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7 Natural Remedies for Earaches

Aloe Vera
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 05/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

My girlfriend had an earache from breathing all the pollen in the air this spring. She describes it as a constant throbbing pain deep inside her ear. Just by chance I have been reading a book called “Curandero Hispanic Ethno-Psychotherapy & Curanderismo: Treating Hispanic … By Antonio Noé Zavaleta Ph.D” translation: Treating Hispanic Mental Health.

In the back of the book, Dr. Antonio talks about Mexican home remedies used for various health problems. One was using aloe vera leaf for earache. They heat the gel from the leaf and place it gently on the outer ear for an hour or so. This remedy usually solves the problem in cases where the infection is not the cause of the problem. Aloe vera helps to correct abnormalities in the ear. The same properties that help it reduce swelling, inflammation and pain when you have a skin burn are also effective when used in the ear. When applied, it can help to restore pH balance and deflate swelling tissue, reducing itchiness and pain.

The best part is that it's all natural and safe for any age. So, using my GF as a guinea pig... here is how I extract aloe for her ear-ache.

Cut enough peeled aloe leaf to place into a garlic press. About ½ by ½ gel cube will do. Gentle squeeze the press so the gel is forced through the little holes on the press to release the liquid inside the gel cell membranes. Next, use a medicine eye dropper to drop 3 - 5 drops into the children's ear or 15 – 20 for adult.

More if you desire, it does not hurt. This is most easily done when your lying on your side or head tilted to the side. After applying, put a cotton ball in the ear for a few minutes or hour to keep the aloe from draining out. Keep in mind that putting cold liquids into the ear is quite uncomfortable and could lead to dizziness. If you keep your aloe vera leaf in the refrigerator, you may want to heat it slightly in the microwave before use. The aloe should be room temperature, not hot.

Aloe vera left at room temperature can be applied comfortably. Results: She woke up with no pain. Yah! All hail the Sabila Catus!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Jane S. (USA) on 11/30/2020
5 out of 5 stars

EAR ECZEMA - (ailment): working for me right now: ALOE VERA

I get the 99% stuff & put it on a q-tip and it's pretty miraculous.

I'd been suffering for months with it, ever since I used coconut oil in my ears for itchy ears with a qtip, becauseI had an earache.

BTW, NEVER put coconut oil IN YOUR EARS bc the way that CO is can cause problems like ear blockage, like in my ears.

OLIVE OIL is fine & will clear up your earache. Never Coconut Oil.

Anyway, back to this, so after going to the dr to clear up the ear blockage, I had ear eczema, and have had it for months. Right now just felt inside my ear, I think I still have ear eczema, will get back to you & hopefully this will completely clear it up in a few days - the aloe vera.