Mental Illness Treatment

| Modified on Sep 09, 2021

While treatment of mental illness often involves a variety of treatment considerations, many natural supplements offer extensive treatment benefits. Supplements help regulate mood and affect and prevent the characteristic “highs” and “lows” many individuals with mental illness experience. Additionally, these supplements help eliminate harmful toxins in the body that may be contributing to illness.

What Is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a term used to refer to a number of disorders that involve mental health. Disorders associated with mental illness typically include those that affect the mood, thinking and behavior of an individual. Several mental illnesses have been identified including anxiety disorder, depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders and specific addictive behaviors.

While specific mental illnesses manifest in different ways, many of these issues share similar traits. Common symptoms of mental illness include a pervasive feeling of sadness, confused thinking, excessive fear or worry, extreme changes in mood, tiredness or low energy, detachment, feelings of guilt, substance abuse and excessive anger. The causes of mental illness vary as well but typically include genetics, environmental exposures, negative life experiences and brain chemistry.

Natural Treatment of Mental Health Conditions

While lifestyle changes and cognitive therapy are often effective treatments of mental illness, many conditions require additional treatments. Common supplements including fish oil, magnesium and melatonin help balance the brain and nervous system, treating mental health conditions naturally.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a nutrient rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fats balance the serotonin levels, which also helps regulate an individual’s natural affect. Fish oil also helps support brain health.


A vital nutrient, magnesium plays a role in nearly 300 chemical processes in the body. A deficiency of magnesium in the body can be related to high levels of stress and poor mental affect. Using magnesium as a supplement supports mental health and treats a variety of mental illnesses.


Melatonin is a natural hormone that aids in the regulation of sleep. Used as a supplement, melatonin delivers a vital dose of mental health support. Aiding in sleep, melatonin also helps prevent sleep-induced issues.

While diet or nutrient deficiency is usually only one element of mental illness, the appropriate supplemental support offers relief and treatment of many conditions. Fish oil, magnesium and melatonin are three vital nutrients for maintaining mental health and wellness.

Bipolar Disease Remedies

Posted by Rach (Wisconsin) on 10/22/2015

I'm very proud of any person with bipolar who is able to manage their symptoms, highs or lows. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007. To say I have been to and back from hell is an understatement. I usually never post anything after an article (I was here doing research for a book), but I feel like I have to say something. Again, if something is working for you, I am very happy for you and hope that the benefits continue.

However, bipolar disorder is a disease of the brain. It has been traced down to a gene. If you have bipolar disorder you need to be carefully monitored by a doctor, preferably one that specializes in mental health. Regular therapy, even when feeling well, is also something you should do. This disorder can not be managed by supplements alone. There will be a lot of people that disagree. I've met people who believe bipolar disorder can be managed with "mind over matter."

It can not, no more than it can be by Fish Oil and Magnesium. Even if you don't wish to take a prescription medication, you should be in the care of a physician. It is simply, and frankly, to dangerous to think you can handle this all by yourself. People with bipolar disorder can be stable for years and then suffer a trigger and fall into a manic or depressive state that could be devastating.

Even though it is a mental illness (and it is a disease, not a state of mind), it still needs to be considered as though it was a physical illness. Strep throat must be treated with antibiotics, but natural, organic teas work great to alleviate the symptoms. Please consider your own health as well as the health of the people that love you before you decide to lump yourself into a category (a small one at that) of people who find supplements enough. That is all they are, helpful. They are not a long term solutions.

I hope the best for all of you.

Chamomile Tea

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Posted by Aimee (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 05/22/2007

I've had sleep problems for as long as I can remember and it doesn't help that I'm also bipolar. I've tried everything from mind tricks and herbal remedies to over the counter pills but one thing I found that seems to work like a charm is half a cup of chamomile tea mixed with half a cup of milk. The drink should be warm, not hot, so what I do is make cup of the tea by heating it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then adding the milk afterwards allowing the tea to heat the milk. After drinking it, I'm asleep within half an hour.

