Nausea Remedies

Alcohol Swabs
Posted by CherylT (Houston, TX) on 06/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Nausea Cure: I have had a few surgeries in the past 20 years and each time I would wake from the anesthesia I would be extremely nauseous. Vomiting after surgery is never a pleasant experience. Last year I underwent 3 treatments in as many days from my chiropractor, Manipulation Under Anesthesia. I wasn't thrilled at the thought of waking up 3 days in a row and vomiting post-anesthesia.

On the second day as they were wheeling me out to my waiting daughter the nurse saw me turning green and she handed me an alcohol packet. She tore it open and said sniff this. I could barely comprehend but I did sniff and it was amazing. The urge to be sick left me immediately. She sent several more of those little packets home with me for the long drive back to my house and I did not get sick once.

This was a first for me to not vomit post-surgery. I haven't tried it for any other types of nausea or motion sickness, only after anesthesia but it's worth a try if you are nauseated for whatever reason.

EC: Alcohol packet = alcohol swabs sold in drugstores (wound care section) ,which contain 70% isopropyl alcohol. If you mean something else, please let us know!

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