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Top 5 Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Bach Flower Remedies
Posted by Kalki (Mumbai, India) on 07/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My friend was recommended Bach Flower Remedies for her hot flashes - at least 30 in the daytime, hardly 2-3 hrs of sleep due to hourly hot flashes - of very severe intensity. She was given Walnut, Rescue Remedy and White Chestnut initially. Within 3 days there was a difference in the number but not so much in the intensity. After 2 weeks, when she ran out of the remedy mixture, a review was taken and Oak given as it was indicated by her reaction to the hot flashes - that is, one should buck up and carry on and not be deterred by it all. She is a reliable person and gets more than her fair share at work and within the extended family. Scleranthus was also added as she went from cold to hot within seconds and had mood swings also.

It worked miracles. She is free of hot flashes for the first time in 4 years. It's been a month now and she has been advised to continue for at last 2 months before seeing if she can discontinue them. I've since looked it up in the Net and books and find Walnut on its own is usually good enough. But my friend also needed her character remedies.

Please don't go in for HRT or other therapy for want of an alternative. These remedies are supposed to be very gentle. I thought I would pass on this info on behalf of my friend.

Posted by Flower Grandma (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 05/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had night sweats for more than ten years and finally last summer they stopped completely, as well as my monthly period. I was very happy to move on with the next phase of my life, but earlier this year the hot flashes came back with a vengeance. I was undergoing a series of tragic circumstances in my life and I would have a never ending rolling wave of heat from the moment I put my head on the pillow until 6:00 the next morning. I thought that stress had caused them to come back and I tried ACV, iodine, vit E, GABA, borax, Dim Plus and every other cure I could find. When reading through the latest posts several days ago, someone mentioned about D3 and hot flashes and I finally made the connection.

Earlier this year I read an article about the dangers of too much D3 and I decided to cut out my supplementation which was at the same time all these events began. For the last couple of days I've been taking 5000iu morning and night and I've had only a couple of flashes in total. I'll be reducing that to one a day once the flashes are completely gone. Thanks to all the contributors to this wonderful site, you've helped me with many wonderful changes in my life.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Stevia
Posted by Carolyvette (Raymond, New Hampshire) on 12/21/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have been drinking a homemade ginger-stevia-acv mix and my hot flashes are still present but much lighter and last a minute or two. My night sweats are gone. Have been drinking as many as 4 glasses per day. Trying to drink as much as 8 glasses per day in hopes my hot flashes will go completely away. Ginger adds a wonderful tasting crispness. The mixture is quite pleasant to drink, better than drinking just Apple Cider Vinegar with water and honey. I use raw green stevia. Add 1 gallon of water to a large pot on top of the stove. Take a palm size piece of ginger, peel and grate. Using a hand held blade mixer is best. One you would use to mix individual drinks. Put this grated mixture in one gallon of good water, along with 1 heaping tsp. of green or white stevia. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium and let simmer for 15 minutes. Let cool and using a funnel and ladle pour back into the gallon container. When cooled, put ice into an 8 oz. glass and fill 1/4 to 1/2 full, add water to top off, then add 1 to 2 tablespoons acv. You can put more or less water or Apple Cider Vinegar depending on your taste. Enjoy and good health. Oh yes and do use _____s ACV. It is available in most stores. Green stevia is bought in health food stores in bulk. :)

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Joyce (Atlanta, GA) on 07/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Purchased some blackstrap molasses 5 days ago for the first time and I cant believe after only taking 2 teaspoons for 3 days, I am no longer having hot flashes. I am shocked and will continue to take this for my usual low blood count. I feel so enegetic. I shared information with co-worker and picked her up a bottle too. Lets keep sharing this information so others will know the benefits of BSM. Joyce

B Vitamins
Posted by Ttsm (Melbourne, Florida) on 08/18/2012

B Complex contains Niacin and Niacin taken in high doses can cause flushing.

Vitamin E
Posted by Janie (Hammond, La) on 03/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have taken vitamin E for years to reduce hot flashes. Works wonders.

No Coffee, No Soda, Only Cold Baths
Posted by Diane (Magnolia Springs, AL) on 12/26/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I stopped drinking coffee and soda's especially diet soda's. I also take cool bathes and I have not had a hot flash in months until recently I took a warm almost hot bath and that night I woke up with a hot flash. Next evening I took a cool bath and no more hot flashes.

Posted by Wendy (Durham, Nc) on 08/05/2014
1 out of 5 stars

I'd have to say nay to turmeric for hot flashes. I take 2 capsules daily to prevent MRSA because I am a nurse. Still, at the age of 46, my hot flashes came on with a vengeance.

I have to say yea to the vitamin E though. After suffering through a few months of sleepless nights, 1000 IU of vitamin E before bed seemed to do the trick on the first night. I'll continue to take it and will check back in if my hot flashes return.