Cold Showers

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Posted by Trevor (Cambridge, NY) on 08/04/2005

My hot water tank malfunctioned recently so I had to take cold showers. At first I dreaded the idea but have since found that tepid showers invigorate my spirit and lighten my mood. I'm bipolar and have crushing depressive episodes. Believe me when I say that I feel my cold showers mitigate the effects of my dark moods and project a feeling of well being and joy throughout my whole body and mind!

Replied by Coldwater
(West Park, Fl)

Cold showers are extremely good for the body. They help to drive a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the site of infection or blockage. Every single person should finish off a shower or bath with cold water. It is highly beneficial.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Jennifer (Napa, Ca) on 05/29/2018

For Bipolar Depression - Quit Caffeine!

Coffee and caffeine cause bipolar depression, by dehydrating the body, causing adrenal fatigue, sleep deprivation, extreme mood swings, extreme ups and downs, anxiety and racing thoughts and prevents you from absorbing vitamins and nutrients from your food. Caffeine stays in your sytem for over 24 hours and prevents you from entering REM sleep so you never receive restful sleep if you are a coffee drinker. If you suffer from depression, you need to ween yourself off of coffee and all caffeine immediately.

You will get 8 hours of deep restful REM sleep by day 4 after completely eliminating caffeine.

Fish Oils for Mental Illnesses

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Posted by RAquelle (Auckland, New Zealand) on 12/04/2007

I have heard very good things about fish oils! A woman who was severly Bi polar , would go into dillusional lapses for weeks and upon taking fish oils whe has now not suffered these for 2 years now. I also have suffered mood swings ....I link with brain chemical balances (not necessarely Bi-polar) .........I feel 3 Capsules have balanced my mood very nicely. Also I find cutting out suger and white flour also helps. Remember because of what we eat etc..... the stresses in our life are given power in a way , because we get trigger easily. we all deserve lovely lifes and are entitled , and because we have strayed a distance from the natural foods that we used to consume..we have to return and relearn how to be healthy. = )

Replied by Mitch6114
(Gatineau, Quebec)
3 posts

I have most of the symptoms for the borderline personality disorder. I will not take any psychotic drugs, instead, I take natural remedies. What really works for me is taking 3 capsules a day (1,000 mg each of Omega 3 fish oil and 1 capsule a day of 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophane) of 50 mg (extracted from the Griffonia simplicifolia seed). I feel so much better and calmer. My mood swings have decreased tremendously and my mind is clearer and more relaxed. When I have problems sleeping at night, I take one (5 mg) capsule of melatonin and I sleep soundly all night and wake up rested, refreshed and energetic. I hope this helps someone with the same problem.

Replied by Anna
(London, England)

Don't stop talking the fish oil if it's helping, but to get to the root of the problem, you should also limit your intake of omega 6. The ratio of omega 6 oils and omega 3 oils in the body is important. By taking fish oil with omega 3, you are adding omega 3. To stop the problem at its source, lower your intake of omega 6. The body was never meant to consume lots of omega 6, and we didn't until vegetable oils were invented during the last 100 years or so.

I suggest cutting out or reducing your intake of vegetable oils (soybean, corn, canola, margarine, etc.). You can replace them with butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lard. Yes, it goes against what the establishment has been saying, but no veg. oils, with the exception of olive oil were used over a hundred years ago. We can't "need" corn oil to be healthy. Also, all processed food have bad oils. We all know the less processed foods the better, so that's a no brainer.
I often wonder how many people suffering from depression or other mental illness could be helped (not sure about cured, but maybe) by eating a totally natural diet.

Good for you that you found something that helps you. I wish you good health.

Gaba and Lithium Aspartate

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Posted by Monique (San Diego, California) on 08/07/2008

My husband has bipolar disorder, mostly manic. He has been taking GABA (amino acid), about 3 or 4 per day, which really helps. He also takes lithium aspartate, about 5 per day, 5 mg. each. Both of these are found at our local health store. These are both calming for him, provided he takes enough. If he escalates into mania, he takes a little more GABA daily, until balanced again.

Healthy Thoughts

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Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 08/31/2021

I remember when my medical policy would not cover mental health treatments and my doctors would tell me it's all in my head. The out of pocket was shocking and most people didn't get much help and fought all kinds of physical issues. They didn't cover any naturopaths either. How convenient. My eyes and teeth weren't covered by my health insurance either. They were separate policies. We live in a strange world controlled by dollars and cents. No real sense to it. I was very discouraged. I will say a lot of what goes on in our health does originate with our mind and our eyes and our teeth. What a silly world we live in. Humans, go figure.

