Natural Remedies for Plantar Warts (Verrucas)

| Modified on Apr 18, 2023
Posted by DL (NC) on 10/23/2022
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Add Ted's borax remedy to the list as a permanent cure for a stubborn small plantar wart! I used the popular banana peel cure a number of times over the years and it works immediately at shrinking it. I almost went away each time I used a banana peel for a few days, but only to grow back a month or two later... It was not very big, just a tiny bump on the bottom center of my foot. Well I just realized that, along with borax totally curing my trigger finger and arthritis, my plantar wart is also gone! Not sure how long it took as I wasn't monitoring my foot.. guessing a month or two.

1/4 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water, sipped throughout the day. Read the borax page for more details if you don't know about this protocol.

Posted by Dragon2 (Ottawa, Ontario Canada) on 06/22/2022
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I concur with what you are saying. In 1970 when I was 16 I had plantar warts and I basically did what you did. Instead of using borax, I used boric acid. Both comes from the same compound. I soaked my foot in boric and then applied a compress made with boric acid. I do not know what was the ratio I use. I just did it. So yes borax and boric is effective in removing plantar warts

Aloe Vera
Posted by C (USA) on 06/14/2022

I've thought about this as well (them potentially being caused by low potassium levels). Not only bananas, aloe and ACV (I didn't know the last two had a lot of potassium), but potatoes are also rubbed on them to cure them, which also contain a lot of potassium. I'm not sure if eating more potassium in your diet would help but it is an interesting idea. They are caused by a virus but some people's immune systems just get rid of them while others' don't, and maybe potassium deficiency makes the difference?

Duct Tape
Posted by Srae (Indianapolis, IN) on 09/18/2021
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In 2000, I developed a plantar wart on the heel of my foot. I attempted to use Compound W pads and Compound W freezing treatments to get rid of it and neither worked. I also attempted soaking my foot in apple cider vinegar, using banana peel, and garlic oil. I attempted many remedies over the years and nothing worked. In fact the wart spread until I probably had around 30 warts on my heel by 2015. I was reluctant to have them frozen or burned off at the doctor's office because I had heard so many instances of re-occurrence after the treatments.

I had attempted the duct tape treatment before but never stuck with it long-term. In 2015, I started taping my heel with duct tape. I would leave it on for 3-4 days until it started falling off and then I would scrub my heal with soap and water and reapply.

Once a week, I would soak my foot in hot water with apple cider vinegar for 20-30 minutes. After soaking I would sand my heal to take the dead skin off. I would then dry my heal and reapply the duct tape. After 6 months of doing this consistently, all the warts on my heel were gone. It has been six years since then and they have not returned. If I had a wart occur again I would use the duct tape method to suffocate and remove it.

Banana Peel
Posted by Kate P (Boise, ID) on 09/15/2021
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I had a planner's wart on my foot for about a year that only mildly bothered me. I decided one day enough is enough and I was going to take care of it before it started to hurt.

I taped a centimeter square piece of banana peel to my foot with a piece of duct tape and went to work for about 12 hours, and that's all it took! The wart completely came out that night when I went to change it!

Banana Peel
Posted by Roy (Atlanta, GA) on 08/21/2021

The information provided on your site is unclear as to whether ripe or lesser ripe banana peel works best for warts.

EC: Ripe... as in not too green and not too ripe is best.

Posted by Karen (Devon, England) on 07/30/2021
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My 10 year old daughter has had verrucas on her feet for at least 2-3 years which just kept spreading.

I tried all the usual over the counter remedies but nothing helped. In fact, they were making her feet sore.

I then read about the benefits of borax here at Earth Clinic, so I decided to try it.

I made my daughter a foot bath with 1/4 cup of borax dissolved in some boiling water in a washing up bowl, then topped up with cold water until it was cool enough to put her feet in it. So the water was warm but not too hot. She soaked her feet for 30-40 minutes. I did this every evening for a week.

After a few days I could already see an improvement. Her feet were no longer sore. The verrucas had stopped spreading and the smaller ones were starting to reduce. After a week I just did a maintenance foot bath once or twice a week. After a month the verrucas have all gone and the holes left are healing.

My daughter is so grateful. Her feet are the best I've seen them in ages.

I have also had a couple of borax foot baths myself as I have had a fungal toenail for over 10 years. Sure enough it's on the mend now.

Thank you Earth Clinic!

Posted by Susan (Pasadena) on 06/14/2021
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Nope, not for me. I tried this the other day on a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot... a bit of borax powder and sealed with a bandaid so none would leak out. It did not fall off. In fact, nothing happened.

