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Muscle Cramp Remedies

Argan Oil

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Posted by Irina (New York, NY) on 07/19/2023

Culinary Argan Oil for frozen shoulder and muscle spasms

A few years ago, I suffered from terrible muscle spasms for several months. I started taking 1 teaspoon of culinary argan oil coincidentally during this time and about 2 weeks after taking it, the spasms completely went away. I suggested it to 2 other people I know who also had muscle spasms and after they took argan oil, their symptoms disappeared as well - they both took the recommended 1 tablespoon a day. A few years later, I woke up randomly with a frozen shoulder, and after suffering from it for several months, I thought to take argan oil for it, and again, within 2-3 weeks, my frozen shoulder stiffness and pain dramatically decreased - I'm about 90-95% healed now and I continue to take 1 teaspoon of argan oil a day - make sure it's the culinary form, not the topical form. I've taken both argan oil from Israel and from Morocco and they've both worked, but you have to be careful to use a reputable brand that's organic.

Aspirin and Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc

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Posted by jeanne (wpb, fl) on 12/02/2007

i've tried several of these remedies .. the one that works within 15 min is taking one aspirin . . also , i read on the net'' afew yrs ago that taking magnesium would help . .so i take it religiously everyday . 3 in 1 calcium, mag, and zinc . that took care of the horrible calf cramps .. but i still get a little one in my feet . . and i dont' have to be sleeping to get one either .. it can happen at any time . not every day .but a few times a wk . well, thanks for all the remedies .but try that aspirin the next time you're woken up by one . it works!!! really ..

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Pa, Usa)

calcium, magnesium, zinc (all in one) also healed completely my calf cramp (no aspirin tried though), but then I run out of it, got another brand and... it didn't work that well... So I checked the bottles: the working one has copper! Now I have only those!

Avoid Cortisone Shots

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Posted by Harriet C. (Florida, United States) on 10/02/2019


Cortisone shot are not mentioned under remedies, but I would like to post my negative experience for others who have turned to Earthclinic for remedies for leg cramps.

So, perhaps this could make a new category "Cortisone" and entered under "leg cramps" as a warning to others?

All my life I have had leg cramps like the 9th month of pregnancy. I was desperate and that's when I found Earthclinic some years back.

The remedy of taking ACV turned the tide for me. I take extra magnesium when my body tells me it needs it, but 2 Tbsp ACV and about 1/4 tsp baking soda, fill the cup with about 3 oz of cold water and drink while fizzing generally stops the leg cramps in under a minute.

Last year I had a cortisone shot for what we thought was bursitis. It only helped for about 3 weeks (found out via MRI later I had 2 torn tendons causing the pain). However, the cortisone shot was followed by several DAYS of intense, repeated leg/foot cramps, often both legs at once, that simply would not respond to my remedies (Emergenc-E, powdered magnesium in water, and ACV as noted above).

I slept in a recliner so I could hop up easier. My husband had to help me when I would have an attack (one day it was every 30 minutes!). He said he had never seen me this bad (married 35 years)!

Sometimes I drank the ACV straight (ugh!) because I was so desperate--I looked like I was having a lower body seizure even falling to the floor in agony upending the kitchen chair I grabbed in the process.

I NEVER just fall down as I am a chiropractic patient and I can screw my body up if not careful. Through researching I found out that people who are prone to leg cramps sometimes find that this is a side effect.

My doctor had never heard of that as a side effect, but anecdotal information found via search engine was enough for me to support the validity of my experience! Worst week of my life and now my records are noted to never give me anything in the cortisone family again! I hope this anecdotal information is helpful to prevent someone else from suffering like I did!


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Posted by Tls (Gainesville, Florida) on 01/16/2013

Muscle Cramps:

I have recently started taking b12 shots and suprisingly I have had cramps only a couple times, whereas I was getting them every night.


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Posted by Heidi (Cumming, GA) on 02/23/2021

I have a bottle of Vitamin B6 pills next to my bed. When I get a cramp I take one vitamin B6 and as soon I swallow it, the muscle relaxes and the pain is gone.
I have usually cramps in feet and legs. Hope it helps other people as well.

Replied by GertJr

Thanks for the recommendation to take B6 for leg/feet cramping. Mine cramp so bad a night and I have to get up and walk around. It's like a metal bar along my calf sometimes, hard as a rock and so very painful. I am not dehydrated and get plenty of magnesium/potassium.

Those 3 things have been recommended, and mag oil, too, but don't solve the problem. I've recently started a new brand of multivitamin, so we'll see if that helps, too. But I have B6 on hand and will give it a try.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Barbara (Austin, Texas) on 10/27/2008

I just started using ACV as a mouthwash and it seemed to clear out my sinuses and stopped my tooth from hurting. I gargle with it and no sore throats. Allergy symptoms gone. So far so good. On baking soda, it is high in sodium so I dont think taking it on a regular basis is a good idea. If I get leg cramps and cannot sleep and have to walk it out, I put a pinch of baking soda in water and drink it and it does immediately relieve the cramps. Cramps due to acidity. ACV is an antiseptic. I also use ACV as a tone on my face just dab it on and it makes y our skiin feels so clean. I dont use it on my face everyday just a coupld of times a week.

