Nausea Remedies

Posted by Pete (Tucson, AZ) on 04/12/2021 5 posts

My wife has had trouble with nausea all of her life. We take lots of supplements and they make her sick. Every time she eats a meal she has a bout with nausea. Sometimes the alcohol trick or mint or charcoal works to relieve nausea and sometimes not.

She started 150 mcg of molybdenum once a day and after about a month of this, the nausea is just about gone.

We learned this trick right here on EC.

Posted by C (Co) on 08/01/2017

In early 2016, I noticed an inverse correlation between regional diets high in molybdenum-containing foods and morning sickness. While I was writing up a medical hypothesis about the morning sickness issue, my sister tried molybdenum glycinate for a stomach bug. She discovered that when taken before the vomiting had gotten underway, molybdenum was extraordinarily effective at doing away with nausea and vomiting (the other symptoms remained, including intestinal distress and some diarrhea). Two other families that I know of have since used it when a stomach bug/virus hit their home, and it is effective at ending the nausea. Not just alleviating it. The vomiting is gone.

We've been using the molybdenum glycinate (molybdenum chelated to glycine) powdered supplement because it's easy to open the capsule and stir the powder into beverages. 500 mcg seems to be enough for a regular adult (less for children, of course). We don't take it chronically, just when a stomach bug comes around.

Someone should test molybdenum for motion sickness. Also, based on what a friend reported to me, it might help relieve chemotherapy-caused nausea.

Hope this helps some people! Nausea and vomiting are just awful.