Anyways this post is about thoughts. Journaling is good for your health because it helps you see what is happening and go back and analyze it so you can find unhealed or unhealthy patterns. I have a lot of full journals. I also ripped out lots of pages to start fires in the woodstove. I am not just rambling here. Your mind has a lot going on with side effects. Thoughts are called ANTS automatic negative thoughts steal your life away. Imagination can change your life and future and thoughts create what you see. The thoughts are the lenses your eyes look through to see. Is your glass half empty or half full? Are your lenses rose colored or blue? Journaling gives you a chance to make changes, take notes, write out a plan and take back your future. You are in charge of your thoughts. 3x5 cards in your pocket can help a lot. I also make 8 x 11 sheets and post them around where I look often to remind myself what I am overcoming and what sentences I am using to do that. I make a list of things I want to tackle and write out my plan of attack. Fear NOT is one of my signs. Forgive is one and Love is another. Your thoughts can take you places you don't want to go if you don't pay attention to them and make choices about how you want to think. It will affect your long term health. Every day I am healthier and stronger than I was yesterday and I overcome. Blessings, Charity

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

Forgiveness was a battle I could not understand. I had posted on my fridge a large note page saying forgive them for they know not what they do. Daily I seemed to wage this battle in my emotions. The day before I had forgiven and then the battle was back. The thoughts and then emotions. Those ANTS would visit me and tell me how unforgiving and how unloving I was and I was the cause of all the problems. I would forgive again and keep on task. I had chosen to overcome any unforgiveness. Any choices you make to be loving or forgiving will cost your flesh ( mind, will, emotions) dis comfort but in the end the freedom from not having those emotions will follow. Emotions do many things. First they dehydrate the body as it goes into fight or flight mode. Then the stress affects the body in negative ways. A lot of energy is spent on what if`ing in case those who hurt you get back into your boundaries again. There is nothing wrong with healthy boundaries. Forgiveness does not mean being in dangerous situations or allowing people to come into your boundaries and never address that there is a problem. You can ask them to forgive you because they are doing thus and so and you have a problem constantly trying to forgive them. You would like a solution, but if one cannot be agreed upon it would be better to limit interaction. I personally left my parents, when they were unable to go to therapy with me to work out old problems and new ones as no one had changed. That was a 20 year departure. My siblings left me because I separated from my parents. I respected their space. I never raised my voice or called them names or raged. I did continue to pursue my own recovery. Unforgiveness and being unloving only make you feel trapped and dis eased. I took a boundaries class, paid for counselling, went through many support healing groups and met new friends . As you recover, you may have to find new friends if yours are not growing with you or the ones not growing will hold you back from your own healing and restoration. You cannot love or forgive others if you don't know how to love and forgive yourself. Hope this helps someone. Blessings, charity

(faithville, Us)

the ants (automatic negative thoughts) have also marched in my mind as constant thoughts about sickness and pain. What makes me so aware of pain? Why am I hurting? This takes me back to forgiveness. Unforgiveness does bring the tormentors but I have forgiven and do so daily . The mind will use these thoughts to make you hyper focused on trying to solve physical ails because it hurts or looks awful. I study this a lot, after so much time in pain for various reasons. As much as forgiveness was a mental battle . Placebos work because our mind creates . We battle fears and symptoms . Our mind can struggle with constant thoughts of body symptoms, ( like unforgiveness battles ), we can out wit them. I am not that smart or I wouldn't have to go look for answers all day and night . Natural chemistry and the natural realm have been a challenge for me. My brain is an artist. This morning I saw a vision of me with a paint brush, I am not a painter. I saw that I put some blue water color on it and painted the sky with blue which is grace and I need lots of that everyday. Then I got some light red and washed the sky with a sunrise and I felt warm and loved. I thought about how we can take charge of our health . I have studied this out for decades and the rule is you follow those that found their solutions . I have listened to those who share their how~ to on healing journeys and they say if they allow their thoughts to stay with the body and its' ails, they get sicker. What you focus on grows. Turning those thoughts to creating desired outcome and not on trying to solve symptoms. There is a place to take a supplement routine to attack a problem but after 40 yrs you might conclude a new tactic should be employed to acquire solutions. I am ready for a New Normal. I have a few ideas. Get a little box and call it a Worry Box and write your worries on little papers and put them in there and if you start to think of something you put in that box already stop the thought and say to yourself, Worry has not solved that and say the opposite of what that worry was about. Example. My leg has a huge sore on it and it hurts. My leg self heals and is fully recovering better than before . I would say apply cures with faith that the situation will quickly resolve, and keep speaking outcome to it if your mind brings ants, bring butterflies in their place with good news and happy outcome thoughts. The people I follow said the more they chased healing, the further away it went and they got sicker. When they resolved that their body self healed and controlled their thoughts about it being resolved it worked out. I am on that journey not as a works, but as a knowing that I am creating what I focus on. The glass is full and overflowing, I share my abundance with you, be refreshed, Blessings, Charity

