Natural Remedies for Plantar Warts (Verrucas)

Cinnamon Oil
Posted by Anita (Corpus Christi, Tx) on 01/31/2018 3 posts
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I had a blister on my toe that, after it popped, allowed the Plantar Wart virus to set up. I had never had a Plantar Wart before and I tried every natural way to rid myself of it for a year. I read that certain essential oils would kill the virus and tried several different oils in several different ways to no avail. What finally worked was cassia (cinnamon) oil.

I took most of the cotton off of a cotton swab and kept it, a pocket knife and the cassia oil next to my shower. After a bath or shower I would scrape as much of the plantar wart off of my skin as I could. Not cutting, just scraping! The wart virus seems to protect itself with the mound of dead skin it piles on top of itself (my theory). After scraping any dead skin I could off, I would then put just enough cassia oil on the cotton swab to cover the wart (because cassia oil can irritate your skin) and I would PUSH the swab and cassia oil down on the wart kind of hard for a minute. I did this every day for two weeks and the wart got smaller and smaller until it was gone. My toe is completely normal again.

Remember, the key to most of the remedies on Earth Clinic is to be consistent! If you are going to do it, give it time to work. Don't do something one day and then say it doesn't work! You have to give your body the stuff it needs and the time to heal! Godspeed!

Cinnamon Oil
Posted by Karen (Shingle Springs, California, USA) on 03/01/2013
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Greetings, EC folks!

After going barefoot in the garden one summer, I developed a terrible case of mosaic warts on the soles of both my feet. Foolishly, I tried cutting them out with manicuring scissors, only to have them spread. I tried banana peel, wart pads, and anything else I could think of or find on Earth Clinic, to no avail. The warts were so painful I could barely walk! My soles were a mess, and it was spreading to my fingers! Out of desperation, I began applying Cinnamon Oil, no bandage, and clean socks. The healing was miraculous! It took a few weeks, but my soles totally healed. And now, if I spot a wart, I use cinnamon oil on it right away. I also wear shoes in the garden now.

Thank you, EC family! I have no health insurance, I rely on you all to help me stay healthy. Blessings!