Plantar Fibroma and Plantar Fibromatosis Remedies

Borax + MSM
Posted by Mel (Shuswap, B.C., Canada) on 02/25/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have plantar fibromas also and have found that taking minerals such as Boron/Borax (use Mule Team for a natural source of Boron) and organic sulfur (MSM). Both are major detox minerals so read up on medicinal doses to determine what quantities are right for you.

Start slow and increase as you acclimatize. I take both at times and each has worked well in its own right but together they work wonders. I have managed to almost eliminate the pain and stop the lumps from growing larger. I am presently monitoring my progress and have noticed a slight reduction in their size.

I will have to keep you posted on further progress. I have gone from having much difficulty walking and excruciating pain when laying down to now functioning normally even with massive lumps in my insteps. Friends wonder how I walk and yet I do.

There is a great article you can google called ‘Borax The Cure For Arthritis! – The Borax Conspiracy – on YouTube'. This explains a lot and gave me hope to have my own body correct its imbalance and clear away the growths. It appears to be happening. Yippee!!

In my mind the body is misplacing its healing objective and needs to feed the parathyroid (the operations manager for the needs of the body) boron so it can correct its error. I adhere to the natural healing methodology where healing takes half the time it took to develop the issue.