Plantar Warts - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Plantar Warts. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.


Posted by Karen (Devon, England) on 07/30/2021

My 10 year old daughter has had verrucas on her feet for at least 2-3 years which just kept spreading.

I tried all the usual over the counter remedies but nothing helped. In fact, they were making her feet sore.

I then read about the benefits of borax here at Earth Clinic, so I decided to try it.

I made my daughter a foot bath with 1/4 cup of borax dissolved in some boiling water in a washing up bowl, then topped up with cold water until it was cool enough to put her feet in it. So the water was warm but not too hot. She soaked her feet for 30-40 minutes. I did this every evening for a week.

After a few days I could already see an improvement. Her feet were no longer sore. The verrucas had stopped spreading and the smaller ones were starting to reduce. After a week I just did a maintenance foot bath once or twice a week. After a month the verrucas have all gone and the holes left are healing.

My daughter is so grateful. Her feet are the best I've seen them in ages.

I have also had a couple of borax foot baths myself as I have had a fungal toenail for over 10 years. Sure enough it's on the mend now.

Thank you Earth Clinic!

Banana Peel

Posted by Sierra (San Mateo) on 09/05/2018

I had a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for a long time. It slowly grew to be the size of a dime and started to bother me when I walked so I couldn't ignore it any longer. I first tried applying lugol's iodine to it every day, 5%. I held a soaked qtip on the wart. It seemed like it was working but very slowly. Then I read about banana peel on Earth Clinic and was very skeptical, but decided to try that next.

I cut a small piece of banana peel off and applied it to the bottom of my foot with a bandaid and a piece of duct tape over the bandaid. I did this in the morning and walked around in sandals so the banana peel was literally being smushed into the wart with all my weight. I kept it on a few hours but it disintegrates pretty fast when you apply weight and the bandaid/duct tape peels off after some time. It shrank 50% in 2 days. Every night I used a pumice stone to the area and gave it a vigorous scrub, removing as much skin as possible. By day 4, it was gone.

So easy. Who would have thought? Must be Potassium in the banana peel that kills it so fast? I think anyone who has a wart should try the banana peel remedy first and not waste time with other remedies.

Lugol's Iodine

Posted by Liv (Bonn, Germany) on 07/01/2018

Lugol's Iodine for Stubborn Warts

I had a really nasty plantar wart on the ball of my foot for 5+ years. I tried many many things to get rid of it and nothing worked (prescription and natural remedies), and was contemplating having it cut out because it was very painful. Then I read somewhere on the net that Lugol's iodine worked. I scrubbed the wart down in the shower with a pumice stone till it bled a bit, then put a big drop of iodine on the wart and let it fully soak in, then covered it with duct tape. I did this repetitively every 3ish days and after about 3 weeks, the wart turned black and then fell out a few days later. It was really like a miracle after years of annoyance.. If it worked for me, I'm sure it will work for you! Probably a bit more powerful than ACV and banana skin methods I reckon. Best of luck to you:)

Tea Tree and Frankincense Essential Oil

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 05/12/2018

I am very happy to report victory over a very stubborn plantar wart.

Over the winter my son showed me a large plantar wart on the bottom of his foot. He hadn't mentioned it, not knowing what it was, but it hurt and he was on his feet a lot at work. He said it felt like he had a pebble in his boot.

Since we cured a small wart on my daughter's finger with just a few applications of 25% oregano oil I tried that first. Every night. For weeks, to no avail.

I checked EC for remedies and picked a mixture of crushed aspirin with castor oil paste. I love aspirin and castor oil and was sure this would work. I treated him every night for many weeks with this; I left it on as a poultice. And while it softened the wart and reduced pain during the day, it wasn't curing the wart.

I switched to the banana peel remedy since it is so very popular at Earth Clinic. I scraped the inside of a banana peel and placed it on the wart every night and covered it with a bandaid. I did this for weeks. It wasn't helping... or at least, it wasn't curing. He felt like what I was doing helping, but it wasn't getting rid of the wart!

Finally I tried tea tree and frankincense essential oil, one drop of each on the wart, each night. I did this for a few weeks every night. And suddenly we were seeing improvement. It didn't look 100% but he said it was better. That was weeks ago. Tonight I checked and his foot is totally healed.

That wart took months to heal. My son thought that everything helped some, but it was those two essential oils that did the trick! If I didn't have frankincense, I would have used just tea tree as it seems to work for many people.

~Mama to Many~

Banana Peel

Posted by Ian (Maui, Hawaii) on 06/29/2016

Well, I finally got around to treating a plantar wart on the side of my heel that has not been annoying enough to tackle until I had a little time on my hands to devote to some detox protocols and cleanses. The wart has been out of sight out of mind kind of thing, and its not massive but its pretty well entrenched put it that way like a hard white bump. I was going to go the ACV route as - thanks to Earthclinic- this is a staple in the house for some time and I'm convinced of its great therapeutic qualities. Burn that sucker out the natural way.

But after reading the banana peel reviews I thought I would try it first. Give it a week or two and if not just switch to ACV. But my 3rd day in and I can say that the banana peel method is ...miraculous, I'm just not sure how else to describe it!

Based on the reviews, after washing the wart and a quick rinse of hydrogen peroxide, I have been cutting a small square of fresh banana peel and taping it onto the wart with a regular bandaid and then covered the whole thing with a 4" x 4" waterproof plaster to hold in place. Once in morning and once in evening.