Luke 10:19 19I have given you authority to trample on snakes(sickness) and scorpions(disease) and to overcome all the power of the enemy( ANTS); nothing will harm you.

(faithville, Us)

FASTING is good and bad for your health. If you plan to start a fast, please lock up your gun and dispose of any ammo, this could get ugly. I have done a bit of fasting from people and things and food and thoughts. It's work and my flesh starts getting all upset about the change. For some people who change as a way to cope, sitting still and not doing anything will bring out those hidden issues. I can say, don't fast more than a couple things at a time, or you will probably fail . And stay clear of people who start a keto diet, until they stabilize. I usually set a goal and a time limit. I have been fasting all year. Some of them as follows: limit my time on internet, fast from talking on phone for a week, fast from writing online, fast from email, fast from chocolate, fast from thinking about a situation, I am on a fast from church, and I fast from buying things. A Fast can also mean adding exercise or more water or vegetables or routines . I fast a mile walk a day and 20 minutes sun bathing and sometimes that is down right excruciating, as the sweat runs off my skin. A fast requires a lot of self control. A fast is an agreement you are making with yourself to make a change and your self is probably going to benefit but not be as happy as you are about it. Flesh has appetites. Anyone with mental issues should fast off of food that is already prepared and contained. They put addictive chemicals to get more people to purchase their products frequently. I have been an addict as a young person and it is not easy to quit habits. I take some supplements every four days, if I run out it won't be withdrawal time. I ran out of tryptophan and I thought I got the flu. I take that every four days now. I use to do aerobics and go running and if you miss a day you just feel off. I am taking some time away from writing on internet and do some inner cleansing, so if you don't see me posting, I will be off fighting my flesh and those darn ANTS. Blessings, Charity

Lifestyle Changes

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Posted by Taylor (Chicago, Il) on 09/30/2010

I haven't found any food/substance that helps with my bipolar, but a recent lifestyle change has really helped me. My doctor suggested I track my moods daily, which I do, and it helps me notice patterns and when to expect my ups and downs. Each day, write down a description of how you felt and rate your mood, from -10 being the most depressed you've ever felt, to 10 being the most manic you've ever felt. Also, record how much you slept that night, if you drank alcohol or consumed other drugs, and if you had any suicidal thoughts (no mater how fleeting- as we bipolars know, suicidal thoughts can often be... For lack of a better word... Casual, not of much concern. What matters is that your mind for whatever reason thought about suicide, no matter how severe). Keeping track like this has really helped me. Oh ya: THERAPY. It rocks. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is ok, but I suggest using that therapy in combination with another. CBT can be difficult for bipolar people because we think abstract. Look for a therapist who's been trained in more than just cognitive behavioral. In therapy sessions, it's vitally important to tell the truth. If you are guarded and afraid you'll cry, tell your therapist, and work out a way to communicate; maybe write letters and bring them into therapy. Insist that you just can't tell the truth in normal conversation and you need to find another way. Art therapy is also great; However, I think that therapy should be more that just art therapy. I think art therapy should be used in combination with talk therapy. Also, don't be afraid to tell your therapist that you think they're wrong, or that what their saying isn't helping. They're not perfect, and you need to work as a team. Also, don't be afraid to switch therapists. Trust your gut. Also, I stumbled across an article called The 7Habits of the Highly Productive Bipolar. I've started to follow these more rigidly and it's helping a lot. Exercise and Sleep make a big difference.