The banana peel method taping method is much more effective and fast. The only issue I have is that the bp taping method doesn't get to the core, so it grows back within a few months.

Posted by Thais B (EC's YouTube Channel) on 06/11/2017
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OMG Please let me tell you guys my daughter had a planters wart that I tried everything to help her finally a day before she had doctor's appointment I read a man's post online stating a remedy his grandmother had to just submerge wart in dry borax for about hour and the next morning I literally peeled off the wart never to return again!!!!!

Colloidal Silver
Posted by MichiganMan777 (Michigan) on 05/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal Silver KILLS Plantar Wart..6 months later and it has NOT come back.

I had a plantar wart for 5+ years. Tried many over the counter and home remedy solutions. Wart still remained. Came to the point where I couldn't take a step without severe pain.. I went on like that for about a month and finally one day I said in my head "ok, I need guidance to rid myself of this pain..Like a gift from the creator, my request was granted and I was giving the direction to obtain Colloidal silver ..

  • Scrape off the extra skin that formed over the wart and then place 4 drops of the colloidal silver on a band aid that is placed on the wart.
  • Keep the band aid for 2 days and on the 2nd night replace it with another band aid with 4 more drops of colloidal silver..
  • Repeat this process until wart is dead and shriveled and then pull the dead wart out,
  • Put 4 more drops of CS on another band aid and cover up the hole.

Do this until the hole is healed.. This WORKED and has not come back.. I'm excited to share and give others relief ..Have a nice day...

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cheek (USA) on 05/14/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Just came from the Coconut Oil central Site and thought I'd relay an experience I had when I broke my foot. I only have a shower so I washed my foot with coconut oil until I was able to get in the shower without my cast and all of my plantar warts on that foot went away. OLD warts, like I'd had them for 40 years - since I was pregnant with my daughter. I thought the cast had cut off their air supply but now I understand it was the coconut oil that I didn't even use everyday. I only washed that foot every few days until I was able to get in the shower without my cast.

That was something like 3 years ago and no the warts are back so I'm going to be washing my feet everyday with coconut oil and do nothing else to see what happens.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Craig (Alaska ) on 01/12/2019
5 out of 5 stars

This is not a soak, but to attest to other healing benefits of ACV as an ingested first thing upon waking, 30 minute before food application.

I had a planter's wart on my right foot and one cropping up (pun intended) on my left foot that people told me to use the foot soak for, but I also heard you could drink it in the morning. I chose the ingested option for more additional benefits.

They call for a spoonful or two (buy the one with “the mother” in it) that can be diluted with water if you find the taste too harsh to deal with. I just swig mine straight and get the “WHY???” face, for the brave at stomach. In about a month all of the planter's warts had disappeared off of my feet!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 11/22/2020 401 posts
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Update on 3% hydrogen peroxide on plantar warts:

Since reading Joe's post about hydrogen peroxide and, I've been playing with HP and, over the last 4 days, have applied a cotton pad soaked with HP on plantar warts on my left foot for just a minute or two, each day.

The pain of walking on them was gone the very first day and it had shrunk significantly by the 3rd day. Today it's flat and nearly gone but there's been another effect that I wasn't expecting which is that my leg feels like it's "breathing". As if it had been in a cast, if your readers know what I mean by that. It's as if I'd been wearing tight knee socks and took them off! It's really pretty amazing.

I started on my right foot today by soaking some of the cotton pads in my borax solution and applying that to the warts because it softens the callouses to such an extent that one can simply peel them right off. I did this to make the HP's trip through the wart a little easier.

I also took two aspirins and wetted some aspirin powder and applied that to the warts and left it sit for a bit before I applied the HP. I did this because I suspect that warts - being viral - just batten down the hatches when they're attacked by remedies which would explain why they keep coming back and aspirin, apparently, is reported to dissolve the "shell" of viruses so I'm hoping the HP along with the vitamin C I take will finish them off, once and for all! So, we'll see what happens...

Just so you know, these are applications of HP that I never would have thought of had I not read Joe's post and the article on the website so, again, THANK YOU, JOE AND EC!! I never would have believed it if the effects hadn't been so profound!


Castor Oil + Oregano Oil
Posted by Mishi (Roseville, CA) on 05/31/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have plantar fasciitis on the left foot, so when I got an uncomfortable bump on my right foot it made it that much harder to walk! I believe it's a plantar wart because of the black dot in the center. After consulting Earth Clinic, I mixed castor oil and oregano oil and put it on my foot covered in a band aid and after two days and an Epsom salts soak it's already gone!

