Chronic Mucus Remedies

Peppermint Essential Oil

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Posted by Mammagrande (Oregon, USA) on 08/17/2019
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Hi, we spent some time in Michigan mint country this spring and learned its medicinal uses. Got that virus the grandkids give for free so bought a good organic peppermint essential oil and used a qtip to dab on sinuses. Didn't irritate so used it liberally.

I put 2 drops in 3/4 c. water and slugged it down. Within 2 minutes could breathe well! Within 5 minutes can feel it doing something to lungs! Waiting for coughing to stop, quality of cough changing, seems more productive in a less unpleasant way--less dry/painful. Menthol in it. Draining sinuses now. Some people are allergic, be advised.....


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Posted by Roger (Clarkston, Michigan) on 01/27/2013
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I've been reading the many posts about chronic mucus in the throat. I've been there - done that for many years. I've seen 4 different doctors without any positive results and tried MANY - MANY Rx's. I've been tested for allergies, asthma and GERD and I'm not a smoker. I not knocking the medical community but they seem to have tunnel vision when it comes to this condition. With the help of some on-line postings and some research, I've come upon some promising results.

Antibiotics seem to be a common denominator. When a doctor prescribes an antibiotic it kills all the bacteria [good and bad] in your system - this is good when you are ill since it eliminates what was making you ill. However the elimination of the good bacteria has consequences. [Please note that I'm not a medical professional so my descriptions/explanations may not be stated well but this is what I've pieced together with some research] There is a relationship in the body between mucus and good bacteria. If the good bacteria are not adequate, the body produces mucus as protection.

With my condition, I separated it to a mucus problem and a post-nasal drip problem. First the mucus - Probiotics are designed to replace the good bacteria. They are not new and have been around for a long time and there is a lot of information available on them - doing your own research is recommended. In my case, I've been prescribed antibiotics many times over the years but never replaced the good bacteria. So I started with a low dose of Probiotic and worked up. [I currently take 3 capsules 2X daily] This has reduced the mucus in my throat a lot - maybe 80% or more. [I'm reluctant to say that I'm cured]

Next the post-nasal drip. This is still a work in progress. Over-the-counter decongestants aren't a solution for me - Sudafed-like compounds mess with my blood pressure but I still use Flonase. So thanks to another on-line posting, I'm trying lemon water with cayenne pepper in it - not a lot of pepper but enough to give it a little warmth. [Yes, I know this sounds like a witch's brew but it's really not so bad] So far, so good! It seems to be working.

I hope this information works. Good luck.

Follow this URL for more info on chronic sinus problems:

Replied by Chickenlittle
(S.d, Ca)

One of the most amazing probiotics is Bacillus Subtilis. This saved many men's lives during the war, it was once used as an antibiotic, and still may be in some areas of the world. I think it is best to take several strains of probiotics, I also buy lactose free kefir it is amazing.

Replied by Sunny
(Sg, Ca)

Try a neti pot for your postnasal drip. Google it, it's pretty much rinsing you nasal passages with sea salt water. I use the neti pot with Himalyan salt. It's natural so worth the try! It works!!

Replied by Carole S.

Try allicin... the constitute of garlic. Also MSM, both an hour before bed... Tape your mouth to avoid post nasal drip... google mouth tape if you have not heard of it... all natural ideas!

Sea Salt in Water

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Posted by Liz (Victoria, Australia) on 11/14/2020
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Hi Bill,

I can't thank you enough for getting rid of my excess phlegm.

A few month ago, I had a chest infection and had to take antibiotics for a week, it cleared up the infection but left me with a lot of phlegm that I could not get rid of, I tried everything on Earth Clinic, Hydrogen peroxide, Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, Turmeric and nothing shifted it until I read your recent post on the Congestive Heart Failure page to ORH, and I tried your 1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt, it was amazing......

..."I'm sorry to hear about your oxygen predicament. A while ago I also had problems with gunk in my lungs. I just followed Ted's advice of taking 1/2 tspn Sea Salt every day. Worked like a charm. No more gunk in my lungs. Nada. Taking sea salt reduces all mucus in the lungs, nose etc. And it gives your body many essential trace minerals as well. I'm also aware that many are afraid to take salt -- even the good sea salt -- because they insist that it's bad for the heart. You know where I stand there. I've been taking sea salt for over 10 years and my heart is always 70/110. So if you've got a healthy kidney and healthy intestines, sea salt should be OK as far as I'm concerned."

Luckily I had some Sea Salt in the pantry and within an hour of taking it, my chest felt 50% better. I have now been taking it each day for 4 days and it has gone and I will keep taking it for another week to make sure it has completely gone.

A big Thank You to Bill and Earth Clinic.

Replied by ORH

LIZ, ORH here, and you are the beneficiary of advice that was given to me. With my ankles the size of elephants, I hesitated on salt, but you did not. You benefited, while I meditated. You the winner. Today, I did my ionic foot detox, sprayed down with MgCl and got in my near infrared Sauna. Nebulized my Glutathione and am getting by pretty good. Bill, speaks when he needs to and he is one of my favorites.


Replied by Liz
(Victoria, Australia)


I didn't hesitate taking the Salt as I had tried most things to clear it up after 2 month's of hearing my chest rattle, I was amazed how quickly it cleared up, Bill and yourself are my favourites on Earth Clinic, so much to be learned from you both, As we all know, one thing may work for one person and not another person and luckily the Salt worked for me.

Replied by Jo
(Loveland, Co)

For excess phylum and taking sea salt. Do you mix it with water or what? Take it daily?


Yes, distilled water at room temperature is best but you can use filtered water.