-Eat a proper diet
-Incorporate Scheduled Relaxation time into your life
-Have a morning and evening routine
-Learn to be organized
-Don't take yourself too seriously

I have also found that marijuana kicks me into mania. I was in denial for a while because I like smoking and mania can be really fun, inspiring and significant, but weed induced manic episodes ultimately threw off my routine too much and put me behind in the more important things in life. So, rule of thumb... Be wary of the weed. Its ok once in a while, but the mania can last well past the few hours after smoking. It's kept me up all night and into the morning through the next day. In college, it can often be normal to be smoking 1, 2, 3 times a week- that just doesn't work if it makes you manic. Cut back. Once a month. Once every three weeks.

You get the picture. When slipping into a manic episode, I have found the following tips helpful:

-do not write emails, send letters, leave comments online, or call someone you normally wouldn't call because what you'll end up writing/saying is likely to be unusual, and you will regret it once you come down. If you really want to communicate, write it down, save it for later when you cool down. -don't spend money. Don't go near a store, don't look at any online shopping sites. -stay off the internet, in general

-don't go to bars/parties, and do not have sex with anyone that you're not currently in a sexual relationship with. Just go masturbate if the horny takes over. -be wary of driving, cooking, lighting candles, operating machinery... Anything that could burn down your house, cause an accident, etc. Mania leaves you pretty absent-minded. -occupy yourself with doing something you like! Don't fight the episode and try to function normally through it. Take a deep breath, admit that your manic, then go make some art, dance, sing, hang out with a friend, workout, listen to music/audiobook, etc. Similar tips for if you're depressed. Make sure to call a friend for help if you need it. If you're feeling suicidal, call a friend for suicide watch. They can just hang out at your place/you go to theirs and chill. They just need to keep an eye on you is all. I also find that taking a really hot shower or burying myself in lots of blankets and overheating can help quell the depression, like literally sweating it out. I'm considering eating a decent amount of cyanne pepper next time I'm depressed- seeing as it heats and stimulates- to bounce out of depression I feel like one needs some kind of a kick. It's probably a good idea to pick a few friends you can count on and tell them about your condition and how to handle it if you come asking for help. And something many readers might not agree with:

-Take your medication as prescribed

Now I know, no one wants to be taking pharmaceutical mind control drugs- eek!! BUT... I find that with the right medicine, taking a pill can make life a lot less stressful, traumatic, hectic, wild, depressing... Etc. I don't plan to stay on my medicine indefinitely, but I consider medicine a valuable tool to help keep you stable as you learn life skills and find a living situation that works for when you go unmedicated. I view it as the lesser of two evils. Medicine helped clear my mind, helped me in therapy to work out all the demons my mind was plagued with from years of my body kicking me with depressed phases. (self confidence, self hatred, negative attitude, etc. )

BUT.. Its very important to find the RIGHT medicine. Thats where tracking the mood becomes vital. I went through a roulette of antidepressants, anti anxiety and add drugs because I didn't have a clear picture of my own situation. Bipolar people, as a rule of thumb, are NOT supposed to take antidepressants. You can get away with a mix of a mood stabilizer and an antidepressant, but if you don't have a mood stabilizer, the antidepressant can kick you into a crazed, off the charts manic episode. Which happened to me. Not to mention that starting the antidepressant can make you uber depressed and suicidal too. Bottom line: track your moods, be wary of ANYTHING other than a mood stabilizer. ***

Love to all the bipolars out there- they say it's a "disorder", but no one has the right to label you in any way. So forget the negativity. Accept yourself and appreciate the fact that most of the general population will never know the depth of emotion that we do. For all the depression we suffer, a good day means more to us than most. For all the mania, we brim with life and energy unlike most. I consider myself blessed.

