Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Melatonin

on Feb 26, 2021| Modified on May 17, 2023
Melatonin Research for CVD
Posted by Art (California) on 03/03/2021 1673 posts
5 out of 5 stars

The following article link below was just released today regarding melatonin and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) which adds further confirmation to the idea that melatonin is very useful as a treatment to help prevent or treat CVD!

This article breaks it all down by each aspect of CVD and how melatonin interplays with each aspect and is very straightforward in its approach. Here is a link to the full article :

Here is a direct quote from the article that is interesting:

>>> ' Despite contradictions between the studies the majority of data claims that melatonin is a promising supplement with hardly any adverse effects. ' <<<


High Dose Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 04/29/2022 1673 posts

Hi Baldev,

While the studies do confirm that melatonin is very beneficial for the heart and in warding off heart disease in general, there are no studies that suggest it can treat a very serious existing heart condition as you seem to have. You said you were admitted to the ICU for 4 days just 18 days ago! The fact that they kept you in ICU for 4 days seems to make it clear it is a serious condition.

This is well beyond the scope of seeking advice on an internet health forum. You need an experienced cardiologist to advise you on your best options and hopefully one of those options will include melatonin, but I am not a cardiologist and am not qualified to advise you how to deal with your serious heart issues. For that you need a real cardiologist with experience and training in that specialized field.

Regarding being my friend, I would tell any friend the same thing for such a serious condition. I'm sorry that I can't be of any help for you in this matter.


Melatonin Dosage for CVD
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 02/26/2021

Hi Tina,

No, your calculations are incorrect. Your dosage would be around 43 mg.

Here's our dosing calculations page.

P.S. I've done 50mg in a night a number of times, no problem.

Melatonin Research for CVD
Posted by Art (California) on 02/08/2023 1673 posts

This new animal study (January 2023) shows that melatonin works to reduce aortic wall thickness in the tested animals fed a high fat diet :!/

Here is what the study concluded :

' The administration of HFD to Wistar rats led to pathomorphological and morphometric changes in their abdominal aorta, which constitute the main diagnostic criteria of endothelial dysfunction. Melatonin supplementation regressed vascular wall remodeling and restored its functional capacity. '

Aortic wall thickening is a common component of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and reducing that thickening and restoring capacity is a huge step in reversing CVD. So this study adds further corroboration to the value of melatonin in fighting CVD.


Melatonin Research for CVD
Posted by Art (California) on 05/17/2023 1673 posts

While many studies show multiple methods by which melatonin helps prevent or treat cardiovascular disease, this study link below suggests that melatonin also helps reduce vascular calcifications :

This is a quote from the study :

' Our results indicate that MT can potentially be used in the therapy of vascular calcification and ageing by targeting exosomal miR-204/miR-211. '

If you are wondering why reducing vascular calcifications (VCs) is important, according to the following article, VCs can increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, dementia, renal insufficiency and inadequate blood supply to arms and legs :


Melatonin Dosage for CVD
Posted by niceshott7 (Florida) on 03/01/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Melatonin is available in 60 mg dosage and often used for cancer prevention and treatment with its master antioxidant properties.

High Dose Melatonin
Posted by Baldev (Mumbai Maharashtra India) on 04/27/2022 189 posts

Hi Art,

I remember in one of your posts you mentioned that you take the maximum dose of Melatonin in the night. I had recently some concern with my heart and have refused to take the doctor's protocol of alopathic medicines.

I have started on Melatonin and am comfortable with that, presently I have reached to 20Mg in the night. I tried taking during the day too but I feel zomby so I am avoiding during the day. My age is 83+yrs wt.52kg and active person exercising practically every day. Three days a week try to play nine holes of golf, and practically have a drink every evening. I want your help to make a sort of protocol of Melatonin that how much I could take in the night and if it is necessary to take during the day how much minimum I should try to take without it affecting me to drive to the club, whether alcohol does adversely effect with Melatonin. All these doubts are there in mind. Presently whatever I am doing it"s giving me a good feeling and I am happy with the situation. If any thing else I should add it will be great.

Your help will be highly appreciated

Thanks and God Bless You


High Dose Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 04/27/2022 1673 posts


You said,

>>> ' Presently whatever I am doing it"s giving me a good feeling and I am happy with the situation. ' <<<

To me that sounds wonderful at 83 years of age! If it ain't broke, maybe you shouldn't try to fix it.


High Dose Melatonin
Posted by Baldev (Mumbai Maharashtra India) on 04/28/2022 189 posts

Hi Art,

No, I think I have not been able to express myself correctly. Problem is there I have a cardiac history. In 1999 I was advised to go through triple bypass surgery because my three arteries were blocked 99%, 95%and 90% and I had no symptoms but I got my angiogram done just to check because I had retired from active flying duties. I was told that my coletrals were vey well formed and so I was passing my medical exams every six months.

I have come so far, I changed life style followed Ted"s advice. Once in a while I do get in to the problem get admitted in the ICU get stabalised come back follow my regimen ( not any thing in particular) . Once I read your article on Melatonin I started taking it, then I had on 10th April while playing golf some angina type feeling in the chest, on 11th I got admitted in ICU t.hey kept me there for four days and asked me to go through the surgical procedure, which I refused and back home. This is my background and want to pursue Melatonin treatment, if you can help in that I will be grateful.

You do mention about your friends, so I want to be your friend so that I can communicate with you at the personal level and that's why I asked your number/email address.

I have a feeling, with your help I can continue healthy for more number of yrs playing golf.



Melatonin Dosage for CVD
Posted by GertJr (Madison ) on 02/26/2021

I take 50 mg fast dissolve melatonin and 20 mg timed release every single night and still can't sleep. Everyone is different.

Melatonin and Lisinopril Interaction
Posted by Joseph A. (Stockton, CA) on 02/26/2021 75 posts

I have formulas that have worked in treating Tardive Dyskinesia, things that treat Anxiety, etc., but big PHARMA makes Billions of dollars selling their products to the public, even with major side effects and even death. I will say that if you have heart disease, you most likely have hypertension, just like me, but I take lisinopril for hypertension and tried Melatonin for sleep, the reaction was “MY HEART STARTED POUNDING, AND POUNDING, MY BLOOD PRESSURE ROSE BY 90 POINTS, all because I used Melatonin, so be careful what you read about CVD and Melatonin if you're taking lisinopril. I research things that conventional medical doctors don’t, and won’t unless it’s by big PHARMA.

MD’s aren’t trained in alternative meds nor Nutrition, so when you tell them you want to use ——— for Severe Anxiety, their reply is "Don’t"!

Melatonin Dosage for CVD
Posted by Tina (US) on 02/26/2021

Hello Art,

Terrific article but….1 kg take 1 mg melatonin. I am 90 pounds and I would need to take 298 mg melatonin? That is nuts! I am sorry if My husband or I take over 10 we are groggy and can not wake easily in the am , and my husband weight 175.

This really makes no sense but all else is terrific. I cannot believe you can take 106 mg and over?!


Melatonin Dosage for CVD
Posted by Mike (Colorado) on 03/17/2021


Where do you find 50mg or 60 mg.? dr prescription?

The best I can find bulk is 15 mg, 400 tablets per bag on amazon.