Bar of Soap

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Posted by Lucy S. (United States) on 10/24/2019

Having dreadful foot and leg cramps on chemo. Trying ginger and cayenne. A good cure for regular cramps is placing a bar of soap between your bed sheets. I know, it sounds insane, but it works.

Bar of Soap
Posted by Judy Mc (Springfield, Oregon) on 02/04/2013

I use a bar of soap to help from getting woken up by leg cramps, works great for that. Put it directly under bottom sheet and change every month or so. I am still looking for something for my constant RLS. Will be trying a couple of things from this site.

Bar of Soap
Posted by Traveler (Santa Barbara, Ca, Usa) on 04/29/2010


I found on the peoples' pharmacy website a recommendation for using soap for restless leg syndrome. I think any soap works well, though you could google search people's stories. All I know is that I recommended it to my father, and while it didn't work for his restless legs at night, it DID work on his leg cramps for around two months. After that, the effect, sadly, wore off. For those who want to try, just put a bar of soap (doesn't have to be expensive, I remember people writing about trying it with the little hotel soaps) under the sheets near your legs or even touching. If you start to feel a cramp coming on, put the leg into contact with the soap. My father saw results within three days. Unfortunately, it didn't last-- but it was nice to know that it worked for at least two months for him.

Replied by Mtnwindsong
(Lubbock, Tx)

Change to new bar of soap when it quits working. I can taste soap when I drink water first thing in the morning so I think something in the soap is going into your body.

Replied by Edward
(East Tawas, Mi)

Perhaps the potassium in the soap was used up and required a new bar?

Bar of Soap
Posted by Rooster (Apple Valley, Minnesota) on 08/09/2009

A bar of bath soap placed at the end of the bed have cured my foot cramps that I had for many years. Whenever my wife changes the bed linen and forgets to include the bar of soap, my foot cramps re-appear.

Bar of Soap
Posted by Kathy (North Platte, NE) on 04/12/2009

Foot cramps, leg cramps: While listening to a hospice nurse talk one day, she happened to tell a story about her father having leg cramps at night. They tried everything possible but nothing would stop them. Until one day someone told him to put a bar of soap under the fitted sheet on his bed, down near his feet. (I use a sport scented soap - but apparently plain soap works too)So I thought, why not try it? I have been having leg and foot cramps for a few years at night, sometimes excruciating pain! The first night with the bar of soap I had no occurence of cramps and I thought it might be the power pf persuasion. But it has been months now and I have had one or two very mild cramps and that is it!! What an easy solution- but I have no idea why it works!

Replied by Jennifer
(Baskin, La)

I could not believe the bar of soap actually worked! I woke up last night with severe leg cramps and tried everything to get rid of them. I then saw the advice here and decided that using the soap wouldn't hurt.. I just put the soap in the bed and went back to sleep. No more cramps!

Bill Thompson's Protocol

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Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/20/2020

Curing Leg Cramps and Numb Feet

Here is a double remedy that has worked quite well for me. I was recently suffering from bad cramps in my legs at night(with a continual uncomfortable feeling muscle 'tightness' in the legs/feet) and I tried taking potassium which didn't work. Then I tried supplementing Magnesium Chloride (MC) at 250 mgs twice a day as Ted recommends and, strangely, that also didn't work. Then, not satisfied, I created a super-saturated solution of Magnesium Chloride (the same as I had supplemented) and that completely cured the leg cramps. To create a supersaturated solution of MC, just keep dissolving the Magnesium Chloride in water until it no longer dissolves -- that's your super-saturated solution of MC. Then directly apply that solution by hand to the cramp areas. Magnesium Chloride is easily and rapidly absorbed by the skin into the blood. Another option for you is just to dissolve the MC in 70% DMSO and just apply that directly to the problem areas for even greater absorption of MC into the blood.

I wasn't using any of the fancy, more expensive forms of Magnesium Chloride like the Zechstein brands, I was just using standard tech grade anhydrous Magnesium Chloride (with no water molecules attached). I'm still not sure why supplementing this form of anhydrous magnesium chloride didn't work for my cramps but it did work when I applied it as a supersaturated solution that is absorbed through the skin into the blood. Still scratching my head on that one.

I also had a numb feeling around both my big toes and around the sole of my foot, which was quite strange. I successfully got rid of that peripheral numbness by adding two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar + one crushed garlic + a teaspoon of shaved ginger + a little warm/hot water in a glass. Let the infusion sit and express for 5 mins and then drink it all. The cure effect on the numbness in both feet was very rapid. This is an old Amish recipe for numbness at the extremities.

Replied by June S.
(Suffolk, UK)

Tried your Magnesium and Chloride protocol and it has worked first time. I have been in so much discomfort for months, now I am pain free from leg cramps. Bless you.

Replied by Tessa

Thank you, Bill, for the saturated magnesium chloride solution for muscle cramps. As you said, the key is the saturation.

I used a glass Mason jar and filled it up half way with magnesium chloride flakes (I used Ancient Minerals last time, but I've used other brands - no difference).