Replied by Jasmine
(Budd Lake, Nj)

So true your article was. I just wanted to say that I appreciated it. I am bipolar as well. I am an artist and a musician and mechanic and a cook and so on and so on. I have learned to embrace my multi talents and my deep emotion. Like you said most of the world will never feel as we feel or be as talented and interesting as we are. Well said!

Replied by Marcia
(Elkhart, In)

I just wanted to say this article explains soo much! I am bi-polar and some of this stuff I just didn't understand such as the effects of things on someone who is bi-polar. WOW! It is finally nice to meet someone who knows exactly how I feel. Its just hard to describe to someone who doesn't have to deal with this stuff how I actually feel. Thank you for your article!

Replied by Russell
(Tyler, Tx, Usa)


I was hoping to speak with you regarding this thread you posted. I won't take much of your time. My profile sounds similar to yours and I was wondering what medicine you are taking (and have taken) for your bipolar problems. Although I HATE prescriptions, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to resort to something and just thought I'd get your feedback.

I greatly appreciate any time you might have.

Many thanks, Russell

Magnesium Glycinate

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Posted by Doris (Murfreesboro, TN) on 12/05/2007

My son suffered from anxiety and depression after his divorce. I read an article by George Eby about Magnesium Glycinate for depression. I bought my son some of the magnesium and after a few days he started feeling better and talked about having more energy and concentration. He took 800-1000 mgs. for a few days to build it up in his system, then backed down to 400 mgs. The Magnesium Glycinate really changed his life.

Megavitamin Therapy

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Posted by Pete1844 (Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom) on 12/02/2010

I suffered with intermittent and sometimes severe psychiatric symptoms for 33 years, and was prescribed psychotropics such as Modecate, Depixol, Carbamazapine, Depacote, Epilim Chrono, Risperdal (Risperidone), Amytriptoline, Quetiapine (Seroquel), Abilify (Aririprazol), etc. The side effects were sometimes severe, suicidal thoughts, sedation, dry mouth, flat emotions, dulled intellect, twitching muscles etc.

After just 3 years of orthomolecular medicine through megavitamin therapy, through studying the books of Dr Abram Hoffer from Amazon, all this mayhem has been swept away. Dr Hoffer's research in Canada in the 1950s has apparently been suppressed for 60 odd years, but seems from my personal experience to hit the nail on the head, whereas the quack remedies of the UK NHS do nothing but mask and suppress the symptoms. My daily dosage from Lamberts Healthcare. Co.Uk is 6000 mgs C, 3000 mgs B3 as niacinamide, 4000 iu of D, 40 micrograms of B5, 2200 mgs of fish oil and a single B-100 complex tablet. As yet not one doctor with any authority over me in the NHS is prepared to even DISCUSS these findings. What's going on? Don't they WANT people to be healthy?

Replied by Mary
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

please Pete 1884 from england, could you contact me fro information on megavitamin therapy for my son, I really need guidance on this. Thank you Mary

Replied by D
(Tampa, Florida)

I can vouch for the effectivness of this therapy, especially in conjuction with a gluten-free, raw vegetarian/vegan diet. While I still suffer from mild episodes, the harshest symptoms have substantially dissipated. I've been on the therapy for a year and a half, so if what the above poster stated his experience as accurate, then I can look forward to significant changes in the coming years.

Replied by Consius
(Amsterdam, Holland)

I am searching info about abram hoffer and B3 and others for 3 months now. I have schizo-affective with a touch of schizophrenia perhaps. Not sure. I would love to know more about the vitamins you take so that we can share. DO you also or took zinc and selenium and vitamin 3 or folic acid?

Replied by Winnie
(Hampshire, Il, Us)

Hello Consius from Amsterdam, hopefully you will find the material you're seeking.
A bibliography of Abram Hoffer's books and papers:

Replied by Karen

Andrew Saul talks about Megavitamin specifically B3 And vit C. He has a web site Doctor He Is also on facebook

Melatonin, Chamomile Tea

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Posted by Jeremiah (San Diego, California) on 07/19/2009

I have Bipolar Disorder characterized most by Manic episodes. Some are not all that bad; they're just a pain in the ass when I have something to do or someone to meet/people to be around. Anyways, I have noticed that when I can't get to sleep at night because my Seroquel doesn't seem to want to do its job, I take Melatonin, usually at 3 mgs. to start off with, then another 3 mgs., which usually knocks me out.