Replied by Liz
(Victoria, Australia)

Hi Jo,

I took 1/2 teaspoon of Sea Salt in a glass of water once a day, I just used tap water, and it worked within hours and I could feel my chest feeling better. I have now been taking it daily for a week and have now dropped the dosage to 1/4 teaspoon with water each day as my chest is clear of mucus now and just want to make sure it is all cleared up. It's good to hold a conversation now without coughing all the time when talking to someone, I work with the public all day and it was not very good to be talking to them and coughing, especially while COVID is going on.

I must thank Bill for solving my problem.

Replied by Ali
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I was excited to read about sea salting helping with excess mucus/phlegm as I suffer a lot with this especially first thing in the morning. As I had some sea salt I immediately took half a teaspoon with some soup and water. Within a minute I was rushing to the toilet to be violently sick. I didn't then eat until the evening. I so wanted this to work and assume that you shouldn't take it all at once. Please can you clarify how to take this.

(Faithville, Us)

I would encourage you to read how to cure the common cold by Walter Last. In it, he explains how some mucus cannot go through the intestinal system and has to come up and out . I guess there is more than one type of mucus. This article I find very long with many links in it and informative. It's always good to have all the information when tackling health issues. Blessings, Charity

(Orlando, FL)

Could not find William Last or a book or article on The Common Cold by William Last - do you have more information?

Replied by Liz
(Victoria, Australia)

Hi Ali,

I took the full 1/2 teaspoon in a glass full of tap water, I took it between meals like mid afternoon or after dinner at night for no particular reason, I just took it between meals and I had no side effects from it at all, it also seems to help my post nasal drip which I have had for years and nothing has really helped it so far. Sorry to hear you were sick after taking it, it worked for me, but as we all know somethings work for some and not others, maybe try it again between meals.

Replied by Eve
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I recently saw an article that EC published on sea salt and curing mucus but could never find the exact amounts of salt, water, lemon juice? It would be wonderful if posters would use the exact amounts of what helped them. You can spend hours on EC and still not find what you want. We all have horrible ailments or we would not be coming to EC and EC should checks these posts out as well. I've been coming to EC since 2012 for mites, pain in joints, vertrabraes gone and EC is wonderful offering us this site but PLEASE POSTERS, BE COMPLETE WHEN OFFERING YOUR INPUT!

Now because I am suffering from enough mucus for 3 people and was delighted to this post from Liz in Australia quoting Bill's comment on using sea salt but still no exact amounts of salt, water,? (anything else) please let me know some better amounts, afraid to take too much of sea salt, HP, cancer, Heart failure, to deal with. Thank you and God Bless this post.

Replied by Liz
(Victoria, Australia)

Hi Eve,

Please see my comment under the heading " Sea Salt in water for Mucus Conditions Caused Vomiting, I did not add anything to the 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt except 250mls of tap water and took it between meals, I gave it a stir to dissolve it, and that's all I did, hope it works for you as it did for me.


Replied by Cindy

Hi, where do I find Bill's post on sea salt remedy for mucus? TIA

(Victoria, Australia)

Hi Cindy,

It was back in November last year, I looked up Ailments and typed in Congestive Heart Failure and scrolled down to OHR'S post and Bill's reply below. I have used the Sea Salt remedy with great results as you can see by my post LIZ.


Hi Cindy from WI -

This might be the post.

Here is a response from Bill (Philippines) to someone called Deb.

  • Hi Deb... Regarding your excess phlegm symptoms, this can be reduced by taking 1/4 to 1/2 tspn Sea Salt in water twice a day outside mealtimes. Also, reducing all dairy in the diet will help to reduce your mucus. When I also had problems with phlegm, taking lugol's iodine orally helped tremendously to reduce my own phlegm build ups. Iodine is necessary and is used and secreted in every mucus gland in the human body and is used as a first line of defense against outside pathogens entering the body. Thus, with proper levels of iodine/iodide in the body, mucus will more fully help to defend your body and the mucus levels will also tend to reduce. A 2% lugols solution dosage that you need would be at least 8 drops (more if you can take it) in split dosages every day.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Tessa

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Hi Pat,

Try this link for the information you are looking for:

Good luck!


(Faithville, Us)
Replied by Madelyn

All of Walter Last's articles can be found on his website:

Highly recommend!


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Posted by Nature34 (Bay Area, Ca) on 11/07/2013
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I found a cure for my excessive phlegm and mucus problem: Turmeric! It worked instantly for me so I hope this will help someone out there.

I have to say turmeric is one of the herbs that I dislike the most, I don't like the way it smells, tastes and it pretty much discolors everything. However, it's a miracle cure for many ailments.

Here's how I take turmeric:

Heat up 1/4 cup of water.
Add 1/2 teaspoon or more turmeric powder,
A few drops of coconut oil or any type of oil that you prefer
A pinch of cayenne pepper, skip it if not available.

The point is to dissolve the turmeric in the water, they say turmeric works best in oil or milk since I do not always have milk in the fridge so I always use oil. I found this basically out of desperation because prior to that, I tried everything: antibiotics, garlic, salt water, daikon radish...nothing helped.

I drank this turmeric mixture before bedtime and was able to sleep really well without having my nose and throat plugged up. I think ginger may work the same way since turmeric and ginger are in the same plant family.

If I have fresh ginger on hand, I would just basically chop it up real fine and take it with a big glass of water.

Three of the things I always have in my pantry: turmeric, ginger and garlic. I take garlic for cold and sinus, remmeber to buy fresh garlic grown in the US and not the cheap stuff from China.

I cannot emphasize enough that nature does provide almost every cure you need for most ailments, the only issue is whether you are aware of it or not.

Replied by Isabelle
(Ottawa, On)

I will try this remedy. I have post nasal drip which as a side effect gives me bad breath.

Thank you.