Natural Remedies for Plantar Warts (Verrucas)

Aloe Vera
Posted by Janie Y (Illinois) on 11/04/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I came to this site hoping to find a cure for some plantar warts that I have been suffering from for sometime now. A few are clustered together close to the inside heel of each foot. After using over the counter treatments, they would kind of callus over, never really going completely away, and then reappear again, only to look and hurt worse then they did previously. I really was at my "warts" end with these things. They truly hurt! When my feet hurt - I hurt all over!!! Anyway, I decided to try the aloe vera remedy, seeing as how I had a big Aloe plant in my window. I also had some Apple Cidar Vinegar but other people on here had mentioned they tried applying it directly to the wart, and it hurt like heck!!! I didn't want any further pain on top of the pain I was already feeling!

I always knew aloe was great for burns but never heard about using it for warts. This past Friday, my feet were killing me from bearing down on these warts. I couldn't walk! They were very tender to the touch. I was walking with my heels up in the air! "High-heeled" tennis shoes! On Friday - My pain gauge (ON scale of 1 to 10)... was a "10" before using the Aloe.

Well, I cleaned up the wound, scraped off some white blistery stuff that had formed I think, from using some over the counter stuff - it looked like a blister anyways, but I scraped that off until I could see some skin underneath. I split open one of the aloe vera leaves, rubbed the inside juicy part all over the wart area; It actually felt very soothing to the touch. I even took a good-sized clump of the gel, and lay in directly on top of the wart, covered it with a bandage and left it alone uintil Saturday. It was still painful to walk on. By Saturday. Pain scale was around "7". Still hurt but much better than Fridays pain gauge! I could (almost) walk normal, putting some pressure down on my feet. Did same thing - cleaned and gelled the area of the warts. I could tell - my feet were starting to feel better already. I might add that I did have a lot of redness and a red streak around the warts when I first started. That is a sign of infection! By Saturday, the redness was almost gone, and no red streak going out the side of it.! It really looked quite better in a days time. By Saturday night, the pain scale was down to about a "5". I doctored it again, the same way, before going to bed. By Sunday - Pain scale is a BIG NUMBER "1"! Almost "0" pain, but still just a wee bit tenderness. The redness is completely gone as well! I was actually walking normal again. I was so excited that my feet didn't hurt when I walked - I started cleaning the house! I had never been so excited about doing anything in my life! My feet were pain-free! My warts are on their way out, thanks to the Aloe Vera. which I will continue to use until they are completely gone.

I did read several explanations as to why I would get plantar warts, one being that they stem from a virus, and another that I read, could be caused from low potassium levels. Not sure what the total truth is, but I lean towards the latter because I was potassium deficient. It's interesting to read how the treatments for plantar warts call for using potassium rich ingredients such as; Bananas, Apple Cidar Vinegar, and even Aloe as the cure. These are all potassium enriched! Could there be some truth in that after all?

I might add that, from Friday on, I downed half a bottle of the Apple Cidar Vinegar.... I usually just take a couple tablespoons a day (and, I hadn't even been taking the ACV on a daily basis for a while now), but thought maybe I needed more potassium in my system...(and I don't like bananas! ), soooooo now I am wonderin', was it the high dose of my ACV that cured my warts so quickly or was it the Aloe... or maybe... both??? I was really, really overdosing on the "potassium" this past week-end! It is now Monday, and as of this writing my feet are feeling/looking wonderful!!!! Thank you to everyone who posts these wonderful, natural, healthy remedies on this website! I love to brag about this website every chance I get!