Black Cohosh
Posted by Tonya (Canyon Lake, Texas ) on 09/21/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Trang,

When I was young (I'm 70 now) and going through hot flashes, a kind neighbor told me to try black cohosh, I got some capsules at the store and took one each morning... I never suffered hot flashes or night sweats again. I hope this works well for you as it did for me.

Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alicia (San Clemente CA) on 04/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking a high quality extra virgin olive oil from Trader Joe's for heart health. I take a shot glass full of olive oil & follow with a 16 oz glass of water mixed with 1-2 tablespoons ACV. My hot flashes miraculously disappeared.


Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Emily (NY) on 02/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Haven't had another hot flash after my first tablespoon of blackstrap molasses. What a tasty remedy!

Posted by Lissa (Florida) on 05/10/2021

Oh I'm glad it helped you...Garlic triggered hot flashes for me.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/27/2018 50 posts

I too believe it's an imbalance. I am still getting hotflashes during the day, and while I'm reading in bed before I fall asleep. I also think I can think myself into a hotflash. But I am taking the advice on the ACV, as well as other supplements I need to get that balance. Before I started on this journey to better health (with EarthClinic guidance) I remember now that I was sweating profusely when I got a hotflash. I'm not anymore, and the hotflashes are way, less intense. So something is working. My food intakes is mostly vegetables, then fish/poultry, then fruits right with my meals. Then I also use them as snacks in between. I drink water mainly, love Ginger Tea (I grate the root and make my own), and add Blackstrap Molasses to that. I also use Coconut Oil every day by scooping a tbsp of it into a glass container with a lid, and setting it in warm water til it melts. Then I just drink it. I am hoping to be rid of the body-temp swings eventually.

B Complex
Posted by Rachel (Vienna, Austria) on 08/07/2018
1 out of 5 stars

Avoid Vitamin B Complex if you have hot flashes

I started taking Vitamin B Complex -- one 500mg pill a day -- about 2 weeks ago and I noticed after a few days my hot flashes had gone from already bad to completely unmanageable with sweat pouring down my face and back. It took me another week to realize it must be the Vitamin B Complex tablet, as it is the only thing that has changed in my diet.

So, I stopped taking it and, within two days, my hot flashes were back to normal. Incredibly annoying, but minus the floods of sweat.

I would caution anyone to avoid Vitamin B Complex if you are trying vitamins for hot flash reduction, as they seem to cause them.

As for natural remedies, nothing works, and I've tried everything -- apple cider vinegar, black cohosh, parsley, various vitamins, cutting out all caffeine and sugar, exercising more, losing weight and on and on. It's now two years, and my hot flashes are worse than they were before I started. I now have an appointment with my doctor and will be going on Premarin. My mother has been taking Premarin for 35 years and has not had one problem with them. I intend to be the same, as these so-called 'natural remedies' are useless to me.

Ice Water
Posted by Rw (Southwestern Virginia) on 06/21/2018
4 out of 5 stars

This is going to be really obvious, but when hot flashes start, drink a tall glass of ice water or other iced beverage. It's not really a cure, only a temporary fix but it does help a lot. Of course, an hour or two later you'll need more ice water but it's helpful until whatever other remedy you're using kicks in, and works pretty fast.

Dietary Changes, Vitamin E
Posted by Clatterbuck (Beltsville, Md) on 11/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I started having hot flashes and night sweats about a year ago. I did a lot of internet research and the following treatments helped really reduce the frequency and intensity of them:

I gave up coffee, spicy foods, wine, and chocolate (mostly) I started meditating and I take a 400 IU of vitamin E 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes I will eat some delicious spicy Indian food, but I do it knowing the consequences.

Pregnenolone and DHEA
Posted by Stonecrop (Cincinnati) on 09/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For hot flashes, Pregnenolone 50 mg & DHEA 25 mg

Posted by Eliza (California, US) on 12/22/2014

Thanks for the explanation, Rahat, however a little more scientific than my simplistic understanding of the body's chemical make up, but thank you nonetheless. I do hope you find the correlation between the thyroid (T3, T4) and ovaries. I was a little apprehensive to post because I didn't see any other testimonies for iodine/thyroid and hot flashes, but it worked for me and if it helps just one other woman who might be suffering as much as I was, it was worth the post.

Also, as a side note and confirmation to your explanation, I have a menstrual cycle again after not having one for 7 months and an increased libido as well.

Cold Green Tea with Mint
Posted by Cb (Netherlands) on 09/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

When you start drinking (cold) green tea with mint, hot flashes will disappear. It works for me and also for my sister who had them for the past 6 years. We take about 1 liter per day... But you will know when you don't drink enough because they will return (less heavy but noticeable enough to start drinking more tea! ) :-)

Black Cohosh
Posted by Liz (Boston, Massachusetts) on 06/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Have you tried Black Cohosh for your hot flashes? When I went through early menopause (I was only 42), my female M.D. Recommended it and I'll be darned - it worked!

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