 2 at night to my routine and it made a big difference, I don't shed excessively or lose so much hair like before, now I shed what is normal like other people. Just wanted to share that with you to give you ideas. The Saw Palmetto is super cheap and you can get it at Walmart and other places that sell vitamins. Hope it helps. I just started with the Apple Cider Vinegar in hopes it will regulate my insulin. My weight spiked recently and I didn't get my period so hopefully the ACV will help.

Replied by Nash
(South Africa)

Hi, just wanted to know if women are allowed to take SAW PALMETTO. Don't know too much but I read it was to help men.

Replied by Jane

I can confirm the same as Latinavaquerita from La Grande, Or.

Saw palmetto has worked for me also, pcos symptoms gone and period cycle has returned to normal.


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Posted by Loveallnatural (Kansas City, Mo) on 01/22/2012

Spearmint for PCOS Acne

Came across an article stating women with PCOS might benefit from spearmint tea. I went to the nutrition store and bought some organic and starting drinking spearmint tea on Friday afternoon. I wasn't really expecting anything for a few weeks, but I woke up today, Sunday, and my face looks 100% better. It was only about 36 hours and is so improved that it defies logic! One cup in the morning and one at night and I'm SHOCKED at the results. I also bought some high quality spearmint oil and put a few drops in some all natural liquid face cleanser so maybe that had something to do with the almost immediate results... ? Today I have almost no oil, my pores are visibly shrinking, and my skin is healthy looking with a more even tone and a pinkish glow... But not even one single new bump/cyst/eruption/pimple and it is finally smooth again!! My face is covered in the healing blemishes, but those should heal soon and nothing new is coming up. On Saturday I noticed that one bump that has been on my cheek for months had finally gotten bigger. Nothing would come out before, but it wouldn't go away. I guess the spearmint had finally brought it to the surface. I was shocked at how deep and infected it was, but today it is finally healing. It honestly looks like I've had 3-4 months of prescription treatment on my face. I thought I was crazy so I asked my husband to look at my skin and he was visibly shocked and said my skin hasn't looked this good in years. My face has gone from being overly oily to almost oil at all. I'm allergic to moisturizers and I've had to start using organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil again just to make sure my skin is hydrated enough, and it is good for my skin too.

I have PCOS (can't take the pill) and for the past year or so my skin has started breaking out with cystic type acne and my pores have gotten really large. I've never had great skin, but I've always controlled it... With retin-a all through high school and college and then switched to a mild face cleanser and toner of organic apple cider vinegar when I got pregnant with my first child. I usually had one or two pimples every couple of weeks. After my children were born I was even able to just use Lancome products and my face looked really nice. Suddenly, about a year or so ago, I developed a severe facial allergy to sodium and ammonium lauryl sulfates and my skin started breaking out worse than ever before. I went to the dermatologist and she said it was hormonal acne caused by the PCOS so there wasn't much she could do and other than prescribe the pill, which I can't take, but to exercise, lose weight, eat healthier, etc. (gee, thanks. ) Due to my allergies, I had to stay with all natural products and my face just kept getting worse and worse. I went back to my tried and true apple cider vinegar, but it didn't really help. I've tried tea tree oil, violet extract, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, organic virgin coconut oil, you name it and nothing helped at all. (I'm very allergic to benzoil peroxide and any of the OTC acne remedies so I couldn't try them. ) I'm in my mid 30s and I looked like a 15 y. O. Boy. It has been so horrible!! Today I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and I just hope it keeps on this same path of healing!!!!

Spearmint is supposed to help regulate hormones and for women with PCOS that is the key. No wonder nothing helped as it really was hormonal acne. I doubt this would work at all for women without hormone issues and men probably shouldn't try it, or maybe try the spearmint oil added to a face cleanser... But in less than 36 hours my skin looks 100% better and I couldn't be happier with the results!!! I'm sticking with this and hoping it continues to improve. Maybe it will even help with other PCOS issues... Only time will tell. I'll post back if anything changes. Good luck to all!!!!

White Peony Tea

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Posted by Erynn (New Haven, CT) on 06/25/2008

PCOS Treatment: White Peony Tea. This is a new remedy. I found on that the Chinese have been using White Peony to treat infertility. I started drinking white peony tea. My periods regulated, and my OBGYN says the cysts are starting to go away.

Replied by Shanon Parker
(SAT, Texas)

Hi, I am really interested in trying white peony tea. I would like to know how much I should take, how soon will I see results, and how you are doing with it. Please let me know if you are still having success with it and if you did anything in addition to the tea. I would appreciate your prompt response. Sincerely, Shanon Parker

Replied by Erynn
(New Haven, CT)

I bought a box on the internet of about 100 tea packets. I was drinking about 1 cup of tea per day. I started noticing a change after about a week or two, but i am not sure how it would work with others.

I am currently taking a break from it. After taking the tea, and regulating my periods, I discovered I had Endometriosis (through surgery as well)--so I am on treatment for that as well--trying the doctors way first before my own. But i still recommend the TEA!

Replied by Ladybeauty
(Port Of Spain, Trinidad)

Is white tea and white peony tea the same? I am interested in trying this.Thanks for any feedback.

Replied by Shannon
(San Antonio, Tx)

Thank you for replying. I bought the white peony tea but as of now have not tried it. I went to a naturopath and he gave me a mixture of three teas: dong quai, chaste tree berry and prickley pear root, and told me to take three caps daily of evening primerose oil, garlic, and vitamin E. This I took for four months then didn't take anything else. I simply changed my eating habits and exercised more. All you have to do is avoid all forms of sugars especially those found in milk and alcohol. Avoid gluten and dairy as well. Exercise daily, even it it's just for 10 minutes as long as its CONSISTENT! I have always taken fish oil tablets and multivitamins as supplements, and I started sleeping before 10 pm and this decreased my stress levels immediately!!! For some reason, stress and pcos go hand-in-hand. Well, I hope that this advice helps. My period has been regular for about a year now and my last two ultrasounds taken six months apart have been normal and without visible cysts. When I was diagnosed my ovaries were twice their size and full of cysts. My doctor was amazed on how well my condition has been controlled. I told him I was just happy I didn't take the clomid and glucophage he had originally prescribed! I am almost certain that anyone with this condition can overcome it if the follow the above advice. I know I did! There is hope out there ladies!

Replied by Veronica
(London, Uk)

Never heard of peony tea! Had no periods for 2 years and very fat now also! What surprised me is the going to bed at 10pm! I must say I stay up too long - and am always stressed; which cant have helped! Will try this thks!

Zinc, Reduced Copper

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Posted by Anon (Usa) on 06/12/2020

Zinc for PCOS

This is a very good (long) article about how inadequate zinc and high copper levels contribute to PCOS, among other things.


Please note that cacao/chocolate is very high in copper. Hemp seeds are high in zinc and low in copper. A ratio of 7.5 parts zinc to 1 copper is recommended. 40mg per day is considered the tolerable upper intake level for zinc.

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