I have also tried Chamomile Tea with positive effects, but since I suffer from enuresis (bed-wetting), I have had to discontinue, because even if I take my medication for enuresis, I still go, which normally wouldn't happen otherwise.

That is not to say that I don't recommend Chamomile Tea. I would actually highly recommend to anybody, except if you have enuresis, even if you take medication for it.

Replied by Pluto

Have you tried just chamomile tincture? Or a homeopathic? Maybe it's just the extra liquid at bedtime that makes you go.

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Arlene (Findlay, Oh) on 07/16/2007

I have been using extra virgin olive oil (Walmart brand). My psychologist told me about this after studying Native American history. I am bipolar. I have noticed increased metabolism, teeth tightening, weight loss of 12 pounds since starting the oil pulling June 1, 2007. I have so much more energy, teeth seem to be whitening. A clearer mind. The weight loss has been the best for me.

Oral Chelation for Bipolar Disorder

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Posted by Garden Girl (Northport, N.Y.) on 11/17/2014

Oral Chelation (for mercury) for Bipolar Disorder

my son has suffered from bipolar I for 4 years. We have tried every kind of doctor imaginable...supplements helped short term and medication makes him suffer severe depression so is not helpful except for acute psychosis. He started oral chelation using DMPS(Andy Cutler Protocol, read Amalgam Illness) and he is doing great in a few short months. He has been hospitalized 9 times in less than 2 years so his disorder was extreme. He has had no depression. He chelates for 3 days and then off for 3 days(round). With each round he becomes more like his old self. It is a God send. It took me 4 years of research to realize it was mercury poisoning. He has no amalgam fillings but I have a mouthful..mother passes to infant...then his vaccinations and he ate sushi(tuna) every day at college. And WHAM!!!! Started acting stranger and stranger by the day. Now, like his old self. Read the book. Also there is a yahoo group Frequent Dose Chelator Group...they help you through it. You can order all the chelating agents yourself through South Africa. It is a miracle truly. Living Network has all the is extremely important to follow directions. Mercury is dangerous...even detoxing is dangerous. Never have DMPS IV....oral is safe and effective.

Ortho Molecular Medicine

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Posted by Willow (New York) on 08/20/2011

Hi, I have been reading the comments about mental illness and some people curing themselves with Ortho Molecular medicine.

I have a 10 year old son that is on Risperdal. He has been taking this for 2 years. We just did some blood test and his prolactin levels are very high. This is a direct cause of the medicine and can be a sign that there is a tumor on the pituitary, thyroid problems. If he remains on this drug he will develop breasts and it will lactate. Needless to say I am desperate for help to get him off this medicine.

He suffers from mood disorders and has anger issues. He is brilliant at school (a year ahead) He is not violent at school but can be at home. He says he holds in his anger until he gets home. Anything can make him angry. It is not alway rational.

I wanted to try the Ortho Molecular Method to treat him. However, I do not know the correct dosage of medicine (Niacin etc.. ) to give him. Can anyone suggest anything. We have spent all of our money on expensive drug pushing psychiatrist.

Thanks in advance for your comments, Willow

Replied by Mary
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Hello Willow, In response to your question- I took my son off all the medicine he was put on by his doctors. It was slow, scary and a lonely road. He is now free of his medication but on several vitamins. Mostly b3 (2000mg) vitamin c (4000mg) l-theanine once at night. Gaba. Egg lecithin. Fulvic acid. Everyone around me was telling me to medicate.... I just will not again. Somedays are better than others.... But overall he is much better than with the medication. Sometimes I try omega 3 oils and b vitamins like once a weel. Also when he allows me I give him apple cider with baking soda. Hope this helps....