The first night I could actually feel it tingling, drawing the wart out! And after just ONE night the wart was brought out of hiding it all its hideous spidery gunky blackness. Unbelievable. 3rd day on and I have filed the wart down with an emory board and got rid of a lot of black crap encircling the "black hole".

So I can add to the treasure trove of reviews and maybe one point that might be helpful is how the process makes you realize that while even just wart may seem "dormant" and maybe not even that bothersome, the underlying reality that the banana peel brings out really makes one think how it must be affecting one's general health and vitality? The only way I can compare it is to a root canal. The immune system is constantly having to contain it. There is probably the virus elsewhere in the body but is a wart "ground zero"?. Also, the process has really renewed my faith in a spiritual way, funny as it sounds. There is really nothing to fear as we are provided with so many methods of natural healing. I look at the humble banana in a new light. What other qualities does it have in that is it working...sure it is the potassium or whatever, but I am contemplating it more in terms of something like an essence, a flower essence of the plant's devic properties. In the banana's case, we have a tough fibrous outer skin with an inner transition layer that is designed to protect and develop the inner fruit against all invaders until the fruit is ready to serve its purpose....reminds me of placenta and how it can be placed over burn victims. Well as you can tell it has really made me think about far more than just a "wart".

And this is just ONE plant!! Here in Maui there is a big push for replacing all the sugar cane with legalized hemp production and we are all starting to realize the great benefits of that plant...thanks Earthclinic and I hope to see the legal non-psychadelic hemp products featured more and more along with other remedies not yet fully remembered or realized.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Posted by Wartsbgone (Minneapolis) on 06/21/2016

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) applied directly to a wart, topped with GSE on the cotton of a bandaid, and secured by athletic tape was the painless and easy remedy for a thumb on one son's thumb and plantar warts on my other son's feet. Duct tape was too much of a pain and was too obvious.

My 7 yo son developed a pea-sized wart on palm side of his thumb. I just put a few drops of GSE on it and made sure to keep it covered 24/7 with a bandaid and that's all it took. After the core turned black and was removed with tweezers, we continued to put GSE in the hole where the wart was until it filled in, so maybe a week or so? No pain and no scar and it's been over a year with no return.

Plantar warts have been a much harder process. Almost two months ago, my other son told me his feet hurt. I took a look and there were clusters of small to large plantar warts on both feet. I think he got them from the locker room floor at school since I've learned that several of his friends also have them. I'm not sure if it is because there were so many or if it's because plantar warts are so difficult to treat, but it's been about 6 weeks since I first started putting GSE on them and he's finally down to 2 as of tonight. To be honest, there were so many and it took quite awhile to clean, treat, and bandage his feet that I wasn't very consistent during the first 3-4 weeks or so and I'm sure that had a lot to do with the slow progress during that time. About two weeks ago I realized summer was pretty much here and he couldn't go barefoot anywhere, so I got serious and filed off as much of the top layer of each wart as I could without hurting him. (I immediately threw the callous file away since it was contagious.) Then I slathered the entire area with GSE and let it sit for a few minutes and put several drops GSE on the cotton part of several bandaids and covered the entire. Then I secured the whole area with athletic tape on top of the bandaids to make sure it stayed put until the next night. This had an immediate effect and the largest one was almost gone within the week. That foot completely cleared a few days ago and the holes are almost filled back in with healthy skin already. Now I'm just down to two small ones under his other toe. I'll keep at it every day and both feet should be completely clear within a few more days. I think more than anything, filing the top layer off and consistent treatment with plenty of GSE and covering the entire area is what made the difference. So thankful this is a painless remedy since I had a friend get hers burned off and she was in so much pain that she had trouble walking for over a week - and they are already starting to return and it's been less than a year!

Pros: no pain, no scars, natural, warts don't seem to come back if treated uncovered for a bit after wart removed and healthy skin is present

Cons: can take awhile, daily treatment is time consuming on a large area like feet, have to keep bandaged during treatment

PS. Don't forget to wear clean socks at ALL times and sanitize the shower floor after EACH use to prevent spreading the virus to healthy skin and/or other people.

Banana Peel

Posted by Nestor (Dubai) on 02/05/2016

I got this painful plantar wart on the sole of my left foot last Nov 2015. The first dermatologist thought it was just a corn and treated it in a wrong way which it gotten worse. I consulted different dermatologist and told me that it was an infected viral plantar wart so he did a cryocautery procedure and salicylic acid but nothing happened for almost 2 months and it gotten worse and became more painful. He told me the root of the wart should be removed so he did an electrocautery procedure where the anesthesia injection is the most painful injection I have ever experienced. It became better for 2 months but I can still feel some pain when walking.

I came back to the doctor for followup checkup and he told me it is getting better but needs to cryocautery again which is really painful. On the 2nd day the wart became swollen and painful again so I decided to look for alternative remedies on the net and I found this site.

I tried the Banana Peel procedure mentioned here. Every night I will clean the surface of the wart then will rub the inside of banana peel on the infected wart. I took a small piece, stuck it over the wart and covered it with a bandage tape. The next day is like a miracle the swollen and the pain of the wart have lessen. I continued using banana peel even on the day while at work. In just a week the pain is completely disappeared. I can walk better now. I should have known this procedure before.

I spent more than 300 dollars on the Doctors and wart treatment is not covered in my health insurance even if it is infected and painful.

I want to thank God for helping me to find this site and thanks to all of you.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone with warts.