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Holistic Chronic Pain Management: Natural Therapies and Supplements

Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin C
Posted by Mrdez (Beatty, Oregon) on 06/12/2010

78 and do not have or know a doctor. Healthy and pain free, now. Its no secret. Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C). but that is another story. In my 40's I was playing a lot of tough basketball and had many aches and pains. I had been taking stress B and other multi-vitamins and minerals for years. I added cod liver oil. Surprise. Most of my pains were less. I told a neighbor and he told me of a book he had just read by a doctor who worked with arthritic Patients for over thirty years. He found that most ate a lot sugar, white bread and pastry, which he refer to as poisons in his book. His therapy was Diet, exercise, vitamins and minerals. No white sugar or white flour. What he found to help the most was cod liver oil. This is his regimen I followed. Three Tblsp a day for six days, one day without, then another six days at the same amount. Then one tblsp a day six days a week until pain and arthritic was controlled. It worked for me. I do not take the liquid, the taste was to much. Capsules I can handle. Natural medicine doctors now believe in treating the whole body, not the disease. I have done this for over 60 years. listen to your body.

I discovered vitamin C thorough the internet surfing for my health. I am never satisfied. I found some papers By Dr F R Klenner. Died 1984 His story of discovery is incredible. I shed many tears reading his discoveries and what he did with them. samples: Cured completely, 60 of 60 polio cases he saw. Brought to term 300 perfect babies with no or minimal problems for the mothers, some with health problems, and had been warned not to. Cured every virus he came across, some I never heard of. I am ten years younger than I was last November and going to stay that way. Read Dr Klenners papers at: