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Oral Chelation for Bipolar Disorder
Posted by Garden Girl (Northport, N.Y.) on 11/17/2014

Oral Chelation (for mercury) for Bipolar Disorder

my son has suffered from bipolar I for 4 years. We have tried every kind of doctor imaginable...supplements helped short term and medication makes him suffer severe depression so is not helpful except for acute psychosis. He started oral chelation using DMPS(Andy Cutler Protocol, read Amalgam Illness) and he is doing great in a few short months. He has been hospitalized 9 times in less than 2 years so his disorder was extreme. He has had no depression. He chelates for 3 days and then off for 3 days(round). With each round he becomes more like his old self. It is a God send. It took me 4 years of research to realize it was mercury poisoning. He has no amalgam fillings but I have a mouthful..mother passes to infant...then his vaccinations and he ate sushi(tuna) every day at college. And WHAM!!!! Started acting stranger and stranger by the day. Now, like his old self. Read the book. Also there is a yahoo group Frequent Dose Chelator Group...they help you through it. You can order all the chelating agents yourself through South Africa. It is a miracle truly. Living Network has all the is extremely important to follow directions. Mercury is dangerous...even detoxing is dangerous. Never have DMPS IV....oral is safe and effective.