I added distilled water close to the top and waited for the flakes to dissolve. If they all dissolved, I add more flakes until the bottom of the jar has a layer that remain due to saturation.

Then I pour some of the dissolved liquid into empty glass roll-on deodorant bottles (old Nivea or Ombra roll-on bottles).

Whenever I get a cramp (usually because I've eaten too much sugar), I use the roll-on over the cramp and rub it in the painful area. A short time later, the pain is gone.

I leave these deodorant bottles everywhere in the apartment since magnesium helps with headaches, sore joints and muscles, sleep problems, etc. I even use it as a deodorant but I need to really rub it in or it can sting (don't use right after shaving).

For small burns or irritated skin, I use the magnesium roll-on, then apply a light layer of aloe vera gel and gently pat that in.

Makes a huge difference! Thanks again.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Cheers, Tessa

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky) on 07/26/2012

My husband does construction work. In the heat of the summer when he works outside, no matter how much water he drinks, he still ends the day somewhat dehydrated and missing minerals. One night he woke up with a cramp in his leg. He took a tablespoon of Blackstrap molasses. (It has to be Blackstrap! ) It helped within minutes and he had no trouble the rest of the night. Now whenever his leg feels twitchy, like it is getting ready to cramp, he takes 1-2 tablespoons of blackstrap. (He is a 230lb man. A smaller person could take less. I take 1 Tablespoon when I need it and I am half his size.) When my children have had fevers they have had leg cramps, probably from dehydration. In the future, I will try Blackstrap. However, many find it unpalatable, in which case a banana might be better. (But my husband has done bananas for cramps and, though they help, he doesn't think they help as much or as fast as the blackstrap.)

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Ky Mama, I use one spoon Blackstrap M in my coffee as a sweetener, and as we all know it is a sweetener and beyond. Any form of Magnesium is best for cramps. In your husband's severe case, try him w/ an Epsom Salt warm footbath when he gets home and plunks down on the couch. Both the Magnesium and the Sulphur of the E-salt will do wonders on the body and also helps one to sleep.

Replied by Frances
(Los Angeles, California)

hello mama with 5yr old with LS. Ive done all of the above, steroid creams havent helped me either and they ultimately thin the skin. I too have thyroid and hormone problems which are autoimmune diseases that some think are associated. I find that sugar is inflammatory so avoiding that helps, also eating less carbs and more plants as part of a good diet. Also I take gabapentin which has been a godsent for the itching. It works on a neurological level and works way better than any antihistamines ive tried. Just ask your doctor if its ok for kids. As for the flare ups and redness, I still have that battle. The cold compresses and cold baths with baking soda, epson salt sometimes helps. I often just put cold water on the area periodically as well. Calmoseptine helps on the anal area too and acts as a good barrier. For the vaginal area zinc oxide and aquafor are excellent. Try not to use underwear when you can. And always cotton underwear. I also use lidocaine on the area to numb it for periods of time. Hopefully you are seeing a dermatologist as well fo more options. Im a rare young case as well, not as young as your daughter, I pray she is one of the children that grows out of this. Ive also seen some promising research with regard to stem cells and regenerating the skin in the area. Ive heard great results, ill keep you posted. Having it done next month. I hope my suggestions help, your daughters story really touched my heart.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Olivia (Imperial, Ca) on 10/31/2010

I have been taking molasses for about 4 years now and it works like magic. One day I had a leg cramp at night that was so bad I was literally dragging my leg down the hall to the kitchen to get at the molasses. I just dipped the spoon half way into the jar and then ate it off the spoon and drank a little water to get it down. It's the same molasses you will find next to the pancake syrup. My doctor check me for potassium, magnesium and calcium deficiency, but all was normal. I don't know what it is but it works. It has been a life saver. You're able to get right back to bed with no problems.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Olivia, be aware that when you are tested for something it often doesn't mean much because the levels they find normal are maybe not! These are conventions. The same goes for the amounts of vitamins and minerals you need a day, they are conventions too and often far off what your body really needs. This is the reason I am not so keen on testing my blood anymore unless I would have a doctor who really knows the true levels. Just look at cholesterol, it needs to be lower and lower (they say)although it is known that low cholesterol is more dangerous than high and that in women and older men you should never try to lower cholesterol. Still.... There are already tests which suggest that normal cholesterol can start at 0. If molasses helps you, no matter what the blood test says you must be low on something!

Buffered Salt

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Posted by Richard (Florida, US) on 04/04/2015

I found what works for me and a buddy of mine for muscle cramps is a teaspoon of celtic sea salt (fine ground) mixed in about 12 to 13 oz water. I usually use purified or reverse osmosis water. When the cramps start I drink half the water and they usually stop within 1 - 2 minutes. Best way I've found to avoid the cramps, is to consume the whole mixture by having sips during the course of the day and and as a result I don't have any cramps at night. I make sure I have a bottle of the salt water mix close at hand and drink some of it when I feel the onset of cramping about to start.

'Incline bed therapy' is also what I use. I find the benefits of Incline Bed Therapy on the internet most informative.

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