Love, Mary

Replied by Silvermist
(Downeast, Maine, Usa)

Please also consider homschooling. School makes teens angry because it is prison- even if you enjoy your class, the bell rings just when you're getting into it. You must act as a group and never question authority, and be graded like meat, by someone who may know less than you. You can't even obey your your bodily signals- you must pee and eat when told you may, with a special pass. I recommend the book, "The Underground history of American Education". I was labeled bipolar at age 19 due to anger, and took those meds for 12 years w/out missing a dose. Got off them to have children and my coworkers said, "something about you seems different. We don't know what it is, but we like you better now. " My husband says I'm much easier to be around off the meds. Multiple docs have told me I was probably not bipolar. Bottom line- do not let anyone put kids on meds. Listen to your child and follow their lead. I also recommend, Raising the Explosive Child, but it's not for everyone. I DO recommend taking him out of school and asking him to please learn on his own- follow his interests and become an expert at it- computers, gardening, plumbing, writing, whatever.

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(Manhattan, Mt)

My heart goes out to both of you and your children. I suffer from severe anxiety and have found relief finally. I am able to perform muscle testing to find exactly what deficiencies I have. I am able to help others as well. I am not a doctor I just like to help. Once the deficiencies are found the idea is to build up the nutrients in the body so one does not have to take supplements again and the body is healed. Our innate intelligence is incredible we just have to give it the tools. I know this is a long shot but I hope somehow we can get in touch. The Mood Cure by Julia Ross is very insightful. This was recomended to me by a doc. She does not go into muscle testing and all the vitamin, mineral, amino acid and fatty acid deficiency testing but it is helpful. My guess is your children are deficient in the natural mineral lithium that our brain needs to function properly. I hope they have found relief since this post. Best wishes and love.


Replied by Nicholas
(Edison, N.j. Usa)

This is best done with a doctor skilled in orthomolecular medicine. In 1976 I had a severe clinical depression that was healed in 7 weeks with OM by an M.D. skilled in nutrition. Doctor will have you take tests to determine your body chemistry, and then determine what diet and vitamins to take. Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Abram Hoffer started OM, and published books on it. Here is the site for the OM journal:

My doctor is Dr. Warren M. Levin, still practicing...

Replied by Sue

Hi willow,

My son has Bipolar. He has seen tremendous results through ortho molecular treatment. I was introduced to Dr. Prousky of Toronto by Rosalee Roscoe. Please goggle Dr. Johnathan Prousky, he an author of numerous articles in the Ortho molecular journal and a student of Dr. Hoffer's. Please go to the U-tube video by Margo Kidder titled "the mask of madness"

You could get in touch with Dr. Prousky at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine at Hope this helps. Wishing you all the best. Sue

Replied by Mkpc

Hello Willow,

My daughter is trying to get better herself. She is suffering with PMDD, severe PM symptoms, and keeps spiraling downward. She is very stubborn and does not want our help. She was on Ablilify which made her livable and coherent, but causes great leg pain, weight gain, etc.

She is 35 and has lost her Registered Dietitian career due to anxiety, days missed etc. It is affecting our entire family.

Please can you share the regiment that is helping your son.

I take alot of vitamins and supplements because I have had similiar problems as my daughter and they have greatly helped me. She has been completely turned off because of my large vitamins consumption..... But it works!

I take St. John's wort, B complex, B 12, Calcium Magnesium, Flax oil, C, E, Zinc, Chromium Picolinate......... sometimes MSM, alpha lipoic acid, etc.

Please let me know what helped your son so much so I can show her your response. THANKS!

We cannot find an Orthomolecular Doctor in Chicago/Wisconsin area or for my daughter who lives in South Carolina/Savannah, GA area. THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST!!

Replied by Nioka

Try googling CBD. This has amazing benefits to the brain. My son takes 43mg a day ... it has changed his life


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Posted by Jane (Bloomington, In) on 12/19/2011

I have had anxiety, manic depression, and an array of other mental and emotional disorders and I have been trying different kinds of meds for a long time and, honestly, I have discovered NOTHING like this. Rhodiola has not only given me more energy and skyrocketed my mood, but I has also decreased my appetite, medicating a binge eating disorder that I struggle with and kept my fingers and toes warm and active despite my stuggles with poor circulation. I am so ambitious and I feel like a new person. I don't know what more to say about this magic supplement, other than it reminds me of the effects presented in the movie, LIMITLESS.

Replied by Gean
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What is the dosage of rhodiola that you are taking? Thank you. Please email me at geandraget(at)gmail(dot)com.

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