Effective Natural Remedies for Managing PCOS

Raw Vegan Diet, Kale Juice
Posted by Holly (Manchester, Uk) on 06/18/2013

Hello, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at 17. I am now 22. I refused the help my doctor gave as all he said he could do was put me on the contraceptive pill. Synthetic hormones which would lead to more inbalance in my body, no thank you.

For around 6 months I did the paleo diet. Which is more or less veg and meat. Very clean way of eating.

With this I did research and read that kale juice is apparently very good, so I bought a juicer and juiced kale as often as I could.

I lost 40 pounds in about 5 months. Had 3 periods in this time which I thought was amazing as I am usually lucky to get one a year.

Now 2 years on I am fully raw vegan, it's not for everyone I know. However the effects are too great to ignore. I have completely regulated my periods, I'm a healthy weight, and I feel amazing.

I had a scan on my ovaries a few months back and my doctor was astounded he said I was more or less cured and my ovaries looked like an average pair lol.

Please please please research the raw vegan way, read the amazing stories from people who have overcome illnesses.

Oh and kale kale kale, amazing!