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Effective Natural Earache Remedies for Pain Relief

Oil Pulling

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Posted by X-microbiologist (Right Here, Usa) on 11/18/2017
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I currently have one of the worst ear infections ever, -and I am usually not prone to them! Being a diehard fan of Earthclinic (and the fact that it was 2 in the morning when my symptoms kicked into high gear) I read through and tried nearly every remedy listed with only marginal success. It was maddening! So I looked at a diagram of the ear and realized that every "Cure" I'd tried involved placing salt/alchohol/vinegar/oil etc. INTO the ear itself, hoping that the medicinal agent would get into the problem area and fix things. But if the problem was lower down -say lower middle ear or even in my eustachian tube, that pathway is unlikely to be effective. And believe me, it wasnt effective, -I was hurting continuously!

That's when I thought about oil pulling. The mouth is yet another pathway into the ear and, when using a truly antibacterial oil like coconut or garlic-infused olive oil, should be relatively quick and effective way to clear up deep ear infections.

So I figured I'd give it a try, -certainly it was better than waiting for morning! I took Coconut oil and put in a little natural sea salt, placing a tablespoon of the concoction in my mouth. Then, I laid down to further facilitate getting the stuff to my tubes (you dont have to do this, but I was also exhausted, so I had double incentive! ) After five seconds, I finally had sustained, sweet relief! The pressure subsided, no more pain, -I'm still a little clogged, but I'm decidedly feeling BETTER! I swished for about 15 minutes overall. I'm also going to alternate the salted coconut oil with garlic-infused olive oil to make sure I don't have any little infectious nasties left. But I just wanted to post my success here because I read several other posts from people who were in the same boat as I was last night, -tired, desperate and out of luck. In fact, if I could just make a blanket recommendation, maybe trying the oil-pulling FIRST before putting anything into our ears? Membranes are delicate things and once they're damaged, it tends to be permanent. Oil pulling is a pretty non-invasive procedure to try FIRST if you've got a raging ear ache and it wont hurt you in any way. And, if it doesn't work, you've ruled out the lower tubes of your ears as infection sites, -so win/win!

Anyway, -God's blessings to all! I hope this is a help to others!

Olive Oil

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Posted by Carol (Liverpool, England) on 08/02/2017
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I just think warm Olive oil is the best remedy, just a few drops,

i suffer badly with earache and this is my only cure.

Olive Oil
Posted by Msg (Somewhere, Europe) on 03/15/2010
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Hi, having benefited from many of your ideas here, for which I am very grateful, I thought I'd share one that is tried and true:

Having had numerous siblings and numerous children, I can recommend without reservation the olive oil-on-a-piece-of-cotton remedy for earaches. Works for all ages, in my experience. by 48 hours the latest, earaches are gone. The olive oil only has to saturate a bit of the cotton (the side that goes into the ear) and the cotton should be stuffed (not deeply!!) into the ear and kept there. We put a biggish piece of cotton so it won't be able to get too deep. It can be changed as often as you want but we always just leave it there till the next shower.

Olive Oil
Posted by Kathy (Weatherford, Texas) on 12/09/2008
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You might have to try several things. I tried hot oil treatment with THYME and it helped. Also I used alcohol drops. hydrogen peroxide hurts and it bubbles, and this is much better.

Olive Oil
Posted by Beth (Conway, AR) on 02/08/2008
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I have always used sweet oil for all my ear trouble and my mom used it when I was little girl. I am now 26 and use it to this day I will not buy any OTC stuff it is a waste of money. they say you should heat it up but as long as it is at room temp. and at ___ it is $3.84 I cant go to the doctor

Olive Oil
Posted by Kia (Columbia, South Carolina) on 11/25/2007
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Sweet Oil: I'm 26 years old and I lived with my grandmother a majority of my life. For as long as I can remember, anytime I would get ear aches, she would put sweet oil in my ear. Sweet oil can be found at any grocery store. All you have to do is get the sweet oil, pour the sweet oil in a tablespoon, and heat it up. I usually put a lighter under the spoon to get it warm, (not too hot). Next, get a cotton ball and soak up the sweet oil. Put the cotton ball(s) in your ear(s), and the next day you will be cured. This remedy has never failed me or anyone else in my family. Its guaranteed to work.

Replied by Kathy
(Mountain City, TN)

I want to try this Sweet Oil remedy. What is Sweet Oil? Where can it be found at the grocery or at Walmart?

EC: Sweet Oil is another name for Olive Oil.

Replied by Sara
(Columbus, Oh)
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Every summer I always get the same old swimmers ear. Right now It's the one of the more bad ones and I'm just plain fed up with it. I've tried everything. Sweet Oil doesn't work. It just makes you sleepy.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)
509 posts

For those who might be wondering what "Sweet Oil" for an earache might be, my bottle of it states Olive Oil, N.F, and says pure natural oil. I seriously doubt that it is extra virgin which we use in cooking, but don't see why the EV olive oil wouldn't work as well or better. So why go buy a bottle of sweet oil, if you already have olive oil in the kitchen?

Olive Oil
Posted by Michelle (Lamora, Mexico)
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When I would get earaches as a child my mom would warm a spoon over the fire or even with a match/cigarette lighter, for a few seconds then dump either olive oil or onion juice on the spoon then dump it in both my ears and put cotton balls in them. Then she'd let me lay on a hot water bottle this usually helps. But once when I was younger I tried to do that for my sister and I heated the spoon too hot and burnt her so you have to watch for that

Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil

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Posted by Jessica (Oklahoma, US) on 12/04/2014
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I have been having ear pain for a few days, and the doctor said it was allergies/sinus. In the meantime, I looked online and found a remedy that really works for me, but the pain does come back after a while, so I just reapply the ointment. 1/4 c. olive oil, 10 drops each of tree tea oil and lavender oil. Rub around ear, NOT inside. So I mixed all these ingredients into a jar and just keep using it. In the meantime I will look here to see how to get rid of these seasonal allergies.


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Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 04/28/2013
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If you have an earache put an onion in the oven and bake it, let cool down to a little warm and then put it on the ear to draw out infection.... I have not had an infection in many years....

Use Q tip with hydrogen peroxide in ear and then put half a pea size of oil in each ear as often as needed ... no more pressure and almost zero noise.

Posted by Jennifer (St Paul, Mn) on 09/14/2012
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The last time I had an earache was 2004. I sliced a large white onion in half and placed it over my ear. In twenty minutes I could feel/hear liquid gurgle in my ear and in 25 minutes the pain went away. As soon as my kids start complaining of an earache we apply an onion.

Posted by Dr. Kate (Arnold, Md) on 04/25/2010
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First tried this on a thick skinned 240lb man! Slice an onion and microwave 10-15 seconds. Give it the wrist test to be sure it is not too hot (like baby milk). Place a warm moist cloth on top and apply to the ear and canal (area just below ear lobe). Ear pain usually subsides in 10-15 minutes and can be repeated. Follow up with your healh care professional in the morning. Good for any age!

Posted by Yeshai (Brooklyn, NY) on 01/29/2009
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Squeeze onion juice in the ear from a onion. It will take any ear ache away super fast.

Posted by JJ (Dortmund, Germany) on 03/25/2007
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Chop onions and stuff them into socks. Fasten one to each ear (pulling a hat over the head and socks works well) and keep there for the duration of the pain. This is particularly effective against ear infections. If pain persists longer than a day, go to a doctor (esp. with children). But with this method I have never had the pain persist that long.

Replied by Rene
(Los Angeles, Ca)
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Yes, Onion a miracle and the absolute only thing that helped right away after trying everything else to cure my Swimmer's ear after a tropical vacation. I put some slices of onion into my ear deep enough so it stayed lodged for two days. Use a big enough piece so you can pull it out again.

This episode also taught me that most of the body's skin needs to be acidic to fight off microorganisms, not alkaline, as you might start to believe after reading earth clinic articles, which should be more explicit in referring to internal body alkalinity.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Sunny (Ca) on 02/04/2014
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I did multiple things but I believe what cured me was the oregano oil soft gels. So, I have tried the garlic oil in cotton and it has worked perfectly in the past. Not this time, my pain/ cloggedness kept persisting( I think I had a very strong infection). I had been having it for like 6 days very slight, but not gone! And the plugged/ congested feeling. So I tried olive oil in ear, garlic oil in ear, Apple Cider Vinegar with alcohol drops. Apple Cider Vinegar alone drops , garlic water in nasal irrigation ( slice garlic let sit in drinking water for 1 min )in the neti pot, and lastly half hydrogen peroxide half warm water in ear wash with syringe ouch!!! The last one made me have so much pain, that I was reconsidering visiting my doctor. Even though I know that all they were going to do is give me antibiotics and like steroid drops for ear.

What has worked in CURING my infections before was oil of oregano soft gels. So I figured it would help with my ear pain/ I think it was an ear infection. So I bought it yup its expensive but it does the job! It cost me $40 dollars! For 60 softgels. It is the "Oreganol wild oregano" by North American Herb and Spice ( highly rated on Amazon, check it out) you can get it in like health food stores, or like Whole Foods Market, or online. But since I wanted this gone I went to my health food store. You can also try the regular one, if you cant afford the super strength is stronger( just take more). So when I got it I took 3, then 3 for luch and 2 for dinner.

I know that there is lose oil by them( in a little jar) but I do not like this, I only like the softgels!! That is my advice. I feel since its ingested it get more in you body/ blood stream/ tissues.

I also made myself a tomato tea from this site look for it on this site it has a name like Jeans tomato tea or something like that. But mine has some other ingredients. I add to it sea salt, oregano and garlic, onion. Put as much lemon and chili as you can handle( I use cayenne pepper( this drink will help you to drain the ear fluid, amongst other things it will do) So yea the next day I felt so much better! My ear felt good! , but I will continue to keep taking softgels for some like 3 more days, as I want to kill what ever, it is dead! But I feel very good!

My recommendations would be to attach what ever it is in many ways, garlic water nose rinse, via neti pot, these softgels for inner battle, eat good and add oils in ear.

I think I had an inner ear infection! Yup its a hard place to get to as is very inside, but thru can get to it thru digestive means, and also thru throat/ nose means.

Other advice: if you can afford to go to a chiropractor I would advice to go. The do ear work too.

Why it should work

It should work because oregano oil is antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal .. I think its also anti inflammatory etc. so what ever it is you have it will kill it.

It will be ingested, and can get to hard to reach areas such as the inner ear part. I think its called the middle ear??

I wanted to share my story as a way to thank my lord for allowing me to finding the solution to heal my body, without harming it further with useless antibiotics. And because I was in a desperate place where I was not getting a full healing( ear pain/ cloggedness sucks).

I would say for fast results attack it all ways, by ear, by ingestion, by massage out side of ear, to get it good and fast. Also eat healthy.

I know its long, but I needed to show that I had a sever inner infection and I needed to do much prior to getting full healing. So... DONT GIVE UP!! WHEN THEY TELL YOU ITS NOT CURABLE, TELL THEM , YES IT IS!! I JUST HAVEN'T FOUND THE WAY YET ;)

What I learned for the future....

Any time I have any type of infection I will reach without a second thought to my Oreganol Oil of Oregano Softgels. Im ready for you FLU :p lol

Comment if you ever use this method and it works for you.

Namaste my loves :)

Oregano Oil
Posted by Stella (OH) on 07/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was in the begining stages of another ear ache. The pain had just started to become intense. I immediately did:
H202 method in both ears.
Applied Oil of Oregano on outer of the ears 3X a day.
1 drop Oil of Oregano in the ear 1x a day (optioanal, this burns a bit).
Did this for one week.
Ear ache all gone! Again, no antibiotics, Awesome!

Replied by London
(Sandusky, Ohio)
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Yes, I've tried Oregano Oil for an Ear infection and It worked, but it burned the heck out of my Ear!! Just rub the outsides of outer ear, and it will make it's way to inner ear, without causing you to go nuts with the burning.

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