Banana Peel
Posted by Donna (Stone Ridge, Ny) on 09/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Banana peels work! I first tried OTC freeze products and that did diddly...several brands! Tried applying those for longer periods of time/nope. Next I broke down and went to the podiatrist who over the course of three sessions used acid or later and that didn't remove it either. Then via this website I tried ACV which burned if left on too long and I need breaks in the treatment as my skin was too irritated so in the long run I gave up on that although it did get rid of some of it.

Finally via this website, I tried the banana peels because everyone seemed to say it worked. Well, it did and there was no pain. I left it on my foot overnight and reapplied as needed.

Banana Peel
Posted by Sierra (San Mateo) on 09/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for a long time. It slowly grew to be the size of a dime and started to bother me when I walked so I couldn't ignore it any longer. I first tried applying lugol's iodine to it every day, 5%. I held a soaked qtip on the wart. It seemed like it was working but very slowly. Then I read about banana peel on Earth Clinic and was very skeptical, but decided to try that next.

I cut a small piece of banana peel off and applied it to the bottom of my foot with a bandaid and a piece of duct tape over the bandaid. I did this in the morning and walked around in sandals so the banana peel was literally being smushed into the wart with all my weight. I kept it on a few hours but it disintegrates pretty fast when you apply weight and the bandaid/duct tape peels off after some time. It shrank 50% in 2 days. Every night I used a pumice stone to the area and gave it a vigorous scrub, removing as much skin as possible. By day 4, it was gone.

So easy. Who would have thought? Must be Potassium in the banana peel that kills it so fast? I think anyone who has a wart should try the banana peel remedy first and not waste time with other remedies.

Banana Peel
Posted by Orie (Redford, Mi ) on 08/20/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My 5 year old had planters warts that we picked up at a splash pad. They were painful and irritating. We tried the salicylic acid patches ( compound w) for two boxes and the warts were still holding on. After much research on natural remedies I decided to try banana peel.

Every night we cut a piece of peel to fit the warts and covered with bandaids and a sock. A couple days a week we put a drop of tea tree essential oil on the banana peel. They started dying immediately and are now completely gone and healed, as if nothing ever happened. Seriously, Banana peel cures warts. It's amazing.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Liv (Bonn, Germany) on 07/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Lugol's Iodine for Stubborn Warts

I had a really nasty plantar wart on the ball of my foot for 5+ years. I tried many many things to get rid of it and nothing worked (prescription and natural remedies), and was contemplating having it cut out because it was very painful. Then I read somewhere on the net that Lugol's iodine worked. I scrubbed the wart down in the shower with a pumice stone till it bled a bit, then put a big drop of iodine on the wart and let it fully soak in, then covered it with duct tape. I did this repetitively every 3ish days and after about 3 weeks, the wart turned black and then fell out a few days later. It was really like a miracle after years of annoyance.. If it worked for me, I'm sure it will work for you! Probably a bit more powerful than ACV and banana skin methods I reckon. Best of luck to you:)

Tea Tree and Frankincense Essential Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 05/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I am very happy to report victory over a very stubborn plantar wart.

Over the winter my son showed me a large plantar wart on the bottom of his foot. He hadn't mentioned it, not knowing what it was, but it hurt and he was on his feet a lot at work. He said it felt like he had a pebble in his boot.

Since we cured a small wart on my daughter's finger with just a few applications of 25% oregano oil I tried that first. Every night. For weeks, to no avail.

I checked EC for remedies and picked a mixture of crushed aspirin with castor oil paste. I love aspirin and castor oil and was sure this would work. I treated him every night for many weeks with this; I left it on as a poultice. And while it softened the wart and reduced pain during the day, it wasn't curing the wart.

I switched to the banana peel remedy since it is so very popular at Earth Clinic. I scraped the inside of a banana peel and placed it on the wart every night and covered it with a bandaid. I did this for weeks. It wasn't helping... or at least, it wasn't curing. He felt like what I was doing helping, but it wasn't getting rid of the wart!

Finally I tried tea tree and frankincense essential oil, one drop of each on the wart, each night. I did this for a few weeks every night. And suddenly we were seeing improvement. It didn't look 100% but he said it was better. That was weeks ago. Tonight I checked and his foot is totally healed.

That wart took months to heal. My son thought that everything helped some, but it was those two essential oils that did the trick! If I didn't have frankincense, I would have used just tea tree as it seems to work for many people.

~Mama to Many~

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